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  • Kev - looking to get the Hawk ceramic pads - Not sure how your points thing works or perhaps I used them with the generous shock price you gave me not sure. Let me know

    I see they are a little back ordered but want to get in the loop on this for my upcoming trip.



  • Kev: Check the pictures I posted today on your roll cage idea.

  • Hi kev.
    I took another look at my posting and they had then disappeared for me too.

    I have re-worked it all and so I hope it comes out fine now.

    UK_Paul's - Slingshot Build & Other Adventures -

    Let me know.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to do that, some guys I know in Texas are having a hard time getting their df goblin kit cars registered because they are not considered replicas, only replica kit cars can be registered in texas. their current body somewhat resembles a Lotus 7 / caterham so I,m going to propose to them manufacturing a Lotus 7 body kit for them that would qualify them as a replica, to be a replica it must be of a vehicle that is no longer in production, so that rules out the Caterham , now they are investigating whether the Replica can be of a British car as it was never manufactured in the U.S. Also myself I am interested in the Sonic 7 and may have to make a trip over there someday , if I do I will definitely touch base with you, thanks again

    • Caterham Cars still own the "original" rights to the Lotus 7. They purchase them around 1976. They have also taken people to court, for copying the design. So perhaps you may need let you friends know.
      If you are coming over to the UK feel free to drop me a line, as I will always find room at our home, should you need it. Remember I'm not too far from the people making the Sonic 7, as they are in Cheltenham and I'm in Herdord. It's easy to find both on Google Maps. ( My postal code is: HR4 8BT ).
      Just let me know.

    • One thing that may help your friends, in Texas, is that the present Caterham 7 has no parts that are still made from the Lotus 7 design. Both cars look similar and have similar design properties, but they are now different vheicals.

    • Yes and thanks for the offer , would love to get over there sometime !

  • Kev are you planning on making a windscreen that works with Ruptured Ducks Tops?

    • Well our Sportster would work, can you send me the lowest measurement Ruptured Ducks tilting mechanism reaches down to when raised ? maybe theres some room for some more height over our Sportster?

    • Sorry been offline for awhile I will send pics and measurements

  • I am going to pass on the dolly for right now. But thanks

  • Kev any news on the windscreen?

  • Hi Kev did you every get in touch with Ruptured Duck (Patrick) to get his Top measurements so I can get a windscreen made to fit? Please let me know. I would like to get one ordered ASAP. Thanks PaddyMcTexan

  • Just messaged RupturedDuck to give him a heads up thanks for the help..

  • Thanks Mitch

  • Hey Buddy - Just back from China and I did not forget you!
    The quick Jack uses 1.25" OD square tubing
    Let me know if you need anything else