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    UK_Paul , so good to hear from you again! Hope you’re medical procedures are working out well! Also, hope the camera solves your radio issues.


    I'm off to Hospital tomorrow, for a few days, to get a tube fitted into my stomach, so that they can carry out peritoneal dialysis. Then further treatment will start.

    At this time in spending about 20 hrs each day sleeping, as I so exhausted & that's why I haven't had much chance to be active, on the forum.

    So, it looks like it will be some time yet, before I'm strong enough to get the SS recall done.

    I got the recall notice, for my SlingShot, over here, in the UK.

    They changed the camera about 1 1/2 years ago now and they told me, at that time, they knew it affected the radio.

    However, with the new camera in place, the radio failed again, within 2 hrs of leaving the dealer.

    I hope it works this time.

    Ps. Polaris UK is much nearer my home than my dealer. Does anyone think that they may do the swap, this time?

    Something a little different for you all now.

    The woman, talked about, in the video below, made up her own to leave the UK, to join ISIS. Now she wants to come back home to Britain, as life is getting tough for her.

    I have many good Muslim friends that I would not wish to tarnish with the way this woman has acted and I suspect that most, if not all, are just as appalled, as I am, about her actions.…846257&id=690503547664912

    It's only 1 min 50 secs long. Please watch it.


    I have been inactive on this site, for some time now (on going health probems).

    I receved an email notification, informing me of mytoy intentions to leave the forum.

    I do not know why. I do not need to know why. I don't even want to know why...

    Dieter has always come over on this forum as a good guy & from the postings above, I see no reason that he remove himself, from such a great forum (particularly) as it appears a truly meant apology has been made.

    I would hope everyone involved or affected, by whatever has gone on, sees it as water under the bridge and can find forgiveness.

    Edward Neal

    You say.

    "Trump has said he will not make a deal without the funding for the wall, and at this time I think his supporters expect him to hold true to this. I believe that if this ends with it looking like Trump caved his chances in 2020 will go down the toilet."

    I can't see that happening. The truth has already been twisted with so many things, he has or has not done, that spin will be put on whatever the outcome is and everyone will be told, "that was what was supposed to happen, all allong."

    The annoying thing is that many will belive it, as if it was true and not remember what was promised.

    Called into the Bond museum, in London yestoday.

    While considering if I should get an Aston Martin, I noticed something that would help, with the rear wheel drifting, that we all experience.

    I think that a set of these will work well, in the winter weather, for me.

    I can't see what the debate is all about. The president said Mexico will pay.

    Therefore, he should just get on and do what he said he would do. No debate about how they pay... he said they would pay. It's two years now & nothing's been done.

    But Mr Trump did say that Mexico will pay for the wall, in his electrical promises, so Mexico will pay for it.

    After all he's a president and could, certainly, never lie. No need for the Democratic party to say yes.

    If the new Dem house doesn’t block it - Trumps new trade agreement with Mexico will more than pay for the wall - just depends on who has the better spin

    So it's dead simple.

    He can build it & the Mexicans pay. The Democrats have no need (or grounds) to object. Everyone wins.

    Good to get a little 'tail' once in a while.

    with all this talk about dogs...

    I thought I should throw this one in, about the wall. After all "top dog" said the Mexicans are going to pay for the wall, in electrical campaign and he told us that he keeps his word.

    He said he would.

    Time he just got started then.

    The guys in France are just great.

    The Facebook translation function works well, if you don't have much French, they also use it to translate my postings back to French.

    This year they have a trike meeting, in South East France, near the Swiss border, that I would have loved to attended but with my current health problems

    UK_Paul's - Slingshot Build & Other Adventures -

    I have had to decline.

    They are a great support to the Slingshot in France, but like the rest of us Europeans, can't get any more, right now, due to vheucal emission regs, in Europe.

    There is no rule against hypocrites calling hypocrites, "hypocrites". That is politics now days. Look at all the Bible thumpers making excuses for all the non-christian things Trump does and some even praising him for some of it. "I find it interesting" that you would call her out and not other hypocrites as well.

    As you point out, they are all hypocrites.

    How do you know, when a politician is lying?

    The lips are mooving.

    Hence the second part of my post, LOL

    When the wall monkey (as described in the video) pops his head over the wall, a 5.56 between the eyes will stop others from trying it.

    That would be called "Castle Doctrine", allowed to use deadly force to stop a felony crime in progress with possible bodily harm, could have been a terrorist with a bomb.:00000014::00008172::00008356:

    The result would be the same if you just got on and did that now.

    You don't need a wall to do it.