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    life is getting a little easier in the England now. Yesterday was the first day that I was permitted to leave my home (until then I was instructed, by the government, to stay "inside" my home).

    The weather is improving and it would normaly be time to get the Slingshot out and ride, but that's not going to happen, due to the lockdown restrictions, still and I also need an MOT. (road worthiness certificate). But all MOT stations are still closed, so that's not going to happen.

    In France they are making plans for the 2021, Trike-Fest and Hope's are high that people will be allowed to attend, if we have made progress, with fighting the virus.

    We are getting news, from the US about the civil unrest that you are having. It looks like your president is making things even worse (not political point), just an observation. I wish you all the best in resolving this dire problem.

    That's about all the news, from this side of the pond, for now.

    Stay safe.

    So let's see what's happening, in the UK.

    (Not a Covid 19 update)

    Polaris are still not importing the Slingshot, into Europe and the official goverment list shows a total of 16, on the road. Some of which are to be believed to be garaged. An additional 3 are registered, as not on the road (one of which is mine). So it still only leaves 5 or 6 actualy being used on our roads now.

    We do however have one guy, trying to import (what I belive to be) a 2019 model. It has now reached the UK docks, so he will need to get it, throgh customs & pay the tax on it. Then get it registered for use on European roads and finally, taxed & insured.

    I anticipate, that these are just the start of the hurdles, that may need to be negotiated before, it is cleared as road leagal. This may be an interesting story, to see how it pans out, as it may open the door to other European imports, if it can be achieved.

    I'll keep you informed...

    Stay Safe.

    If you can post a screen shot of that or just post some of rhe text from rhe error that would help me tremendously. I am wondering if you have recieved any of those types of errors in the last week? If not , then the last update may have addressed the issue.

    The last error was received appropriately 1 hour (or less) before my comment was posted.

    If it happens again, I'll send a screenshot, as requested.

    All the best.

    More info:

    I use the forum, on my Android phone, with access, over the web, rather than using the app..

    I still sometimes find that the connection keeps showing lines of instruction or code (not too sure what it is). Then the page finishes with a statement (of some description).

    I hope this info is of use.


    A very big thanks, to you all, for my birthday wishes.

    I'm having a relaxing day, stopping inside, (so what's new?). All that I've been dooing is constructing a NAS (Network Access System).

    Just a boring old box of PC bits...

    All I now have to do, is load an operating system and figure out how to set it up, as I have no experience of this, whatsoever. So I still have a lot to learn.

    Thanks, once again, for all the good wishes.

    I'll be lifting a glass to all my great friends, in Slingshotinfo-land, this evening.


    Happy birthday UK_Paul ! Here are some UK guidelines I found on the interweb. Sound about right?


    I had to post this.

    That made me laugh, as it was typical British irony.

    However virtually all of it was wrong. Please don't believe that there is any fact behind it, kids aren't back at school, hardly any busses run, most trains have stopped.

    Yet today, they are allowing a few shops to open (because it's my birthday, I think). Garden centres & DIY stores, may open, with strict distancing rules, other shops will follow. People may return to work, if they can not work, from home, but again must only do it, if they must & maintain social distancing.

    Most of us, expect our "R" (contagion rate) to increase again & it all start over.

    Keep well.

    I miss the joy & excitement of the (then new) music, from the 60's & early 70's (then Punk & Brit-Pop).

    All without this dam auto-tuning, for people that just look pretty & can't sing.

    I also miss seeing all the live giggs, in both large venues & small pubs. :thumbsup:

    Update time.

    Things have not moved forward, much, from my last update, on how things are in the UK.

    We still appear to be on a, very, much stricter isolation program, than the US. I have only seen 3 people, in the last 7 or 8 weeks now and they were all medical staff, visiting my home. I have not left my home or garden, in all this time and I am now receiving government food parcels, each week. The isolation is so restricted that any home deliveries are made the other side of a closed door. In France & Spain, you can not even leave your home, without the apropriate documentation. (Most of Europe is similar). We still do not have any shops open, except food shops & pharmacies, even attendance to the doctors, is discouraged.

    Should I choose to take the Slingshot out, for a ride. (I'm not going to do that). You can be sure that I would get stopped, by the police and fined, for attempting to do so.

    People are still allowed out, for essential travel or 1hr exercise, each day. But we must still maintain a 2m (6ft) gap between people, unless it is a partner that you are living with. We are expecting some relaxation of the restrictions, in the next few weeks, as our hospitals did not become overloaded, as rapidly as had been expected. Our "R" number is now running at about 0.7 (I understand the US remains 2.5 - 3.0). R is the rate of contagion/person.

    Today, a phone app is being tried out, to track the spread of the virus. Some people have complained that this is an infringement of privacy. However these tend to be the same people that post about it on Twitter & Facebook and have been supplying the information to these service providers, for years. 🤔

    Well life goes on, for now. We all put up with the conditions, as we have no other options. It's not something that we want to do, but it is something we must do, to stay safe.

    Wishing you all well,


    UK_Paul I just read a post on another forum by someone looking to buy a Slingshot in the UK. He said he'd like to find a 2018 SLR or newer. .......... I'd get him in touch directl. Cheers!


    Sorry for the delay, in sending this reply.

    With regards to buying a 2018 Slingshot, in the UK., that will be very difficult (actualy impossible) now, as the Slingshot no longer meets the European emission regulations, so the last model that would be available, will be the 16.5 model. I also understand that all European slingshots had a slightly different mapping of the ECU to US versions.

    Any Slingshots, imported into Europe, before the regulations changed (known as EU4 emmisions standards - for motorcycles) will be leagal, however all subsequent imports did not meet the EU regulations and so, may not be driven on European, public, roads.

    Well that's the bad news, now let's look at the good news.

    Your contact can, initially, get in touch with me, through face book:

    So can any other members of this site that may wish to, that read this. 😁

    There may be a "slight" possibility of one, that may be available, just a little north of London. I think that the owner has not used his SS for a while now and may be persuaded to part with it.

    The next option would be to join the French, Facebook page - Slingshot France - as they try to keep track of the European models, that may be for sale.


    Well it's going to be difficult to get a Slingshot over here now (as I've said in other postings "I only think we have 6 on the roads, in the UK.").

    I think I know of the turbo model that was talked about (if it's a black one) and to be honest, I would avoid it, (but am happy to discuss, what I know of, its possible history).

    Well, I hope this helps, move things forward, with your contact. If he's successful in getting hold of one, he will become part of a very exclusive club.

    Well this is the latest, from your friend UK_Paul.

    Everything is continuing on, the same way over here. We still appear to be isolating, way more strictly, than the US and it looks like that's borne out by the figures showing the rate that it's spreading, in our respective areas, at present. With an "R" factor of 0.5-1.25 in Europe and 2.5-3.0 in the US. (R = number of people infected by one person).

    Personally I have only been in contact with 2 people, (other than my wife) in the last 6+ weeks. The two people were ambulance crew, and I had no option, other than to see them or report to Hospital, Casualty.

    The weather is starting to improve a little now and I will go into our garden. However, will not go outside our ground, even though I live in the countryside. I'm unable to work on the Slingshot, as it remains, in storage and would be ileagal to try and bring it home. (Yes our European lockdown is that strict).

    I hope you are all keeping your spirits up and dooing well.

    We have a great community and it spreads a long way. It is good to be able to keep in contact, with such good friends.

    Stay safe

    Well guys, it looks like many of you appear to think that the end is in site, soon. (We also get the reports of Trump pushing that veiw & saying it will all be over by Easter).

    Unfortunately, the rest of the world, tends to think, this is just the start.

    It will not last just a few weeks and we can then all go out to play again. The European veiw is that we may he living with this, continuing, for up to another 2 years, or untill an afective & safe immunisation appears (in 6-18 months). Or untill - 80% - of the population have contracted it and we achieve "herd immunity."

    Our press appears to show Americans not taking this as seriously yet, as we are, in Europe.

    Don't belive everything your leader tells you, as most of it is just to talk up the economy.

    Things will get way worse, before they get any better.

    Sorry to be so downbeat about it all, but I think that this is better to take a far more realistic veiw of our situation and prepare to dig in.

    Stay safe

    Well, with all this Carona Virus going about, I haven't been up to much recently. I've been self isolating, for almost 2 weeks.

    Due to my various health problems and I'll remain total in lockdown, (never leaving the house), for at least another 11 more weeks, then who knows how much longer will be added on to that.

    I hope you are all keeping well and protecting yourselves along with each other, from spreading this. It's going to get much worse, before it gets better, so...

    Stay Safe.

    Hi to everyone out in Slingshotinfo land.

    I just had a response to a posting and thought it may be apropriate to reintroduce myself, to the newer members, as I have not been arround much, over the last year, or so.

    I'm a British owner/rider, of these lovely Slingshots.

    I've been an owner, from late in 2016 & have the 16.5 model. We only have about 6 of these machines, on our roads over here, in the UK & Ireland. Unfortunately they can no longer be imported into Europe as we have much stricter emission regulation on our vheicals, than in the US and the Slingshot no longer conforms to the regulations.

    For those that don't know me. You may be interested to read my thread on this site.

    UK_Paul's - Slingshot Build & Other Adventures -

    It covers many more things than just the Slingshot and I try to post pictures and articles that may be of interest. (Sorry, but that also includes updates on my poor heath).

    I live in a very pleasant part of England (Hereford,) not too far from the Welsh border, but have also spent much of my life near London and I love them both.

    My home near Hereford, built in the 15th century.

    I've been the owner of Polaris products from 2009 first purchasing a Victory Vegas.

    For those of you that know the Victory Vegas, you can see that I happily added and changed a number of its features, to make it into, just what I wanted. I have also added and changed things, with the Slingshot. It's a little harder and way more expensive, to do this to the Slingshots in Europe. However we all know that we just have to get on and do these things.

    Under the hood of the UK_Paul Slingshot

    In the Welsh mountains near my home.

    As I have said, above. I have not been very active, over the last year, or so, but intend to start making more contributions, to this wonderfull site, again.

    Along side one of the few other Slingshots that are in the UK. Once owned by Jorge Lorenzo, when he was living in the UK. One of the best Moto GP racers, in the world. He once told me that he preferred riding the Slingshot, to virtually all his (super)cars. I gess his Ferrari F458 at around $300,000 (for a used one) may just top the Slingshot. 🤔


    "Hi" to those that don't know me and

    "I'm back!" To those that do.

    Roadhawg most of us put our home area in our profile … What part of the country are you in?

    Well, as many of you know. I'm from Hereford, in the UK. However newer members may have not come across me before.

    It is one of the most beautiful rural areas, of Britain and is where (obviously) the strain of Hereford cows & bulls come from. We still have many of the "Black & White" houses, like the one, in the picture above and I'm fortunate enough to live in one (a small cottage) out in the countryside.

    I have also lived, just a little (30 miles) outside London and love both areas, for diferant reasons.

    Possibly posted on the wrong thread, but what the heck.


    If I'm new to you, then you may want to follow this link:

    UK_Paul is back.