• No disrespect to your ex first lady but I saw this portrait this morning and thought her head looks small to her body. On a side note I have a XXL helmet for sale as I need a XXXL for my fat head ;)

  • I "HATE" this man the more and more he opens his mouth. A Millionaire WITH NO COLLEGE BACKGROUND, BARELY THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL because he can play Basketball (dumb ass sport-Sorry if that offends you) Everything he says, wears , views is political nonsense and plays the racist card to no end. Im sorry, People would die for his money / lifestyle.... and the way he achieved it - putting a ball in a hoop, so Im just going on a limb here.....Lebron James has it pretty damn good so to talk, Always stir the pot and say this........

    "Life is much bigger than an opinion, an ignorant comment from someone. It is what it is. I kind of feel sorry for her, because she's not looking through the lens of being free and what that's about. It feels bad that she doesn't know what we came from, or who we are personally."

    He's referring to a woman from Fox who disagreed with his views and said he should keep politics, views out.... so she's now the "ignorant" one. Hey Lebron wake up call you Fool. What do you wake up to everyday, how many cars, houses , millions? And you do what? Oh yeah, play a game you love....Yeah you have it so tough and seem really "locked up" No Freedom for you, Fool!! :cursing: ..Leave it @ that don't make a whole headline so Lebron James can try to state his Liberal, racist views! ESPN is like CNN and has to put stories out-usually false/poor reports like CNN , but allow article that just keep the BS flowing.....(he's getting a whole segment on the dilemma) :thumbdown:

    My house and land is probably the size of his pool area, so again "being black" and that's what he's always crying doesn't seem so bad once again.....Just Stop! I wish I could buy, do something right there , right then with cash money with no worries...Again life's so tough "lets go back to the phrase "not looking through the lens of being free" as you quote

    Your Life & FUTURE life is so bad most would die for it, You talk about a History Life which is the past, dead and didn't effect you what so ever, actually at his age it was when things were really starting to help/ benefit....Remember history is now dead, shows, statues, pictures, flags, words etc all need to be removed cause they "offend" So Sorry buddy calling ya out, Can't play the card anymore cause "History is/ has been Deleted" ....we pressed the restart button and now Im playing the card.....

    In short how does this nonsense end when guys like this who keep spewing there "one way visions" keep getting headlines on platforms. I honestly haven't been listening to ANYTHING, cause the other sides bitches are absurd. The things people cry about and make issues about is mental.

    I went to ESPN to check HOCKEY scores and end up reading something I knew would torque me up, just because I wanna look this guy in the eye & have a few words...

    ESPN is another desperate Liberal show....Joke

    All I got.....

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/

  • @BONES I think he was referring to "freedom" of speech and expression.

    She said shut up and stick to throwing balls in a hoop(something like that). It was rude, but nothing her or him say to each other bothers me at all. Not my life. ^^

    If I told you after your "political" rant to, "shut up and stick to elevators". You would probably, and rightfully so, tell me, " Go fuck yourself, it's a free country and I have as much a right to complain as anyone". You do have that right, as does Lebron.

    If you know something will piss you off, Ignore it. I realize Liberal views are in a lot of television, but you know where it's prominent. If you don't want to hear, see or read it, avoid it. ;)

  • Go FUCK YOURSELF!!..... :whistling::D

    Bottom line, don’t bitch & complain, cry when your life is all roses and you have it all! Dont talk history when you were never there or suffered!

    And she is 100% right, just because your a big name useless BB player doesn’t give you the right to express your liberal political views. Every chance you get Her point was , just play the game & shut up! And I agree 100%, no one wants to here it...

    Freedom of speech or not, you should not be Able to use the NBA to express your views. Same as All sports athletes and all these bitching celebrities @ there award shows!!

    Fuck em all.....I get your point to....

    It’s just not gunna stop till they stop these people

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/

  • For me, the award shows annoy me more than guys and girls that in a sport that express their views.

    I'm sure when your son gets in the NHL, your view of worthless, lucky , stupid... Athletes will change. It will probably go more like, "Fuck you, my son busted his ass to play at that level. It takes hard work and dedication. He should make that much because that's his share of ticket sales and mechandise, because people pay to see him. Also, he can say what he wants because he's an American". Unless you think luck is what will get your son into the NHL. ;)

    BTW, I liked your "go fuck yourself". :thumbsup: