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    AllIn5450 Don't stop posts are music to my ears!!!

    I can't wait to see how much $ and effort gets wasted by the useless Left/ Dems who are going to try to fight and IMPEACH Trump-AINT GUNNA HAPPEN! Just gunna be wasted efforts and make people realize the Dems are a bunch of little kids kicking and crying , It's just going to help Trump in next election proving he can get things done for a better America and the "OTHER SIDE" cant......

    They need to hunt down whoever sent these.

    Im guessing Obama (hurts to even type that name) , Clintons and CNN sent them to them selves, to buy time for there Next FAKE DEMOBITCH ANTICS!!! :whistling:

    Warrens Test shows a pube of Cherokee which I'm sure any Cherokee is pissed about even being affiliated with Warren...HOWEVER, the doctor said the test still is NOT 100% accurate....It's so inaccurate If I took a test they could find a hint of Mexican in me and I'm German and Italian!!! Coming from a DEM I'm guessing it was paid off or took someone else's specimen and said it was hers....

    Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test: why the Cherokee Nation is mad about the test - Vox

    Dude. Red Sox are looking pretty good So far tonight, after the historic thumping they gave the Yanks last night. :thumbsup:

    I can say this cause there my Team! Sales had a bad night when we needed him to go @ least 6. I think there done if they don't pull it out tonight. Weak pitching with a BRUTAL bullpen and a garbage closer make it tough, especially when the team goes cold with the bats...Lose tonight stick a fork in them..... X/ 108 means nothing if they don't win it ALL :whistling::thumbdown:

    I know when I was looking they had a Kawi motor...Im sure you could upgrade like anything else?

    The vehicle sports a Kawasaki 1,352cc inline-four engine that pumps out 197 horsepower and 154 Nm (113.5 lb.ft.) of torque, and is coupled with a sequential six-speed gearbox. Performance wise, the T-Rex 14RR accelerates from naught to 96km/h in 3.9 seconds and hits a top speed of 230km/h (144 mph).

    And I do see the BMW motor as well...Probably the $65k+ model???

    Switchblade Doors?!?!?

    Might be a choir...but, think of the looks you would garner!!!!

    @V-SHOT EXACTLY ONE of the kits I looked at along with this one.....

    The kit with suicide doors unpainted is like $35K!!!!! THIS BODY was cheaper but still pricey..All said and done your looking @ about $75K

    I'll be 100% HONEST, IMHO its a wicked cool looking machine, and way nicer ass than the Sling. I was real close to buying one prior to Sling, but with the kit I wanted I was looking @ $60K+ 8o ….There's a dealer in Foxboro, Ma and other than that no one around where I live if an issue. I have seen a few up close and personal. Machines haul ass ,Hyabussa MOTOR. If they came down on price, they could be a huge seller...

    I think some Dems actually Looked DEEP into the depths of there little one way brains and said this is Rediculous with the way this was played out, going back and trying to find any DESPERATE details even if it meant High school/ college.....who's that Black judge that beat his wife and said Kav is bad?? Just saying....Don't throw stones.....It's funny how the Ones that have black clouds are the ones that cry somethings not right...This was the right vote and ANOTHER win for Trump :thumbsup:

    New family rules for activities, don't date GIRLS, Never consider partying, Never touch a person & Never enjoy life


    30-40 years down the road you never know when a bitch Dem / LIB will go after your "childhood" or "early adult" years, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THERE ALL PERFECT ANGELS AND Have no Dirt, the way they act TODAY PROVES THAT & THERE CHARACTER..... :whistling:

    Not much more to say on that......Embarrassing America !!! :thumbdown: