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    I have my cowboy hat.

    I picked it up in Colorado to go to my wife's best friend's wedding and I don't really wear it much.:)

    You kinda reminded me of one of my heroes (although he let me down coming out for Bloomberg)

    I grew up listening to Run DMC, Eric B and Rakim, Young M.C., NWA, Onyx, Mint Condition, (Tony, Toni, Tone), Keith Sweat, Babyface,”

    THAT EXPLAINS A LOT :00008172::00008172:can’t believe Ted Nugent wasn’t on your playlist being from the Detroit area. We are kinda polar opposites in some ways. I wore 3 pc suits, Ferragamo loafers and silk ties for 31 years until I took down my shingle in 2013. The day after ALL my suits, ties, dress shoes, French cuff shirts went to the Good Will vowing to never put on another suit and tie. During the work years my buddies used to tease me about being Superman - after work I dash into a closet and off comes Lawyer Bill - on goes on Biker Bill 😂. During that time I learned a very important quality that I value most. I was able to talk to Senators, CEOs and some of the smartest lawyers in the country and, by the same token) I could talk to street people, caveman bikers and the entire spectrum between the 2 groups. Now for the trick I learned - you have to be able to talk to folks on their level - don’t try to talk above or below anybody. If you don’t do it correctly the Senator will think your a dumbass and the hobo will think your a stuck up arrogant asshole. WOLF - we debate back and forth but at our roots we both want the best thing for our country - we just disagree on how to accomplish that end. We been going at it since the 2016 election over first one thing then another. During that time we have NEVER name called or insulted each other in any way (I know I feel that way - hope you do too). Even though we differ politically I consider you a friend and if I’m ever in the Detroit area it wouldn’t be a trip without a ribeye (you ain’t no fuckin vegetarian are ya ??!😂😂) and a few glasses of fine Kentucky bourbon. If your ever passin thru coonass land and don’t stop and see us you will be in deep shit !! Finally - isn’t it amazing how this Slingsot thing brought so many of us together from all over the country with whom we would otherwise never have met and allowed us to form life long friendships - ain’t America the best place in the world to live ??? !!!

    I tend to get along with people from all cultures, nationalities, religions...i approach everyone as a long time friend, until they prove to be an asshole, then I politely leave them to themselves. I have found that if you don't approach people with a preconceived idea of who they are, based on appearance, most people are good folks that you can drink a beer with and have plenty of common experiences to talk about.

    That is usually the case, HOWEVER, my Dad was a hillbilly and my Mom was a coonass. I learned early that there are certain hollers in KY and swamps in LA you do not go in without an introduction - once introduced you will be treated better than family!!

    Obama surely boosted gun and ammo stocks. The guy at the Sporting goods store told me that the Remington Rep. said that Remington was running three shifts, pumping out ammo 24/7 Seven days a week during that period.

    I would have "liked" your post, but I'm not a fan of negative blanket statements that include ALL members of any group("rednecks" in this case). Most groups and sub-groups are mostly great people, with exception for hate groups and terrorist organizations(which are hate;)

    If you ever make it down to coonass land I’ll take you back in the swamp and introduce you to some ole boys that make cavemen look enlightened but are the best bunch of guys you would would ever want to meet. Not a political bone in their body and you would get along with em great - but don’t go by yourself :00008172:they tend to be kinda clan oriented!!

    I have to admit - after the crash in 08’ I did invest a fairly decent amount in gold which I still have today. I figure that if the bottom ever really drops out again me and my bride will at least be able to keep a roof over our head and eat !!

    I have invested in the American economy for 40 years always believing that the engine will n that may sputter from time to time but is very dependable. Risk and reward betting on that engine depends on the driver. I have made crap loads and lost big also (still have nightmares from 08’) but over all those years I am still way in the black. I know the Great Depression was the darkest time for the economy as my Dad was a child that lived thru that and it affected him and his investing for his entire life — many times calling me foolish for my decisions. Right now the economy is on solid footing unless the national debt crushes us. The one thing that would force me to rethink my whole lifetime of betting on America’s businesses would be a Bernie Sanders presidency. It appears that he is well on his way to the nomination and has a lot of support. If Trump misses a beat or Republicans go to sleep on voting day we could very well see history repeated in the form of another depression under Bernie. They predicted a stock market crash when Trump was elected and it didn’t happen - quite the opposite. I’m betting with Bernie it crashes and doesn’t recover for a LONG time !!

    Looks like the media and Dem powers that be would like to put their money on Joe Biden quoting all these polls that he beats Trump. I just don’t see it - I don’t believe Biden can’t keep up the campaign trail pressure for 9 months. Trump will eat him alive in a debate - he just looks wore out - doesn’t create any enthusiasm - his rallies suck. Elizabeth Warren attacked everybody trying to pump oxygen into her failing campaign. - Mayor Pete & Klobuchar made themselves look petty and foolish - just Bernie - and Bloomberg couldn’t make the high school debate team. To sum it up - what a sorry looking bunch of pukes !!

    BLOOMBERG - what a joke !! 200 million bucks down the drain - guess he thought if Trump could do it so could he. He WAS gonna put his money behind the Dem nominee but after they all spanked him so bad in the debate he may go back to being a Republican :00008172:

    I ran across this piece this morning and copied and pasted instead of just posting the link - it is that good !! Interestingly enough it is an opinion piece from the Chicago Tribune of all places - hope y’all like it.


    After watching the State of the Union address, I found it very disrespectful for Nancy Pelosi to stand up and tear the speech like a little kid would do. And this is supposed to a person who is a high government official? Of course, she is a liberal, and liberals really don’t have anything to do with decency or being nice. They’re one-sided, one-minded idiots.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That’s probably what the president of the United States is saying. It is his job to protect this nation, the USA. It is his job. So I feel that the travel ban is a good thing, and it’s about time. It’s a matter of time before this country is inundated with all the other viruses out here.

    I hate when people blame Trump for all the other problems that are going on in this world regarding hatred. These are all topics that people have held inside of them and it has festered. And it’s not because of Trump that people are voicing their opinions. It was about time when you see the U.S. handing out free programs to people who are able to work and who refuse to work. Yes, it has festered inside of me for a long time and it wasn’t because of Trump I’m saying this.

    Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up of the State of the Union address was a very good indicator of exactly what the Democrats think of over half of the country. Ripping those papers was tantamount to telling Americans that don’t agree with her that that’s exactly what the Democrats think of you. The left thinks they’re smarter than you. Then think they know better than you. I can’t wait until the election in November.

    The health department is concerned about pertussis? I think not. They recently closed their immunization clinic that provided thousands of immunizations to children in the county. Now, there are not enough nurses and doctors at the health department to provide immunizations for those children. For shame on the health department.

    I was watching this ridiculous show of Nancy Pelosi behind the president at the State of the Union and it was an embarrassment for all womankind. No one should be acting like her, ripping up the paper behind the president like a child. There is something wrong with the woman and they ought to have her examined.

    I have a definite problem with Bloomberg. He’s spending more than $300 million to have advertising wanting to become president. I think that the man who throws his money away will wind up throwing our money, if he ever gets in control of it, because he has no conception of how much money he’s spending. I would think that the least someone would spend would be more admirable than somebody who is just throwing money away. And it’s a distinct worry for me because they’re giving money to everyone else except where it’s needed here in the states, and everyone should take this into consideration.

    It’s not over. These visceral Democrats are going to find something. Even him picking his own teeth will be valid for impeachment. I am so embarrassed to ever have voted Democratic. I will never, ever, ever vote Democratic again. Maybe independent, maybe Republican, but never Democratic. I will not vote for commies. This is ridiculous. This is a free country, and they’re trying to ruin it.

    Now that the cowardly Republicans have voted a death to democracy and continuation of Trump’s monarchy, I just have one question: Where do you send the condolence card?

    Nancy Pelosi was unbelievable. What a big baby. What a group of big babies. Just because we have one baby, doesn’t mean we have to have an entire group of babies. Let’s get this country back on its feet and united. But it seems like the Democrats keep shrugging and shrugging and shrugging. And, no, they are not making it better.

    OH BOY !! If your an insurance salesman on the south side of Chicago I bet they are just makin a fortune selling that insurance - that should really help innocent bystanders to get compensated when they get hit by random gang fire. GEEZ what another stupid law !!

    Just a side note - I’m so glad that the piece of crap Michael Avanetti was convicted in all charges (so far). The left wings media darling for so long and black eye to the legal profession deserves to spend a LONG time behind bars. But

    Ya might still have a chance Mikey :00008172:

    Not trying to turn the conversation theological but are not the basis of law here formed by the 10 Commandments ?? Separation of Church and State is an important concept but pushing it to the point where you cannot have an open prayer (to whatever God you worship) before a sporting event or school goes to far. Nothing can be a happy medium anymore - it’s just extreme one way or the other.

    Saw this while having my coffee. Comrade Bernie has another giveaway .... under his plan taxpayers would foot the bill for all sex changes and aftercare. This guy is like the Pied Piper to the young voter - sure hope there is enough of us old voters to stop him from leading them (and us) off a cliff. I never in my life ever thought a guy with policies like Sanders is proposing would be the leading the Dem field for the Presidential nomination. Not so far back he used to be just Crazy Bernie - now this guy is becoming a genuine threat to get into power??? What the hell has happened to us ??

    and don’t forget that the dangerous criminal Roger Stone had to be arrested in a predawn raid surrounded by full auto machine his pajamas....with CNN coincidently being there. The guy broke the law and deserves to go to jail but not with more time than some armed robbers or rapists just because he is a Trump supporter. So much for “equal” justice..

    Bill Martin I was right for like a second time or thousand.:) Trump admitted in an interview with Geraldo that he sent Rudy to Ukraine he also said he didn't regret it, even though it led to his impeachment. How many times did I say Trump clearly ordered Rudy and was met with "nah uh, Trump said he didn't" from people seemingly certain Trump isn't a chronic liar?(redundant, you don't have to research that;))

    I have said on numerous occasions that I wish Trump would simply keep his mouth shut. By the same token I wish the Democrats would get over they LOST AIN 2016 !! If you leave me with a choice between a brash New Yorker and the Democratic front runner who wants to run our nation’s economy into a brick wall - I can turn the volume down when he speaks and thumb thru my portfolio making more money under three years of Trump opposed yo 8 years of Obama !! If your retirement investments tank if a Democrat wins- you might look back and say “now that I think about it what Trump says doesn’t mean crap/ it’s what he does that matters”. They say voters vote with their pocketbook - YES !! Lump me in with em - what you gonna do ??))

    I would love to go see him, but this is way out of my price range =O

    President Trump coming to Palm Springs area February 19

    I had a chance to go see him when he came here to Lake Charles. It was free but when I found out people started lining up at 4am on the day he was coming and when they met capacity based on fire dept restrictions they would close the doors I scrapped that notion - I can hear the same thing sitting in my easy chair watchin on the big screen sipping a fine Kentucky bourbon and be just fine 😂😂