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    and just one more shot in the same vein...

    I don’t know if any of you saw the interview with the father who’s son was shot inside CHOP in Seattle on Hannity. It was one of the most sincere, heart wrenching things I have ever seen. He was not political, accusatory or angry. He was a father that lost his son due to a failure of government who didn’t allow him to see his dead son for 2 weeks. NOBODY contacted him as to what happened, what they were doing or that they even gave a shit. The fact that he was a black man makes no difference. He could have been a father of any race and you could feel his pain as any loving father would. This poor man should be a vivid reminder that we are all human beings first. We all share feelings and emotions that are inherent in all of mankind. This grieving father should be on every network pouring his heart out to the American people. Sadly, I don’t think he will be seen anywhere else as his story does not fit the narrative the media wishes to portray. God Bless that father - why can’t we have politicians more like him??

    “basically we are screwed” - TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN bro!! I can only see the madness escalating from now until Election Day - then really going bat shit crazy after that no matter who wins!!

    I am not a violent man and yet anytime I see a dude in skinny jeans wearing a man bun I have an overwhelming desire to slap the crap outta them...been able to contain myself so far cause I hate to see anybody cry :00008172:

    Maybe getting a bump in welfare for additional illegitimate children is an incentive to have more and more kids for some. Obviously this approach is not working..,


    I can fix that....Pass a law that requires Two Names/two signatures on a birth certificate. Mother and father so they can be held financially responsible and legal guardianship..... without two names nobody qualifies for federal money or food stamps ever. Only two ways to get out of it....rape and there must be a conviction provided or incest....with a conviction.....or a death certificate for the father....

    Not a bad idea EXCEPT it would just be one more thing for the government to screw up !!

    This is funny but would this be considered racist or just a matter of fact?? You seldom hear any BLM supporters lie some of their problems are self inflicted. Estimated 75% of black families with 1 parent couldn’t possibly be one of the root issues to the poverty they so often complain about could it? Most white couples takes both to make a living wage these days - let alone raise a child. Maybe before they scream for reparations they should return all the generational welfare checks from grandparents & single mothers raising their children!!! I’m sure they would say how racist that is but the facts can’t be disputed!!

    When football returns I’m sure it will be filled with “social justice” - NASCAR working on it and now basketball…ice-messages-jerseys-plan

    I’m sure baseball will follow suit. I guess the days of just watching a sport just for the sake of seeing 2 teams fighting it out to see who is better are gone. IMO there is no place for any other agenda than striving to be the best in that particiular sport..period!! Once again I suppose I’m in the dinosaur category 😩😩

    The restaurants down here can now only sell seafood as fried, broiled, grilled or baked. They can no longer advertise it as being blackened. I agree that this is getting way out of hand. Worse than all of that is anytime you now voice any opinion that could even slightly be viewed as being negative, you're automatically assumed to be a racist. The actions of out of control white cops towards black people have NO business being covered up, but not all white people are racists

    Could it be that the end game here is for all white people to see all these products and words they never in their wildest imagination deemed to be racist so they wake up and say “OMG their right I am a racist’ thus furthering the radical black agenda? As a white person should soul food be seen as racist? I think the consequences of all this may wind up further expanding racial divides rather than pulling them together!

    I get what your sayin - this word aside from the obvious....

    1. Fraud: I got fucked by my insurance agent.
    2. Dismay: Oh, fuck it! Problem: I guess I'm fucked now.
    3. Aggression: Fuck you. Passive: Fuck me. Confusion: What the
    4. fuck?
    5. Difficulty: I can't understand this fucking business.
    6. Despair: Fucked again. Philosophical: Who gives a fuck? Religious: Holy Fuck. Incompetence: He's all fucked up. Laziness: He just     fucks about.
    7. Displeasure: What the fuck is going on? Rebellion: Fuck off! Surprise: Fucking
    8. Incredible!

    Most versatile word in English language 😂😂

    Texas Realtors Will Stop Using 'Master' to Describe Bedrooms, Bathrooms

    Saw this heading an article on Houston Realtors have determined the above terms to be racist. Is this insanity ever going to stop??

    I’m sitting in my living room with 6 or 7 close friends which all, as myself, started with meager beginnings. I don’t know if it was “white privilege” that made myself and my friends successful - never knew there was such a thing until recently. The main thing we all agreed upon (all of us white - probably racist by today’s standards) was that race didn’t mean a damn thing when we were all scrapping to be successful. I’m a Deep South coonass and I know blacks that pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and were just as formidable as any white advisary. Being successful is way below skin color IMO. We all bleed red blood but heart, integrity, honor, and sheer determination is the difference. If races would realize success is a personal desire - not something provided by government or other races all the unrest would go away.

    I HATE wearing the mask!! I am one of the ones most vulnerable to the virus. I wear one - not for the reason you might imagine. The thought of me getting the virus, not know it and give it to somebody else possibly killing them Is a risk I am not willing to take. I need a mask that says “I can’t breathe” for a totally different meaning 😂

    Porn Star Ron Jeremy now in jail for 3 counts of rape. Reportedly he has had sex with more than 10,000 women. Look at him and let me tell you —1). Anybody in the US can be successful if they work HARD😬. 2.). When a woman says size doesn’t matter she is clearly telling you what you want to hear - Jeremy sure didn’t score on his handsome looks! 3.) To be raping (allegedly) at 67 years old - what a horndog. These days if it’s a choice between a good bowl of gumbo and my bride - she can pass me the Tobasco😂4). Sadly the world ain’t fair - I look at his number and then my number and you see how being only a few inches short can get you screwed - or not screwed - whatever the case may be😂😂😡😂😂