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    Let’s see.....

    Left Wing

    Right Wing



    Proud Boys


    African American


    Me Too Movement




    Pro Gun

    Anti Gun

    Religious right


    Pro abortion

    Anti abortion

    I’m sure I’m overlooking several - if we did tear the government down who the hell could even remotely lead these people to peace - Moses is dead. The people need to move to the middle also - not forcing politicians to be so dug in for fear of being not re elected. Too many questions - not enough answers

    Ok let’s examine Comey’s announcement right before the 2016 election not to prosecute Hillary. What he basically said was America 1 we found her standing over the body with the knife in her hand. The victims blood was all over her and her blood was on the victim with a DNA match. She signed a sworn affidavit she had cut her hand previously. I do not believe she had malicious intent so charges will not be brought. So WOLF - you are gonna tell me you will defend this piece of shit for anything that came after??? I’m disappointed if you are:(

    Do the rest of you guys think James Comey is a lying, self serving, partisan asshole like I do? How the F did he get to the top FBI slot??

    Bill that could just be millennials answering a stupid question with a stupid answer.

    I dunno - cant figure out how to post link so I copied the text - if you read it - it’s even more frightening 77% would give up alcohol for Amazon - are you shittin me??? No booze or sex - no wonder they are screwed up:


    “It’s hard to imagine a world without Amazon when we’ve grown so accustomed to shopping for millions of products in seconds and having them delivered to our door in days. But at what point has our shipping obsession gone too far?

    A recent study found that 44 percent of millennials would give up sex for a yearbefore giving up Amazon. Conducted by Max Borges Agency, the survey analyzed the shopping behavior of more than 1,000 American millennials who purchased products on Amazon in the past year. They also found that 77 percent of millennials would choose Amazon over alcohol for a year.

    “Amazon is clearly being viewed as an essential way of life for millennials – one that at least in the short term could outweigh their need for intimacy,” says Lindsay Stuart, vice president of Business Intelligence at Max Borges Agency.



    This raises the question: Should millennials be having better sex? If you’re willing to go abstinent for Amazon, maybe it’s time you step up your sex game. You don’t have to ditch your Prime account for an orgasm, though, because Amazon’s best-selling sex toys are beloved for a reason. In fact, there are actually a lot of useful sex accessories worth adding to your shopping cart — and your bedroom.”

    We are all a little older here and have upon occasion discussed the “millennials” and their shortcomings but I think this could be a clue to what is wrong with them. Pulled this from the uber liberal Huffington Post:

    If these people are going to start running the country someday we are done for. A lot of things I don’t get but I REALLY don’t get this one. Gimme a piece of ass every time - I can go to the mall when I have to :00008356::00008356::00008356:

    Well Matthew, all I can say to that is that I came into this word having nothing - not even the clothes on my back. Now, even after this last correction, I'm fortunate to have half of it left

    WOW!! THANKS!! The thought of you naked is worse than me looking in the mirror coming out of the shower - every little bit helps these days :00008172::00008172:

    You can skip Xmas presents and buy all the stock you can get - market will rebound ..BAH HUMBUG :00008356:

    Bill I have and will always vote for who I think is the best person for the country. Usually the one that comes across as the most genuine and willing to compromise. I claim no party and support no party. Neither party as a whole is better than the other. Individual candidates make the difference to me. I voted for the same Republican Governor in the previous two elections in Michigan, even though I'm in a union. This last election I voted for the Democrat Governor and AG and Republican Senator.

    It does annoy me that the current republicans are passing legislation to strip some power from the Governor and AG positions, lessening the effect of my vote. I was also sad to see the better Senate choice(imo) lose.

    i really believe most folks vote the same way you do - it seems we just always are not picking the best candidate - just against the one they think is worse. If 2020 rolls around and it’s Sanders vs Trump...... I sure as hell ain’t voting for a socialist so I’m still in Trump’s corner voting not necessarily for him but against Sanders. I hope it changes but we are so divided no party thinks they can get elected without demonizing the other. It has been that way far too Trump would say SAD !!:00008172:

    As edwardaneal has so eloquently pointed out being a libertarian the smaller populated states must be protected and their voice heard. Just like the labor unions that were once powerhouses lost their grip due to graft and corruption. so the same I predict will happen to the Republicans and Democrats. WOLF can you say the Rep Party is worse than the Dems - I certainly couldn’t say that Reps are any less crooked than the Dems. They ALL feed us shit and call it ice cream. Do I wish I had a different President with the same policies - YES!! Are Pelosi, Schumer, and Waters, McConnel, Flake, and other criminals too long to list here the best the Dems & Reps have to offer? For 2020 goofy Joe Biden and socialist Bernie Sanders are leading the Dem pack. Here is the truly sad thing. We the people have elected these idiots over and over again - the definition of insanity - doing things the same way hoping for a different outcome. That is why Trump is where he is - people wanted something different. Maybe the Dems ought to find a more middle of the road candidate and if the Reps put up a candidate not as offensive as Trump where these reasonable people could move the country forward. WOLF - no matter how we got here - here we are. Again I wish edwardaneal idea of supporting Libertarians could gain traction and we could get behind that but it is a long shot - not enough money. We spent the last 2 years reversing Obama’s mess - if Dems get control they will spend their time reversing what Trump did. Who loses - us. The electoral college is fine - it is partisan politics that is crushing this country. If we could just return to sane, compromising people in power we might survive.

    Well Timmy, look at the numbers. Do you see them? Ok, now see all the numbers next to people that are not Trump and are not Hillary? Do you son? Good. Now add all those numbers up. What did you get? Did you get 28,834,552? Good job. Now look at the total for Hillary and the total for Trump. Is either one bigger than the total we got from adding the people that voted against them? No. Good job Billy. See more Americans wanted somebody other than Trump or Hillary.

    BTW, the original, "neither should have been up for consideration" was my opinion. If you look on TDS you will see way back in the beginning I said anyone but those two. I did have to rise to your challenge though. Hope you enjoyed.;)

    Also, Yes, I said many were conned. I also said many are straight ticket voters. If you truly feel you fell into the conned category I'm sorry and you should be more careful in the future.:*

    Oh - I see you are one of those that doesn’t believe that smaller states like the Dakotas should never have a voice in a national election. Using your school of thought let’s just do away with the electoral college and use popular vote. In rebuttal also - just because the vote was split doesn’t mean they didn’t want Hillary or Trump - they just supported other folks first and were left with the top picks - that’s just our election process. If you want New York and LA liberals to decide who runs the country. lemme know how that works for ya - I’ll be in

    I’ll send ya a postcard :00008172::00008172:

    World order: Some of our biggest Allies in chaos(yay? what?), Russia(dictatorship) making more unchecked land grabs, Saudi's (dictatorship) unpunished killing of an American, China (dictatorship) placing tit for tat tariffs on american goods, North Korea(dictatorship) producing nuclear missiles while keeping Trump at bay with lip service(no need to fire anymore tests, Kim said they had all they needed prior to agreeing to stop and his research facility imploded). Isis (Terrorists) alive and well in Afghanistan.

    Yep, I was way off in my prediction Bill Martin .

    Just give him time


    He has 6 more years :00008172::00008172:

    I was talking big picture, world order things, not

    BTW, again, poor dead horse, the market was hitting record highs a year before Trump took over, unemployment rates were going down before Trump took over, the house market was growing before Trump took over.

    I know deep in the hearts of Republicans, they are happy the Dems took the house. It sucks when things don't happen or go south when you have complete control. Who can you blame.

    OK - World order?? Little Rocket Man has stopped shooting off missiles and we gave up nothing - renegotiated trade deals that the US has been getting screwed on for years, pulling out of the Paris Accord where France is now in a state of anarchy due to it. Trying to let the world know the US has borders and is trying to stop illegals from pouring in. And yeah - I get it the economy was in the toilet for 8 years under Obama due to copious regulations - just a coincidence I guess Trump wins and in less than 2 years unemployment is at an all time low. Your arguments are pretty weak today buddy!!

    Yes you did BUT how can you say Hillary could have been “corrected” - how is that ??iIf the people are so inclined why not Trump? If you think the economy wouldn’t have been in the tank worse than under Obama - think again. Does she lie less than Trump - hardly. And finally with 40 years experience in corruption she would have had a more honorable administration?? She was and is a power hungry swamp creature of DC that has had her eye on the Presidency since her impeached husband left office. IMO the only reason she has not been indicted is she would truly drain the swamp taking them all to jail with her as she knows where all the bodies are buried and the powers that be are afraid. If your only reasoning is Hillary could be corrected leaves your argument severely wanting!

    Ok Brother WOLF let’s quit dancing here - once and for all - don’t matter how it got to be Trimp vs Hillary - they were the choices. A simple yes or no is required here - Do you think Hillary would have made a better President than Trump??

    PS....and please - if yes - WHY??

    So your sayin we would have been better off with the alternative????

    The sad thing is IF a Democratic President is elected that same media that called Mike Pompeo a “buttboy”, make personal attacks on the President AND his family will be outraged if the same comments are made about them. Will the next President be under constant investigation with the media reporting 90% negative against him. Whatever side of the aisle you are sitting on Trump’s presidency has clearly proven what was generally thought - the media is even more in the Dem/Liberal corner than ever could have been imagined. BUT - they still have the right to report false news or heavily slanted with no cooberation. The accountability should be with the consumer!!

    WOLF - you will appreciate this. I got a bone to pick with Trump. He thinks the courts should look into the one sided coverage the mainstream media has against him. Even though I feel like many “journalists” go against all the conventional rules - they got a right to say what they want. The end user has the prerogative not to read or watch it. LEAVE THE 1ST AMENDMENT ALONE !! From our previous discussion - that knife cuts both ways !!