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    I’m gonna put up one more David Alan Coe song - if you don’t find it funny drinks are on me !!! Keep in mind I’m a little warped in my old age :00008172:

    Lots of folks just to the north of me had major flooding. Gotta say this was the weirdest hurricane I’ve ever seen - just glad it wasn’t worse than it was. War Hoop - I’m sure there is a few scattered around from a former life that wish I had been in a Cat 10 storm - missed me again bitches !!! :00008172:

    Watched “The Squad” in rebuttal to Trump telling them to go back to their country if they don’t like it here. Looks like they had their wittle feelings hurt. After they have called the President every name in the book plus Omar not even recognizing a duly elected President they act shocked at him hitting back. GOOD FOR YOU DONNIE !!

    Ya gotta admit it’s pretty funny. I have seen him perform a lot of his X rated stuff in person. This one is really pretty mild 😬

    I can't understand government accounting. One one hand they tell us and want us to believe that they can't get rid of illegal aliens because "THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE". But they sure know where to mail out all the free shit to every month.

    They say that it is "INHUMANE to not feed, cloth and provide free health service to illegals". I say "REALLY?" Why then is is NOT inhumane to not give ME the same free shit? Am I disqualified from that program due to my paying taxes and supporting government waste for over 50 years? Is it because I had the disqualification of actually being BORN IN THE USA? Or is the obvious reason that I actually LEGALLY voted all my life and put you scumbags in power thinking you'd do the right thing and protect us from those who choose to ignore our laws?

    Yea, that must be it

    Your right - the Democrat Party - if successful - will soon be able to say...


    Bill Martin looks like you better get those cigars in a waterproof container. Be safe and stay dry.

    Always got plenty cigars and fine Kentucky bourbon - looks like we got lucky where I am and it is going to be pretty much a non event here. We’ve had worse storms that didn’t even make the news - so far - but folks to my east are really gonna have to battle flooding. It’s just a way of life here - I don’t get too excited until it’s a Cat 3 - then I’m lookin to bug out

    I thought the Dems couldn’t do worse than Rachael Maddow for a moderator in the first debate - glad they opted for a hard nose newsman in the second :00008172::00008172:

    I've gotten use to being the bad guy, I check a lot of boxes for their disdain.

    White, Male, Straight, Veteran, Christian, Married, retired LEO working part time for the DOD. I think man made global warming is bull shit, there are only two genders and if you step on the flag you need your ass kicked. And the sin of all liberal sins, I voted for Trump.

    Have you considered a Presidential Run ??? You are my new hero :00000441:

    The reason I think it's an employee issue is basic business. Would you rather have one unhappy customer or six? The corporation wants money not bad press. The clientele at Starbucks isn't what it once was either.

    Since I don’t do Starbucks you may be right about the clientele. Here is the reason it makes me angry - let’s say there were several blacks in hoodies having themselves a latte. Do you think the management, Starbucks, or anyone would say anything to them if another customer felt “uncomfortable”. The black guys might very well be Rhodes Scholars - nobody could know - you can’t assume they are thugs by what they wear. Uniform cops are the symbol of law and order in this country and you should know that if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. So how in the hell can you judge either based on preconceived notions?? The constant attack on the people that protect us has to stop before we slip into anarchy!!

    Peple being uncomfortable with police presence have been around for a long time. They are commonly called criminals.

    I seldom go to Starbucks so boycotting wouldn't have much effect. I think the problem here is the employee not a corporation. Although a liberal twat working at Starbucks wouldn't surprise anyone.

    If it were just criminals being uncomfortable that would be one thing - the local Starbucks has not been a thug hangout in my experience. If you and I were minding our own business drinking an overpriced cup of coffee and they asked you to leave because you were LEO I would be highly offended. How is this any different from “go to the back of the bus”?? Discrimination and civil rights are on the books for EVERYONE — even cops !!!

    I just wonder who the manager of that Starbucks in Seattle that asked the officers to leave because they were making customers uncomfortable was gonna call if somebody started beatin his ass??? Don’t hardly seem right but you know those same cops would rush back to save his sorry ass. I just wonder what these folks would do if nobody wanted to be a cop to protect em??? AHH — throw a milkshake at the perpetrators - that should scare em off :00008172:

    Does anyone remember that Star Bucks would not support our troops during "Desert Storm" Star Bucks is still on the Black list for a lot of people because of that. If I remember, Target stores was also on that list for the same reason.