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    Absolutely FunCycle - the whole tax thing has always been a game whereby hard working folks working 9 - 5 get money taken away every day - if you are a corporation you have tax attorneys working to get your tax bill as low as possible with a goal of zero like Amazon has done. Try dismantling the IRS and have a federal sales tax - that way everybody is on the same page. If you don’t buy anything - you don’t pay any tax - the more you buy - the more you pay. You think rich people are gonna quit buying things??? If not what’s the point being rich. Also illegal money would be brought into the light for purchases and to pay their share also...

    Does anybody think Jeff Bezos gives a rats ass about AOC and what she thinks?? I would venture to say just about any city not run by liberals would be glad to have Amazon. You can’t blame wealthy people or corporations using the law or perks to lower their tax bill. We ALL do it. When I first retired I bought 80 head of cattle (knowing nothing about it) but the write offs are amazing. So WOLF - skip incorporation and buy that fine young lad of yours a milk cow and reap the benefits :00008172:

    Now that’s funny - thanks for the Pinocchio pile - made my day !!

    WOLF agree that in many ways the system is “rigged” that normal hardworking guys just like DLROSS never get the break to become wealthy working hard 6 days a week. Early in my career I was working those hours and then some until an “ultra wealthy” man gave me an opportunity to get in on a HUGE real estate deal. I had to leverage every asset I could pool together for the buy in. Fortunately the deal worked and was the cornerstone of the wealth I have established. Had it gone bad I would more than likely still be working to pay off my debts. So this is what I have learned which are more truths than cliches

    1.) You never get rich working for the other guy - you can make a great living but not rich.

    2.) Wealth begets wealth - either you are an entrepreneur or somebody from the wealth world throws you a bone like what happend for me.

    3) You have to be willing to risk it ALL.

    4.) The taxman cometh and we all look to pay the least amount possible.

    Federal income tax more or less is to give Washington DC power to rule over us. Think about it - we all pay taxes every day all day of our lives be it sales tax, gas tax, food tax, property tax and on and on. I wish there was a way where everybody had a shot at great wealth but sadly it only shines on a few,

    WOLF - quit ur bitchin and be glad your doing well enough you gotta pay in. I paid under Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump - if we look at not what we pay - but how it is wasted - we might ALL get to pay less and be better off for it. First money I ever got back from the government was Social Security - it goes into escrow so I can send it back to them on April 15 - don’t blame Trump - he is just like the rest - remember “read my lips - no new taxes” :00008172::00008172:

    I learn a lot of stuff on this thread - I gotta ask WTF is a bullet button?? Was this just a California thing ??

    Booker, Harris, Warren, Sanders all have drank the libtard tea - it is so kind of them to hand Trump another 4 years on a silver platter - sad when their best chance may be crazy Joe Biden decides to run. Annnd where are all these Dems at that were calling for Kavanaugh’s head on the Fairfax fiasco. 2 women now - what goes around comes around - you starting to see the hypocrisy yet WOLF ??! :00008359::00008359::00008359:

    I think what is going on with VA Government officials on one hand is karma for the Dems that tried to bury Kavanaugh. In the other many of these people are old enough to remember it was a completely different time. The Halloween parties I attended after the OJ Simpson trial were full of OJs and Johnnie Cochrans in black face - some Dems - some Reps - and nobody thought anything about it other than good natured humor.If cell phone cameras existed back then a day wouldn’t pass now without somebody being ostracized for it. RACIST RACIST RACIST - just another way to divide us...

    Riiiight, like I'm the good female to ask about being a victim. :rolleyes:

    In all honesty though, as you well know from your lying, I mean lawyering, days, there are many ways for a woman to feel pressured to continue an encounter. I honestly havent read the full account, so I cannot comment to that part. It boils down to the fact that the lack of saying "no" does not equal consent... Let that sink in.

    I know you so I know your not gonna be a victim unless you fought to unconsciousness. From the account I read there was a consensual kiss then Fairfax pushed her head down and she performed the deed “gagging”. Without the threat of physical violence and putting a man’s most sensitive body part into a mouth full of teeth and she does nothing baffles me. It seems to me she had him in a position to where he would never be able to hear no, said or implied, ever again if she wanted. A woman capitulating to forced regular sex, as horrid as that is, just mechanically it easier with little threat of personal injury. I have heard this type of assault from several of the “Me Too” victims and obviously there are a lot braver men out there than those working for bomb squads. I know we men can be really pushy but when we put our junk in an uninviting mouth - that woman literally has a loaded .45 to defend herself. Again, I ain’t sayin it couldn’t happen - just tryin to understand the psychology of a woman allowing this to happen.

    PS: a lawyer “lying” was kinda harsh - haven’t you ever heard of “alternative facts” :00008172::00008172:

    Well we got a detailed account from the accuser of sexual assault today against VA Lt Governor Fairfax. Leave out politics. For the life of me I just don’t understand “he made me have oral sex”. I guess if you beat up a woman or threatened her life; which is not the case here, I could see that happen but just pushing her head to your crotch and she does it ????? I’m thinkin that would be a really good way to get your junk spit out on the floor. It could have happened I guess but to me this kinda story always makes me wonder. sideseatdriver - with all due respect - I sure would like to hear another females perspective - my bride says “remember Lorena Bobbit “.......