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    All good points - when I refer to “small beef” is such as when you feel threatened by a thug - pull your weapon not having to fire stopping the threat and the liberal jurisdiction wants to charge you for example. That is where this insurance would be valuable. If you are EVER in a situation where you have to fire NEVER speak to anyone until you have a face to face with an attorney of your choosing IMO. That choice could be the most important choice of your lifetime. The lawyers in this “pool” may not be experts in that area of the law but just trying to make a few extra bucks. For example - if you need help with a leveraged buyout — call me — for a gun charge — I’m not the guy you want.😂. That’s why lawyers are hated & loved - somebody has to be a winner and somebody a loser. When you have placed your life in their hands either literally or financially 1/2 those folks think lawyers suck 😂

    942 posts ago on this thread, FunCycle told us about his concealed carry insurance through USCCA. Moments ago I bought coverage through US Law Shield. Just over $130/yr with 2 bonus months. No frills, magazine subscriptions or swag. Is that close to what you paid Gerald?

    On a related note I'm meeting a tow truck driver this afternoon at a rental property that has unwanted vehicles, people and activity. That and the Rittenhouse deal got me thinking that's a small price to pay for the potential cost of litigation, innocent or not.

    I went and reviewed the website. I got some question for ya to think about. It’s says you pay no cap, no hourly limit, and no deductible. That all sounds great BUT what they are not saying is what concerns me. God forbid - you have to shoot someone in self defense and a liberal prosecutor decides to try and make a case. As one of most important legal issues you would probably ever face - what kind of lawyer are you going to get ?? You will basically be putting your life in the hands of an unknown. I have know guys that passed the bar and couldn’t make it as a lawyer and are selling cars - want one to represent you. For the small amount you pay it could be helpful on small beefs but don’t anyone buy one of the policies and get a false sense of security as to what it really is. This concludes this public service announcement 😬

    I would welcome debating our newly found liberal on the issues at hand. But to come in with your 1st post basically judging everybody on this forum rubs me the wrong way - but that’s the way liberals are - if you don’t agree with them you are automatically some kind of “”ist ”. IF I were to call a liberal a chickenshit, entitled, anti law enforcement, pro crime, anti American, socialist, piece of shit - wonder if they would be offended ????? :00008172:

    I was looking for info on the 2022 models and instead of finding out what Polaris has planned, my attention was drawn to the confederate flag icon for this "GOP discussion", a topic that is almost as active as the technical forums discussing the actual Slingshot. The site feels more like a Slingshot info site for people who believe that Trump is secretly still president and are probably waiting patiently at this very moment in Dallas for JFK and JFK jr to return with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent blaring to pass the time while they wait.

    One suggestion I have is that you at least change he icon in this discussion to something less racist. I get it that this is Merica and you have the freedom to choose whatever symbol of hate you want (swastika, tiki torch, pepe the frog, etc) for your forum discussions, but does this site have to seem like I just stumbled into OANN or a Trump rally? Not all of us are fans of Sedition, racism, overthrowing our democracy, disinformation, are antivaxxers and/or fans of rigging the elections so that you remain in power at the cost of our democracy. I am sure that this will fall on deaf ears of the MAGA hat wearing admins, but why not focus on Slingshot info so that people can enjoy discussing the Polaris
    slingshot even if they do not subscribe to what the confederate flag represents.

    Do yourself a favor and hit the ignore button on this thread. Welcome to the forum but unless you want a LOT of pushback - I suggest you cease & desist -obviously you are not conservative - read the title of the thread!!

    I'm constantly surprised at the cosmetic embellishments and color schemes that firearm manufacturers come up with today - like 3GunSteve 's pic above. I know that designs evolve over time and that people in general need new stimulus to get them to buy, but I have a definite threshold of tolerance with firearm design. I like the design elements with regard to machining that can make a gun look wicked fierce, but balk at the multi-colored and screen-print (or die sublimation or whatever) type platforms. I know that the vast majority of weapons are range weapons. and that many new owners are young and/or female, but I want mine to say business, not party.

    And why did Springfield Armory need to stamp 'Grip Zone' on the grip of my XD9? Did they think I'd grab the business end by mistake?X/

    Damn, I'm a gettin' old. Still beats the alternative...

    And why did Springfield Armory need to stamp 'Grip Zone' on the grip of my XD9? Did they think I'd grab the business end by mistake?X/


    No riding today but my bride drug me out for Black Friday kickin and screamin!! We were at the store and she said “OH BABY - I want to put a nutcracker at our front door”. I shoulda just thought it but I said it — “Why don’t you just buy a top hat and stand buy the door”. Sadly, she did not see my humor - I should know better after 38 years but just can’t help myself ..

    her either :00008172:

    Normal people feel bad if they unintentionally hit a squirrel with their car. The suspect in the Wisconsin parade massacre intentional hit over 50 human beings. Innocent men, women and children mowed down by a career criminal out on a $1000 bond. Why was the bond so low? Ask this guy;

    Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm.

    We need more angry judges to come down on prosecutors and DA’s that are allowing criminals to continue to prey on the innocents…maybe if they had to face this guy

    They may change their attitude

    Ain’t America grand - when the media, mob thinking Americans are not happy with a verdict (Rittenhouse) it is a miscarriage of justice. When the media, mob thinking Americans think a verdict is correct (Arbry) the system worked. IMO these two cases prove that the judicial system can and does work and the outcomes correct - it is the people that are trying to tear it down are the problem. Anything can always use tweaks to fine tune but saying the whole system is corrupt - just SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

    Yes that is what they are told by the company but what is the law??

    Laws vary from state to state but I will say this - even if you are the shop owner - in today’s environment- before you pull the trigger you better be able to prove you were in fear for your life. Criminal law is definitely not my area of expertise but from a corporate point of view I can tell you the thought process. A certain mount of shrinkage is figured into the yearly budget i.e. theft. Now factor in an employee - doesn’t matter - clerk all the way to an armed security guard - shoots an unarmed shoplifter. You calculate in loss of sales due to bad press & possible boycotts - subsequent law suits you have to defend it is easy to see why corporations in jurisdictions that allow this lawlessness do not fight back. Once the numbers don’t add up anymore - they close the doors and pull out as evidenced by Walgreens and others in San Francisco. When LEO is hamstrung doing their job and criminals are emboldened the only winner is the criminal.😩

    Can the store legally shoot the looters if inside the store? If so, they should hire armed security gaurds.

    Not only can they not shoot - employees are directed to not try to stop or hinder a theft in process - next thing ya know employees will be required to carry stolen merchandise out to the getaway car - tell me this country has not flipped upside down !!!…gather-georgia-courthouse

    Now let’s imagine that the KKK showed up on the courthouse steps armed with AR15’s at the trial of 3 blacks accused of killing a white making vague threats of violence.

    I would imagine everybody would be outraged and rightly so. However, WTF is the difference between the two ?? If If the jury system is not going to decide guilt or innocence any longer if you don’t like the verdict we are careening toward anarchy even quicker than I imagined. One other thing that should not be tolerated. Protests are fine - armed protests - HARD NO!!

    How long can this society survive when the government has more compassion for criminals than it does victims ?? The government’s primary purpose is the safety and security of its citizenry - obviously they are not doing that - don’t believe in self defense — and want to stop incarcerating violent felons . With the amount of weapons sold in the last 18 months looks to me like the Old West justice is gonna take over again and disputes will be decided by who the best shot is. I have never been as disgusted with where we are as a nation as I am these days. If we don’t start turning the tide next year we are doomed IMO !!