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    Chalk up another one for the lawyers !! :00008359::00008359:

    Hey I know that Bill Martin is a freakin expert at clutch replacement. I think he did it prolly 2 or 3 times. Just get him a chair and some sippin:thumbsup:8)

    YEP - 3 times then put original clutch back in :cursing: Slingrazor is now the authority on SS clutch replacement due to my Sling. Never seen a guy work so hard ....on somebody else’s stuff. In my defense I did get him at will Dr Peppers and even occasionally turned the fan off me and on him - after all I did contribute to the best of my ability :00008172::00008172:

    I think you missed my joke.

    No - I got it - let’s just say this guy doesn’t play games - he won’t be a pussy like Mueller and pass the political football to the AG - if he has the evidence he will definitely recommend prosecution!! Really glad your back - it’s gets boring just singing to the choir 😂

    I'll say it now. If he finds something the Dems will cry foul because he has personal reasons to find something...Youth, hair and swagger.:00008356:

    They might have a hard sell on that - this guy is a hard nose prosecutor and would put his Rep/Dem mother behind bars if he found she broke the law.

    I agree Orangeman I been hearing about this guy off and on for 30 years - I bet there are a lot of folks associated with that FISA warrant and abuses of power are having sleepless nights !!!

    So what is the difference when both parties use foreign Government to achieve they are winning:(X(

    When it comes to partisan politics both sides suck - politicians seem to forget that some of them have video tape going back 30 years or more. Rep & Dem alike are so transparent when they were for something when it benefited them but against on same issue when it impacts them negatively. They all think we, the American people, are just plain stupid sometimes. We may be crazy for continuing to send a lot of these idiots back to DC — but not stupid !! All that being said —- I never cared for Joe Biden much but I believe he is going down in flames over this Ukraine deal. Could you just imagine if Trump threatened the Ukrainian President to withhold billions of dollars in aid to not investigate Don Jr. ?? The Democrats would want to burn down the White House with Trump in it !!

    Beto O’Rourke is showing in a CNN poll (what a joke) that he would be the top runner against Trump. He really reminds me of this guy

    Remember him??? He sure didn’t get very far :00008172:

    PS - Howard Dean if you forgot....not that he was memorable