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    Are you guys mad about Trumps charity troubles?

    If so: Are you mad because of, "what about Hillary's Charity"

    Or: Are you mad because he didn't get busted sooner.

    Or: Are you mad because it is one more case of "fake news" being real and you've been trained to hate "fake news".

    To be clear, if Hillary's Charity is just as bad, or worse, bring her down too. I want criminals punished, no matter who they are. I don't make excuses for them, like, "They need to let him go, that has nothing to do with collusion" or "He broke a campaign finance law, if we enforced almost everybody here would be in violation". That last one killed me the other day. Our lawmakers saying how enforcing certain laws would cause many lawmakers to be in trouble. To them I say, "You shouldn't have broken the law, bye, bye now, yeah now, right now, bye, bye". Sadly, nothing will happen to Trump or his children over this.

    Here is a pic of the most, WTF, part of the story I read, there is a lot more. He used his foundation to pay $7 to enroll his son in the Boy Scouts. Really, you're a "billionaire" and have to cheat the system to pay for Boy Scouts.

    The other is, the foundations listed treasurer was unaware he was even associated with the foundation. Poor guy is set up as a possible scapegoat and never even knew it.…2-82e98f91ee6f_story.html

    Do the rest of you guys think James Comey is a lying, self serving, partisan asshole like I do? How the F did he get to the top FBI slot??

    We've been over the, "I don't recall", thing that is used way too often by both sides. I assume the person's answer hurts them.

    Partisan? I don't think so. Disliking and distrusting Trump crosses party lines. Also, with each announcement on Hillary's case during the election, up to and including a week prior to the election, her poll numbers dropped significantly. If he is partisan, one could argue he's a Republican.

    No longer in the FBI, he has nobody to serve but himself. While in, outside of breaking the tradition of influencing an election with an investigation, I think he perform his duty as a servant of justice well. Though I haven't heard any of the recent questioning.

    I love all the new election plans guys. When can we vote on that?

    What the heck happened to the stock market today?

    They became Wal-Mart. "Roll back pricing". All stocks at Oct.2017 prices, get yours now, these prices won't last!

    Disclaimer: Using the stock market is risky and does not gaurantee returns. Consult an expert before investing. Prices may fall further before they go up.

    wjfyfe , I am going to concede at the moment. I can not for the life of me find the quote I'm so certain I seen. I'll let you know if I find it, ever.:/;( Congrats, for now.;)

    Bill I have and will always vote for who I think is the best person for the country. Usually the one that comes across as the most genuine and willing to compromise. I claim no party and support no party. Neither party as a whole is better than the other. Individual candidates make the difference to me. I voted for the same Republican Governor in the previous two elections in Michigan, even though I'm in a union. This last election I voted for the Democrat Governor and AG and Republican Senator.

    It does annoy me that the current republicans are passing legislation to strip some power from the Governor and AG positions, lessening the effect of my vote. I was also sad to see the better Senate choice(imo) lose.

    No, I believe that it was quoted you correctly and the article I referenced is relevent?


    I read the whole thing again, to see if I missed my McConnell quote. Nope, it is not in there.

    Trust me, I am trying to find it myself. I recall distinctly that it was a video, not written press of McConnell saying, "we will vote no on everything and make him a do nothing president".

    I have even second guessed the speaker, was it Boehner? I see McConnell clearly in my recollection, so I doubt it was Boehner. I will keep searching. I do know it was said and that your article is not covering it.

    Our Governor here in Oregon has come out and stated publically that her primary purpose as Governor is to oppose everything that President Trump proposes, the state's and other needs come secondary. I thought that our political system was designed to take the best from all parties and find the best compromise, I guess I was taught my history wrong??


    I thought it was deplorable when Mitch McConnell said, "we will vote no on everything and make him a do nothing President", when speaking of Obama.

    I find it deplorable in your case also. There is no place in my America for people unwilling to work together.

    Soooo, you're saying all the losers should be the winners and the top 2 people should lose,... thank you for clearing that up for me,.. as far as the dark side,... I know the force is strong over there but I'll take my chances fighting evil

    That's exactly what I'm not saying. Do you not know what you asked? Do you understand the English language? Come on Timmy. You can figure out what I am saying. You got this Billy, think really hard. I wasn't using Bill's lawyer twisting of words.(Just realized I was using the ubiquitous "Timmy, Billy" and Bill Martin could have thought I was talking to him:00008862:).

    You were on TDS, maybe more than me, so we are both kinda like...:00007572:

    BTW, I like your new paint color and look forward to seeing it together in the sun and hopefully in person.:)

    Oh - I see you are one of those that doesn’t believe that smaller states like the Dakotas should never have a voice in a national election. Using your school of thought let’s just do away with the electoral college and use popular vote. In rebuttal also - just because the vote was split doesn’t mean they didn’t want Hillary or Trump - they just supported other folks first and were left with the top picks - that’s just our election process. If you want New York and LA liberals to decide who runs the country. lemme know how that works for ya - I’ll be in

    I’ll send ya a postcard :00008172::00008172:

    Oh, I see, you are trying an old lawyer trick. Unfortunately for you Shatneyman asked, "yet it was the people's choice, was it not?". People, not electoral votes. People equals popular vote which as you pointed out the bigger number "supported other folks first".

    But to answer your question directly. Yes I think my vote should have the same weight as somebody in rural America. Why should thier vote carry more weight than mine, than yours? Why shouldn't it be one vote per person, period, with no electoral college. This is America, the land of equal opportunity, but not an equal vote.

    I am for fairness, not a party. I do however know that Republicans are losing more votes every year. So much so, that the electoral college is losing strength to help them, so they turn to gerrymandering and voter suppression. I understand that doing away with the electoral college would help the Dems at this moment in time.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Republicans should change their message on some topics to draw more voters(not "give away free shit", smart asses). The electoral college and cheating are only going to help for so long, while cheating will drive more people away from the Republican party. Most good folk don't like to associate with cheaters. (This is where somebody chimes in with, "the Dems have illegals and dead people voting for them. What proof has TRUMP'S task force turned up in two years? Crickets)

    according to your chart, you still have the same 2 choices in the general. I guess you need to teach me master, I've been conned and too gullible to know the difference. I feel like I was raped,... maybe I can join the the me too movement. Please save me from all this madness=O

    Well Timmy, look at the numbers. Do you see them? Ok, now see all the numbers next to people that are not Trump and are not Hillary? Do you son? Good. Now add all those numbers up. What did you get? Did you get 28,834,552? Good job. Now look at the total for Hillary and the total for Trump. Is either one bigger than the total we got from adding the people that voted against them? No. Good job Billy. See more Americans wanted somebody other than Trump or Hillary.

    BTW, the original, "neither should have been up for consideration" was my opinion. If you look on TDS you will see way back in the beginning I said anyone but those two. I did have to rise to your challenge though. Hope you enjoyed.;)

    Also, Yes, I said many were conned. I also said many are straight ticket voters. If you truly feel you fell into the conned category I'm sorry and you should be more careful in the future.:*

    World order: Some of our biggest Allies in chaos(yay? what?), Russia(dictatorship) making more unchecked land grabs, Saudi's (dictatorship) unpunished killing of an American, China (dictatorship) placing tit for tat tariffs on american goods, North Korea(dictatorship) producing nuclear missiles while keeping Trump at bay with lip service(no need to fire anymore tests, Kim said they had all they needed prior to agreeing to stop and his research facility imploded). Isis (Terrorists) alive and well in Afghanistan.

    Yep, I was way off in my prediction Bill Martin .

    Yes you did BUT how can you say Hillary could have been “corrected” - how is that ??iIf the people are so inclined why not Trump? If you think the economy wouldn’t have been in the tank worse than under Obama - think again. Does she lie less than Trump - hardly. And finally with 40 years experience in corruption she would have had a more honorable administration?? She was and is a power hungry swamp creature of DC that has had her eye on the Presidency since her impeached husband left office. IMO the only reason she has not been indicted is she would truly drain the swamp taking them all to jail with her as she knows where all the bodies are buried and the powers that be are afraid. If your only reasoning is Hillary could be corrected leaves your argument severely wanting!

    I was talking big picture, world order things, not

    BTW, again, poor dead horse, the market was hitting record highs a year before Trump took over, unemployment rates were going down before Trump took over, the house market was growing before Trump took over.

    I know deep in the hearts of Republicans, they are happy the Dems took the house. It sucks when things don't happen or go south when you have complete control. Who can you blame.

    Ok Brother WOLF let’s quit dancing here - once and for all - don’t matter how it got to be Trimp vs Hillary - they were the choices. A simple yes or no is required here - Do you think Hillary would have made a better President than Trump??

    PS....and please - if yes - WHY??

    Asked and answered several times over the years counselor, most recently in the pic I recently posted of a post I posted in Aug. 2016.;)

    Hmmmm you eliminate 20+ of the best each side has to offer and it’s luck? Wow! If he is such a “less than” Doesn’t say much for either side does it? Winning - ya know, like better then loosing...

    Hillary was the Democrats Bob Dole / John McCain. Old Washington entitlement “it’s my turn”.

    I never said it was luck. Don't know where you came up with that. I said it was a well played con job.

    Con men aren't smart, they just prey on hopeful, gullible and easily manipulated people by selling a dream. Selling ice to Eskimos doesn't require smarts, it requires the right Eskimos.