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    someone on tv news just said...bill barr has not seen evidence of....wait for it....WIDE SPREAD VOTER FRAUD....... it’s not wide’s very localized in certain democratic swing states counties.....BIG’s all in the perception of wide spread...12 states and a number of counties...3007 countries in the US only about 20 have been the problem....1% is it’s less than 1% which doesn’t sound WIDE SPREAD to me.....remember he’s a LAWYER...

    Yeah, he ended this quote " has not seen evidence of....wait for it....WIDE SPREAD VOTER FRAUD....." with...."that would overturn the election".

    Those that give you your info, love to omit. Omitting facts can often change a story drastically. Those that seek to divide this nation know this.

    As you can see by our current political atmosphere. You and those like you have become very good at it.

    Oh, I was trying. I also nailed it.

    Here is where you imply non-Democrat run America is middle class and the Dems are trying to make everyone poor so they will be loyal Democrat voters. Which implies the lack of loyal voters in the rest of America is because they aren't "poor and dumb".

    "Perhaps that is their goal for the entire country. After all the 10 most violent cities are all Democrat run and yet they keep voting democrat. So the poor and dumb are reliable votes. If you break down the middle class in the rest of the country you can have Commiefornia all over".

    Need to save those .gifs for a few weeks yet once we make sure SCOTUS stays out of it. Nothing guaranteed yet, although the betting sites have Trump at 12% chance... I give it lower single digits....

    I figured that GIF would be the SCOTUS..."Get that shit out of here".

    Trumps arguments don't spend many minutes in court. Based on judges he appointed also kicking them out that quick, I suspect the SCOTUS will kick them out just as fast, if not faster.

    Then again, I did think giving 110% was a good idea and I'm at home laid up from spinal surgery, so I can be wrong.:)

    well I knew there was a plan for 46...…ynn-shares-174808613.html

    get ready for it......I would suggest stocking up on survival supplies for at least 3 weeks.....toilet paper, food, candles, flashlight batteries...fill you gas tanks.....Trump warned everyone months ago......

    Sidney Powell I think said there were constitutional remedies to turn it over

    Ooooo, a redo. Interesting. I think it is called a rematch. Constitutionally that will take place in 2024. To take place prior to that could very well be un-American. "Don't touch the constitution, well you can suspend it if it helps my team. I'm a "patriot" and I guess I said that".

    I don't know about the rest of you, BUT I WON'T let a COMMIE GOVERNMENT take my new Slingshot except over my dead body. I did not work hard over my life to have some COMMIE take it away. My property is paid for so the bank can't take it, but I WON'T let the GOVERNMENT TAKE it either.

    Hey, you forgot to switch users before liking your post.

    "Everything is a Conspiracy";):00008172::00008356:

    Perhaps to get the country to where Commiefornia is. If I remember correctly Commiefornia has the widest wealth gap. Essentially there is no middle class there; you have the rich elite and the cogs at the bottom.

    Perhaps that is their goal for the entire country. After all the 10 most violent cities are all Democrat run and yet they keep voting democrat. So the poor and dumb are reliable votes. If you break down the middle class in the rest of the country you can have Commiefornia all over. It may take a generation, but it can happen.

    Anecdoteal evidence: A Facistbook friend of mine is a 2nd generation Cuban and she voted for Biden. One generation removed from communism and they can sometimes vote for the very ideology their parents escaped from.

    WOW! There are no poor people in middle America? No poor people to speak of in all Republican ran states?

    That is basically what you just said. That statistic amazes me. Who is living in all those trailers? Really frugal, middle class folks?

    Vote for communism? LOL, you are just as adorable as your alter ego Bigbird, EchoDog, Enjoydog, biglifetoday, BigRaven...something like that.:P

    teachers name sounds Russian....that wouldn’t be considered lefty brainwashing would it? I know it’s part of Nancy’s “I ❤️America” curriculum..... nothing like a very patriotic radical lefty snowflake...

    Oh, speaking of of Russia. Did you know 8Chan now 8kun the starting point for all your brilliant QAnon knowledge is based in Russia.

    Interesting huh?:/

    just as with the virus rumors are flying hot and heavy coming in from every direction.....each one sounds as viable as the next.......I should call Vito......he would know if it’s Trump or Biden....

    Wait. Are you talking about Covid? The "China Virus"? Trump said, "the day after the election that hoax will be over. You won't hear about it anymore".

    Why would the Dems still be pushing that lie?

    They won.

    This makes no sense. Well, unless you think it's possible Trump would push falsehoods. Unless it's possible Trump would say anything to keep his base angry and scared to stroke his own ego.

    No, The Dems are up to something. They must be playing some three dimensional chess. They are so powerful and smart. I don't want that type of person in charge. Wait, what was I talking about. Shoe did you say something? Sock, was that you? Who is there? Hello? Squirrel? They're coming? They're coming!!! 2 word story? What? Mama I'm coming home.


    we still don’t know if Biden is going to pack the court.....or his list of judges....or is he too busy thinking up his next money making corruption scheme.....and Kalamazoo hasn’t said two words in public.....what’s she up to?

    Naming Durham a special prosecutor is a big deal.....Biden can’t touch him....maybe just maybe they want to totally embarrass them in public when they all get arrested for sedition and treason.......I think he’s wearing a traitor McCain ankle bracelet ....

    You are adorable to listen to.

    "Trump will be 46"

    "The trap was set, they are all going to prison. Trump will remain President"

    "Kamalzoo is going to be President"

    "We still don't know if Biden is going to pack the courts"

    Then you try to convince people to believe the B.S. that you obviously don't fully believe.:00008356:

    You are like a little Trump clone. The one exception is you haven't fleeced a bunch of gullible people out of $130M for some B.S. voter fraud thing.

    I will bet you his kids are "employees" of that Pac which will receive healthy compensation for their "consultations".:00000436:


    YES, you are correct in your statement I am a very loyal viewer 8o. I am retired and it's what I watch every morning. It runs for three hours every weekday morning I watch it for the length. I will say that in general this station does make an effort to report on somewhat of a level field. But they never termed any efforts as "Operation Warp Speed". After months of viewing every morning I think it's fair to conclude that there was more than enough opportunity to report as such. After months of viewing every morning I thing its fair to believe a choice was made not to repot as such.

    This is a local station and I enjoy it. Not so for the Philly main stream stations. I watched them every morning (and enjoyed it) until just after President Trump was elected. Prior to that there was a total different demeanor. They reported news in a much more positive way. Why would I change watching those stations? Same reporters, (much better looking), same location. Everything the same, only change was a new republican president. Then demeanor changed dramatically including the tone as the name "Trump" was set in a tone like an angry child.

    Ever watch the view? I know its not news! But it is news for the general public. It's ridiculous the constant hammering of the Trump administration. It's a main stream media show ABC. Do you think for one second that ABC would allow such and attitude towards President Elect Biden? 8o I believe the vast majority of the viewing public doesn't really watch the news but they may watch the View. In fact it's on in most waiting rooms (auto dealers, dentist offices etc.). I do know Joe likes both vanilla & chocolate ice cream! I do too! That's good.

    I have Philly local news on my T.V. every morning also. Good Morning Philadelphia seems to be my T.V.'s default station in the morning. What station do you watch?

    I'm an Eagles fan, so even though I live in Detroit, I had to make Philly my home electronically to watch all Eagles games.

    You are correct, there is a difference. The media on either side pushing lies is unacceptable. Yes, it is sad that the media has


    Partisan, party politics and those Americans that subscribe to that and label themselves as Democrat and Republican are to blame. They, to me, own all the blame for the way politicians and news organizations act. They need to own the mess they created and then cry about as if it happened on its own.

    Citizens believing lies, spreading lies and not caring about the truth, especially if it hurts their candidate or team is the real problem.

    echoraven and Bigdog know what I mean.;):*

    Thank goodness Biden has NEVER lied... :rolleyes:

    I never said that politician(liar) never lied. Come on man!

    Scale and scope are a little disproportionate on an annual basis.

    Plus, I was simply pointing out, with the creation of The Lincoln Project as proof, that Trump's lies very much impacted how people voted.;):*

    One thing that is obvious. Trump's lies impacted how people voted.^^

    Today was the very first time I heard about Operation Warp Speed on any local news outlet. Amazing, now that the election is over? Guess what, they were concerned about the process and that it happened too fast, just needed that angle to put a negative spin first and only after the election. Fine, anyone concerned should have the ability to let the smoke clear first or the election not to participate. The media just flat out refuses to give President Trump (or any republican) credit.

    Now Mark Zuckerberg comes out offering to work with President Elect Biden with the Covid-19 response. Amazing!

    Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook has already asked the Biden administration about helping with the COVID-19 vaccine response | Markets Insider (

    Sorry, just because it was your first time, doesn't mean it was the first time.

    Yesterday was the first time I saw Carson Wentz throw a football. Amazing, now that the season's over.:00008172::00008356:Please.