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    The power and money that visited that island is just scary. After what happened to Epstein I would imagine if you ever visited or worked there you...

    I'm sure there was non-stop seeing, hearing and speaking evil on that island. Also a profound fear that Epstein might speak that evil off the island.

    "Trump considering testifying in the impeachment hearing"

    My first thought,

    My second thought, his lawyers would never let his chronic lying ass testify under oath.

    Final thought, Trump is messing with Dems, it will never happen.

    "However"? They all have DONE things that have bettered this country. A partisan person will argue against that until the cows come home. Party blindness is a real problem inflicting millions of Americans.


    The facts:

    Joe Biden is a gaff machine

    Donald Trump steps on his own dick a lot(makes matters worse for himself).

    Being in love with either does not change these facts that everybody with two working eyes and ears see and hear on a regular basis.:*

    Becomes president of the United States on his first try and a billionaire businessman in his prior work. I wish I was that limited.

    If Donald is such low hanging fruit why does the left have an empty basket ?

    How did my assessment make him different than 99.8% of the population?

    If you weren't addressing my assessment, what the Heck are you even talking about in relation to anything said here. Are you arguing with yourself?

    Keep trying:*

    I think he does it on purpose sometimes, the times he doubles down.

    I also think sometimes he doesn't initially realize what he said or did was bad, but realizes after the fact. The times he tries to let it quietly pass.

    Sometimes he doesn't do it on purpose and feels like an ass, those are the times he lashes out on Twitter in response to the backlash. He doesn't like that one.

    But sure, if your on the right he is always a genius playing the left.

    If your on the left he is always a "hapless" idiot/moron.

    Then why are the democrats so feckless in their endless trek to dislodge him? Really, if President Trump is so hapless what does this say about his ineffective opposition?

    When all you have is sour grapes and he’s ( fill in the blank) you’re just a clanging gong. Everyone can see it too. Weakness.

    There were options put forth.

    You chose "doesn't realize" which equals "hapless"

    "Doesn't like it" would also equal hapless.

    "Likes it" was another option which equals doing it on purpose.

    "Realizes" would equal doing it on purpose or catching it after the fact.

    Nice try though:*

    But he did talk about being rich which left him open for the media to add that in, gotta give him credit man likes to step on his own dick.

    I don't think anyone can argue that he steps on his own dick, A LOT. Whether he likes it or realizes it are debatable.^^

    So your saying it's fake news?

    The headline seems to be wrong/misleading. The "article"/sentence seems to be accurate.

    Apparently Trump did say the emaluments clause (in the constitution) is phony. Unless implied during the press conference, he didn't mention "because he's rich".

    I wasn't discrediting you, simply pointing out that many things can give a book literary value.

    How is "anonymous" any different than many great writers that use an alias?

    Agree- but it is not impeachment, it is an “inquiry”. Or - “ let’s see how much damage we can do to Trump because we can’t figure out how to win on our own” Inquiry. It would be impeachment IF they actually had something and the votes to proceed. For now it’s a fishing trip.

    And, BTW WOLF I liked your “breaking news” post🙂👍🏼. I’m getting tired of everything being “breaking news “ too AND a certain other person telling me to “buckle up “ EVERY night. It’s all a circus unfortunately.

    I'm unfamiliar with someone saying "buckle up" every night, but I understand that most anchors and pundits have a catchy phrase to keep you interested. Which for most people loses it's desired effect after the first 3-4 times. The crying wolf story comes to mind.

    EDIT: btw, I did say inquiry once in there.;)

    I don't see how this Impeachment could be tearing the country apart. I mean, the over sensitive snowflakes are getting their impeachment inquiry. The Republicans, by all non-snowflake accounts, shouldn't and don't have "feelings" on the subject. If they did, they surely don't think the snowflakes should let Republican feelings get in the way.:P

    Didn't know that was a thing. Thanks for the info.:)

    New book release this week (all the bad stuff about Trump) "A Warning" by Anonymous Interesting???????????????????

    I have no interest in reading it. Though I do wonder if Congress can subpoena an anonymous writer if there are things written in the book that they think can help them.