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    Sometimes your perception is not reality by design. They show you what they want you to see.

    True, however my original statement holds true through all scenarios.;)

    Having gone through home Hospice, first with my father at his home and then here at my home with my mother in law, I know how much it can take out of you even when all of the home care people are available - - If I could, I would give you a big hug - You and your family will be in my prayers and for what its worth please know that you have our love <3

    Thank you, that means a lot. It was much easier with my mother-in-law with full Hospice support.

    I'm sad now. Katrina hasn't written me at all. Even if I smell that would come through the internet. ^^

    Why Katrina, why?||

    I feel so inadequate now.;(


    Perception vs reality :/

    It seems you misunderstood my original statement.

    "Perception IS NOT NECESSARILY reality, but ones perception is their reality".

    Perception can be in line with reality. It can also be complete opposite of reality. It can also fall anywhere in between fantasy and reality.

    I wish I had time to be bored. I'm still working and then caring for my father-in-law who is on Hospice care(Leukemia). Hospice care is a shadow of what it was before Covid 19. No aids, no hospital...all things that are "normal hospice care" are limited or on hold completely.

    That is a cool machine I would have been proud to make on my time off.:)

    Regardless of perspective one of them is wrong.

    Actually, it depends on how the manufacturer of that number makes his numbers. If the manufacturer makes one number that can be used as a 6 or a 9, they would both be wrong if they think it is only one number or the other.

    When I type 6 or 9 , on my phone it is clearly the same number just flipped, so in this example it is both a 6 and a 9. Perception of it's orientation matches reality.;)

    Just remember "perception" is reality to the one doing the perceiving.

    Years ago I had a conversation with a co-worker.

    He stated, "Perception is not reality"

    I responded, "Perception is not necessarily reality, but ones perception is their reality".

    Great minds...;)

    Just in... Biden wants to call trump to discuss his corona virus strategies.

    No he wants to help the dems derail trump and and get out in front of him. Look what we did. While trump was figuring out what to do.

    Biden just wants to look helpful.

    Everyone knows Trump does what he wants and says what he wants regardless of facts until there is no wiggle room left for lies. Then he responds appropriately in both regards.:rolleyes:

    I would but you'd have to publicly say that the Eagles suck. I guess I'll be safe with those terms, huh?

    I can publicly say that daily! I will still root for them. Watch them on your T.V. I could also go to all the games 8.5 years from now.:)

    who leaked the picture of my living room?

    If you give me one stack a week, I will keep an eye on it and make sure nobody steals any. I think I could manage that for the next..445 weeks or so.;)

    After that, I don't think you'll be able to afford my services anymore. Rest assured during that 8.5 year span nobody will touch my..uh..your money.^^

    Yes, I think in under 300 years mankind has greatly affected the health of the planet.

    We pollute rivers, lakes, Oceans, underground tributaries, the air, the land. We have caused many species to go extinct.

    As you re-affirmed, we are destroying/clearing the rain forests and many other forests.

    In 1804 there were 1 billion people on Earth, now there are 7.8 billion. That is 216 years time, under 300.;)

    We increased deforestation for housing, furniture and agriculture.

    We increased fishing, bringing many species near extinction.

    We increased farming, causing more pesticides in the air and water, killing bees and all manner of helpful insects.

    We increased livestock production which also creates much more methane gas(farts)

    We increased factory production, pumping more and more harmful chemicals into the air and water.

    We produce more and more cars, creating more and more exhaust pumped into the air.

    If you don't think all that and everything else 8 billion people might be doing everyday can remotely affect this planet and it's sealed environment,8| I can only pray that you are in the minority. :saint:

    Yes, your history is correct that there are natural cycles. However, mankind can and has surely increased the frequency and intensity(highs and lows) of those natural cycles.;)

    do some research on both of those....losing sense of smell could be an indicator of them...

    your slingshot is contributing to killing us...

    I don’t believe in climate change being caused by man.

    this explains everything perfectly.....especially about the length of time man has been on the planet...

    My Slingshot hasn't seen much seat time in the last 2 years. My 2.5 year old son has seen to that. At the moment MY Slingshot isn't contributing to killing us.

    We live in an enclosed environment. The oxygen that trees and grass emit does not drift into space and the Deep, deep cold of space doesn't penetrate our green house. With that in mind, the exhaust from factory smoke stacks, cars, tractors, motorcycles, boats... and yes methane(farts) and carbon dioxide(exhale) from the increased cow, pig, chicken(food farming), Human...populations is trapped in our closed off green house. Trees are the planet's largest air filters, we increase deforestation numbers every year to meet higher wood demands. We are adding increased numbers of bad stuff into the air every year and increasing removing more air filters. It blows my mind when anyone can't put that together and realize humans very much are causing problems on a planet changing, global scale.

    Explanation over, please don't go back to your cave. However, it would be better for the Earth and it's future inhabitants if you did. :)

    we are decades away from economical green stop using fossil fuels immediately and ..go back to your cave....and wait for the green stuff....

    I agree, "we are decades away from economical green energy", except we don't have to wait decades, it's been here for decades.;)

    Also, I don't live in Afghanistan and I am not ten-thousand to millions of years old so I do not and never have lived in a cave. 8o

    If you want to argue for fossil fuels which do pollute more and are larger contributors to climate change than "green energy", argue factual points. Use arguments against range of electric vehicles, duration of wind and solar reserve battery power when wind and sun are hidden potentially for weeks. You could site the high upfront cost on some green energy tech(in the long term monthly operating costs tend to shift in green energy's favor).

    If green energy and fossil fuels split the current government subsidies given to fossil fuels, that would help draw a better comparison. Heck, just get rid of fossil fuel subsidies and you may find that $8.00 for a gallon of unleaded like they pay in much of Europe is actually decades removed from being competitive with green energy.;)

    if fossil fuels are so us your commitment .....park your car, turn off the gas and electric, start carrying water From the creek, plant a garden and go hunting for meat everyday. Chop firewood for cooking it over a fire.

    So, essentially are you saying fossil fuels are the best we have and ever will have, stop trying for better? Stay with the sticks and rocks we know?

    Nice argument:P:00008356:

    I understand your frustration. However the fact remains you asked me not to answer the question and I complied.

    Are you saying that you changed your mind and would like me to "reply" to your question?

    BTW, I hope you know that I only went on the "comprehension" thing because you used it. I know you and everyone here can comprehend things just fine. You will find that if I insult anyone it is only with an insult they slung recently and only if it wasn't too explicit. It's a "what's good...Goose...Gander" thing. ;)

    I love you too Edward Neal . I don't block anyone. I like hearing everyone's opinions. How can I get in debates if I block people I don't agree with?

    You may have noticed, I like debating, no matter how silly it gets.:)