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    Sorry Bro - -apologies -thought you were illustrating that was Biden’s “coming out” party :00008172:

    All good. I'm not sure what they were talking about. Presumably, Obama praised Biden and Biden praised Obama. Then they probably both took small swipes at Trump.

    I like watching candidates answer questions one on one. I'm not very interested in watching guys jerk each other off.

    trump doesn’t want a war with North’s north not south....that’s the problem...

    North Korea wouldn’t last 4 hours before it looks like your BBQ grill on high...

    Sorry, I obviously meant North. You praised Trumps handling of, "North". The article I posted was about North.

    EDIT: I didn't realize our enemies cared if we/ "Trump" wants a fight with them.

    4 hours? Hmmm. How long does the wick on multiple dirty bombs or missiles burn before they pop?

    Never underestimate an enemies creativity, dedication, strengths and connections. Never overestimate an enemies weaknesses. Never assume your enemy is working alone.

    when he fields questions from hostile reporters for an hour or more you lemme know — what your talking about is a another scripted fund raiser. Come on man...

    "Come on man"? Your milk carton pic, showed Biden missing. I pointed out he was on t.v. today. I'm not sure where any challenge is coming from.:S

    that list is the Result of the art of the deal.....pretty smart if you can get someone else (The art of the deal) to write your book....Called the art of the deal....

    Best president in history....not a career politician.....hows your 401k looking since the election? If it went up it was because of Obama? LOL

    don’t worry biden will kill that in the first six months....higher taxes will take up all the gains....the new green deal will take the rest of your retirement college for all will take your second job income....and the Medicare for all will remortgage your house.....and forget about leaving any money when you die....the relatives won’t think the IOU is funny...

    It has already been established, through logic of arguments in this thread that Obama had zero impact, negative or positive on the economy. "Obama benefited from Bush" thus all record highs under Obama were Bush's. On day two , "Trump got credit for a new record high stock market", further eliminating Obama from any blame or praise.

    I want Trump to win, so I can see who many here blame when the market crashes. I have a hunch it will be what ever part of Congress the Dems have more people.:/

    Bro - take off the Never Trumper glasses - you may not like his style (sometimes he even pisses me off) but if you are just right of center on you cannot dispute his accomplishments...


    I can however dispute whether that list is all "accomplishments", lip service, steps backwards, "Things Petty Children Do for $2000 Alex" or "(R) People Praise Things They Were Mad About for $200 Alex".

    He accomplished some good things. So it wasn't a completely horrific Presidency.:*:P

    every time Trump says or does something I think about his book.....and know he’s do it for America.

    As a side note I never read the book.....the title was enough to know he’s a smart guy....look at the negotiations with China and North Korea....

    he also donated all his presidential salary to charity...,,the dems are only concerned about getting more for themselves..

    1) He didn't write it. Just like everything great with his name on it. He is good at convincing people to put the name he chose for himself on their stuff. So there is that.;)

    2) The China taking new land ,or is it the higher cost of goods you like?

    The North Korea still making missiles and Nukes and going into the demilitarized zone?

    3) "Charities" like the Vets programs and National parks he defunded by millions a year? They would probably prefer the millions over his presidential salary.

    Such a great, selfless guy.:00008356::00008172:

    "The Long Con" will probably be his deathbed confession book.

    I didn't see anything talking about politicians, just criminals that make millions on a book and never go to prison.

    Since people can be criminals without conviction, the shoe fits and I was very much on the mark.;)

    Here we go again, another criminal that will presumably walk away with millions from the sale of his book...

    If John Bolton disclosed information that was not cleared by the foreign disclosure office, when will the FBI investigate? They won't. When will the justice department arrest and charge? They won't. When will John Bolton be convicted of his crime and sentenced to prison?

    Short answer... He won't! 🤬


    I hope this means 70% or 83% will be voting for trump.....

    He is President right now, during the "lowest point in U.S. history" according to "70 or 83%" of some people.

    Unfortunately for your "hope", people like to blame Presidents for bad stuff that happens on their watch, regardless of the President's actual influence on the situation(s).

    What happened to the "Me Too" movement... Biden has several people confirming shit about him but the media is hush hush... just like the were with Obummer. With Obummer when he would do stupid things like visit all 57 states it was an honest mistake, or he mis-spoke. Don't take this wrong, (I am not going to bring in the religious crap) but Trump is not a great president by any means.

    Look at the system... We had a choice between Bobble Head (Trump) and lying Bitch (Hillary) loose loose.... Now we have a choice between Bobble Head and Creepy Uncle Joe.... again loose loose.. The whole system needs to change.

    People don't like Trump for a bunch of reasons, but to me the biggest one is because "they" say... "Hey you can't do that" and he says... "Hold my beer, watch this".

    I don't fault people for voting for Trump. I get why most of them did it(R). I'll understand when they do it again(R).

    When next there is a Democrat as President, it will be interesting to watch the Dems argue, "They can do that, Trump did" and Republicans argue, " They can't do that. It's different". Then the Dem will say, " Hold my beer, watch this".

    Mitch McConnell in regards to Garland for Supreme Court during an election year vs. Him now comes to mind.

    I only mentioned the religious stuff, because that long article has many quotes comparing Trump to God, Trump as God or working for God.

    DAMN!! All that and Trump still got way more done in 4 years than Obama did in 8. What else did Obama do other than come up with a crappy healthcare plan that “you could keep your own doctor” on and couldn’t afford?? Scares me to think what this conversation will look like if we have 4 years of Biden - he will be Obama on Ambien!!!

    It took Trump a year and a half to erase( reverse, appeal...) all the easier removed things Obama did. He has been working to remove others these last couple years. That is a lot of undoing of things that Obama never did.:/

    Joe will be Obama on Ambien, for sure. He is an old guy. Old guys are useless.:*:00008172:

    Don't worry though. I spoke with God and he prophesied to me that "Within his 27th month, a woman of Africa will take his place". Everyone likes a good prophecy, right Bigdog .

    Whoa! That also prophecies Trump's loss. You can quote me on your conspiracies if my prophecies come true Bigdog .:00000436::00008356:

    Yeah, they said Obama was a Muslim, then he was an extremist Christian because his Christian priest did some stuff. All the while those same people claimed he was the Anti-Christ. To a rational person it makes sense why they think and say such things. The same reason Mitch McConnell said, " We will vote no on everything and make Obama a one term President".

    I don't remember Obama filling stadiums on a weekly to monthly period to preach to his faithful followers like an evangelical preacher. I don't remember Obama on a daily basis bashing the right, the media(FOX), and all that spoke ill of him. Convincing his base to hate and make fun of all that don't follow him.

    I do remember Obama being called "The Campaigner and Chief". Strange how when Trump Campaigns 80 times more, those that were sooo upset with Obama are mum and attend Trump rallies.

    Did Obama or Trump have a fake University that swindled people out of their money?

    Did Trump or Obama take money from investors, bankrupt the company yet make millions for himself while the investors were left behind?

    Did Trump or Obama use money from his charity, money from those he convinced to donate, to pay for his own stuff and pay off politicians?

    The answer to all three are Trump. Trump is the snake with a record of convincing thousands, now millions to trust him only to take advantage of them.;) Not hearsay, not "I heard". Facts.:*

    Yes, it was long... And obviously one sided... Wouldn't have given it much thought or shared, if it wasn't for the things I've read here posted by Bigdog... Is there truth to it? Maybe?

    There was clearly a bias from the writer. Though there were clearly some whack job quotes. Also, believing Trump and God are in any way related is laughable. He is the antipathist of the Ten Commandments. He is also the living embodiment of the warned, "False Idol".

    As I read this, I thought of Bigdog... 🤔…-and-he-is-the-gospel/amp

    While everything now is taken with a grain of salt, interesting that it mentioned a lot of what Bigdog likes to ramble about...

    As I read it, I fell asleep, then read some more, fell asleep, then finished it. It's long. ^^ It does put you in the mind of those who can "read the signs" and yes, it brings some of them to mind.:/;)

    P.S. Thanks for informing me as to why the, "O.K." hand gesture could now be considered racist. I never heard that until somebody recently posted about it.

    It's a Shack attack!

    Happy all is going well brother. Congratulations on the new baby girl. You have a beautiful family there. What is that hideous growth on your wife's head?8o