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    Anybody used these yet?…laris-slingshot?vehicle=3

    How big of a difference does the shocks make?

    I agree with others, shocks make the biggest difference by far. I don't know anyone with the shocks you linked to. However, from years of being in the SS community I can tell you, no matter what aftermarket shocks people have gotten, they almost always claim it's the biggest improvement and many claim their choice is the best. The ones you linked, will surely be the best improvement you buy and upon driving others shocks you may even claim yours are better.;)

    If you get the ones you linked, I suggest you get a HEADER over a CAI with some of extra money. I have modified two Slings and can tell you, only a header makes a bigger "seat dyno" improvement than only a CAI.

    Shocks and header w/tax would be real close your $1000 budget. For a much better ride and a little extra oomph, that's not too bad. Enjoy!:00000436:

    Trump has declared a national emergency to get the wall built. Now comes the interesting part.

    Do the Dems try to stop him in court and claim the win by defeating him or let it happen so they can use it later when they are in charge?

    I really think they are pissed because it will determine in the courts if it can be done. If it can Trump wins now and they win later. If Trump loses now they win now and lose later.

    Supposedly the Dems are going to pass a bill in the House to fight the "national emergency" claim. It may even have enough support in the Senate if the Republicans that said they would fight it, fight it. Only time will tell.

    I heard yesterday that some budget is up in 3 weeks and Trump could submit for wall funding then.

    All Amazon salaries combined AVERAGE $150k a year. Most Amazon employees make $27k-$35k a year. Not as you state, "a deal that would have seen 25,000 jobs, paying approximately $150,000 per year, enter Long Island City"

    On top of that little discrepancy in your post. Do you really see a company that has a profit of $11.2B and not only pays zero(0) in Federal tax, but gets $182M payment from the IRS, to not work State tax codes to fleece the state just as they do the country?

    I would be leery.

    To be fair, it isn't Amazon's fault that the new tax code allowed their taxes to go from ultimately paying 11% to now "paying" -1%.

    I need to incorporate my household. "Wolf Household Inc.", we specialize in raising a Sterling Wolf. Bill Martin , as my lawyer, do you think it will work?8o

    That you know of!!!!!:00008356:

    I know it's a rhetorical joke Shat. I also know this may be TMI.

    I admit while in the Army I may have seeded a couple states. In my defense, I was a virgin when I entered the Army and remained so until I was 19 yrs old. Then Halle Berry (could have been a look alike) hit on me at a bar while I was at Fort Benning for Jump School. I don't know about you, but when Halle Berry drives me to a hotel and pays for the hotel, I give her what she wants. :) I did meet her for lunch a couple days later and have kicked myself many times over the years for not calling her before I headed back to Ft. Bragg. I tried a long distance relationship prior to meeting Halle Berry, and knew it doesn't work and I figured why call her, it will just drag out an inevitable drifting apart.

    That was 26 years ago, Damn I'm getting old. Sorry older guys, but 2 months ago I started noticing it's harder to read small print on paper. No problem with very small print on my phone (phew), but I may still need "my readers" soon.||

    There were only two others (doubtful there were kids produced) and my wife.

    A drunken one night stand at a house party near Bragg, that turned into a momentary Devil's threesome when my buddy walked in on me having sex and stuck his penis in her mouth. I finished and left them alone. It was awkward running into her brother (party host) a couple months later at the dry cleaners. I basically said, "Hey, Jon.? How's your sister? Tell her I say hi. Ok, talk to you later". He would probably have mentioned if his sister was pregnant.

    The other was a stripper I dated for six months while at Ft. Bragg. I broke up with her 3 months before I out processed, again because of the long distance relationship thing. For those 3 months I was in the same barracks and she would have told me if she had gotten pregnant.

    It took 2.5 hours to break up with her. She felt we could make long distance work. Then it went to me saying, "it's not you it's me". Then me saying, " maybe that, maybe that", "yes that, yes that" in an effort to end the conversation. Ultimately I said, "I don't think there's anything else to say". She slapped me across the face and stormed out of my barracks room.

    A sigh of relief washes over me as I think to myself, " That was so hard, I'm sad I had to do it, but it had to be done". No sooner I finished that thought, there is a knock on the door, it's her. She says, "Can I come back in until I calm down and my tears dry up". Me being me, "Sure, come on in. I'm so sorry. Please take your time". We talked normally, as I thought, "should I call off the break up. No, you can't. She won't trust the relationship anymore, because you broke up with her. It's done. Keep this thought to yourself". We hugged and kissed eachother goodbye. If she could have locked me down with a pregnancy she would have, and I would have stayed in NC.

    I was never a man whore, but there is a solid chance that Halle Berry (could have been a look alike;)) had my kid/kids(twins...) and couldn't find me.

    Sorry for the full disclosure.:saint:

    The left wing politicians in NY are claiming victory for running off Amazon. They were bringing 2500 jobs to the area. Not sure how that's a win.

    Maybe they felt they offered Amazon too much, regretted the deal and when Amazon backed out they were happy. I know they were starting to worry about adding 2500 people to an already crowded area. Guess they should have offered a more rural area, then Amazon might have stayed and NY would be happy with it.

    Just speculating, based on what I heard before Amazon decided to leave. You were actually breaking news to me Red . I didn't know Amazon actually bailed, last I heard they were contemplating it.

    Ah, I just now read the article and yes, you used "your" correctly. I apologize for my self consciousness.

    As to my post getting a pile of Pinocchio's, I have to give that comment a pile of Pinocchio's. My previous post has zero falsehoods in it. I was obviously talking about your original post in the context of this thread, not in relation to a news article. Wrongly so, but I made no false statements.;)

    Should I not trust the professional accounts at my place of employment to handle that? I didn't change anything, nor could I. I claim zero dependants, I'm married with a one child. They know that, it's in the system. What should I have changed?



    LOL, self conscious not vain;). Educated guess. I'm the only one that said why returns were lower, in this thread. If you were talking about the general public, you should of used, "their talking points" rather than "your". Happy Valentine's Day Orangeman  :*

    Doesn't go against anything I said. Not sure who you are addressing here?;)

    How did the IRS, "encouraged Americans review and update their w-4"? I never received an email or a letter.


    Pay yourself first!

    Start with a little and increase it each year, invest with a decent company that can manage your money and forget about it. I use TR Price but there are many out there. I see a lot of people around our little city that can buy cigarettes at $8 pack and scratch off tickets and its wasted. If they took that same money and invested it for 30 years they would have a nice supplement to their retirement income. The Democrats started the payroll tax requirements instead of letting us pay our share on Tax day. They knew that by taking it out of each check the person wouldn't fully understand how much taxes they were actually paying. Most people cant tell you how much taxes they paid in a year, they only know what the balance was on April 15th. Instead of worrying about paying at the end or getting a refund of your own money because you like loaning money to the gov. interest free. People need to start worrying about how much we have to pay in a year because of all the overspending and Pork projects these airheads think we have to have.

    I do have a 403b that I put money into every week pre-tax. I have a pension and Social Security if it is still a thing when I retire.

    Only chiming in on taxes, not politics... 🤔

    Anyway, like you WOLF , this is the first year we have to pay according to our accountant (the wife)...

    Wondering if filing separately would change anything... I'm also not sure she's doing it correctly (with the 2nd home in Houston and all), but I can't tell her that... 😬

    A second home could make it harder, IDK. Like you, my wife handles that with TurboTax which is pretty much impossible to screw up. I don't know if it easily accounts for multiple homes, I assume it does only because a lot of people have them.

    mytoy you are a great guy anyone that knows you, knows that. I'm unaware of any conflicts you had. I do agree with FITS that things always blow over. Good people like you shouldn't leave, there are thousands on this forum that like you. We shouldn't have to do without our German friend because of a few.

    Please reconsider.

    My comment wasn't directed at you but the people I've heard in the media today.

    I'll reserve my judgement on the tax break until I get my return done in a couple weeks.

    I honestly hope you join Chain with a bigger return. :thumbsup:

    Around here if you ride up on a Harley they will tell you that you do not qualify

    That is so wrong, if true. How do they know you didn't borrow it or purchase it by giving a BJ to some dude. I read on the internet that is how most Harley guys get their bikes. Sounds like bullshit, but it's out there.;)

    The tax issue is an easy one to spin. The size of your refund isn't a good standard to decide if you got a tax break.

    If you want to be honest take last years return and this years return so your comparing apples to apples. Increase in take home plus rebate vs rebate.

    It's amazing to see how many people screw themselves doing their own taxes.

    I didn't put the littlest bit of spin on it, for the record. If you check my posts, I mentioned several times "most people payed less tax".

    The problem is the IRS was instructed to take even less than they were required to take, in an effort to make people think the new tax plan was saving them even more than it was, by letting people's checks be bigger through the year, only to take back the difference during tax season.

    I barely noticed the $20 a week increase in my take home. I very much noticed I owe $250 instead of getting $2500+.

    The wiser play for Trump would have been to take an extra $15-20 a week because most people won't notice or care too much, but would be very happy when their return increases by $1000+.

    Mathew, we're not all like that. Some of us don't even get a pay check any more, and there's no government hand outs or free Obama phones for us

    You sure you can't get an Obama phone? I heard they are easier to get if you don't get a paycheck. ;)

    Well last year when the tax law changed, my bring home went up 93.00 dollars a week.

    After doing my taxes this year it took all of that and a little more to pay what i owed.

    Hell i figure i broke even! (OR NOT)

    Like most, the hard numbers probably say you played less. It's the pay more at the end that most will remember and be annoyed with.