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  • Just checking to see if you are still kicking. We have not heard from you lately.

  • Hey BONES I screwed up ,I was supposed to contact THE ROCK,who works in VA,I'll get the hang of this computer one of these days.

  • Hey BONES,can you contact me I'm going to DC for the Honor flight ,and would like to know how to go to RestonVA,my viet Nam reunion is going on at the same time.Bubble Head said you could help.

    • Honestly Im not sure of route? Im in Ct..Guessing 91 up into Ma and then head to Va???? Sorry I can't be more help..

  • What a fool, showed his colors..I never paid attention to him honestly, Beast ticks me off, but hey a Hillary supporter- there all odd & don't see/ get it ;) Ghost is like Confucius, knows all, his thoughts are all that count, everyone else is a fool with sand in there vaginas basically in his words. Ghost Bitches about a political thread and with his smarts keeps coming back to thread??? Irony? There's nothing else he has interest in / other topics to spend his time...

    For all the good people on forum it seems the Political Thread brings out the diseased (Ghost/ Beast)

  • LMAO!! We got Ghostwheel on the ropes - exactly how a liberal operates - no substance - insults. Don't you just love it!

  • Bones where did you get the lower Split from at the front wheels?

    • Metricks...Doug owner is good guy. Sells splitters / lower splitters as a kit, but if contact him Im sure he can sell you just Pieces you want?


  • Just saw your post on other site bout a visor. If I can find it you can have my Assault one. Didn't help much IMO but ya can't beat free!!