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    I tell my wife everyday I shouldn’t of sold it. The one thing that makes me very happy about it is my friend Goats_Hogs has it and sends me pics of it during his travels! I’m getting a new hip next year and will probably buy another one if that go well! The pics will have to do for now!

    I did just order a dream gun for me. It’s a H&K SP5. I have to wait a few months to get it from my dealer because he is getting huge markup right now on them and he sells to me at cost. I own several HK guns and very much looking forward to this one!

    Been there done that. Been around guns my whole life teach conceal carry classes in my basement. I made a terrible mistake years ago. I pulled my Vepr-12 shotgun out of the safe took the clip out got a phone call talked for like five mins went back to the gun and for some reason I was messing around with the trigger that I was thinking of replaceing and boom shot through my wife’s pillow and through the wall buck shot went outside and through another wall. I now tell that story in all of my classes. It was one of the dumber things I’ve ever done. Wife was not pleased. I’m very blessed no one got hurt. I triple check now every gun is cleared.

    I actually did try several different slings with some tops. The plates in my hip were being pulled on I also have a rebuilt shoulder all from a bad accident. I could still drive it it just wasn’t comfortable so I wasn’t driving it very much went to a good home so I’m happy. It’s replacement toy will be showing up this spring it might help me with my slingshot withdrawal!

    I sold mine last year due to health issues with my hip. Just to get that out of the way. When I had mine it really seemed like really young people like 14-18 loved it and people 50 and over loved it. And of course little kids loved it also. It seemed people my age I’m 38 didn’t seem to really care for it much. Would rather have a sport bike or a Harley. I miss mine everyday I just had so much trouble getting in and out of it.

    I’ve been going through my slingshot stuff and saw notes I made when I bought my sling about insurance I was hoping it wasn’t going to be 1500-2000 a year I wrote down for budgeting reasons. I call my insurance lady she said what the hell is a slingshot? I don’t remember what it was then but I pay like 380 a year for my slingshot and I have extra insurance on it. I do have lots of policies with my insurance company but insurance has been super cheap on the sling!

    Some of the best people I’ve ever met have been through Slingshot Info! I stayed in peoples home met great people been given life advice from people who have life experiences I didn’t have. Never had Facebook never saw any reason. On the people with the quads keep on keeping on those are bad machines! Don’t know why anyone would bash those like Kev said probably jealous. If it wasn’t for injuries I have from a previous accident my sling would be in my stable for a long time but shit happens!

    My sling is going to a new forum member. I will let him or her say who it is. I just wanted to say I haven’t been on much the last year but this forum has let me meet many great people. My back and hip won’t allow me to drive my sling and it just sits. So I decided to let it go to a great friend and I look forward to him taking it to the next level! Glad it is going to a great home. You guys and gals are the best!