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    I been asked where the exhaust is and I have told them it is electric.

    To the favourite question about how much it costs I refer to an answer I heard on the forum "what do you think?" and they always get it right.

    A little girl asked me if it was a movie car in 2015. I had to tell her the truth since I couldn't lie and told her I was a movie star.

    I just put on the side license plate bracket and now I have a couple of small holes that will fill up with junk where the old bracket was. Do I just cut up the old bracket for a cover or is there something that was made for this issue?

    I was told last year at SSITR's that my battery was having issues. Still haven't replaced it but with the new rear exhaust I am thinking of going to the newer lighter Polaris battery. This will move it another few inches away from the heat.

    I had the 1320 with quad tips installed at SSITR's 2018 and it did have some scuff marks on it a couple of weeks later when I removed it. If you are thinking about this muffler I would sell it for 1/2 price shipped.

    It seems winter in Calgary started in September of 2018 and the last of the snow is melting on May 1, 2019. That is means we have 4 months of riding to look forward to. Heading to the licence agency today and get my 6 month plate. I still question why my relatives settled in Canada in the 1700's. Did they know that we would have a Prime Minister with great hair in this day and age? Did they know that south of us would have a President that................( Polite Canadians don't talk US politics with our American friends as we don't want to get our heads bit off). They maybe just liked the idea of not farming in the winter so they could take their sled and go to Florida for the winter. Who knows or cares. Time to start the summer Slingshot tradition and take the unit in for factory recalls.:D

    This year for our trip to SSITRs I put my Obusform seat and back piece in. I then put the $15 Costco seat covers over them.

    It worked great. I cannot make up my mind about what seats to get next but with over $2500 spent on after market exhausts this summer I am not in a hurry to make more mistakes. I am hoping that the 65 lbs I have lost since March and the other 35 lbs I will lose by summer will have some effect.

    Please note if you did find the weight I lost I don't want it back. Please keep it as a special gift from myself.

    I now carry 4 heavy duty trash bags behind my seats. I have the PRP, and they will take days to dry out if you ride in really hard rain or if it sits uncovered in the rain. If storms are evident, I'll put on the trash bags before riding into the rain. If seats are already wet, I'll put on the trash bags to keep my clothes from getting wet. Not a prefect solution, but it is something that helps. V-SHOT showed us this trick at Maggie last year, and it was really wet there that week!

    Hey Goats_Hogs what a terrific mod maybe Slingshots only will buy your product :D:D:D:D

    Has there been any after market wind tunnel testing of the Slingshot. Did DDM do some testing? As I look for information regarding the exhaust fumes in the cockpit there are lots of ideas but no definite answers. My local University has a small wind tunnel but I would need a model to scale of the Slingshot. Their wind tunnel is 14" wide and 14" long. So has anyone taken the time to model a SS. Does this exist out there? Does anyone have a file where I could 3-D print a slingshot? Our Federal Government has a full size wind tunnel that they will partner with companies making the product in exchange for use of their wind tunnel( I am sure it is a bit more complicated than that as it is government).

    The other low cost option is to tape plastic streamers to all different parts of the car and ride down the road with a buddy following doing the Go-Pro.

    I am thinking of trying roadog1aj D-mod but don't understand exactly how it works and how to push the air from the "Side Kick exhaust away from the SS.

    I went to the dealership to look for a truck to replace my 2009 GMC 3/4 ton in the spring of 2015. The only difference I found was the new trucks were cleaner, had more gadgets on them and had a 7 year payment plan. So I bought a Slingshot instead and the truck is still working great with no payments and just some minor repairs. Even with a major repair it would be still worth it. Hey wjfyfe why don't you look for a 2001 VW that was granny driven and only has less miles on it.