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    I have a gauge and put in a manual rocker switch a couple years ago. I can't remember how I did it , however it was easy as shit and I keep it running all the time when it's hot. Usually doesn't go over 190. I know the switch is the only way to turn it on/off the way I wired it. Really helps the oil temp too!

    Friday will be Billy and he may be going close to the park. I'll be leading the convoy Saturday.

    If anyone has a brain fart brain fart , Drone! Couldn't think of what they're called. They could come in useful for pictures. I have a couple nice twisty roads to visit all paved and a few places to stop quickly for pictures. Weather permitting it will be gorgeous. So far no smoke in the air.

    Had a little Fire in Evergreen this week. Thank you Lord it was put out due to some moisture.

    Just saw the results of a poll that says 14 percent of US population would NEVER wear a mask.

    Good deal. The planet is way over crowded. Fewer people, means less demand. Lower prices for the rest of us.

    The virus is smaller than bacteria! The sorry excuses for a mask that 99.9% of people are constantly finger fuckingwith with will absolutely keep infecting.

    I can't find a definitive answer to this question. Are the covid numbers based on positive tests or individuals who have tested positive? If the CDC reports ten cases could that number reflect five people who have tested positive twice?

    Damn right they're cooking the books. I won't say what company but someone that tested positive has been retested 4 times. Because they have made the person test each week since.

    Bingo one positive is now 4.

    In addition I just found out today 2 people waited over 2 hours to be tested in Ohio. They gave all their info. They both finally left before they actually were tested because it took so long. Here's the good part. They both received positive results in the mail!

    I thought a noose had to have a legit amount of loops ,13! I guess the culprit who tied that rope didn’t know how to make one to fulfill the definition. It’s so pathetic to need a little attention or publicity. I’m thinking the stock is heading down, down ,down.

    I usually watch the cup races if it is on Fox. Don't get the NBCsports channel. Loved Wallace when he came aboard the cup circuit. He seemed like a great ambassador for the sport. Funny and very likable. I just have a opposite opinion on him now. I guess since he can't win a race he needs people to feel sorry for him. Maybe he thinks he'll keep driving in the cup series that way. No way he should get another contract. Come on King! Find a great driver and get the 43 back in the winners circle!