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    yeah I got one of Bu11sh1t gifts too. I was a bit sceptical but since everyone else is so happy with there gift and I assume they got the same as me might give it a try.

    Rene’ , you are an awesome driver and a great beer drinker! 😅 Bu11sh1t is always thinking about giving something that has real meaning .... if you get my drift! 😂😂😂😂

    1. I said I would never have a top on my Sling. Bought one of the first Mean Sling tops from Ruptured Duck at Maggie thinking I would remove it as soon as I got back. You know..... If Slings were meant to have tops, they all would have come with one. Never took it off and love it!

    2. I said I would never go “boosted”. Then Slingrazor talked me into the DDM Supercharger. Love it so much that if I got another Sling it would have that awesome addition!

    3. I said I would never go Quad. Looks like too much of a “car” already and the Sling performs well with three wheels. Well, everyone calls it a “car” anyway and I’m about “modded out” so I began to think about it. Then a single trip to Nova Scotia produced three failed axle bearings and I had to search all over the country, (Polaris didn’t seem to have any and could not even give an availability date), pay overnight shipping, lost three days of riding, listened to Kay telling me to get another Harley ....... Well... You get my drift here.

    IMO, the Right Angle Drive and the poorly designed Axle Bearings are the weakest part on the Slingshot. The Quad eliminates all that!

    Of course I was a bit concerned about all the negative posts about going 4 but, after all, it was MY SLING and if I wanted 10 wheels on it no one has the right to say “You just can’t do that”! I’ve always had bikes...way too many to count but one thing always held true..... mine was different and reflected my dream.

    On the Trakhamr..... I’m in love! It rides smoother; it is quieter; it handles unbelievably; it looks waaaay better than any of the pictures. AND it provides seating for two on those massive rear tires! It’s an Old Man’s “Chick Magnet” for sure!

    Down side.... it’s a bit pricey though still $thousands cheaper than competitors. I believe it’s perfect for a “Boosted” Sling but I have no first hand knowledge of it on a stock engine. It also give you the feeling that it could take a 90 degree sharp corner at 50MPH...... oh .... SlingRider already proved that one!

    The design is stellar! Simple, effective and other than the support cage, parts are “off the shelf” .... I like that! Adjustments are easy, it stays attached to the road, stays virtually level and is a blast to drive.

    To the naysayers..... I’ll never tell you the decal you put on your fin transforms your Sling into something other than a Sling...... Just remember that. Just think of my Quad as a huge decal and we will be just fine!

    This was the best event I’ve ever attended! Great people, fantastic roads, good food and drink, friendly locals (albeit one who called 911 on us!) and so relaxed and well planned.

    Bu11sh1t was absolutely amazing on the Back of the Dragon........ I think it was that rope he tied to the back of my Sling! Well done Harvey! You can ride with the best for sure! Thank you for one of the best rides behind FunCycle I’ve ever had... bar none!

    Harvey, Gerald, Jim Camp, Brent, Larry, Joe, EJ, Rene’, Dave, Kieth, and anyone I forgot who road with the “Fast Group” ...... You guys ROCK!

    Looked for you but missed you! Mt. Washington climb was awesome!

    No... that’s “Ducati Boy” who rode with us!

    The master Painter did mine. I believe he drills small holes so filler will adhere to the plastic and then he smooths it out and paints it

    You are correct Sir! I’m back from a month of riding in Nova Scotia and all the rough roads up there!

    I scuff up the area with 80 grit, drill a bunch if 1/8” holes, clean it well and press “Fiber Fill” (a fiberglass impregnated filler) into the letters allowing it to “key” through the holes. I smooth out the excess on the inside, let it dry then sand smooth as possible. Then I clean with acetone which makes the glass filler a bit sticky and mix up a bit of catalyst filler and apply. Let dry and sand smooth, epoxy prime and paint.

    The hardest part is getting the nose cover off as everything else has to come off first!


    Jim looking forward to seeing you again - it has been way to long my friend.

    Hope all is well

    Can’t wait to see that “Mitch Smile” !

    Welcome Painter. Heard allot about you and seen allot. Look forward to meeting you.

    Here's a photo of one of the rides in honor of you registering.

    Looking forward to meeting you. You’ve worked hard to get this put together and i Love Owner events! Riding with you guys will be like Christmas and listening to the “tall tales” in the evenings is better than sex! ( Well.... as best as I can remember!)

    The Homecoming was a success in every way. It was hot.... we had storms..... we were exhausted - but with family there, all that did not matter! Every employee at the factory was family. Every visitor was family. Every Vendor was family. Every owner as well. Now, that’s a Homecoming!

    Does it really matter that every Vendor in the U.S. wasn’t there? Does it really matter that there was not the hour long wait in the hot sun to follow the leader on a group ride? Does it really matter that it didn’t cost you $100+ to just sign up? Does it really matter that everyone who wanted in could get in? Does it really matter that we tried to add value to the event shirts instead of offering the “shrinking cotton built in heater shirts”? Does it really matter that our emphasis was on friends and family rather than how much money we could pick from your pocket? I say “Hell No”!

    5:00 AM until 9:00 PM tends to pull away one’s humor but every minute spent working toward this goal was worth it. Meeting friends and putting faces to names was great. Finding out that they have the passion I have was even better.

    Guardian_Angel and airoutlaw were both so much help to us. Steve was so quiet and reserved but seemed to be where we needed someone without hesitation. Thank you!

    exharleyrider was everything I expected..... and more! HeRSling was AWESOME! She made complicated work look like a walk in the park! Fantastic Girl!

    So many others to thank as well but Ross and Slingrazor are at the top. So much “Behind the scenes” work.... You can’t imagine what it takes to pull something like this off!

    Thanks to all who attended and look forward to seeing you at our future events. Remember.... it’s not about them..... it’s about you!

    Absolutely an awesome video Guardian_Angel !!!!