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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    The Homecoming was a success in every way. It was hot.... we had storms..... we were exhausted - but with family there, all that did not matter! Every employee at the factory was family. Every visitor was family. Every Vendor was family. Every owner as well. Now, that’s a Homecoming!

    Does it really matter that every Vendor in the U.S. wasn’t there? Does it really matter that there was not the hour long wait in the hot sun to follow the leader on a group ride? Does it really matter that it didn’t cost you $100+ to just sign up? Does it really matter that everyone who wanted in could get in? Does it really matter that we tried to add value to the event shirts instead of offering the “shrinking cotton built in heater shirts”? Does it really matter that our emphasis was on friends and family rather than how much money we could pick from your pocket? I say “Hell No”!

    5:00 AM until 9:00 PM tends to pull away one’s humor but every minute spent working toward this goal was worth it. Meeting friends and putting faces to names was great. Finding out that they have the passion I have was even better.

    Guardian_Angel and airoutlaw were both so much help to us. Steve was so quiet and reserved but seemed to be where we needed someone without hesitation. Thank you!

    exharleyrider was everything I expected..... and more! HeRSling was AWESOME! She made complicated work look like a walk in the park! Fantastic Girl!

    So many others to thank as well but Ross and Slingrazor are at the top. So much “Behind the scenes” work.... You can’t imagine what it takes to pull something like this off!

    Thanks to all who attended and look forward to seeing you at our future events. Remember.... it’s not about them..... it’s about you!

    Absolutely an awesome video Guardian_Angel !!!!

    Just a comment as I’ve been too busy to read up on the Forum....

    Polaris is not accustomed to working with groups so they have a tendency to hold back things until the last minute. Charging a fee for VIP tours was NOT our idea! It was the Plant manager who stuck his neck out to offer these tours to help raise money for the kids! And, even though it was mentioned earlier on, it was not approved until shortly before the announcement.

    Free tours were limited in numbers by the factory.... not us. Also, I don’t believe the Free Tours consist of just watching a video but even if that is all I see, I will better understand what goes in this machine. Ross and Trent have done an amazing job in getting access to the factory at all. They were VERY HESITANT about allowing anyone inside due to new model changes and past problems with Assholes!

    Realize that ANY COMPANY will or will not give tours. However, I know of NO company giving tours while model changes are occurring!

    Why is it a great idea to go to the Huntsville Homecoming? Because you are surrounded by Owners with only Owner’s interests in mind and not people trying to make a buck. We support Owners and Vendors and Charities. You will be at the “Birthplace” of the Slingshot and what better place to have a “Homecoming”? You will mingle with employees, see what you’ve not seen, visit with friends and make new ones.

    Will there be “hiccups”?.... I’m sure. It may be hot.... it may be may wish you threw in a folding chair, tables may be lacking, the food may not meet your Lactose Intolerant needs, there may be insects and much more. BUT THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE I WOULD RATHER BE!

    We try to attend to everyone in making this a great experience. We don’t charge anything to come and we provide as much as we are able. Not a dime of profit is made by SOG. Unfortunately, there may be a very few who will not appreciate a gift of a brand new Slingshot because it’s not the color they had in mind! There may be a very few who feel entitled at others’ expense. For those... I cannot help you.

    We are doing this for YOU! We didn’t have to but it was a passion for the community that led us to this point. If you needed something.... It was given. If you needed a hand....It was lent. If you had a problem..... It was fixed. These are the people putting this together for you!

    Over the years I’ve learned about those who feel people are there to fulfill their every need at their every whim. They feel “entitled” and give very little in return. THAT IS NOT WHAT OUR COMMUNITY SHOLD BE! “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” MUST be replaced with “No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed”!!!

    Shame on the bashing! Shame on the insults! Shame on the “Users”!

    If you ask anything of me, I will try my best. If you need something, I will try to get it. If you broke something, I will try to fix it. All I’ve EVER asked, is that you do the same to Pay It Forward. Don’t lose this folks. It’s what makes us unique and worthwhile!

    Hi all!

    Been completely absent due to work load and a few broken bones and now really busy getting stuff ready for this awesome Homecoming event!

    I’m bringing some things with me to raise money for SOG as well as some “giveaways”.

    The shirts are awesome (Yes... I have a sample!) , the Vendors are really stepping up, the Board has been feverishly finalizing details and if you are not going , you are gonna miss the opportunity of a Sling Lifetime!

    I am so proud to be a small part of SOG and it’s vision of Owners for Owners and completely non-profit. There will be “growing pains” along the way but I assure you, the entire Board is committed to success and committed to you!

    I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at Huntsville. Remember, it’s not too late to register (Did I mention it was FREE?) and get your butt to Slingshot Mecca!

    I’ll see you there!

    Ok, I know I haven’t chimed in for a looong time... but ya got me!

    Daauumm !!! Trent / Painter & helpers, that is just frikin Awesome gentlemen.

    Just overwhelming guys. And now I also know what the SOG stands for lol. I fell in love with the checkerboard pattern that you originally had As I mentioned to ya but Jeees... well done well done.

    For those of you newer to the Forum, OkieRider is one of the most respected OG’s in the Sling world! Glad to see your still “kicking butt” my friend!