Crap day

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  • Every have one of those days you wanna vent...get off chest???

    Yesterday... Started out good @ SCSU nice scenery , things running smooth..well, went and got son a iPhone 6 (spoiled 11 year old) after work & grabbed a 7 for myself ( best deal path to go) ...anyway got home later than I should, finished work, was gunna relax when the wife yells "Jay" I go down to my finished basement and there's that little water stain. :cursing: Well pipe was about 8' long with T connectors and misting a leak, In a very odd spot behind wall. My usually instinct is to freak & punch out wall, but I stayed calm & thought. Went to depot got fittings ( shark bites -temp fix) and cut out pipe & fixed. All in all took 3 1/2 hrs. Was a bitch! So now I'm pex. Calling my adjuster as I have had about 8 pipes blow and a few finished ceiling are ruined. I want house changed entirely to pex and everything 100% fixed. Builder used the thin wall copper when he should have used think wall for a well. And 15 years later I'm paying the price. Frustrating! Like I always say water is the enemy!

    Long story short, I'm Sore as hell today and got out of work cloths & 9 yesterday... Not a good day

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/

  • @BONES always hated plumming.... my wife knows it, my children know it....why heck GOD knows it ! anyway take the SS for a spin, snap a selfie with that new phone and count your blessing my friend cause I may meet up with @ethermion next month and that is scary!!!!

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  • Bummer @BONES!! I feel your pain.......just had dishwasher, toilet, and clothes dryer take a crap within 1 week of each other....Oh and worst of all.....the frickin coffee pot quit right in the middle of brewing the first pot this morning...... :00008862::00008862:

    I know you've had a running battle with your plumbing for quite a while now. Sure hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel for getting fully switched over to PEX real soon!!! We just had our daughter's house remodeled and switched all the water lines to PEX. She Loves it!!!!!

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  • Yep one of those days when you think its going good then boom you get smacked down.
    But you manned up and took care of business Jay, Time for a cold one and a pat on the back buddy!
    Its also a good learning experience for your Son it shows you don't panic you man up and fix it!
    Good job Jay.

  • Maybe we need a dedicated thread on "having a crap day".

    I have had several in the past few weeks and you wonder how they come in bunches.

    Hang in there, these too, shall pass

    That's where I was going with this..... :D It's for all.... :thumbsup:

    Like now..... sitting back feeling awful I just ripped my son a new A-Hole. Had a lights out Hockey game ( 11 year old Defenseman) He didn't get solid wood on puck had a turnover w/ 3 minutes left and other team tied up game :cursing: As the D coach I said some things I shouldn't on way home. I feel bad, went over things when we got home. Again I want him to do well, he's a big part of his Team and I am rough on him. I expect to say Great game , every game, but reality is it doesn't work that way and I forget he's a kid sometimes and regret. My father never said anything to me and I had to figure things out myself. Hopefully he takes it in and comes out like an animal tomorrow and lets his game say "Up your Ass Dad!!" That's what I want!!

    **Update played a Great game today...Hammered NY 9-1

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/

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  • Ok so hear are my crap days the last three weeks.

    Part 1

    "Dad, I think something's wrong in the basement". So I go down stairs to see and he shows me water stains in the ceiling.

    Not possible as I know there are no water lines in that part of the ceiling.

    "Dad, the bathroom stinks too". Sure enough, but nothing overflowing or leaking and was confused as to how they were connected.

    Went into the utility room and there it was - the water heater was leaking heavily and had been for a while.

    Fortunately the floor drain was doing its job and contained the water to the utility room.

    But, the room was like a sauna - very warm and humid and the AC was picking up the humid air. Condensation was forming and the air ducts were sweating heavily. So that is where the water stains came from.

    Start shopping for a tankless water heater. Started on the internet then went to Home Depot. They connect me to their preferred contractor. Contractor shows up and tries to sell me a product line not even carried / offered by HD. Quoted with installation - $7,205. No way.

    I do my research, buy a commercial grade 9.8 gal per minute Rheem tankless off of and have a local plumber install. Total cost of about $2,500.

    Took over 2 weeks to get this resolved but everything is working fine.

  • Crap Days Part 2

    Youngest son plays HS football. Decent player Decent size. Rarely comes off the field.

    During the game on 9/30, he makes it to the sidelines and collapses.

    Screaming that his head hurts, can't see out of his left eye, right hand and arm numb.

    Check him for concussion, but pupils react and he isn't confused, dazed, but in real pain.

    Paramedics tell me it is my choice to take him to the hospital - either I could drive him or they could.

    I told them to get him to the hospital.

    First CT scan shows blood in his brain - he has an acute subdural hematoma. Not good.

    Somehow, a vein tore or opened up and started bleeding.

    Rush him to ICU. Monitor closely with hourly neurological exams, bp, etc. Multiple CT scans.

    He stays in ICU for the weekend and FORTUNATELY the bleeding stopped on its own.

    Was up almost 48 hrs straight. Wife was flying back from a work trip in Dubai.

    Had blood covering most of his left lobe which shifted his brain to the right slightly.

    Massive headaches, noise, and light sensitivity. Eye sight is back and numbness has gone away.

    He finally was able to come home and the first day and a half had issues keeping food down, literally couldn't get out of bed, has been in a dark quiet, cool room all week.

    Very slow recovery process. But seeing some signs of progress. Beginning to eat better, balance and stability is better but not fluid or normal yet, can sit up and make it to bathroom on his own.

    Just so fortunate it didn't get worse.

    Will be a four to six week recovery.

    Prayers answered.