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    My friends undoubtedly you have seen the news from Puerto Rico and have heard or read points of view related to this.

    Because you are all my friends and eventually you'll ask me ,"what's going on" I will share some information you should all know. Yes, as humans temptation and corruption seems to follow all of us since the beginning of times; Adam/ Eve remember those two?

    The latest news about PR has demostrated our position aqainst corruption and insensitivity towards others. At moments and only a few demostrators have used violence to get their point out. This is true however consider close to 1 million people have demostrated and peace has prevailed.

    Ok so a sidenote on corruption.

    Just recently FBI agents served search warrants at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) offices in downtown L.A. Monday morning…

    LADWP is the largest municipal utility in the U.S., serving more than four million residents.

    Last November, the FBI raided L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar’s office and home as part of its investigation into possible bribery, extortion and money laundering at L.A. City Hall focusing on huge real estate investments from Chinese companies. Not to mention Chicago, NYC and California.

    However in PR not only we have temptation and corruption as does every other county, city and state in the USA we have "The Jones Act' unique to PR and It's like a big bad Thanos ( Avengers) only there to kick our assess and suck the island dry.

    The Jones Act;

    Puerto Rico under the Jones Act, which requires that goods shipped between U.S. ports (including Puerto Rico) be transported on American vessels. The rule – which critics, led by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., say unfairly protects U.S. shipping at the expense of consumers and business owners – does not apply to yet another U.S. territory, the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    This hampers the island from development of any financial stronghold enjoy cheaper priced products providing more spare" kachin kachin " money in PR pockets. Imports have to go to mainland USA and then go to PR.

    Also Something you should all know about Puerto Rico

    Medicaid is less generous for Puerto Rico, which gets a lower contribution from the federal government than states receive. Doctors and hospitals also get lower reimbursement rates, though the medical facilities must meet the same federal standards of care.

    Payroll taxes are a bigger sore point with Puerto Ricans. They must pay the same FICA taxes as workers on the mainland, but are not eligible for SSI (Supplemental Security Income), which provides extra help to aged, blind or disabled people with very low incomes. And that exclusion does not apply to another U.S. territory – the Northern Mariana Islands, in the Pacific Ocean.

    This is where the "second class citizenship" term comes from.

    Sooooo You remove the Jones Act the rest falls in place for Puerto Rico. However US States with ports of entry are architects of The Jones Act and are its greatest champions in Congress and will not allow PR to compete for equal maritime rights. Hence higher prices due to so many middle men. Oh crap and woman don't want to offend anyone out there.

    Little more data so bear with me.

    Source trading

    Puerto Rico mainly imports chemicals, oil, food, electrical appliances, machinery and equipment, transport vehicles, and plastics. Puerto Rico’s main imports partner is the United States, accounting for 43 percent of total imports.

    Actual Previous Highest Lowest Dates Unit Frequency
    3393.50 4230.80 5311.10 2022.40 2003 - 2019

    Puertorricans have fought in WWI,WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the liberation of Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and have suffered stagaring loss of life as had our military brotherhood. We have a Democratic elected government, we are strong Christians and very much against abortion. We are Americans and American citizens.

    Let it be known that in 2017..97.7 percent of Islanders voted in favor of becoming the 51st state. Accepting all responsibilities, duties and obligations of Statehood. This gives the island an igual playing field and will just put in writing what we already are.

    Well mis amigos this is factual information and not fake news.. Hope this helps.

    Love u all...Al

    For all my brothers and sisters not understanding what is going on In my Puerto Rico you don't have to. We are not in a hurry to get the governor removed. It's only getting better!

    When do you all think that LE is going to crack down on (daytime running) LEDs and light bars on Slingshots? The laws are written and are very clear for trucks and cars. If you are in a show or parked no problem we all know that.

    Working on my truck. Putting RGB LED bars and spot light, Rock Lights 2.5 level kit. 2 panel switch mods for 5 different LED functions. Double din radio with rear view camara

    10 inch sub 300RMS / 900 watt amp

    (2) 5.5 (2 ) 6X5 ON A 1500WATT AMP 220 RMS ea. Giant capacitor to feed bass.

    Modifying front number spot lights with 4 LEDs.

    My truck has original paint and has never been garage kept. 106.000.00 miles

    But the potholes won't be an issue any longer. No gas or oil products, so we won't be driving. Once they figure out that the batteries are hazardous, they'll ban them too. We will ride bicycles everywhere for commutes. Likely trail bikes.... (oh yeah, the potholes.....)

    None of that is going to affect me cause in ready for it. Got my chicken head ready. Chickens don't fart!

    All hooked up and no place to go! Just checking all my lights and everything was good,... till momma came out!:cursing: She said the rims need to be black to match the sling and the airbrush stuff needs to go. How come she didn't give me her "opinion" when I started to paint?||:00007991::00008862: Don't know if I want to do it over,... even though I agree.

    Who cooks? that's the response I always get...

    Wow.... Very cool sir. I haven't done a damn thing to my sling. Been rebuilding my daughters Miata. Had to cut out and replace all the front cross members at the radiator after a fender bender. Got really lucky after I got it stripped down to the frame horns. No / Zero / Nada structural damage... Did my happy dance when I found out it would take less work and she would be safe as OE in it.

    So now I don't feel so bad. Haven't touch mine either. Been busy upgrading my truck...LEDs, Suspension, radio/ Speakers/amps. Truck enjoyed all the mods and wiring experience performed on the SS. Local Tractor Supply had some killer deals on LED bars.