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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I have had the handcuffs for about 2 years and the rear wheel lock

    Same here. As a set, they make it pretty damn tough for anyone to just walk up and push my Sling down the road. I also have the Scorpion SRi-900 security system installed. Of course, if someone wants it bad enough, they would find a way.........but I'm pretty sure 99.8% of the thieves just don't have the nads, or resources to pull it off, and the other .2% are busy steeling far more expensive items and wouldn't give my Sling a second glance.

    Hrrrm. Am I welcome without my lovely bride in tow? A bit long for her tastes. Or, maybe post on 4 wheels instead of 3?

    There are things a-foot for something in northern Virginia this fall. Keep your radio tuned to this channel...

    Indeed the invitation does extend your single entity as well. Wheel count is of no significance either!!

    I'll stay tuned to this channel!!!!

    I just got agita again, and that is not what I need.

    So I definitely sign off on our Forum. I still go to events and pursue my hobby business. And yes I had a great time here and I will miss it, but I'm to old for BS.

    Free advice don't improve on anything.

    Wait....What??!!! WTH just happened???

    I was all....HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY mytoy is back!!!!....and suddenly the rug has been pulled out!!

    I think I get what part of the issues were now, but Dammit mytoy , you have more than one friend in this community, and outside of the community as well!!!

    I have made many friends through this forum, and have grown some of those friendships even more outside of the forum. As you know, you and Barbie are included in my small list of friends.

    Again, I respect your decisions my friend!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    mytoy .....Dieter, please do not abandon us. You and your lovely Barbie have been a HUGE part of what makes this Slingshot community so unique!!!

    As others have said, I do not know all the details and interactions you've been through regarding negative remarks/comments that might have made you feel less welcome, but you should not let the negativity outweigh the positive that 99% of this community stands for.

    I have been honored to have met you and your wife, as well as built memories together. Your ideas and creations have helped drive our addiction to these unusual vehicles to levels not seen with any other vehicle I know of. You bring a refreshing and positive style to our community, and we would not be complete without your involvement.

    Of course, you can do as you feel is best for your own sake, and I respect what ever you decide to do. I will send you a PM to be sure you have all my contact info so we do not lose touch, no matter what you decide my friend!!!


    I was quite surprised and humbled by the gift I received today!! Thank you very much, who ever you are "Anonymous" :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    I guess my favorite letter opener was the perfect choice to open this special gift!! (SOG Flash)

    Doing well my friend, as for meeting are you going to any events ? Hotshoe is using her vacation time this year to go to Japan with our daughter ( thank god I dodged that bullet lol ). I was going to Maggie but had a change of plans and going out west on the Goldwing ( an All guys trip ). In Nov. we will be taking our bikes on a cruise ship for a 3 island trip.…le-cruise-1114-22-2019-2/ I might be talked into the poconos event but I would be solo.

    Whew...yeah, I guess you did dodge a bullet there!!!

    Glad to hear you have some great trips planned, and a few possibilities to boot!! As usual, I don't have any plans just yet, except to hopefully make it to the annual Booze & Blues event that Mitch has been hosting each year. We've really enjoyed going to that one!! You just never know.....maybe the moon and stars will align just right this yer, and we'll be able to hook up!! Fingers crossed!!!

    I wish I could help with your question Stairgod . Sorry.

    I have zero experience with the ability of this D-Mod to help the exhaust fumes exit the back like it should. Hopefully, one of the Sling family out there has the D-Mod AND a Welter exhaust similar to yours, and they can chime in.

    I would think that anything that breaks up the dead/negative airflow back there would be a benefit in moving the fumes in the right direction. Sadly......I just can't speak with any authority on it. Unless someone has the overpowering urge to donate a complete Welter system that works with my Alpha Turbo set-up!!;););):thumbsup:

    I'm somewhat interested also. Just wondering what it really does and if the value for the outlay is worth it. I looked into getting a Camaro a few years ago, and have many friends that have both the RS and SS models. They use a Throttle "Pot Adjuster" is what they refer to it as. All it does is make the throttle quicker to react. It is adjustable, can have the throttle to the point where 1/4" movement might be up to 1/2 of the throttle. Makes it feel like the car leaps, but really is doing nothing more than it would if you stabbed the pedal harder. $300 is quite a bit if all it is doing is keeping my toe from going down farther.... and since this only plugs into the throttle control I'm wondering if it isn't something similar. It's not like it's changing the amount of fuel, the air/fuel ratio, the timing. Those are all run by other things in the system. I could see it possibly helping rev hang, but the other claims I'm not so sure about.

    Yep....that is what I was wondering as well. I've seen products just as you described, where you could change the percent of throttle angle vs pedal input for about half of what this product is priced at. This was talked about some years ago in a Subaru STi forum thread. Pretty much the same as you're Camaro reference.