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    Had the Stinger put on in Maggie Valley this year.

    I am tall so the fixed canvas frames made it difficult to get in and out and the flip up top makes it easy to get in and out. Liked the ability to flip the panels around and drive “open”.

    Considered the Stingray as I initially thought the center support bar would be an issue / block line of site.

    In hindsight, I think I should have gone with the Stingray for the ability to simply slide open closed or partially open while moving would be very nice.

    My biggest issue is exhaust fumes and added heat.

    I have the Welter duel exhaust and the exhaust seems to get sucked back into the cabin area. It is very very bad and unsafe. Unrideable in fact.

    I added Baker air wings which help flush out most of the fumes but I am still not happy.

    That’s not the roof’s fault.

    I will probably change out the exhaust because it is just horrible. Will also re-seal the pipe joints to insure no leakage.

    On the floorboard vent option, I see the vents can closed to reduce airflow.

    How do they function in / handle rain? Anyone with direct experience?

    Given their location, it would seem they would pick up a good bit of water off the road and tires. I doubt closing the vent would be water tight - just curious how much water might get into the passenger cabin.

    Thought the same...maybe a ground issue.

    I used the same wiring / bypass switch that worked on the Clarion CMS5.

    I will remove the bypass and connect like it was from factory and test.

    Also have a spare wiring harness and camera.

    Been so hot it’s hard to work in the garage for more than a couple of hours even with multiple fans going

    wokka - apologies for the delay in responding.

    I went with the Alpine iLX-W650 head unit.

    The bypass switch you recommended works perfectly - all the menu options are displayed all the time - no need to be in park to get the full menu options.

    My backup camera isn’t working.

    It switches on when I put it in reverse but the screen is scrolling / rolling at a fast rate.

    While rechecking the wiring and troubleshooting yesterday, I realized if I take the male end of the video plug from the Slingshot and touch the outside of the female video plug to the stereo, then insert into the plug the video feed for the camera works.

    Going to recheck wiring today and I have a spare harness and camera I might try today.

    Working on installing a new double DIN head unit from Alpine

    It has a parking break lead that needs to be connected to the power supply side of the parking switch to transmit the parking break status to the unit.

    You can’t change some of the settings and options / setup unless the unit sees the parking break on.

    I have yet to look for the parking break switch and try to figure out how to wire it.

    I suspect there is power supplied to the parking break lead when the break is on

    Wondering if I could just connect the parking break lead to the 12V power - wondering if that would send a signal indicating the break is “on” all the time allowing me to make changes without having to stop and park.

    Thoughts? Anyone try this or have other suggestions?

    I currently have a Clarion CMS5 and am completely fed up with it. Time to go.

    I am ready to replace it an need recommendations for a double DIN unit, camera support, I have external JL amps so don’t need a unit with big power. The unit needs to be either water proof or can be made waterproof with the covers

    I see Pioneer being used but don’t have a model number.

    Looking for suggestions / options.

    Thank you

    Br4hm4 - The Welter trailer was very busy and was tough to talk with someone at MV. Would love to see if they have a fix for the fumes from duels out back.

    I do believe I can benefit by sealing the joint that is just under the cup holders. At least for a piece of mind.

    I just spoke to a local guy who will ceramic coat my pipes for a few hundred dollars.

    I may just disassemble, get the pipes coated, put it all back together and see what fumes remain. Would be nice to cut down some of the heat too.

    On the ride over to Maggie Valley, i was really warm and made the decision to break down and put a roof on. Seems to be a dozen or more roof options these days so I spent time talking to people and getting in and out of rides with roofs.

    At 6’3”, I quickly realized the fixed cage / bar option wouldn’t do.

    Decided on the Stinger roof as it flips up and I can get in and out easily. In hindsight, the newer Stingray design would have probably been a better choice as it is easy to slide the roof open or closed and can ride with the roof in the open position.

    With the Stinger, you have to manually remover the tops and store them in the reverse position. Takes just a few minutes and not difficult

    Overall the Stinger is a nice product. Some wobbling at higher highway speeds but solid overall. At 80 mph + the light bar on the center rail really whistles loudly though. Need to reposition and see if that helps.

    The biggest issue I have is the amount of additional heat and exhaust fumes in the cabin. Was really unsafe and horrible. Wife and I had to stop and take the roof off.

    I added baker air wings to the top and sides of the windshield- helped some but not the right / total fix.

    I think the majority of the heat and exhaust is coming up through the cup holder hole - the back cup holder is removed to mount the support arm.

    IMO, they need to provide some type of filler / cover with a rubber gasket for the cup holder opening with the kit.

    I have the Welter duel rear exhaust and there is a joint in the pipe just under the cup holder. I clearly need to seal the joints better. I will also heat wrap or possibly ceramic coat the exhaust pipes.

    For now, I stuffed a car wash sponge in the hole and that has helped significantly to block fumes and heat.

    I do believe some exhaust is washing up and over the back deck from the duel exhausts outback.

    So the roof fixed some heat and sun exposure issues but I created other issues to resolve ...and until I find a permanent fix, we can’t ride with the roof on.

    Thank you av8ingtom for the Blantons. Very generous of you.

    Thank you V-SHOT and your better half for having us over for dinner.

    Rob the Slob - good to see you and I am praying for you.

    Dave@DDMWorks Dave - appreciate you taking a few minutes to give a quick look at my suspension.

    MEFIburn thanks for the updated tune - definitely a noticeable difference.

    Slinglow - I am at Maggie Valley with your luggage racks on my sling and and guy is interested in buying a set.

    He has one of the Stinger roofs (not sure which one) but it will be the same as V-Shot’s setup

    PM me and I will send you his email address so you can contact him.

    I hope all is well. Fell off the earth with work and so many other things going on.

    Headed to MV tomorrow AM and am staying through Sun. Hope to catch up and see what’s new in the Slingshot world.

    I hope to find a good replacement for the Clarion CMS5 head that I have given up on...would love to have a working and reliable stereo for the ride home.

    Safe travels everyone.

    Nope , it stopped at 100.00 It holds 36 gallons....

    Sometimes it stops at 75 and sometimes it stops at 100. Im sure it depends on how they set the pump up .


    The $75 or $100 limit is set by the station / store to limit potential fraud on the credit card.

    When you swipe your card, the pump isn’t actually performing a credit card authorization - it’s a provisional authorization up to one of those limits.

    Once they know the final amount, the station then gets an authorization for the final amount and posts to your credit card.

    You can restart the pump with a second swipe to finish filling.

    These limits would get hit a lot when per gallon gas prices in the upper $3 range.