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  • Phil, due to my stupidity my hood button fell apart and I am missing parts to make it work correctly, Please tell me how to order a new set of Red Fender Buttons, Thank you, would like to get them so I can install before I leave for Huntsville next Thursday.

  • I'm interested in purchasing a set of your Fender Buttons in black for 2016 Slingshot. What is the cost & shipping to upstate NY. Thanks

    • I sent you a private message

  • Hey whats interested in a set of your Fender Buttons...….How much to have a set arrive at my house in Mt Vernon NY.....also are there color options....Thanks

  • Thanks, I forgot to ask how much is just the kit if I install it?

    • The DIY V3 Fender Button Kit is $125 includes shipping, hole saw, alignment tool, complete set of installation instructions and my exclusive mounting system. Money back garrantee if you decide you cannot install or bring it to me and I will install for $50.00

    • I will be in Eureka Springs next month

  • Super, how much are your buttons, installed?

    • The V3 Fender Buttons are $175.00 install with free hood adjustments. Payment by cash or PayPal.

  • Are you going to be in Eureka Springs in Sept.? If so would like to get a set of buttons installed.

    • Yes I plan to be there, looking forward to it

  • I’ve been trying to find a video of the hood pins, even trying to find you on FB but No can do

    Can you help me out and send me a link?

    • Sorry, look me up as Phil Ward on Facebook, I just put the video at the top again. I will try to link you also

  • I am old-school not sure what PM means but if it gets me more clarity and information on the pins I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks much. I have a 2016 base model metallic gray
    Bob / SoCal

    • I will shoot you a pm, it will show up in the “conversation” tab at the top of the page.

  • I am needing to get a set of hood pins, can you give me the information on them

  • mniron, i am a bit late to the game,,lol..please pm me or email me info about hood latch kit, thanks ryd,,,

  • Do you have 2 XL if I will take 2 . Text me 219-363-8281 thank you

  • I would also be interested in a pin kit for my pearl black 2017. Hope I have the nerve to drill my body parts, or for that matter the slings body parts. Anybody have the goof covering decals? They will fit the 17s right? I'll beta test them.

    • So far nobody has goof up on the install, it seems to be mostly nerves that get in the way. I have installed Buttons on all models of SlingShots. Feel free to PM me for any other questions or concerns.

  • Top of the Day, Please send how to purchase a diy kit with black buttons for my 2015 base sling. and if there are options for h/d pins as i
    think i read about and any other items that you offer.
    Thanks Gus.

  • Mniron do you have a website or number

  • My sling is going in to the dealer next week to have most of the body panels replaced including the hood. I plan to remove the hood buttons prior to droppinh it off but what about the pins attached to the frame? Can I leave those or should they be removed also?

    • Leave the pins in place, after removing the Buttons raise the bumpers up about 1/4". This will allow enough space for the new panels without hitting the plastics. After you get your SlingShot back you cut the holes in the new panels from the bottom aligned with the hole in the subframe, drop the bumpers, check alignment, adjust if needed.

      The hole is 3/4", are you in need of a holesaw? I can aslo send you out a set of the DIY instructions, you would find them very helpful. Email or PM me your address.

  • Can you send me info/pricing/installation for your hood pin kit to

  • I'd like to get my name on the list for a set of black buttons in the Rockies. Could you repost the picture of the different colors again I was not able to find them?

    • I will take care of you, just come see me at Alpha Powersports! I will pm you a picture or two.

  • I'm in, let me know where to send and how you want the funds sent. Will go ahead with (2) sets. Do front first and study the back a bit! I'm white so I think the black sets would do me fine... LOL

  • I wanted to do Kerrville, but don't think I will have the sling back from the shop in time. Not thinking to make Maggie, or Vail until next year. Hopefully our paths will cross in time so I can get your services rendered upon my Sling!!
    Thank you for your reply.
    Is this mod something a person with decent handy man and mechanical skills could preform? Am really interested in doing (2) sets, 1 front and 1 to the rear of hood. Really like your method much more than the other option that is available.

    • I have DIY kits for the front of the fenders, comes complete with instructions, alignment tool, hole saw, etc. The rear set would require some design for placement. I certainly can get you all the needed parts. I would suggest installing the front set to start so you get a understanding of the needs to proceed with a rear set.

  • I would like info on how or where to get you to install hood buttons. Any info would be much appreciated!

    • I will be at Kerrville, Maggie Valley and Vail working at Alpha Powersport doing installs, are you attending one of these events?

  • The Fender Button kit will be for the fenders, but these buttons have numerous uses. I hope to expand how they are used. Looking forward to working with you.

  • Hello Sir.... Have read a bit about the button kit you plan to offer. Please put me on your list! I may even think of two sets, one for close to the windshield, would just have to figure a way to mount. Thanks

  • You were not negative - I kinda thought some of the others were not giving him a fair shake and wanted him to have the opportunity to defend his idea. Ya had to tell me ya had me sumthin special didn't ya!!! Now I got 5 months to wonder - if it was anybody else but you I'd be nervous!! Can't wait to see you again - the buttons come in a close 2nd!! LMAO

  • I was wondering Switzerland! I like Noel also, I was trying not to negative in my comments. Time will tell the differences, I am already making changes from the miles of use I have seen on mine. I will drill your paint with pride so your dog can live. As for the polished buttons, I already have them. But, I will sell them to someone else because you will receive a surprise! You are going to love it!

  • I love Noel to death and I wanted him to get a fair shake. I still am gonna go with you and your install cause I already gave you my word and even as easy as Noel makes it look I AINT DRILLING MY OWN PAINT - I'd rather shoot my dog!! LOL. See ya in Kerrville I'll remind ya to get me a polished set when it gets closer!!

  • LOL!! With this bunch I gotta get prepared - I know sumbody is gonna jack with me sum kinda way before you finish. See ya in Kerrville for the fun

  • Thanks! Got you covered, someone's going to film it I know!

  • YOU are the only one I trust to do mine. I love Noel to death but I think yours is a better design - don't forget polished / I will pay the xtra!! You can install at night or day - I just can't watch!! LMAO

  • Happy Thanksgiving, I already was planning on having a set ready for you, although I have not registered for Kerrville yet, I am planning on artending. I believe this event is going to be great! Maybe I should install yours under the cover of dark, you will not even know it happened! I still can do some of my best work in the dark.

  • I made up my mind!! I ain't gonna watch but I trust you to drill my paint for the buttons. Any possibility you could get them polished & put em on in Kerrville?