Sending Out Prayers to All Our SouthEast Coast Family & Friends

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  • Sincerest prayers that all of you and yours stay safe as Matthew potentially takes aim!
    Hurricanes are about the only thing that scares the bejesus out of me. I barely outran hurricane David in Florida in '79- hunkered down on the Alabama coast, and got clobbered pretty bad by Frederic, about 2 weeks later. A few more, (albeit minor ones), came in, and I decided that coastal living was not for me. Stay safe!

  • Thanks. I'm in the center of the "Projected Path". They just announced a "Mandatory" evacuation. I'll be here though.
    I have plenty of food and beer.
    I'll be holed up in a 100 year old brick building. (They don't build them like that any more)
    Bring one of our refrigerated draft trailers home so that if the power goes out, I'll be able to keep food from spoiling.

    Anyone want to come to Savannah for a Hurricane Party?
    Free Beer!

  • Wtf?. Free beer???. I'm there!. How far are you from Dallas and can you pick me up?

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  • I am staying in Georgetown, plenty of gas for the generator to keep the beer cold.

  • Sorry, I ain't going anywhere.
    I have a generator, gas, hot tub full of water, water filters, concrete block house, no trees around the house and plenty of food.
    1 or 2 guns :00008356: for self defense and a couple rounds of ammo :00008172: .
    Got everything i need.

  • Still waiting to see where Matthew is headed along the coast. Started stocking up on food,beer, propane, and gas for the generator tonight. If Matthew takes a turn to the east then all of the local SS owners should throw a big party. Will be holding down the fort. If we lose power I am ready. Hoping it makes a right turn.

  • I hope none of you in the path take unnecessary risks! Why not use the excuse to go visit & stay with a forum buddy further inland?! I wish you all the best - these storms are serious business...

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  • I SO understand the Hunker Down, and protect what is mine line of thought- back then, I did the same time, and ended up hosting a hurricane party for way too many who tried to flee at the last moment. Getting them thru the storm safely was what kept my sanity- even though we had to move the party when trees came crashing thru my roof........Stay vigilant, all. I will pray for an Eastern turn.

  • Stay safe & for God's sake....strap those Slings down!!!!!

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  • Guys I don't wanna be a killjoy but if any of you guys are along the coast this storm ain't no "party" storm!! The amounts of water that this kinda storm pushes is just incredible and can overwhelm you before you have time to get away. I rode out Rita and bout half way thru thinkin this is the dumbest thing I ever did and we ain't gonna make it. We were lucky and survived but others were not so lucky. Holly Beach is a community about 25 miles from me as the crow flies and this

    I know it's been a long time since a hurricane this bad was threatening the US coast and people have a tendency to become complacent. Brothers - I love to bullshit but I am sincere as I can be - PLEASE TAKE THIS STORM SERIOUSLY!! Have a plan and just get the hell out - nothing is worth you or any of your families lives!! BE SAFE

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  • Bill Martin

    I do have a back up plan if needed. I went thru Hurricane Hugo in Charleston, South Carolina and I know what you mean. I learned my lesson that night.

    My daughter lives in Madisonville, La. I have never been to Lake Charles, but I know your area was devastated not long ago with floods from a never ending rain. Hope all is well in Lake Charles now. I will let you know the next time in am down visiting my daughter.