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  • Nice to see you're still around once in awhile Adam!!

    • Thanks Jim!!!

      I check in and read the interesting posts daily, but just haven't posted anything new lately. Hit the winter-time blues I guess. Just waiting for a few nice days to sneak in a quick ride while I wait for spring. I'm sure it's even worse over your way :)

      It's always great to see you still popping in!! Thanks for keeping me in mind and I hope you and your family are doing great!!!

  • Hey there Mhennessy69. They are Chubby Cup Holders. They were perfect for attaching where I did on both sides of my Sling (they can also be placed in other areas). Very easy to fit to the bars. They hold pretty much every size of bottle or cup we use. I've had them for 2 years with zero issues.
    Here's a link to the Chubby website:…ick-release-drink-holder/

  • I noticed a cup holder mounted to the bars on your sling. Would you remember where you got it, and what’s the quality?

  • Hey there Pete!!!
    So great to hear from you!! I was just thinking about you last weekend and wondering how you and your lovely family are doing? Time goes by so darn fast anymore.....I think we are going by "Dog Years" now...Hah!!!
    We're doing good up here....working our butts off at work, but that helps buy more toys, eh? My brother and I just moved our dad back up from Florida, so it doesn't look like I'll ever be able to get over to your neck of the woods like I had hoped to...Dang it!!!!
    I hope you all are doing well, and life is treating everyone good???

  • Hey aj, sup? How are yous guys.. Lol..

  • Hey Adam, I had to laugh as I read your post (we were on the road) as we were already back in MN when I read it. We left Slinglows place at 10 am on Tuesday and were back home by 5 pm on Wednesday. Dean

    • Hey there my friend!!! It was great to see your still livin the dream!!! Hope all is well with you, and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!!!! My brother Scott said to tell ya Hi as well. He had a blast hanging with you all!!!

  • Hey ADAM...sent an email but not response,,how are you? hit me up when you get a chance...:) say hi to mrs..and family...:)

    • Hey there my friend!!! Sorry I missed your email. Checked,but couldn't find it. Gotta love that magical land of emails sometimes!!!! Anyways....I fired off an email to you. Always good to hear from ya and find out how life is treating you and the family!!!!!

  • Hi Adam, hope all is going well for you and your family. Two questions first are you going to the Smoky event? Two I really need your D mod I put ceramic brake pads on and the dust is still killing my rear wheel. Did you come up with a kit for sale yet? I am retired and no longer have access to the shop to make my own. I would gladly pay for the kit and shipping if you could help a brother out. There is no hurry as I have the sling put away for the winter now. I hope to run into sometime this year at an event had a great time with you and Scott. Thanks from slolane

    • Hi Slolane!!!
      Always great to hear from you!!! Say Hi to Hotshoe for me, and give her a big hug if you can catch her...Hah!!!
      We're doing great out here in the boonies. I'm still upright and mobile, so life is good and I can't complain :)
      There is no way for us to make the Smoky event. (I've got jury, just kidding....but then again, we know the odds...)
      Time and work just don't allow for us to make it. I'm really hoping to make the Adirondack event again, but not even 100% sure about that until it gets closer. Hope you & Hotshoe can make it for that one. I'm sure there one way or another, we may meet up again this coming summer, so I'll be looking forward to it!!! Scott is still talking my ears off about how much fun he had and all the great people he met on that trip. It was just plain awesome!!!
      I haven't done any D-Mod kits up, but no worries my friend, I'll put something together for you and I'll PM you when I have it ready to ship. You can give me your mailing info then. The panels will be black plastic (unpainted) so you'll have to paint them what ever color turns you on. Things are pretty hectic right now, so it'll probably be after 1st of the year before I PM you and have them ready if that's good with you?
      Hope you & Hotshoe have a fabulous Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday my friend!!!!

    • Thank you so much my friend and yes we are doing well. I would like to make the rockies event but with it being so close time wise to the Smokies I don't know. If I can't make that one then I would love to do Lake George again. I am in no hurry for the kit as I mentioned my sling is put up for the winter and going no where. I have no problem painting them and can't thank you enough just let me know how much and how you want the pay sent. My address is 556 Marcia st. sw. Wyoming Michigan 49509. Thank you again my friend.

    • Got Brother!! I'll let ya know when I'm fixing to send it out to ya!!!!

    • Adam, I got my kit today and can't thank you enough my friend. I sent you a pm on the dark side about it. Again thank you

    • My pleasure!!!!!! I responded to you on the other forum as well. I'll get measurements from where I located my panels and post them, plus a few pics, as soon I get the chance. Take care my friend!!!!!

  • Adam, Now that you have had the turbo for a while,what is your overall opinion of it?

    • Hey there jdriver!!
      I simply LOVE it!!! My wife loves it too. She thought she might be intimidated by the power but found out that it's very manageable when you drive normal, and really becomes a beast when you wake it up!! I have had zero issues with it so far. The only thing I do every so often is re-tighten the 3 bolts holding the muffler flange to the turbo assembly. They don't come loose, but I do find that I can get about a quarter turn on the wrench when I check them. (about every 500-600 miles). It has the standard Alpha exhaust, so it is loud and really barks when your getting into it. There is some exhaust fumes when you're taking off form a stop, or going less than 15 mph. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for serious, manageable, power without breaking the bank. I'm glad I had them install the ARP Headbolts, since they did find most of the stock ones no where near spec torque. Oh, did I mention how drop dead gorgeous the system looks under the hood???? It's a shame to hide such a sexy thing under a hood!!! I have also noticed an unexpected gain in fuel mileage...only about 1.4 mpg, but that's pretty darn good since I expected to lose mpg's due to a heavy foot!!! You have to use a different motor oil for the Turbo, and change it out every 2,500 miles, so maybe that has something to do with the mpg gain??? (couldn't say for sure) Hopefully I've answered your question, and don't hesitate to ask anything if you think I can answer it for ya!!!

  • Pardon my stupidty but my current foam is not on the side panel. If I remove the current foam the new foam is to long. Should the foam go onto the side panel?

    • Not stupid in the least my friend!!! I went out and took a couple shots of how far up the long foam is applied. I can't post those pics here, so I'll post them back in that thread.

  • hi, where did you get the batt. cable connectors...nice...:)

  • What Price Glory??

    • hey man,,got the goods...haha,,,thanks tons and i am keeping your info in my wallet , and plan on a visit ASAP,,making a trip in aug/sept to ny,,and may go to OHIO lol ya neva know...ttyl ..

    • Fantastic!! Looking forward to seeing pics of the finished project!! Feel free to swing by any old time you're in our neck of the woods!!! I think the Slingshots Across America crew is passing through our area in early Sept too.....Life is good!!