My cover max cover evaluation

  • I just unwrapped my new cover max cover. I was skeptical as to whether it would fit over my roof. With some stretching and pulling it covered the entire SS with the rear fender and two flag poles sticking up. It’s tucked under the front spoiler and it goes down around the bottom curve of the rear tire. The quality seems nice considering it’s made in China. The only down side for me is there are no grommets on either side to attach a locking cable under the SS. On my old cover I was using the cable to just keep the cover from blowing away. Not saying this one will blow away, but you never know and there is always a chance

    that the cover could grow legs.

    this is from the rear looking toward the front.

    You can see my brick hanging from the loops they provide. There is a strap attached to the other side. You can see my locking cable through the loops. I would have liked a sturdy grommet near the bottom in this area to feed the cable through.

    a shot of the roof and the bulges from the flag poles near the upper right corner.
    also you can see the cover doesn’t go all the way to the ground. For me that’s a plus. So air can circulate under the SS to dry up any rain or condensation. This should prevent rust from forming. I had serious rust issues after one winter with a two wheeler that didn’t have sufficient air flow with a similar cover in first winter I had it.

    The rear wheel is completely covered.

    the driver side brick and strap. I will never use the strap.

    you can see the cover wrapped under the front spoiler.

    this is the driver side mirror bulge. I expect those to be a major weak spots after some serious summer sun.

    Roof shot

    Flag poles

    Rear fender

    old cover with the air gap I maintained every winter.

    This white cover was dried out by the sun. I can’t wait to see what the black cover will do from the UV rays.

  • Your black cover is going to fade to gray. Had mine for the last three years. Still strong. The inside lining is starting to show some wear and has a tare on the flag poles. Bought a replacement a couple of months ago, but still using the old one.

    Caution: cats get curious and are known to crawl into the cockpit to sleep. 🤨. As me, just ask....

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  • Keep mines outside in my driveway when i have other bikes im working on and my motion cameras always picks up stray cats, skunks & possums at night snooping around my slingshot and i dread the day i come out and smell or see a sign of any animal inside......

  • The lack of grommets is to keep from scratching the paint when putting on or taking off the cover. There was a couple of straps at the rear with metal s hooks and I cut those off. The tire holds the cover good enough.

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  • My flag pole solution.. cut the tops off some two liter bottles. if you look at the picture with the rear wheel chock, I have a clothes line tied to the chock and running through both bottles. It keeps them altogether. I forgot to take the bottles off a few times never did find them.

  • I put a LARGE tinfoil cover on my Sling. (Amazingly, it matches the color of my indoor hat AND my outdoor helmet.) You can NEVER be too safe.

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