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    Because you cannot have the thing on 100% instant response for street driving, it would be too snappy. The settings range from 0% to 100% with most people comfortable in the sport position which is about 80% (my guess).

    These guys are mashing the gas down....I would expect the gate to snap wide open.....what if you just give it a little bit of gas? shouldn't the gate still instantly respond (open slightly without a lag time no matter how hard you press down? Nobody always mashes the gas.

    Without the pedal commander....does the lag time change depending on how hard you press down on the gas? Or is the lag perceived when you mash it down because you’re thinking I should be going already...

    Don’t forget to slip the wire shrink wrap up the wire before you solder so you can slide it over the resister and shrink it when you’re done...

    There is another resister question...

    Your picture of the ones you bought say 1/2 watt. They come in many different watt how do we know the right wattage to use? Does that mean it’s all it can handle? If you go over 1/2 watt then what? Does it quit working? Blow a fuse....catastrophic explosion?

    Ok Sam, I have many questions...

    1. My right turn signal quit working again tonight....I had my heated jacket and gloves on just like the last what are the odds of the heated riding gear making this happen,

    2. Are resisters a one way thing or is that a Transistor? Meaning electricity only flows one way...

    3. Many of the tiny light bulbs I bought recently has a resister already on it in the red wire. So what value would they be?

    4. You suggest adding a 100 resister in the add on lights...if every light bulbs we get usually has a resister on it already....why don’t these switchbacks we are buying come with a resister already ...and what value would it. Be? 100

    5. I have 2 switchbacks and a sequencer on each side should each one have a resister in the hot line.. if so what value? Does every light require a resister?

    6. Shouldn’t we all ....of the manufacturers aren’t going to supply them....add a resister to every light we add?

    7. With 3 questionable lights on each side that could be causing a problem on my 300 ohms too much? Or should we maybe use 3 smaller value resisters?

    fantastic assessment. I’m glad we made the right decision and i think most of us IF not all are really going to enjoy this thing.

    First they said DO NOT Change settings while driving because it could throw a code.

    Second, I asked this before without a reply... can the app or unit be hacked because it’s bluetooth?

    If your driving in bumper to bumper traffic and it suddenly goes into race’re screwed...

    My 19 SS loses RPMs and dies when I depress the clutch all the way in and downshift from 3rd to 2nd gear. Not all the time, but now about 5 times. I notice that may times as I slow down, depress the clutch and move the shifter into neutral before putting it in 2nd gear, it will drop down to less than 400 RPM and then the RPMs will pick back up to 750-800. Only have 1800 miles on it. Anyone else having this issue? Thinking the computer might have to be reflashed. And yes, I'm pushing the clutch all the way down.

    Maybe the clutch needs a slight adjustment.....

    Could be a faulty sensor on the motor...there are lots of them to pick from.

    Any codes when this happens?

    There is one thing I don’t understand.....watching the video I posted earlier about a similar product....the whole idea is to get the throttle gate to open quickly (instantly) when you push on the gas.....

    So why does it take 30 settings to accomplish this one task? You only need one setting. If that setting makes the gate instantly open every time you push on the pedal no matter how you push on it....what am I missing?

    The goal is instant throttle response right?

    So why can’t take be done with just one adjustment?

    Does this actually happen to the tachometer?

    4. A good example of how the gas pedal will respond is if you're parked on the side of the road in neutral and press the gas pedal to 3k rpm and click the dial up (+1) you'll instantly see the slingshot jump to 3,200 rpm, (+2) 3,400 rpm, etc.. These are examples of the logic.. not the actual results.

    When you’re doing your speed runs....doing them without the “idle enhancer” keep the rpm up equivalent to what the enhancer does.

    Ex. If the idle enhancer jacks the rpm up by 500 standing still.....then do all your non enhanced speed tests with the rpm jacked up an extra 500 rpm. Shift all the gears at an extra 500. Just to keep things fair.

    In one of the was mentioned that you could see the rpm increase standing still using the higher settings. That tells me that the product just increases the rpm so when you release the clutch ...sure it’s going to launch. You can do that now without any gizmos... just increase your rpm and release the magic the slingshot will leap into action.

    I try to keep my rpm low when driving. Just like you heart has so many beats...your motor only has so many rpm in its lifetime.

    If you’re constantly running the motor at higher rpm just to get a faster start and even when just traveling down the road just to pretend you’re in a race car you are killing you motor live, your oil life and your clutch life.

    Still sounds like smoke and mirrors.