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    I feel like I am completely done with my Slingshot...and it's weird to say that. The only thing left is to change out the 22's to a set of 20's and I don't think I have anything else but maintenance left...It's a very weird feeling.

    that’s kinda how I’m feeling now.......I’m going to consider that a positive thing....that’s leaves more money for gasoline ...:thumbsup:

    now it will just be maintaining things that wear out.

    almost all of my mods are safety related....more lights was a big issue for me. I want to be seen.....others are handling and ride related. Then electronic expansion for extras and heated riding gear.

    I’ve not found anything I’ve wasted money on. Some items were an upgrade to replace crappy factory things...some were dress up items...

    while it’s cooling you’ll need to keep it clamped until it’s totally cold.

    one more thing.....since it’s black and the sun will heat it up really curved visor started to go back to its original flat shape. I had to reshape it and build a metal frame to fasten to it to keep its curve. So if your sling it parked in the sun long enough....your pieces could start losing their shape.

    Quick question; What did you use to cut the material and get a nice edge?

    get a plexiglass jigsaw blade..... use fine sand paper on the edges...

    I would use 1/8” thickness or less if you want to make that tight of a curve....the biggest issue is going to be heating it.....the heat gun I used, if you hold it too close for too long you’ll start to melt the texture flat...then to hold its shape you’ll need to have a wet rag to chill it...

    before the valve I could stand straddling the wheel to reach down and remove the drain plug without jacking the SS up..... which didn’t take long.

    with the valve trying to get the safety plastic insert off and on took twice as long as doing it the old way...then add in how long it takes to drain....I could have done the job twice with the regular drain plug.

    the only reason to not change it back is the reduced chances of stripping the drain plug threads.....I had a van with stripped oil pan threads ...I sold it but my fix was to install the drain valve ....I have the valve now but not the van..

    the original post said....high beams stay on all the time.....possible reason could be the headlight unit itself.....which is not serviceable....

    so the flapper to cover half of the headlights is probably solenoid operated....either it’s constant on or constant off......power holds it open or power closes it. Just a guess without actually tearing one apart...

    I posted this info to piss everyone off to help anyone..

    I have a 2016 base model and the tub plastic is what I would consider quite smooth. I have ordered off of eBay four different lengths and types so we shall see. As usual I really appreciate everybody’s input thank you so much!

    I also contemplated making my own gap fillers from textured marine plastic.....I wouldn’t use 1/4” hard to shape.

    Contemplated cutting and plastic welding the pieces together...need proper welding equipment

    Making wooden molds to shape the material over....very time consuming.

    ended up buying gap filler for $375...... I’m very happy with the quality and the look of them.

    There is just so much online it makes it difficult to choose. You mentioned textured however I would consider ours to be smooth. Sure would be nice if there was a local store where you could go put your hands on it

    look closer at our tub.

    Some of the newer slingshots have smooth black hood panels...


    just do an internet search and there are lots of sites besides eBay selling it.

    make sure it’s textured to match the slingshot