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    mo, I would do the same fix as the recall for that 40 amp fuse. That’s the engine circuit. Other than the alarm system have you added anything else to the engine circuit? Fastest way to check the problem eliminate that fuse for the heavy duty one.

    Maybe for some reason the alarm system was causing the circuit to over heat. Bad ground....loose ground....or hot wire issue..... Now the damage is done and it will always over heat now. It could still be something in the alarm system that started the issue.

    Mitch, I sure hope this isn't your new Jeep? If it was, I'll give you a GREAT deal on a SLIGHTLY used RED one

    the water in the bottom of the hole didn’t help the tire traction...

    I had an incident years ago with a $500 printer. Long story order to reset it and clear the error ...the unit needed to be unplugged and plugged from the wall 3 times. I now use this lesson on everything electronic ....I unplug and plug everything 10 times...TVs, printers, computers.......if it has removable/replaceable batteries I take them out....before I consider my next options.......this would include the slingshot.....disconnection the negative battery terminal is the first thing I do. All These electronic brains get scrambled. Before I figured out the secret printer issue I ordered a new $500 I have 2 $500 printers.

    driver side mirror always vibrates and the glass itself moves in toward the steering wheel. I have to push it back out every so often. I have the mirror extensions installed also.

    Bigdog what is the point of posting links to products that are only for slingshots up to 2019? and not for a 2020 slingshot? - - did you read the OP?

    I own a 2015...... I haven’t kept up with changes made on other years. I’m not looking to get rid of mine till the wheels fall off. So I didn’t know they moved the battery. That said if the frame area where the original battery location was hasn’t changed...a full size battery could still fit in that spot. My next question would be is there room under the hood to put a bigger battery, with a possible change made to the existing tray? The only issue with putting the battery in the old rear location would be running new battery cables to the engine compartment and adding the tray.

    did I read somewhere that the reason for the rear battery location was for weight distribution?
    also adding a battery in an enclosed storage area could be an issue because of the acid fumes? I.e. explosion or fumes permeating any items stored in that compartment especially clothing ... years ago I was hauling a battery in the trunk of my fell over and acid went wasn’t a pretty sight. Let’s just say I’m not in favor of putting a battery in the storage area.

    I have the polaris security system. It’s my understanding that if the remotes battery power is too low things related to the alarm won’t work. I have two remotes, one holds a charge much longer than the other one. So before I ride anywhere I check the battery indicator on them. I’ll get a message on it if it’s too low.

    It also came with 2 chargers....I keep one in the kitchen with a remote always plugged in and I keep the other charger in my glove box just in case.

    let’s see.....2 pee pee batteries or 1 manly battery....

    There is a lack of on board storage already why kill it with another tiny battery... makes no sense. When they put our 2.4 motor in cars...they didn’t put in a motorcycle battery.... polaris had it right in the early years..... the Motorcycle battery was only used to cut down on the out the door Weight ...I never had a motorcycle battery last more than 2 years and it was constantly low on water..... checking and filling every other week... .and you want him to have 2 batteries to constantly babysit. And replace every other year.....I’m still on my original 2015 battery.... the battery in my pick up truck lasted 9 years....sits outside all year long just like my slingshot...…tricled?search=Battery%20…ingshot?search=Fuse%20box

    eliminate the motorcycle battery.....

    Add the big battery tray.......

    get a car battery like the 2015 slingshot...

    run a separate larger wire connection to a neutrino fuss box or other fuse box using the new battery terminal hot wire connectors.

    Don’t add anymore lights, etc to the existing 50 amp chassis circuit..... creat your own new circuit.

    You can control the 6 neutrino circuits from your cell phone. It’s a total of 60 amps fuse box.

    the money the dems plan to spend on the new green deal will dictate climate policies.

    Killing the fossil fuels should give you an indication.
    rejoining the Paris climate accord should be another.

    These are all hidden taxes.

    They are another means of control over the population.

    China right now is building over 60 new coal fired power plants. Is there really climate change?
    wind and solar are not nearly ready to power the world. But they’ll take your money now.

    Commiefornia is leading the country on this. The same ones that are giving you homeless camps, sanctuary cities and other BS.