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    Is the mandatory 2 names thing for every woman who has a child? or do you want it only for Black women?

    I don't know all of the causes of the various problems that people of color face in this country, but there are those that say the destruction of the traditional family unit is the direct result of families being separated by slavery and then inability of men to get jobs that would support a family because of systemic racism just lead to the continuation of the problem - - - Not saying this is true, but I do think it is worth consideration

    can any of us honestly say we would have had the same successes we have had and been in the same place we are now if we had been born poor and black? I am sure we would all like to think so, but is that truly reality?

    That would be discriminatory.

    federal law covering every new baby. It takes two to make it and it should require 2 to raise it. And that includes financially until age 18. No free ride.

    I agree except for the mandatory 2 names on the birth certificate - no way to enforce it. One of the biggest problems IMO - and everybody that pays taxes should be pissed no matter the race - some irresponsible asshat gets the ass and we get the bill. Guess we should be happy - at least we get a good government screwing out of it!!:00008172:

    no 2 names

    No federal or state financial assistance. Ever. Enforcement in full play. Don’t forget you’re talking about the I want everything free generation.

    mandatory...2 names on a birth certificate....for financial responsibility and social guidance.....they all said a fatherless upbringing was the major problem...

    Calling themselves black Americans is self segregation....I don’t Run around calling myself a white American...

    Like it or not....we are all AMERICANS.....PERIOD.....

    this is the recommended tire pressure in the service manual for the slingshot.

    the question is....the slingshot comes with the Kendra tires from the factory. Is this pressure only recommended for the Kendra Tires or does it apply to all brands of tires we would put on the SS.....many manufactures recommended different tire pressure for their tires....

    I walked out of a restruant a few minutes ago. They told me I had to wear a mask until my food got to the table. It was a good thing I did not order take out by the cell phone they would have been holding the take out order, I did not get but one step in the door before I was stopped. Let us just say that I was not a very nice person. How Stupid can it get?

    you must remember you are entering private property and the owner of that property can dictate how the public will conduct itself. That said our state just ordered masks outside at all times subject to fines. Every food establishment requires masks right now. Their operating licenses are on the line. All restaurant employees are required to wear a mask. That’s to protect the public. So why don’t you want to protect them? It’s a pain. Our restaurants were ordered to close again. Take out only. I just drove my SS through 2 local parks. Basically they are ghost towns.

    Bill Martin this one is for you. Does anyone else beside me notice the number of Trump Flags, Ball Caps, stickers out there while you are riding around town or out on a trip. Also remember that no one is giving this stuff away yet, so all of us with "BALLS Enough" are spending our money to show how we think. Hell" I have bought and give away around 100 "TRUMP" ball caps in the last 9 months or so on my own and wear a different one each day of the week.. The so called Democrats, are to cheap to buy flags and ball caps and to display and support how they feel, they are to CHICKEN SH_T to let people know how they feel. That in IMHO is a lot of what is wrong today. The people are not willing to stand up for what they believe in and they cannot think for themselves. To those same DA's who you going to call and cry to when they do away with the Law Enforcement. That is just my opinion, but look around you if you do not believe me.

    it’s not that people don’t want to show support for trump. I have 5 vehicles that sit outside. And I’m not young enough to have to physically fight or worse anyone over my decision. I have donated around $2000 already.

    So - a question - If you really believe that your own country would kill its own people here in the U.S. to advance their own political agenda - - - why are you still here?

    If you truly believe this why wouldn't you move to a different place?

    I know the U.S. isnt perfect, but I don't believe either political party would intentionally kill U.S. citizens living in the U.S. just to have more political power - - - lots of things are very F'ed up but if I truly thought they were that F'ed up I would be out of here

    I don’t have a passport for a reason, there is no place I want to be. Look in the sky and see the poison chemtrails. It’s too late anything they wanted to put in our bodies, food, soil, water has already happened. And it’s already in your body and 325 million others. Just hope they don’t use their kill option.

    if you’re lucky he’ll get the virus At his winery and kick the bucket.....Cross your fingers.

    If you look back through the media, you will see all the stuff that was said about the virus that was so wrong... Like Pelosi standing in China town saying come on down... All of them were full of shit. The CDC and the WHO were both failures in this mess. At the time the CDC was saying not to wear masks even China was saying... big mistake not to wear a mask... Oh well.. here we are...

    you don’t get it yet.... it was done on purpose so the virus would spread more. And it worked. Supposedly.

    We are getting closer to the election. They want you to vote from home. They just issued a everyone must wear a mask in public or be fined and they just closed bars and restaurants again for a week.

    and it’s mainly directed toward young people. I’m in a Democrat controlled state.

    So they can waste the protection money on themselves but using it for the police to protect everyone isn’t allowed? Do you think the Democrats will wake up before the election? It’s your tax money but not for your benefit. LOL re-elect them again. If you live long enough to vote.

    Hell, if it's on the internet, it HAS to be right 8)8)8)

    yes if you only search for and believe one source....but I look for multiple sources and I sift through the information....and I have been connecting the dots for 20 years.....there are undeniable facts out there.....doing a 10 minute search isn’t my idea of fact gathering. And I just don’t make up my mind in 10 minutes...most of you have done so in much less question your thinking....on what information have you actually examined.....My guess is none...I at least like to get some accurate information before I call a quick search of weather modification patents......check out H.A.A.R.P.....and don’t believe the governments explanation.....just like They told us UFOs are all swamp gas, weather balloons or Venus....with no other explanation

    everything is a conspiracy......take the red pill.....

    "one of the goofiest things I have ever read"

    So . . . this is the only Big Dog post you have ever read . . . 'cause there some a lot goofier than this. Check out his weather control thoughts.

    it doesn’t take much searching to find out about it.....try it just might get red pilled....