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    I don't have an IPad, but I do have a phone mount and a dashcam mounted to that bracket right there. The phone mount was originally peel-n-stick until the plastic broke down (snapped the neck) so then I modified it to run a bolt through that center hole.

    That being said, that mount gets A LOT of vibration from the wind and general movement of the car. I would NOT recommend putting anything as big as an IPad there. If my phone mount broke just holding my Samsung S9 cell phone, I could not imagine what it would do with the weight of a tablet.

    Other people have made mounts that go right over the stereo area MiM or mount lower on the center console.

    So, a couple over the weekend that I finished up tonight:

    Console painted white. Lots of sanding. Sanding plastic. Twice. Filler. Sanding. Filler again. Sanding. Wet sanding. Paint. Wet Sanding. Paint. Did I mention sanding?

    Then Fender Delete. Gotta rework it some.

    And the reason for the Fender Delete (other than it's my favorite mod!) Stormtrooper Projection Lamp! This is on the ground right behind the front wheel. It's about 20-24" tall at this point. (That "hair" across the nose is actually a crack in my concrete.)

    New horn to replace the wimpy stock horn

    Is that the new SSO / Twist Dynamics horn?

    I asked them about how loud it was and the only response I got was "We don't have that information"?? WTF?? A horn and you don't know how loud that is? That's like saying you have an engine but don't know the HP.

    So, how loud is it? I would presume louder than stock, but not as loud as train horns. Possibly louder that the Wolo Bad Boy??

    So now we have 3 major events in <2 months:

    • Maggie Valley - Mid Aug
    • SSITO - Mid Sept
    • Kerrville - End of Sept

    I'ld love to go to all, and was planning on trying to get to MV this year because of all the delays. But everything so close eats up my available time. May have to choose.

    Looks very similar to the TD Gullwing that I have. One thing I note with the TDGW is that I have to look thru the front panel to see street lights. With that one being aluminum, you cant do that. Like the panels are removable so maybe just leave that one off. Price is less than TDGW too.

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    I don’t think that 1 1/2 pipe will carry a heavy rain flow. It will probably pool up on incoming side and flow out into the street if that is what I see. You may get a visit from the city.

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    Well, that exactly happened yesterday. BIG downpour, but it worked fine. You are right that pipe could only take so much, but the rest of the water went around just fine. No major pooling anywhere, including on the input side.

    And I took a walk around the neighborhood. There are quite a few driveways where people have added the concrete to flatten the transition, but I'm the only one that put the pipe in. In fact, there where a couple where they poured the original driveway straight out into the gutter. I took pics in case anyone from the city gives me grief.

    Yeah, no HOA in my neighborhood. But we'll see. I did some investigating and best I could find was that governments and homeowners have "joint responsibility" for the gutters. Seems that full government ownership doesn't start until the asphalt.

    Oh, and shixxy concrete job. I didn't have the proper floats (and wasn't going to buy them at $40+ each!) but I did do with an old glue trowel I had. Did power wash before and put adhesion promoter on both the old concrete and mixed into the new. Problem was that the pipe "floated" up so that there is actually a little rise at the top over the pipe.

    Years ago, when we had a pool, I made a deal with the wife: I'll clean the pool but we have to pay for a gardener to mow the yard. And best part was since the gardeners did about 10 houses all a 1 time, it only cost me $10/week. Best deal I ever made.

    Not a great pic, and I forgot to take a "Before" pic. But my driveway had about a 2" lip at the street gutter (I actually measured it). You could tell when they built the house that they had cut the curb horizontal and then poured the driveway over it. Funny part is, mine was the only one this way - everyone else driveway ran into and became part of the gutter.

    Not a big deal with the cars and trucks, but the motorcycle was always fun trying to get up. And then of course the SS with those low profile tires was always a pain. I always took it slow backing in, but when pulling out, the front tires would drop over the lip and hit the spoiler against the street. That's why I never bought the DDM Spoiler.

    Anyways, got fed up enough that I did something about it. Layed down a 1-1/2" pipe for water to run through and then poured (mixed by hand and shoveled in) 360 lbs of concrete. That was fun. Supposed to rain 4-7" next weekend so we'll see how well it does. I know that pulling out this AM was MUCH smoother.

    Dave@DDMWorks - Gonna have to measure to see if I would clear that splitter now!

    So last night, on the 10pm news, they say that Circuit of the Amercias (COTA) is going to host a free track ride supporting the Central Texas Food Bank. That said it was just going to be a 10-20mph parade lap, but of course I was in!

    BTW, normally you can't drive your own car on the track. They have some racing schools, and a go-kart track, but this is the first time they have allowed public vehicles on the track that I know of. And I had checked into it specifically at other times.

    Drove down and got off the freeway at exactly 1:34 - stuck in the line. Place was PACKED. But okay, line is moving - slowly. It's about 1 mile from the freeway to the track. They make us do a big "S" through the parking lot and then thru the tunnels - they they pull us THROUGH the pit garages! That's where we donated food/money to the CTFB. And where I sat parked for 20 mins. Apparently, someone had stalled going up the hill so they had to bring a tow truck in to move them. I couldn't see anything because I was actually still in the pit garage (luckily in the shade). Anyways, I pulled onto the track right at 1:54pm.

    (I actually tried to video it. But it was the slowest lap EVER. All you would have seen for 20+ mins is the bumper in front of me.)

    Got into turn 16-17-18 - the one that goes around the tower. I see a WHOLE BUNCH of cars pull off to get pics - so of course I do too. I only got 1 shot and it's not perfect, but the security guards were already shooing everyone away. I think he was about 10 ft to my right yelling at me to get back in the car when I took this pic.

    Then drove out and exited the track at exactly 2:24. Yes, 30 mins exactly to go 3.4 miles on the track. While everyone turned left to exit the track, I went right to just go somewhere else. Not sure where I ended up, but I drove by a place called "Walton Hill". I'm pretty sure John Boy had a bead on me.

    I LOVE to visit your state BUT I hate driving across Texas to get there!! Without a doubt IMO the absolute worst 900 miles in the country 😩

    Na, na, nah. Only the worst 500 miles (going west to east thru El Paso). Once you get past Junction and get into the hill country, it's really nice.