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    Okay, I can't make this up. Officially at the Austin Airport, it was 91 degrees yesterday. BLEW AWAY the previous record. And set the record for the earliest 90 degree day of the year.

    And then today! I woke up and it was 40 degrees at 9 am! That's a 50 degree difference in 16 hrs. High only hit 51 today. And it didn't even feel like it was that warm!

    So I got around to putting these HUGE decals on the trailer. Had to work to position it because of all the screws.

    So I put one in the headlight, which unfortunately meant he took one through the head too, but hey, it's white on white. And it's just a grazing wound.

    Ok, I've been debating about posting this. It's just my opinion, but you know everyone has one.

    I was also in a crash where the SS looked very similar. I was wearing seat belts but no helmet and I survived. Yes, I was hurt by the seatbelts in the SS, but I'm sure much less then I would have been hurt by the steering wheel, dash, etc.

    I am not saying that this person would have survived either way, but I am very confident in the crash protection the SS and frame provided. It did exactly it's job and protected myself and any possible passenger. It may not have been subject to the same crash tests as a regular car, but it certainly didn't do any worse and I am confident in it protecting me. (I did add 4-point seatbelts in the new SS just because I felt that the stock 3-points provided only minimally required protection and I wanted more.)

    53 Here this morning they say its going to get to 70 today!

    But this is Oklahoma and we are going to have ice on the roads Friday morning.

    Know the feeling. Yesterday was 30 degrees in the am and windows were frosted over and I had to let the truck warm up for 10 minutes just to get the ice off. Today is supposed to be 77 - tomorrow 84! And then possible ice again by Monday! (Austin, TX) So I did drive the SS to work today, and plan tomorrow also. But not next Monday.

    Yeah, the decals flattened out within just a day or so.

    Of course, I got another package from RAB that USPS decided to stuff inside the mail box (and I mean stuffed, not folded). That one should be easier to get out the wrinkles tho'. And sorry, I forgot to get pics. You can see it in Houston or Kerrville.

    So, some (many) years ago, when I was still young and thought I could do anything, and I was working as a computer programmer, I always thought about making a fully-electronic car. I mean even get rid of the steering wheel and throttle pedal. Make it run off a joy stick like a jet fighter. Did some basic designs and stuff, but I was making like $3/hr and computers weren't up to snuff yet. (Think mid-80's - still TRS-80s, IBM-XTs, and Commodores). I think we'll eventually get there. But instead of Joysticks, we'll just input the address we are going to in the GPS and the car will drive the entire way.

    So, I got a litttttllllllleeeeeeee package in the mail today. Mind you, I only ordered 2 SMALL decals. I don't wanna complain that I didn't get what I ordered, but Jeez! Where am I gonna put all these!!

    Seriously, Thank You Rab! I wanted to get a little decal from you in Eureka Springs, but you were always busy talking with other folks. I think this MORE than makes up for it.

    (And sorry about the big decals being bent. The mail man folded the package and it's freezing cold here today. Yes, SNOW in Austin Texas!! Nothing that sticks, but the ice is still piled up in the corners and stuff.)

    Really glad you are okay. SS can be replaced - you can't

    Unfortunately, I was also in an accident with the SS - but it kept me safe too. Now time to start looking at those 2019s with a Turbo add on!

    Unfortunately, no one really needs the stock seats. I ended up selling the frames alone (for not much more than postage alone) but the seats are still in storage. I've been reading other threads and not much use for them. Sorry.