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    Used to do asphalt parking lots back when I was a teenager, working with my dad. The best speed bumps are the ones that are really wide, like a raised sidewalk. Those will slow down cards because if you don't you will launch like a jump. When you have these small bump ones, best is to drive FASTER over them.

    Trust me sir I have never told anyone I liked to buy a pool!

    Yeah, I made that mistake some years ago when I bought a house in California with a pool already. $5K before I even got to swim in it for resurfacing and then another $1500 a year later for a new heater/pump. I figured out that it cost me about $500 per swim.

    Remember: A pool is just a hole in the ground you pour money into.

    And now in Texas, I have a stock tank pool. Less than $1K and I tube just fine.

    Not very exciting, but I got to go to the bank today. Thing is, I didn't go to MY bank, I instead took a little detour for lunch and drove to a bank about 20 miles away instead. Didn't even get out of the SS - just rolled thru the drive-thru ATM, deposited some cash, then drove back. Did stop at Andy's Frozen Custard and got myself a Round Rock Express Concrete for lunch since I had a $5 reward to use. (Hey! I was good - I ate an apple for lunch first!).

    Not specifically on this issue, but I did speak w Mark Zarate acouple weeks ago. They were just absolutely slammed and trying to get through everything as fast as they could. I know they were trying to build up stock for 3 Slingshot shows in Texas over the next 6 weeks. Maybe send him an email and give him a few days to respond .

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    Actually, I just installed those, so my Sling now has four identical 6.5 inch coaxials; two on the floor and two in the roll hoops, driven by a 300 watt amp, so I'm pushing about 75 watts to each speaker. They are much clearer and louder than stock, but only when you crank up the volume. The first thing I noticed, when driving around is that you don't even hear the speakers on the floor because your head is much closer to the other two. I don't mind that so much, as now I can actually hear my music quite clearly over the engine.

    I did the same thing - SSV Works Front (leg) pods and rear hoop pods, running 4 x 6.5" Kicker Speakers with LEDs off a single Kenwood 300.4 Marine amp (300W total, 75W each speaker). Sounds great to me although I do wish I could find a decent marine subwoofer that doesn't take up the rear storage. I found that playing around with the balance and fader I could move the "center" of the sound so that I don't just hear it behind my head. My sound seems to come right from my gear shift right now.

    I's sorry, I firmly believe if you want the best tasting bacon nothing beats frying it up in a good old cast iron skillet and when that's done then fry up some potatoes, onions and peppers in the leftover bacon grease

    other methods "might" make it healthier, but I just don't see the point in trying to make bacon healthy - if you want healthy eat a bran muffin or something else - - not bacon

    Don't really care of the health aspect of bacon. But it is called BAAK-UN, not FRY-UN or COOK-UN or SKILLET-UN or . . . . .

    But I tried it once (baking) and now I just love it. I cook up 1-1/2 to 2 lbs every time and then keep it around to use all week..

    I will be doing the cast iron skillet method in a week - goin' camping with brand new CI skillets and dutch oven.

    Mother F'Er!

    Just got my new insurance rates from Geico. Jumped almost $70/month. Called them about it - apparently I had a "Speeding Ticket" last year that just got reported in October and now hit's this renewal. I knew I didn't have a speeding ticket so I questioned them about it. And I quote: "Speeding under the posted limit". WTF??

    Found my ticket. I got it for "Impeding Traffic" in San Antonio last July, not speeding. In fact, I was stopped in an intersection when the light changed on me and I couldn't get out (a bus pulled in front of me). I just paid the $232 fine last year because I didn't want to do the traffic school. 1 point. That's all it took. F Me.

    Got any lawyers here??

    I installed my antennea in the rear by the fin next to the roll bar, I wonder if that might be causing the interference?

    I can definitely say yes. If you move your antenna away from the roll hoops, that will help some. Better would be to mount it to the top of the SlingShade. I did some testing with the stock antenna a few years back, just moving it to different spots. The higher and further away from interfering metal, the better.