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    The reality is most of these smaller electric cars would be awesome for most people as a commuter car. That's actually why I sort of bought my original slingshot - trying to keep the mileage off the old truck then.

    The real question is how are they going to get it down to $10K? That's cheaper than most motorcycles at this point. They say they are going to partner with many of the best in the industry to get quality components. I don't see how you keep those suppliers with a profit margin at their side and still keep costs down. That's why Elon Musk/Tesla build everything in house but it's still a very expensive vehicle. Even major quantity manufacturers (Toyota/Chevy/etc) take 17-18 hrs to build a car. So if you figure $100/hr (including overhead - very conservative) you're looking at $2K in labor costs + $1K profits leaving $7K for materials?? Anyone bought a lithium ion battery lately? They run about $150/kWh - meaning the new Tesla Model 3 battery is $7500 alone. And Elon is making that himself.

    I was going to say, I had to rent a trailer for almost 5+ months a few years ago (house being remodeled after flood). Being that insurance paid, it was about $2500/month for a 35ft 5th wheel. But you can rent them for $100-150/night +mileage. Many of the rental companies are really just brokers, renting out private RVs/Trailers for people (that's what mine was). But they can include all towing, set up, clean-out (sewer), Propane, etc so that you just show up and enjoy. Check google, yellow pages, even your local RV dealer and they can put you in touch.

    It is an 8.5x20'. Chavey2 how long is your trailer? I was trying to not have full runs of Etrack but it will be recessed and welded to the frame if I have the manufacturer do it.

    Mine is an 8.5x24, but I'm also turning mine into a full camping toy hauler too. (Kitchen and bathroom in front, beds along the wheel wells that fold up.) I only put the 5' pieces of e-track in and the rear of the SS is still a couple feet in front of the rear door. Basically, if you keep the wheels of the SS on both sides of the wheels of the trailer, you're going to be good.

    If you've got an 8-1/2' wide trailer, you can strap it down from the front (that's what I do). Bigger pain is actually getting out of the slingshot over the wheel well once you pull it in. I put the eztrack strap in location where I want it then just pull in till the front tires hit it.

    I put a single track in the back under the rear tires. If I remember right, it was centered right at 10-1/2 feet pretty much exactly where you have it. Weight ratio is like 63% front and 37% back (or pretty close). Let me get to my home computer and see if I can find the pics and drawing I did that looks just exactly like yours.


    Found pics, but not a lay-out. I let the trailer tell me where to put the slingshot by driving in and seeing where it settled, but it was just exactly like yours - front wheels just ahead of wheel well and rear behind.

    I ended up laying the EZTrack on the stock floor (1st pic) and then laying another layer of 3/8" plywood over it so that it came up flush with the top of the EZTrack. I've painted it with just patio paint for now, but the eventual plan is cover the floor in carpet tiles, including removable tiles over the track so that I can uncover when towing, and cover when I get the slingshot out.

    I've towed with this layout a couple times and everything works perfect. Not even very much weight on the truck.

    Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 along the California-Oregon Coast is BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL! I did it from Los Angeles to Florence Oregon quite a few years ago. Definitely something to do in the SlingShot, especially if you're not in a hurry. Plenty of stops and views along the way. My biggest problem was wanting to look at everything while driving and not keeping my eyes on the road.

    Okay, Note; I am NOT associated with SSITHC,,, etc other than just being a fan and member.

    And I don't want to take away from any "official" thread.

    But WHO'S GOING??

    I had to miss last year because my 72+ yr old dad got married on that same weekend.

    I'm actually gonna probably camp down at Kerrville - Schreiner Park. Hopefully, I'll have the Slingshot Toy Hauler Trailer completed by then. I'll probably do what I did for Ozarks - drive in Wednesday, leave Sunday.

    Okay, so went out for a really short trip on my own. This was fun (I followed the map clockwise from the red point in Georgetown). Cow Creek Road there on the left side is really narrow, really blind (MUCH worse than Crab Apple Road!), and goes over a bunch of cattle guards and river crossings (only 1 was wet on the road). I guess it should be warning when the yellow sign says "BISON CROSSING"!

    On the way back to Liberty Hill, I passed one of those police radar trailers that was flashing ALL it's lights at me. I dunno why - it said I was only doing "00" on the sign in a 60 mph zone! :thumbsup:

    Anyone? Bueller?? Bueller???

    Had a wicked thunderstorm roll through her last night. Lightening strike must have hit 3 houses down about 12:30am. You know, when you hear the CRACK of the lightening instead of the BOOM. Yeah, doggos were a little 'fraid of that one - German Shepard jumped up in bed with me to hide.

    Anyways, that cleaned out the roads too. Let's go somewhere!

    I took a ride up to Killeen last night to pick up a Grinch yard decoration. Must have looked pretty weird to see a Slingshot with a 5 ft Grinch 4-pointed into the passenger seat!

    For me a true truck will fit a 4x8 sheet in the bed flat and haul a decent trailer. That is what I need a truck to do. Everything else is a bonus(looks, ground clearance, infotainment 4x4...). I haven't heard if the Gladiator can fit a 4x8 sheet flat.

    Ruptured Duck could you have your little birds check the bed and tail gate widths? Jeeps are pretty narrow by design.

    Funny, Chevy used to make a truck like that - the Chevy Avalanche. (I had 3!) But they don't make them anymore. Could haul 6 full size (read 'Merican Size) adults when needed, could carry 18 sheets of 3/4" Plywood in the rain without them getting wet (tailgate and bed cover closed), and tow 12K Lbs like a BEAST (8.1L Engine in the 2500 version). And it could still take the girlfriend or wife (but not both together) out for steak that night.

    For a time the ChevyAvalancheFanClub had over 30K ACTIVE members, making the the #2 model specific fan club right behind the Corvette (and bigger than Mustang/Camaro/etc!) I think after the initial years advertising waned off, people forgot about it and it eventually died. I just had to trade my last one (2008 LT3 Z71 4WD - 180K+ miles) just 2 months ago. I wish they still made them.

    Do the research on why it has taken so long on just the electric. Politics and big business did not want it. They always blamed the battery technology

    Yep, anything that threatens the status-quo is what get's put off. Too many Politicians, PACs, Lobbyists, etc. Imagine if the oil industry just disappeared overnight. Look what happened to the tobacco industry. The last guy making horse buggy whips did a great job right up to the very end. We need to either learn to change or we're going to die off. I bet that last guy selling hay to horses had the same argument about not enough gas stations for cars.

    There's an old Danny Devito movie "Other Peoples Money" (where the buggy whip comment above comes from). It's a great analogy for what needs to happen. We need to re-invent what we're doing. We need to forget we're making gasoline powered cars and instead figure out how to transport people or cargo.

    Oh, and BTW, there is a big GM HQ here in Austin. My best friend's son just started there this summer after graduating Texas A&M.

    I know I'm probably a little late to this discussion, but listen to what GM is saying: They are closing plants that are making cars that aren't selling. Instead, they are going to focus on Trucks and Autonomous/Electric vehicles. I have to say, GM is actually taking a VERY long-sighted look at this. Realize that "Trucks" mean anything that carries cargo behind the driver - our normal pick up trucks, vans, SUVs, even the Chevy HHR is considered a truck. What they are doing is shutting down the normal gas-powered "people movers" like sedan, coupes, etc. These are the vehicles that will be replaced by driver-less electric vehicles in the future.

    Regarding that "vacation" range for electric cars, that's already being worked on. Electric cars are already approaching 300 miles per charge which is well within the range of many gas cars today. Additionally, Elon Musk (Tesla) is building charging stations all around the US right now, currently spaced every 200 miles on the major interstates. Charging times are down to 30 minutes already and will get better. Elon Musk is building a battery plant that's currently bigger than all the other battery plants COMBINED. Think about how often you would stop on a long cross-country vacation - do you really want to drive for 300+ miles without stopping for a restroom, soda, stretch the legs, etc? Imagine what was said 100 years ago when people replaced horses with cars - the same exact thing we're saying now.

    So don't say that you won't ever buy an all-electric car - it's probably closer than you think. I'm not sure that I'll see it in my lifetime (I'm in my 50s), but my daughters DEFINITELY will.

    Yeah, read the reviews on that camera. Eh, not gonna buy that one.

    But there seems to be quite a few other choices that might be better:…0action%2520camera?NCNI-5

    I ended up buying the Linsay 1080p for $69.99 ($30 off) and then had a coupon for another $10% off and free shipping so it's supposed to arrive next week. My plan is to somehow mount it semi-permanently in my truck - WAYYYYY too many people cut me off. I want proof when it shows why I rammed them.X/:cursing::evil:

    Here's some info straight from the Federal Trade Commision:…181-unordered-merchandise

    Q. Am I obligated to return or pay for merchandise I never ordered?

    A. No. If you receive merchandise that you didn’t order, you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift.

    Q. Must I notify the seller if I keep unordered merchandise without paying for it?

    A. Although you have no legal obligation to notify the seller, you may write the seller and offer to return the merchadise, provided the seller pays for shipping and handling.