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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    It's one of the best for keeping wind off your face. However, if you have a roof, make sure to check for clearance/buffeting issues. It follows the angle of the the roof so it;s nice and tight. kev @ All Things Slingshot can provide you the right info.

    wokka - Your input?


    Welcome to the insanity!

    Let me tell you what I did on my 3rd Slingshot this year: I made a deal with the dealer to install a buttload of aftermarket (non-Polaris) accessories as part of the total package purchase (over $9K worth). Dealer made profit off the accessories so was able to make me a killer deal on the SS and then he installed all the accessories for me. Admittedly, I did have to take the SS into the dealer a few times to get everything installed over the following couple of months, but it was worth it.

    As far as accessories, about the only one I would consider as genuine-Polaris is the seats. They are competitive in price to the aftermarket and some of them are quite comfortable. Other than that, there are PLENTY of great suppliers out there. I'm not going to list them all here - just go down to the vendor area here and start looking.

    Let me give you some other advise: Wait on the accessories unless you are just absolutely positive that's what you want up front. So many of us have added accessories that we later changed our minds on. I think every single user here can admit to that. Go to some of the GTGs and see what other people have and make up your mind from there. I only had the dealer install my accessories on my 3rd SS because I knew exactly what I wanted after dealing with the first 2 SS's.

    BTW, where you located? I'm sure some one is close that can point you to the local GTGs.

    So, I was checking out the websites and reviews this AM. I can answer some of the questions posted earlier:

    • No "Base" (stripped) model any more. 2020 comes only in SL with Auto or R with choice of Manual or Auto Trans.
    • Same Engine in both, just detuned for the SL model.
    • Lot's of little refinements in chassis, suspension, steering (only 2.5 turns lock to lock vs 3.5 now).
    • Ride Command now standard. Navigation included in "R" model. (Seems that they are forcing you to buy the R model if you want any accessories).
    • Like the vertical stereo stock - should minimize glare.
      • Is the stereo a true double din or another custom sized unit?
    • Only enough space for 2 accessory switches? Which now look to be new lever style instead of rocker style?
    • And a much higher price. Sorry - not gonna spend $31K.

    Front wheel drive would be the smart move, This way the rear wheel will be along just for the ride...

    And no more Rube Goldberg rear belt /Angle drive ......Like the Vanderhall..

    Actually, if you read the origins of the SS, it was planned to be a FWD. But the driving dynamics were shxx so they went to rear. The magazine articles and pictures on it are here somewhere.

    Actually, i think the cost is quite reasonable. If you look around at aftermarkets seats, especially ones in marine grade, you're well over $1000/pr. Yes, you can find some cheaper ones in the $300-600 range, but you get what you paid for (as I found out). I have a standing order at my local dealer to put me in contact with anyone with an SL/SLR who wants to buy aftermarket and I'll buy their take outs.

    Yeah, so far 2020 sux! SS is parked for a couple weeks.

    Fell off a 1-step stool while putting a new battery in the truck. Had to get the neighbor to finish installing the battery so I could drive myself to the emergency room. Next time when Autozone offers to install the battery for you, you let them!

    Just gonna give a shout out to SlingMods again. Got a reply back from William to a question I posted over the weekend. His answer was perfect and very detailed, much more than just a "Yes" or "No". Unfortunately, his answer showed that the product wouldn't fit my needs, so they lost that sale . . . . but that kind of response is what gets me to come back and he'll get the next sale because of it. That's Outstanding Customer Service!

    Thank you William! :thumbsup:

    If possible you will want to at least sit in a Slingshot with the top on it that you are looking at. Might look good in the pictures, but it is not comfortable when you are behind the wheel --- not good. Drive when ever you can. Most of the guys will take you for a ride and many will let you get behind the wheel and drive so you know for sure what you are getting.

    I'm going to second this opinion. You need to sit in a SS with a roof - and there are plenty of designs out there. I'm 6' even - but very tall in the torso and a lot of the tops were just too low even without a helmet.

    Post where you are located and I'm sure someone can hook you up with seeing a couple different tops to try out.