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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Hey James, Thanks for the note about it. RideNow Austin (previously Woods) does a bike night almost every Thursday during the summer, as does Central Texas Harley Davidson in Round Rock. (I had no problems at CTHD with my Victory, but not sure how they would accept the SS.) I normally have dinner plans on Thursday nights but I think I can move things around.

    BTW, going to the RR Express game Monday, May 20 if anyone wants to join.

    I'll let you know. I got this email just yesterday too - and my heart sunk.

    I had Alamo Cycle Plex order the TD Triples (plus the red sway bar and a whole bunch of other TD stuff) to put on my new SS just on Tuesday! Should get them installed in a couple weeks but I can't get the lower price now. ;(:00000008::00007956:

    Hey SSO - Can you look up the Alamo Cycle Plex order and give us a discount? :?::?:

    Yeah, they change fast. Here's how mine went:

    2016 Base (#4 in Central Texas) went from this (stock photo):

    To This:

    My 2016.5 Turbo Silver SL (bought used in Jan 2018) went from this:

    To This:

    And yesterday I got delivered my new 2019 Base White:

    This one is going back for full dress in about 2-3 weeks (Roof, wheels, suspension, tail, etc.) and then some of my customization will start (already ordered the first decals yesterday!). Stay tuned for more pics.

    I tried it on mine but didn't find a code either. I tried all the 1-#, 2-#, & 3-# combos but never got it to work. I was also thinking about the timing of how fast you switch the button on-off. I even put a stop watch up on my phone on the dash to make sure I was getting the 6 seconds between the sets too.

    Of course, now that SS is gone and I'm gonna have to buy another DGD.

    Dealership wanted mine so that they could put it up for sale ASAP and brought me the new one on trade. Will have to go back in 2-3 weeks for them to install all the accessories. And I've got full shopping carts on Slingmods, AllThingsSlingshot, SlingshotOnly, Amazon, etc. Because MAN, this think looks NAY-KID!

    (So, does this count as a Mod? Technically, I replaced every single part. Twice.)

    It is the mounting kit and you don't have to drill or cut anything (installation within a few minutes) When the splash guard is in use you can don't have access to the screen but it is easy removable (see video not the best one) the push button switches are functional you can wire what ever you use like fog light to them.

    Can you make a 2018/19 mount with the screen cover integrated into the mount like you did on the 2015/17? I don't normally ride in the rain so I would need access to the screen more than I would need water proofing.

    Not sure how many push buttons I need yet. Are they on/off or just momentary? Let's see: GDO, Fog Lights, Air Horn, gatling gun, lasers, hmm...

    ......I just installed a friend's yesterday by mounting the short hub first, then the spacer to the short hub with the included screws, then the steering wheel bolted to the spacer with the 6 screws......

    That's exactly what I did. You do have to assemble everything (loosely just 2 or 3 screws) on the workbench, then slide onto the shaft to make sure you are aligned with the shaft splines, then pull it apart while still on the shaft and start tightening down exactly as you say: Hub to spline, spacer to hub, wheel to spacer. I wasn't real happy that myNRG logo can't be put dead center on top of the spline - it ended up going about 11pm for me (right about where your photo is). And yes, I tried it a few different ways.

    :/.... Think im still drawn to that twist dynamics Sting Ray top, The best looking one to me is that Polaris Slingshade top but know way im paying them that price for that cheap made top, the next best for the lines of the slingshot , to me is that Sting ray...….

    I'm with you. The stock Polaris top is also too short for me. My head comes to the bottom of the top bar of the roll hoop. That roof is just too short - the front of it was actually below my eye line.

    I just bought a new SS (to be picked up in a couple weeks) and am having them put on the TD Gull Wing. I did look at their Sting Ray and Stinger roofs and really thought about those too, but went with the Gull Wing just because of the easier T-Top removal.

    Looks like I'm gonna be on your list soon. I just ordered a new 2019 base and gonna need stereo. Give me a couple weeks to pick it up (the SS - they are doing the full dress on it for me).

    So, to be correct, the base is just the stereo mount. The splash guard is what make's it water resistant? And you can still operate the screen through the splash guard? Are the push buttons optional? (What do they operate?)