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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Twist Dynamics, Madstad, and Welter are now all owned by the same company and SlingshotOnly is their distributor. For all purposes, you can think of them all being the same.

    Don't forget to add in Slingshot Roadsters and their events!

    wokka thanks for the info. I'm looking into tops. Although I like the style of the TD Canvas I'm hearing some issues with wind in the cockpit and ripper windscreens. Another issue is luggage racks. I like the set I have from SlingLow and it looks like there will be no issue of compatibility with the ez-out t-bar frame. Now just waiting for info on wind in the cockpit using a ripper windscreen.

    Frankie55 , I was Slinglow's test dummy when I bought his racks. Been on 4 trips and they work well. The only thing you need with the MeanSling top is longer bolts and 4 acorn nuts to dress it up. Btw, did you install the Bassani muffler?

    I've actually seen a SS with that one on it and it seems really well made. Strangely, slingmods says it's been discontinued, but it appears to still be available on Twist Dynamic's site.

    Edit: Actually it appears that Slingmods has stopped selling TD stuff altogether...

    Twist is now owned by the same person who owns Slingshot Only. He's keeping it on his website.

    I agree 100%! What is comfortable for me will not necessarily transfer to another Slingshot and driver. Tunes, tires, shocks and a number of other items come into play. I have found a sweet spot for me and that's all that matters. Making an aggressive adjustment could be a bad move. I will turn it off if someone else is behind the wheel.

    Hey Guys, just got back from Pedal Commander Headquarters. I was speaking with the owner and they said they're working on the ability to be able to "customize" the names of the 4 modes in the phone application. So you could essentially name the modes what you want. Ex: Hold On Tight, Ludicrous, $hit your Pants mode, etc. Lol. I don't have an eta.. but it is in motion.. so I thought i'd share. Once available it will simply be an app update.. so all existing customers will eventually have this.

    Is there any way to turn the controller off from the app? Mine is tucked away out of reach and rain, but I think I would really like to turn it off easily if I drive into a rain shower.

    .....Im not seeing my cell phone screen mirroring the controller but I see a new version 1.2.3

    .....had some more seat time today , ran it up to Danbury CT. This time I keep it on sport +2 all the way up and all the way down I-95 & of course got caught in traffic again coming back down (everyone always going to NYC on the weekend smdh) BUT it felt nice at sport +2 , responding better, passing better shyt might have to upgrade my brakes when I get my new wheels....

    It mirrors the controller with version 1.2.3!

    parked and engine running gas pedal untouched seems to be the key to not triggering any issues.

    I just got back after about an hour using the Pedal Commander. It make a notable difference in how the pedal feels depending on what setting you are on. City mode is pretty much stock + or -. Sport is a lot peppier and doesn't require nearly the pedal input. Sport + requires very little pedal input and is VERY touchy. I liked Sport with no + or - with my ECU tune. Keep in mind, the asphalt temperature was not very high and grip was not very good. If you change the setting on the fly, and are holding the pedal steady, you will accelerate. I also would recommend only changing the setting while parked. To those of you in warmer areas, you will get more benefit of this at this time of year. Those of us in the cold mid-west will have to learn to drive all over again. When using the higher settings, get off the clutch quickly or you will notice a certain smell (don't ask how I know).

    I left the house in City mode and the wife wasn't impressed. "Is that all it does", she said. I pulled over and changed it to sport +1. Her impression against the seat back changed considerably. With the re-tuning of the ECM and the addition of the Pedal Commander, I don't see any reason that I would ever need a turbo of supercharger. If you are on the fence, go to, enter the code PCGROUP at check out and buy one.

    After playing around with some really quick starts, getting all over the gas pedal and a couple of 100 mph runs, I still got 25.3 mpg. More horsepower, no, but you sure get there quicker!!!

    Well I'm in. Are you happy you bunch of enablers? And I've been doing so good this year enjoying the Sling in it's current incarnation. I believe if you go back in this thread, I never said I was ready to buy. I just acknowledged the possibility based on the product description. Next thing I know my name is on the list and I didn't feel it was necessary to have it removed. I didn't want to let the group down and when it filled so quickly, figured I could hide in anonymity. Slingmods has obviously fulfilled their desire for 20 units and more. So I waited for your reviews and dadgummit, no one has pooh-poohed the product or it's performance. I waited to hear from maverick5990 , a well respected OG who hangs out with the boosted boys and Edward Neal who does not have a predisposition toward mods. Two more thumbs up. It's all about smiles per mile and I certainly don't want to miss an opportunity to up mine! Bring it!

    Doug, you won't regret the purchase! It's going to be warmer this afternoon and I'm going out to play. I'm already pricing a new rear tire!

    Great points. I received an email from Pedal Commander that the serial#'s were sent to the factory in Turkey. I would imagine if not done already that the app screen should match in the next few days if doesn't already. You would need to completely close the app and re-open to test. They also informed me that on the next app update they're going to have a toggle to change your app screen on your own. So that issue will be resolved. :)

    The Apple app store is showing version 1.2.2 and it's 7 months old. The pic that they show is accurate to what we have, but the download is not updated. I still works fine and keeps the unit hidden out of sight.

    ECM tune plus the Pedal Commander equals not needing to spend big bucks on the turbo or the supercharger!!!!! I have both and can't get the smile off of my face.