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  • Hi there. Name is Brian and I have been searching high and low to find anybody who has the Bassani side exit exhaust and downpipe (Part numbers 6S27 and 6S19) and you are the only one I have found. Would you mind texting me at 614-620-5050 at your convenience. I just picked up a 15 Slingshot past fall and I am seriously considering the above combo as I love Bassani but had a few questions that only somebody who actually has one could answer. Thanks!

  • I'm in south east Michigan and interested in your SLR seats. What are you asking for them?

    • Still interested. Any idea as to a box size(s) & weight to estimate shipping?
      I may even pick them up at your place. Again I need an address to figure out logistics .
      Sunday OK for pickup if I decide to do that?
      Thanks, Larry

    • We could do that. I'm trying to decide between the SLR or your seats.
      Should know by noonish/early afternoon. Suggestion on a meet spot?

    • Sorry something just came up today so I have to put this on hold for now.

    • Thanks

    • Ok l'm going to accept your offer on these seats. wife didn't like the SLR or the sport velocity versions liking these street velocities. I can come down any day after Wednesday, so pick a day & place that's convenient for you. My email add is My cell is 734 516 6200, but only if you text as my hearing is to poor to hear on it.