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    ...fortunately this fool has nothing to do with the over 2 decades of research and development of the Mrna technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines or in the millions and millions of dollars the Trump administration poured into the fine tuning of it that made it into these two vaccines.

    Seriously - - the conspiracy types like to say the vaccine was developed to quickly, but they ignore the fact that the actual technology involved has been in ongoing development for over 2 decades and is anything but new

    This whole mess was explained poorly. 2 decades of research; that makes sense and yet this is the first time I'm hearing of it. THE FIRST TIME.

    So if this virus and everything around it is all about control then why are other countries - especially communist countries with dictators that already have 100% control of their people doing the exact same things in regard to the virus as the U.S. is doing?????

    China?? - - Russia?? N. Korea??

    are they just pretending to have the same problems we have so that they can help our Democrats???

    Devil's advocate: Remember the Hong Kong protests? COVID very conveniently wiped those out as the benevolent Chinese welded doors shut.

    Now Muslim nations are uniting against China and their persecution of Muslim minorities... Considering the party of JoePedo cucks for both of these which one will the kiddle sniffer choose?

    They can't blame straight white males or Christians for this...

    ....This is why my wife and I only listen to Christian radio in the car with my girls.

    OMG I did for probably decade. They had fundraisers twice a year, then they added a 3rd and then a 4th, that's when I dropped out. 2 of them were for operational expenses and 2 were for promotions.

    no problem - - like I said the Volvo is my only experience using CarPlay - - just seemed to me that if a rather advanced Volvo would require the wired connection then Polaris might also require it

    Also when running apps and all of the other things CarPlay can do I would think it would kill battery life of the phone if not using a USB cable to keep it charged

    I think it's just a carplay thing. Need to be plugged into my Kia to use it. I can stream bluetooth audio, but not navigation. Perhaps in a few years as the bluetooth protocol developes.

    Putting holes in someone does no good if those holes doesn't stop them from shooting you or a loved one while they are still able. Sure a shot to the brain with a 22 LR will do the job but are you capable of making that shot when the guy pulls a knife of a gun on you. I subject you do a little more research before you feel protected by that 22 LR even the 22 mag is questionable...

    Every second + every extra hole reduces an attackers effectiveness plus the shock of having extra holes actively expelling blood.

    Personally I prefer a 9mm as a larger guy; the recoil is a non issue but for a smaller petite woman I'd rather her have a 22 that she is comfortable shooting to defend herself than a larger gun that intimidates her.

    NAA 22LR. In my pocket ALL THE TIME. RGrocery store, Walmart, gas station, court house, Post Office, church.

    Nobody knows, except for my wife.

    A little .22 will not do you any good? Where shall we meet, and where do you want me to shoot you?

    I was having this conversation with a former coworker (female) who was getting a gun and was concerned about the "small" 22 cal. I told her it would put holes in people that weren't there before and that is never good.

    ...And you can't deny this. If Trump had done that (been vanilla), he'd be 46...laugh-squared (still 45). This is why he did so well in the Apprentice, which I bet many of his current voters/supporters didn't even watch!

    Nothing Trump could have done to become "46". Dominion systems and local DNC fraudsters would have seen to it.

    Sorry if I missed this one. there's TOO many Biden GAFFS to keep up with them all. Walk away Joe, walk away

    ...perhaps he smelled elementary school children and got distracted.

    I'm guessing ID theft?

    I was targeted with something somewhat similar. A slight variation on the traditional craigslist scam.

    Mine was a remote graphic design company for a local magazine. Interview, offer letter the whole 9 yards.

    A few things made me suspicious.

    Everything was virtual. To me it didn't make sense that a local company hiring a local employee not do at least an in person interview...

    Next was the scam itself. The sender sent me a "check" for about $3k, so I could purchase my equipment from their "authorized vendor".

    What they wanted to happen was:

    1. I deposit the check

    2. Order from their "vendor"

    If I did this, the "check" would have bounced in a few days and I would have been out $3k.

    What I actually did was contact the magazine itself and law enforcement. The magazine did verify my suspicions, but law enforcement didn't care. Told me that the scammer would be gone by the time they got there.

    personally I don't consider the slingshot to be the kind of vehicle designed for high quality audio - - no matter how great the system might be or how incredibly awesome it might sound in the parking lot as soon as I start riding the road noise, and wind noise and exhaust noise and all of the other noise coming from everything else around me is going to totally consume the quality and clarity of my high end system - -

    This is what I think of when I contemplate putting an audio system in my S model Sling.

    I wear earplugs on the Sling and what has worked wonderfully for me are bone conductive headsets. Technically legal in all 50 states (they don't cover the ears) and with plugs in, they sound really good.

    I'm using the Aftershokz Aeroplex and ordered their Opencomm system in the hopes that I can take a phone call.