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    Went to Norwegian Hollow, near Purdy and Viroqua Wisconsin. From DeSoto to the Hollow is like riding the tail, backbone, tongue and fire of the Dragon. The Tail, Deals Gap, NC, is 11 miles. We had over 40 miles of never ending curves and hills. Beautiful country.

    Had a 16 inch, three topping pizza and 12 wings for $27.

    Lot of bikes on the road Sunday. Good, hilly, curvy roads from Decorah IA to the Mississippi. Cross at Lansing, Prarie du Chein or LaCrosse and you're in for some really great Sling Shot or bike riding roads. Norwegian Hollow is tucked away in the middle of nowhere. Parking lot full of bikes and one or two cars and a few Jeeps.

    In 2016 I received a text reminding me to vote for Hillary in your state. The problem is I've never been to your state and I've never registered democrat.

    ...still on my phone.

    I get cell phone calls from Floriduh all the time. In election periods, they are non-stop.

    Why? Because I lived in Floriduh when I got my cell. I have a 407 are code. Nothing sinister.

    On the lighter side, I get calls and texts from, obviously shady, realtors. They want to buy "my" property in Floriduh. I no longer own property there. I always text back, "The price is $1.3 million. We will take Bitcoin or Walmart gift cards." The calls stop for awhile, but they always come back.

    F*ck... I can't find software to modify mine. I was hoping to use it as a virtual typewriter for when I work on my computer...

    I hadn't thought of that. I'll let you know how it goes. (Probably, right into the dumper.)

    I have modified my Moderna vaccine injected chip to block this.

    Hopefully it won't explode and take what's left of my mind.

    He does only because he is trying to save the rest of us from a fate worse than death.

    Well, that and he may just be . . .

    As of today, Iowa became a non permit required conceal carry state. But, you do need to fill out paperwork and wait for it to come back before you can take a gun home from a dealer. And, you can't cross state lines with a gun. If you are stopped by LEO and you have a gun without having a permit, you could spend a awhile waiting around for the officer to run a check on you and your gun.

    I have a CCP, so it doesn't affect me.

    Trump had a big rally the other night in Ohio.....we now have a picture of the crowd....

    He made more gaffs in that one appearance than Joe has in a life time. Couldn't remember John Glenn's name and said he landed on a plant, and MANY more. (Even if he Had said PLANET, the moon is NOT a planet.)

    I think he is one of those Covid patients whose brain was addled.

    I'll just put my faith in my trusty cow magnet, backed up by the little "supercharger" gadget. Between the two, I actually have to REMOVE gas every couple of weeks to keep my tank from overflowing.

    By the way, anyone interested in owning their very own bridge in a large city in the northeast?

    Went to see my favorite relative. 89 year old cousin who was stationed in Goose Bay, Labrador during the Korean War. Spent many summers on his parent's farm when I was MUCH younger.

    He's old, I'm old, but we shed decades when we're together.

    Get a car cover for a misdsize Honda or Toyota. I use one that I bought a long time ago from Menards. The box said it was for a Corolla. Covers all the surfaces n my Sling.

    You know Janis Joplin was from Beaumont, Tx - bout 40 miles from my old house. They have a really cool Janis Joplin museum there.

    Nothing on that list for me. I am somewhere with the Rolling Stones and Jefferson Airplane with Gracy Slick and then there is Janis Joplin with Me and Bobby Megee, and all of the rest. Yes I have all of her alblums.




    Like Petty and Earnhardt.

    The best, and just all the rest.