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    Rain tomorrow and 31 here Friday night. Could be worse. 6 to 12 inches of snow less than a day's drive to our north and west. Scout sits in the garage with a Corolla car cover on it and the BT Jr glowing a reassuring green. The cover is a little large. OK, it fits like a saddle on a sow, but it was $20 at Menards.

    Hate to say it but it took me almost a year to get back to anything close to normal 😫

    Spurs, bone grinding, sew the muscle on the bone. .... it was a bitch!! Get well soon!

    That's the time frame I hear from everyone. Start 6 weeks of 3 times a week rehab Monday. I have two screws with "thread" holding me together. Finally told I could quit wearing a sling yesterday. Today, the shoulder feels like I lost a bad fight. Oh well.

    I just keep telling myself an old saying, "I felt bad because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." Time to quit whining and start healing.

    I was in the Keystone SD area from the 6th to the 12th. Saw MANY Spyders, but only one Sling.

    Couldn't take ours. 6 weeks post surgery for rotator cuff. Could be MONTHS before I can even get in one.

    After this one gets by us, if you watch Facebook Marketplace, you will see generators for sale, plywood for sale and everything else they bought.

    Or all the generators they bought on credit card will be returned for credit. It happens EVERY storm.

    Brought ours up to Iowa when we moved back. Ice storms.

    I lived in Kissimmee from 1984 until late 2005. Every storm, they would show clips of people buying every sheet of plywood they could pile on top of a Honda civic. I'm sure you have seen them this time around.


    We lived in Kissimmee in 2004. Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeane. Every other weekend . . . here comes another one. I thought our last night on earth was the night when Charley went over us.

    That's why we are back in Iowa. Give me a blizzard any day.

    Sorry to hear for the down time due to your surgery, if you want to talk sling some time let me know we can drive up to one of the good bars in Waverly!

    We HAVE to do that sometime. We go to Waverly a lot. Between Walmart and Applebee's, we should just move there.

    Worked at the Courier at one time and have lived in both Waterloo an Cedar Falls. Menard's is my second home. :)

    Had the surgery Monday. Ice holder and sling on right arm. Typing this with one hand. Mouse with left hand. PITA!!!!
    3 months, 6 months, a year . . . who knows. The Sling will be sitting for awhile. Can't wait to get back in. (The real problem is getting out!!)

    Kkeep pushing the button to change the dash display info. It will eventually come up.

    I think it's on one for the Ride Command screens, too. Keep pushing the "highway" icon on the far left.

    Rode to Burr Oak IA. The family of Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie) ran the rooming house which is now a museum. Took the curviest roads I could find on the map.

    At one spot, near Bluffton, a sign said ROAD CLOSED AHEAD. Sure enough, about 15 miles ahead, the road WAS closed. I just had to see for myself!!! Oh well, the curves were just as fun going south as going north.

    At a Cenex gas station, north of Decorah, I stopped for fuel. The lady clerk came out and took a picture of the SS and my wife. Said she, "had never seen one of them things before". We enjoy lighting up the otherwise dreary lives of fellow Iowa hermits.