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    Only a couple of thousand miles on it, but kick the muffler and see, Sounds tinny, so it could be in the exhaust someplace.

    Maybe I'll just turn the radio up and forget it. That, at least, would make the radio worth something.


    I rarely ride without a helmet, but when I do, I can hear a metallic rattle sound. Sounds like it's coming from under the hood area. With helmet on, I usually don't notice it. Sounds more like something loose than something catastrophic. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, what did you track it down to?

    Reminds me of the story of the old farmer who kept lending things to the young neighbor who was just getting started in farming. Evey time the young guy asked the old timer for something, he would say, "You can borrow anything on the farm except my wife and my pickup."

    Finally, curiosity got the best of the young man, and he asked why that was always his reply?

    "Well," said the old farmer, "my wife is young and the truck is old. It would be pretty easy to throw a rod in either one of them."

    If no one in history ever took a chance, the human race would still be present only on the African continent. People gradually made their way to Europe, then the Far East and on to Australia, North America and South America. A few thousand years later, someone headed out across the unknown expanse of water and Europeans (descendants of the first Africans to venture North) started a new immigration into the "New World".

    Luckily for the rest of us, not everyone considers our explorations to be of no worth.

    One day, Earth will not be habitable. To set on our collective backsides and call our present condition "good enough" is to be short sighted and risk the end of human presence in the universe.

    I lived in Kissimmee when the Challenger blew up. We were all standing on the lawn of City Hall, and all the cheering stopped when the twin contrails appeared. We knew what it meant.

    The Human Race MUST go into space. We will lose brave souls along the way. Just . . . not this time. Nor the next time, nor . . . . . . .

    Quote by Rhysling, the Blind Poet, from "The Green Hills of Earth", written by Robert Heinlein:

    "We pray for one last landing

    On the globe that gave us birth

    Let us rest our eyes on the fleecy skies

    And the cool, green hills of Earth."

    If you've never read the story, find it, read it. Classic Scifi.

    If the government ordered a everyone stay home order For a month and we will pay you for one month, this would all be over. A month ago

    So, for the greater good, YOU would have gone along with it.

    Yeah, sure.

    Not on FaceCrap, Twitter nor any of the other ANTIsocial media sites.

    If FaceCrap were shut down tomorrow, the world would be a happier, kinder, more truthful place.

    I'd like to take that idiot that completely ignored company policy and entered a Costco without a face mask, claiming he wasn't going to wear one because, last he knew, he woke up in a free country and didn't feel like he had to comply, and put him on a fucking plane to north Korea. If he thinks for even one second that I'm going to stand behind him or feel sorry for him because he believes he's the victim of Costco's draconian policy, let him spend a few days in Pyongyang and see how he feels when he attempts to "non-comply" with some of their policies... Fuck his fat ass and his cart full of toilet paper, which they took from him before kicking him out... (Drops microphone) 😎

    That idiot got up in the morning and ate food produced in a REGULATED environment, drove to the store on roads REGULATED for traffic pattern and speed, in a car REGULATED by needing a license and insurance on the vehicle and license for the driver, he stopped at STOP signs and red lights. Once in the store, he chose products manufactured in REGULATED environments, delivered to the store on aforementioned REGULATED roads by drivers working under REGULATED conditions. And he whines about his freedom. Even the air he sucks in is REGULATED.

    He should stay home, eat his grass and wipe his ass on a hand full of dirt. He could totally bypass any and all regulations.

    If he wants to live in a place where he would be totally free, he can move to the South Pole.

    The sane people in the store should have held him down and put a duct tape mask on him. Several layers thick. Or, better yet, hook him up to a ventilator for a month.