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    I have had a driver's license for 61 years. I have driven countless cars, trucks, tractors, boats, snowmobiles and motorcycles. All without the benefit of the internet.

    I will continue to do so. I will use my SlingShot and work on it without the benefit of this forum.

    I refuse to be part of a group that revels in sedition and attacking the symbols of our democracy.

    I have too much love for this country to sit here and read posts denigrating the duly elected new President, and defending those trying to destroy the country.

    This is my last post on any thread on this forum. You have won, unlike der Fuhrer. Enjoy the new regime. I know I will.

    Now, all together, "GOOD RIDDANCE".


    No proof.

    No Liberal stormed the Capitol Building.

    Stay proud.

    Interesting. You condone over running the US Capitol.

    Every great power has crumbled from within.

    We are watching the beginning of the end, thanks to your favorite President.

    Sorry buddy - free speech is free speech - long as the argument doesn’t collapse into personal attacks. Everybody tries to feed ya shit and call it ice cream from time to time

    SHIT is all that comes from Mad Dog. Trump dreams it up, Mad Dog spews it. No shame. No common decency. Both are disgraceful examples of the human race. Both belong in his beloved Gitmo.

    I just watched a short clip of thd supposed Trump supporters attacking the police....

    Only an idiot would believe they are trump supporters....

    it’s ANTIFA dressed to look like Trump supporters....wearing their Halloween Trump supporters costumes...wishing they weren’t idiots...

    THAT is the DUMBEST thing I have ever read.

    Do the decent thing.

    STOP posting.

    Big Dog, if you believe even one word of your ravings about the Constitution and love of democracy, you would join in condemning this action.

    We all know you will not.

    So much for your phony claim of love for this country.

    YOU are a traitor to the United States of America and to the rule of law. YOU are an anarchist, lower than Antifa.

    Sir, have you no decency?

    the power to speak for everyone the entire state or in your state of mind...


    FOUR YEARS, yippy yap, FOUR YEARS.


    Whether it's sixteen years or four, I will be smiling. You will be stewing in your own juices. (Like Dumpy does when he thinks of Stormy and Ivanka and himself.)

    From echoraven:

    Quote from openair That's a bunch of brain damaged Repugnants, NOT the State of Pennsylvania.

    Here's a letter to Congress from me, representing EVERYBODY in Iowa.

    Dear Soon To Be Out of Work Mr. Pence,

    This is to let you know that I have personally erased all of the votes for Cadet Bone Spurs and hereby assign them to the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE, the Kiddie sniffer and probable pedophile Joseph Biden.

    Than You,
    An Iowa Resident who enjoys listening to people that lie to me.

    HAIL CHINA! Glory be to our future communist overlords!

    See Yip-Yap, same weight of authority as your example.

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    Fixed it for you. (Added by echoraven)


    Red letters are echoraven's "fix".

    Sir, I do not mess with your posts, I would appreciate the same courtesy.