What was today's Sling project-Mods , goodies....?

  • Oh man Mitch RevDynamics did an Amazing job on these wheels! Wife was about as excited as I was rushing me off a work call to get me to haul them inside so she could check out! The yellow is matched perfectly, pearl and all (sorry glare under kitchen light) She was working on dinner and decided she'd rather start on the tires, guess I'm finishing dinner....lol

    Toyo T1R rubber wise and already gave Mitch a heads up that I'll need one more of those rears next winter!

  • I had to come back and tighten some bolts after the DDM angle brace install. The torque specs did not do it. I had to go a little more snug. Either that or my torque wrench is off a little.

  • .....Torque wrench isnt off, i think we all had to snug em a little bit past torque specs ....i know i did

    Yeah, I'm going to watch for any seepage and retighten after my next ride.

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  • When calibrating torque wrenches for 12 years in the navy I will say they very often need adjustments. A lot depends on the brand and also how the wrench is taken care of. Zero out the wrench setting when you are done using it and don't drop the wrench. Now my guess would be that the requirements torqueing bolts on a aircraft is a requires a lot more precision then our Slingshots or our cars. I suspect lug nuts have been torqued down on cars with out a torque wrench ever since the Model T. I also expect that 99.9% of torque wrenches sold to the general public never see a cal lab. Fore you guys on here that work or own speed shops like DDM do you get your equipment calibrated.

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  • Dave@DDMWorks where is the new product announcement? I could barely sleep last night.

    The photos for the website are all still being taken, but here is a little preview.

    The first part is that we will have mesh inserts for the current hood vents we have been offering. They attach to the bottom of the vents and still allow air to get out and relieve the pressure that builds up in that area, but help reduce road debris and moisture coming up off the tire. We have had a lot of people cutting their own, a lot of people asking for it, so we bought some new equipment to cut them in house -

    The second part is we have 3 new designs for the hood vents also. We have a 3 vent opening, a vent with louvres (my favorite so far) and the special Bill Martin version with flames. The 3 new vent designs all come with the mesh installed from us, the first design with the triangles will be available as open or with the mesh. We also will have the mesh install kits available for those that want to install them on vents already purchased. Once all the images get edited and uploaded then the official release will happen -

  • Hopefully not like that, 45psi of boost at 14.7 air/fuel ratio would do bad things to the engine, but if that's what you want...

    OK I will take the smaller one!

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    Did that package get to you OK

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  • Love the new designs! Will you be offering your custom colors on the mesh? I'd like some in Daytona Yellow :)

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