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    …...I have the QuickJack 5000 ….it was to do my Genesis transmission which worked out great but even better when I use it for the slingshot...and I got it around the holidays 2018 for $999 at Costco

    Unfortunately, my limited budget means deciding between a Quick jack I'd use a few times per year or other accessories I'd use every ride. I guess I'll continue to make do with my floor-jack, jack-stands and wooden tire-blocks.;)

    This guy's Wife had never seen any of the Star Wars movies, so he showed her The Phantom Menace 20 years after it was originally released. Some of her comments are funny.


    Personally, I liked the movie. I just kept in mind that a 6-year old was playing one of the main roles. I must admit, that I never really liked Jar Jar Binks. Funny aside - A rumor alleged that Peter Jackson was being forced to introduce a new character into his J. R. R. Tolkien movies, Sir Jar Jar Binks and a lot of Tolkien fans believed the rumor and got really upset!:D:D

    My question is if you use the said points to lift the SS then where do you place JACK STANDS to be able to remove the jack and have the whole SS in the air for any or all types of underneath work.

    Take a look at the picture I posted in Post # 45. For the front, lift points 2 & 3 can be anywhere underneath the vertical member the front suspension mounts to, leaving room to place the jack-stand just behind that member where the 2 & 3 are shown, or back at lift point 1. In the rear, I typically use lift point 3, leaving points 1 & 2 for the jack-stands. Since the wider apart the jack-stands are, I prefer lift points 1 or 3 for maximum stability.

    I use hockey pucks (cheap on EBay or Amazon) on top of my floorjack's lifting plate to help protect the frame tubes. You can cut a small groove in the top of the puck to help fit better to the frame tubes when lifting. If you don't want to use a hockey puck, most floorjack lift plates have some raised edges which you should rotate so that the frame tube rests between those raised edges. This will also help protect the frame tube from the having weight concentrated on those raised edges.

    Also get some foam pads for the top of the jack-stands for additional frame protection.

    How often do you change yours using Mobile 1 and running a turbo?

    Back when I installed my Hahn turbo kit, IIRC, most folks were running around 2500 miles between oil changes. Personally, as long as the oil still looks good, I think you can go longer as long as you remember to allow several miles of non-turbo driving before shutting down after a ride. The non-turbo time gives the turbo a chance to cool down and reduces the chances of a hot turbo "cooking" the oil remaining in the turbo. If you have a water-cooled turbo, cool down time shouldn't be as important, but allowing the turbo to cool while oil or water is still circulating thru it is a good idea.

    Fumoto would like to thank all veterans and active duty members of the military for their service with a special LIFETIME discount.
    How to Apply for Fumoto Military Discounts

    As a thank you to the men and women in uniform who defend this country, we are offering lifetime military discounts to both active military personnel and veterans.
    Applying for a discount is very easy, too.

    How to Apply (Veterans)

    • Take a photo of your driver’s license or non-driver state ID next to your VA card. In lieu of a VA card, you may also submit a photo of your discharge papers.
    • Be sure to block out any personal information you’d like hidden, besides your name.
    • Go to our request page and list the subject as “Military Discount”.
    • At the bottom of the page, in the section labeled attachments, add the photo of your forms of ID.
    • Hit Submit and wait. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a personalized discount code for you to use with any Fumoto purchases from our online store.

    How to Apply (Active)

    • Submit a photo of your driver’s license or non-driver state ID.
    • When putting in your email address on the request form, be sure to use your .mil email address, which should match the first and last names on your ID.

    Getting Your Discount Code

    Once your application is approved, we will email your discount code to you. It is effective immediately and valid for a lifetime of savings.
    Note: Be sure to check your email’s spam folder if you do not get a reply from us within 3 business days of your application.

    Fumoto's original email said retired veterans. A subsequent email changed this to include all veterans.

    I'm sure others will disagree with me, but I base my oil choice on It's a very long read, but I chose his #9-rated oil described here -

    "9. 5W30 Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage with MaxLife Technology, API SN, GM dexos 1 approved (silver bottle) = 123,470 psi

    Valvoline had a chart on their Website showing that this is their best oil for fuel economy and Horsepower. They also said this oil provided more anti-wear film strength than 5W30 Mobil 1, which is what I also found in my testing.

    High Mileage oils are formulated for older engines with over 75,000 miles on them. And High Mileage oils include “Seal Swell” chemicals to help reduce oil leakage in those older engines.

    zinc = TBD

    phos = TBD

    moly = TBD

    This oil was tested in Spring 2017.

    The psi value of this oil, which came from testing it at the normal operating test temperature of 230*F, put it in the FANTASTIC Wear Protection Category.

    However, I also went on to also test this oil at the much higher temperature of 275*F. At that elevated temperature, any hotter and thinner oil is expected to experience a drop in Wear Protection Capability. And this oil did have a significant 27% drop in capability. At that reduced value down to 89,862 psi, this much hotter and thinner oil dropped down to the top of the GOOD Wear Protection Category range. You can avoid such a drop in capability by keeping the oil at a more reasonable cooler temperature.

    I also tested this oil to find out its onset of thermal breakdown, which was 285*F."

    He rates oil based primarily on their film strength/load carrying capability/shear resistancei in psi with the top-rated oils all scoring over 120,000 psi for their film strength/load carrying capacity/shear resistanc. I don't yet need a high mileage oil, but I used this oil when I first went turbo at just over 36,000 miles on my Slingshot. I've now got over 49,000 miles on it. The oil still looked good after almost 4000 miles for my first oil change post-turbo and it hasn't looked too dirty after 5000 miles, so I'm staying at the standard 5000 miles oil change interval. I prefer to use K&N oil filters, but have used the GM oil filter if I can't find the K&N PS-7000.

    You should be able to use any of the major oil brand synthetics. I just liked how the Valvoline High Mileage rated in 540 rat's testing and it's easy availability.

    wokka , is there even enough room between the top of your Tallboy NASCAR-styled windshield and your TD Top to fit a shield that's 2" taller?