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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Do you know what the offset is on the new wheels? provides a vissualization of how the new wheels/tires compare to stock. Just enter the wheel diameter/width/offset along with the info for whatever tires (width/profile/diameter) you're considering.

    Here's an example comparing my 2015 Base Slingshot rear wheel/tire (18x9.5, 45 offset, 265/35R18) with a Mustang wheel/tire (17x10.5, 28 offset, 315/35R17) -

    Smaller wheel offsets will move the edge of the wheel further out from the suspension components. In my case, the wider wheel and smaller offset basically placed the inner edge of both wheels in approximately the same location.

    The trailer @Macaw recommended above looks like a good setup, especially since it has an aluminum frame. Using the NT aluminum frame trailer and adding a 16-18 cf carrier would probably cost about eh same as the NT steel frame version.

    The small HF trailer (…tility-trailer-62645.html) is a good size for mounting a large luggage carrier normally used on a car/SUV roof.

    I didn't see any small trailers on TS that I thought would work behind the Slingshot, but I did find several small trailer on Northern Tool.

    Steel frame -…oduct_200612543_200612543.

    Aluminum frame -…oduct_200660342_200660342.

    Steel frame with luggage carrier -…oduct_200692633_200692633.

    Just curious what everyone's opinion is on those small Harbor Freight trailers and wondered if anyone has ever built a small luggage trailer and pulled it behind their Slingshot when traveling? I'd love to hear from someone with experience with this before I decide. I searched for an existing thread and was surprised to not find one. Thanks in advance.

    I bought one of HF's 4ft x 8ft folding trailers for use as my first motorcycle/general purpose trailer and used it for 4 years before replacing it with a trailer from Tractor Supply. When I first purchased the HF trailer, I replaced the bearing cover with a spring-loaded cap that allows extra grease to be injected into the bearing, with the spring hopefully maintaining pressure to keep grease in the bearings.…tectors-1-pair-97166.html. Don't know if they really made a difference, but the spring-loaded caps provided some peace-of-mind. I replaced the HF trailer because I wanted a slightly larger trailer and I had to replace one of the folding frame pieces on the HF trailer that had rusted through. When I went to order replacements for both sides, I was only able to get the one I needed, but the one I wanted as a spare for the other side wasn't available. I don't remember if it was just out of stock or no longer available. I never did anything to the HF trailer frame to provide additional rust protection, so it might be a good idea to give it some additional rust protection before bolting everything together.

    Overall, I was satisfied with the HF trailer. I'd recommend waiting until you can find a 30% or 20% off any item coupon and the trailer isn't on sale.

    Is the Fumoto valve necessary? No, but it saves me from burning my hand or bumping my arm against the coolant pipe trying to get to the drain plug when I'm reaching in from beside the right front wheel.

    not many yellow SLR ICONs around that ive seen. My favorite color besides orange.

    I bought a 2015 Base Slingshot (Titanium Metallic) and got it painted Yellow in 2016. I just installed the MadStad Ultimate Bumper in Satin Black with Daytona yellow inserts for the bumpers and around the Black Honeycomb grille, bu the Daytona Yellow is slightly brighter than the Yellow I chose. Here's a pic from SlingMods of a Daytona Yellow Slingshot with the same MadStad Ultimate Bumper I have -

    MadStad Ultimate LED Front Bumper and Grille for the Polaris Slingshot

    I haven't yet decided if the Daytona Yellow clashes with my Yellow and may paint the Daytona yellow sections Satin Black to match the bumper color. Once I get my Slingshot cleaned up:), I'll try to remember to post a picture of my Slingshot.

    They're convenient, but not absolutely necessary. When I installed mine just before the 10K miles service, the mechanic at the dealer seemed to really like it. I find its advantage to be I'm less likely to burn myself trying to get the oil pan plug out, but it is convenient.

    I placed a cover on the hole in the side of the bellhousing, but I never have seen any type of cover for that hole on top of the bellhousing.

    I lost a bolt that secured the driver side bolt holding the coolant overflow tank in place 2 years ago and I was afraid it fell into that hole in the bellhousing. I was worried it might bounce against the flywheel and cause some damage, so I bought an endoscope with a light on the end that connects via USB to my phone and used it to look inside the bellhousing. I never saw the bolt, but at least I had some piece of mind knowing I had tried to find it. Search Google for "USB Endoscope with light". Some sellers call them borescopes, too. To this day, I still have no idea where that darned bolt went!

    it may not be easy to manipulate the camera on the end of the cable. I ended up using a thick piece of copper wire that I taped the camera to so I could have better control of where the camera/light were pointing.

    Good Luck!

    Looking good! Angle that valve down just slightly. It'll help it from getting dirty when draining.

    Seems like a good idea, but I'd probably install the SX version so it's pointing backwards and down a little. Don't know if it will reduce the chance of road crud building up at the drain hole of the valve, but it shouldn't hurt anything.

    you will love it - it takes a good bit longer to drain, but it so easy you won't care. just open the valve and then go have a cup of coffee and catchup on the morning news

    I've had the older F107 valve since my second oil change back in 2015. I just wanted to switch to the SX version since it has full adjustability and after replacing my oil pan when I installed my Hahn Turbo, my old F107 valve ended up upside down and I never got it to install with the valve on top. Plus, the newer SX valves are supposed to drain a little faster than the older version.

    I like Turtle Wax Ice as a great car wash liquid. It gets the bug guts off the paint and leaves the black plastics looking new. I also bought some Lucas Slick Mist, but just never seem tog et around to actually trying it.:S

    This is probably one of the most off-center steering wheels I've ever seen. It's currently listed at $40.99, but it was cheaper when I decided to give it a try.

    The extremely short distance from the bottom of the steering wheel to the center of the mounting hub meant there was a noticeable change in the arc when the wheel is turned and while I didn't hate the steering wheel, I eventually got tired of the extreme change in hand placement during turns and replaced it with a Flat Bottom Steering Wheel from Twist Dynamics that I bought on sale from SSO -…eering-wheel-flat-bottom/. That wheel doesn't require that much of a change in hand position when turning.