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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Definitely check with your dealer to see how flexible they might be. If they install something, they should do a better job with warranty issues. Polaris will try to blame any warranty problems on aftermarket accessories if they feel they can get away with it.

    Adding a heatsink and fan to the rear of my double din radio. It gets really hot back there so hot many times you cant touch it.

    Is your radio cubby area still open to the engine compatment? I have mine closed off with some sheet metal and self-stick insulation. I've left the transmission tunnel/dash trim pieces off and have been thinking about reinstalling them and adding a cooling fan (or two) from a PC to draw air into and thru the radio cubby area.

    Looking at the heat sink on the radio, you might get better cooling by attaching fans to the heatsink on each side using small screws that thread between the heatsink fins. Here's an example -


    Just imagine the fan attached to the side of the radio heatsink so it blows air into/between the fins.

    The new coilovers from SlingMods are definitely the least expensive set I've seen. Even a set of QA1's that you build yourself by selecting the springs and shocks you want are going to cost that much or very near to it. I bought Bilsteins thru a Group Buy and still paid around $800 and have been extremely happy with them. When I rode two-wheels, I rode my 2007 SV650 for many miles before I replaced the rear shock with an aftermarket unit and boy was I impressed at the difference. Same thing happened when I upgraded my shocks on the Slingshot. I thought the Slingshot handled fine before the change, but the difference was clearly noticeable. One of my favorite rides has an at-grade RR crossing which is also situated several feet above the regular road surface and before changing the shocks I would routinely go airborne over the tracks, but with the new shocks the Slingshot stays nicely planted.

    If I didn't already have the Bilsteins, I'd certainly consider the new SlingMods units since any aftermarket coilovers are going to be a significant improvement.

    With $1000 to spend on mods, the Tru-Hart coilovers at $618 would still allow you to get the Injen CAI and the DDMWorks Short Shifter. Before I installed my Hahn Turbo kit, I had the Hahn CAI which, like the newer Injen CAI is designed to seal against the hood, but there are other, less expensive CAI choices available. If you're a little handy, this link to the Dark Side has directions to build your own CAI for a little over $100 -…-intake.5326/#post-110718.

    I'd also recommend a Fumoto Oil Drain valve which makes oil changes a real breeze. I currently have the Fumoto F107N valve (…tname=F107N&partnumber=34) which also needs an extension to clear the inset on the oil pan, but I'm considering getting the newer F107SX (…ame=F107SX&partnumber=107) which can be better adjusted for proper orientation/operation and may not need the extension. The only negative comment I can think of about the Fumoto oil drain valves is the reduced drain hole compared to completely removing the oil pan plug, but since newer oils tend to be freer running than older, thicker oils, this shouldn't be as much of a factor.

    I'd like a side exhaust to go with my Hahn Turbo kit, but i"m concerned Hahn's side exhaust might be louder than their Street Race exhaust I now have since the side exhaust looks to have a shorter muffler.

    I like the looks of side pipes, but don't want to deal with the routing issues involved with a dual side pipes setup on the Slingshot, so I'm considering buying a dual side pipes kit and just installing one pipe/muffler running along the bottom of the passenger-side. I guess I could then save the other muffler as a replacement or EBay it.

    I have to agree that based on reported accidents I've read about, the Slingshot seems to do a decent job protecting its occupants, especially compared to how much protection is available on two-wheelers!

    Hate to read about any motorcycle accidents. Clearly a T-bone crash. The damage to the Slingshot makes me wonder how fast the SUV was traveling. Given the amount of frame damage, I don't know if a seat-belt would have made any difference. A sad outcome.

    One big key to finding a low price is a willingness to travel. You may be able to find a forum member who is willing to do an initial check on a candidate Slingshot to help you decide if additional travel is warranted. You may also find forum members willing to meet you at the local airport, train or bus station and give you ride/accompany you to the sales location. If you're mainly interested in new or low-mileage Slingshots, you're more likely to find a decent deal on one-to-two year-old new or lightly used Slingshots.

    Good Luck!

    I normally park in a carport in front of my garage (which is full of junk). I have a Budge #2 cover that fits my Slingshot with TD Canvas Top and I use it if I end up stopping overnight. Since the Slingshot cockpit is basically waterproof, the cover serves mainly to keep the Slingshot concealed from curious onlookers. A couple times when I wanted to get to my dealer very early in the morning, I drove up the night before and stayed in a motel that shares its parking lot with a bar/nightclub and either I was just lucky or the cover worked to keep the Slingshot unnoticed.

    I must admit that when I had the True Laser Track alignment done, the mechanic told me my Slingshot was almost spot on as far as the alignment was concerned, but I noticed as I was driving home that the steering wheel seemed to be a little off TDC. (It was raining cats & dogs and I didn't feel like going back in the rain). Once I got home, I simply made sure my wheels were oriented straight forward and repositioned the steering wheel while I was installing a new steering wheel.

    We are not talking about the True Trak Laser, Polaris has their own system. Coastal Indian and Polaris in Murrels Inlet, S. C. will do the laser alignment.

    Based on the OPs comments, I assumed he was having trouble finding a Polaris dealer who does alignments, so I offered an alternative source. As long as the dealer (Polaris or other) has done some alignments, I'd assume either system should work. I went with a local independent shop that does Spyder and Slingshot alignments simply because I haven't found a local dealer I like.

    I’ve tried several of the dealers they list, but they don’t have the laser alignment?

    That's odd, because the list is supposed to accurately list dealers who have bought the True Laser track alignment equipment. I guess that means the place I just mentioned in the previous post may or may not have the equipment.