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    My wife always says slow down. She hasn't said a thing since I installed the supercharger. Go figure?

    Lucky man!!! As predicted wife seeing the speed on the middle display wasn't the best idea driving around last night.... Was funny went to car cruise and they had all the low riders etc.. Looking at one parked on 3 wheels I asked that guy... "Hey if I had one of these and the wife starts naggin can I toss her out with the hydraulics?" They laughed, I laughed, the wife said I was on the couch when we got home ;)^^:D

    I did mention maybe one day wrapping ours as we just have a lot of small nicks n dings in the paint. Not noticeable to most, but my OCD notices it... She said hell no...rather let me do quad kit. Sweeet! Took a few months but she's coming around to the idea - lol

    Pulled into the dealer service area and was talking to a new SS owner when the service manager came out said he was going to Vegas with every SS they had. And I quote “ Some rapper rented one in Vegas, liked it so much, bought all he could find for his crew”. The SS show room was empty when I went in. Crazy 😏

    This happened to me last year. Called ahead before I left to see if this place in WY had anymore seadoo spark jetskis. Literally said I did yesterday but Kanye West bought them all as he was having a lake party. Ended up driving to El Paso, TX to buy one....covid made it hard to find ATVs, RV,s boats, etc... last year

    The 22 Mag is a far better choice then the LR. I have the mag in several rifles and a revolver. I don't shoot the mag as much as I would like as I can't reload it and compared to the LR cost a lot more to shoot. I would not want to be trading shots with a bad guy with a LR if he was shooting something much bigger. Your best bet it to stop him from getting in a shot at you and unless you are real lucky that is not going to happen with a 22 LR. I have shot a lot of small game with 22 LR HPs and if bullet placement isn't right you won't disable the animal. Buba will be a lot bigger and harder to stop. Now these are my opinions and the opinions of experts in the field but just carry what you can handle and hope for the best.

    Could go on forever and say the .223 is even better than that.... Agree with most, anything going bang in my face I'm not going to keep going towards. Only exception I've seen is a hajis jacked up on stuff running at us getting pumped full of 5.56 or anyone on drugs for that matter. Still something is better than nothing always.

    I did The big four upgrade on my sling today, that’s were you upgrade the ground off the block to the chassis, the ground from the battery to the chassis, and run a wire from the alternator to the battery + and the engine block to the battery -. I left the factory wires in place in the engine bay and added zero gauge wire for the upgrade.

    I did this in preparation for adding a large stereo system.

    This finally solved the problem I was having where the engine would stumble when I came to a stop, never stalled but droped down to around 500 rpm then back up to 900rpm. It also seems to start quicker and have more power. It was a bit of work but absolutely worth it.

    Nice job!! Are you upgrading alternator as well? If not I do have one of these new in box for $60 shipped if interested so you can up the voltage on the stock one. I was going to use, but swapped ALT instead and don't need now - https://customelectricservice.…xtGr1O3sYFMtjRmUnwEIdQbFs

    Pretty much thinking the exact same thing. I see that BT controller is only 2 channel. I'll need to find one that is 4 channel to control both balance and fader.

    If you find a 4 channel one that's outdoor/marine please share. Looked and decided to just use a splitter as it couldn't be worse then L/R RC signal I was using before - lol

    Saw some 4 channel ones that run on 12v for indoor use with 110v power supply putting out 12v - so maybe if I put in storage box could do that.

    Definitely a situation of not seeing the forest for it's trees with me and my sling audio situation. Whole goal was to keep Ride Command for the system/engine info and still have good audio. Been having issues again with sub kinda working, then not working and same with speakers. Found a lose wire and thought I had it but acted up again this past weekend. Searching for decks again as I was bout to just say screw it and put a fancy one in, when I ran across the post in Boss unit thread where someone said they considered a Bluetooth receiver for their amp.

    DOH! Why didn't I think of this... put one in yesterday and I'm a happy camper. Ride command still there and now can stay on diagnostic screens (slight issue with that as wife can see speed now).... and the amp, speakers, and sub sound WAY better on the bluetooth receiver than they ever did on RC unit. Since I stream phone music, no real loss and got what I was after. Could of did this months back and saved a few hundred on not needing line converters etc..

    Receiver I used -

    I didn't use the blue amp signal wire that came with it as when you paused music in app it shut off power to amp. Didn't want amp off/on constantly so ran a 12v ignition power wire to it and didn't use the one off BT receiver.

    once they outlaw every gun....everyone will be an outlaw....think about it...they don’t care if everyone is in jail...

    CXW, GEO, - two private prison stocks I've made a killing on this year so far, talking 300+ percent.... have to roll with what's going on around you and make the best of it. Not shooting nearly as many matches this year unfortunately due to ammo costs. It's ok, more time for sling rides and playing with the other toys.

    Much like our CO mag bans and other recent dumb ass laws - I live in a good county and likely they will have trouble enforcing except for in extreme counties like boulder etc..

    Following... mostly as I'm saving pennies for Dave's kit and was thinking 3:45 on gearing with that limited slip being the difference maker!

    Looking for a complete set of black rubber seats from a slingshot... I've gotten a pair here before... let me know if you'd like to get rid of yours... thanks

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    1st post, Welcome! There is a marketplace for items or requests like this. Keeps them all together and will keep your request from working off the page. Check it out here -

    Yesterday we decided we were going to Denver, mostly to meet Abigail who's doing some slingshot across the country thing. Unfortunately we missed the dinner and when we drove up to meet for cruise downtown afterwards she had headed back to rv/hotel. Wish her the best in her trip and bummed we didn't get to cruise together but was an adventure none the less. We got caught in some hail on the way up to Denver, hung out in this overpass for a bit, then decided to just brave the rain for 15min to get past it. Rain sucks, but Denver was clear and had a blast up there with 6-7 others slings downtown.

    Get home at 2am, up at 8am to get to a ride today in the Springs. Fun ride back up to Denver (the scenic vs interstate way) then around through the west side and then back down through castle rock to the springs. Literally met 6+ slings from the springs today that I hadn't met before. Besides states like AZ/CA/FL where you can drive year round I'm surprised to see so man in CO. Fun times and new friends and contact info swapped for future rides!

    Preference thing I think setting aside the price difference. Had a different turbo and I really like the supercharger for it's drivability. Turbo was fun and sounded amazing with all those turbo noises. It was just when the boost came in it was hard hitting and then you were shifting. It also liked higher RPM to run right so always felt like I was driving around in race-car mode. Wife wouldn't drive the sling with it... she will with the supercharger as if you keep the RPM lower it's like a normal sling just louder with exhaust. Boost is there when you want to peak those RPMS and smile.

    This post is long overdue, but here's a quick story. chavey2 as some of you may remember posted up his Twist intake for free in the marketplace. Deal was person getting it pays shipping and don't bitch about screws or anything it doesn't come with. Well I had some slingshot friends who have a 17 and had bought a bunch of mods for it including a turbo etc... they had issues with financing on their new house and plan was to sell the 17, so there went all the mods still in boxes. Felt bad for them and so when I saw this intake, it was perfect as they could do something to their sling!

    I called Oscar at Twist to get the pieces n screws and he hooked me up bigtime so is also part of this pay it forward, however by time I got the parts our slingshot friends sold their 17 and bought a 21. (here I am feeling bad for them lol) I didn't want it to go with the 17 they sold, so started looking for another who could use and turned out the folks who go the 17 are now our friends also. Hooked him up with the intake as one of his first under the hood mods and he is stoked - sent me these pics of it installed and wanted me to make sure I got a Thank You to Chavey for sending it our way. Really appreciate you paying it forward like this and putting a smile on our new friends faces! Thank You!!