• Just registered to the forum. After seeing these Slingshots scattered around dealerships the last six years my

    impressions went from OK cool but not for me, to maybe, but really I got my bikes. Don't ask me why but now

    that the 2020 R has hit and I'm old now, I just got bit. Going to pre order the 2020 R and would appreciate any

    input on any factory add-ons, rear fender, windshields etc. that are best from the factory. I think the extra year

    warranty with the pre order pushed me over the edge. I usually need an excuse. Would appreciate your input.


  • Nice, I'm jealous! Enjoy the ride and please keep us informed when you receive. Most here have had bikes in our younger years and the sling really hits the mark. Add-on's are as unique as the buyer. Most will say ride, look around & the sky is the limit.

    I have to laugh at the "I'm old now" some here are in their 80's. I would put the average somewhere in the 60's. I still have a motorcycle but the slingshot is preferred. I'm in my upper 50's.


    I have a 2017 and I really like the new "R" model!

  • Upper 50's....??? I have underwear older than that......^^...

    Some times a Cigar is just a Cigar.......

  • Welcome Nitro. It's really simple. Just write out two checks. One made out to the Polaris dealer for the full cost of the slingshot R, taxes, title etc. The second one should be made out directly to DDM for the same amount. Dave will see to it that those funds get spent wisely.

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  • The new 2020's are even more impressive in person, getting to drive in one last week was pretty cool and I think you will really enjoy the new ride. :thumbsup:

  • Nitro,

    Welcome to the insanity!

    Let me tell you what I did on my 3rd Slingshot this year: I made a deal with the dealer to install a buttload of aftermarket (non-Polaris) accessories as part of the total package purchase (over $9K worth). Dealer made profit off the accessories so was able to make me a killer deal on the SS and then he installed all the accessories for me. Admittedly, I did have to take the SS into the dealer a few times to get everything installed over the following couple of months, but it was worth it.

    As far as accessories, about the only one I would consider as genuine-Polaris is the seats. They are competitive in price to the aftermarket and some of them are quite comfortable. Other than that, there are PLENTY of great suppliers out there. I'm not going to list them all here - just go down to the vendor area here and start looking.

    Let me give you some other advise: Wait on the accessories unless you are just absolutely positive that's what you want up front. So many of us have added accessories that we later changed our minds on. I think every single user here can admit to that. Go to some of the GTGs and see what other people have and make up your mind from there. I only had the dealer install my accessories on my 3rd SS because I knew exactly what I wanted after dealing with the first 2 SS's.

    BTW, where you located? I'm sure some one is close that can point you to the local GTGs.

  • One note for you on add on's for your new Slingshot. Do you want performance or do you like looks better. This should be your starting point.

  • Welcome! Best advice I have for you... Buy the color and lowest model you like. Then outfit it with aftermarket parts. All too often I am swapping out factory upgrades for aftermarket and the slightly used factory parts pile up in my garage and I can't give them away fast enough.

    Be prepared for your wallet to cry!

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  • OK, thanks for the advice. I decided I won't do any factory upgrades.

    The pre order has to be within two or three weeks to take advantage of the extra year

    on the warranty (if that means anything). Yes it looks like I will do the same thing I

    did with the bike I bought last January. Bought a new leftover 2018 model, stripped

    some of the brand new parts, exhaust, brakes, fenders, blinkers, levers, seat etc. and did

    about $4,000 in mods, about the same amount I saved on the bike.

    Right now the 2020 is only offered as SL and R. Maybe someone could chime in as to

    whether or not perhaps an ecu flash would bring the SL up to speed? Don't want to over think

    all this.

  • I would definitely go with the R to get the manual transmission. Seems like the factory does the ECU flash to get it from 175 to 205 HP. Since this model is so new, its gonna take some time for all the good folks around here to develop enough after market parts to empty your wallet.

    That's not a bad thing. Put some miles on, learn where the new bike's limits are (and yours as well.) It's a different skill set than driving a car or a bike! And beware of riding in wet weather!

    Don't know where you are, but if you make it to Oklahoma, southern Missouri, or northwest Arkansas, give me a shout, many folks here would be happy to go riding with you!

    -- Doc

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  • The automatic never entered my mind. As far as flashing (reprograming) the ECU

    I'm 99% sure the SL has been detuned from the factory (probably retarded ignition timing).

    Don't know for sure but on the ECU'S I had flashed it will void the engine warranty, but if

    you have a problem you can reflash back to stock so no problem, just make sure the tuner

    gives you that option before the flash. Of course someone has to crack the code on the 2020

    ECU before any of this can happen, believe me it's probably already been done.

    Unfortunately I'm in Michigan 20 degrees and black ice today. Guess I got some time.


  • Just FYI, I'm planning on riding up to Wyoming, MI in March. Getting a turbo & some other goodies installed on Ruby!

    Hope the weather is decent - I'm under no illusions, I grew up in Wisconsin!

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