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    Have any of you with the 2.0 Fender ever had the wheel hit the bottom of the License plate?

    I have the 2.0 fender and No never had the plate hit....I have the stock shocks on, And i do hit some deep pot holes and some of them are Jimmy Hoffa deep here in Jersey..8|

    Unless you have or had a business, You won't be so quick to blame the business....And the saying the customer is always right is wrong, The customer is only right when they are right..

    At some point they will hit a price wall....And the sales will drop, And then Polaris will drop the Slingshot....And they do have a history of dropping a product line....Ie, Watercraft'and Victory..

    I just got my Club Slingshot packet in the mail today, It came with a Victory T shirt, And a 250 dollar gift certificate for Victory chrome accessories while supplies last.... :thumbsup:

    I've had the Stealth fender in mine for three years. No issues at all. The newer model is easier to install.

    I agree.......With one nitpick ,Lining up the 3 bolts on the back [bottom] is a little tricky...But that said i also got the led strip and the air foil....And I'm glad i did it rounds out the whole fender.....I got the fender for two reasons....One was button up all the empty space between the tire and the body...And two is that i ride on dirt/mud roads and it was a mess under there, But now the fender keeps the mud off of the back.
    In my opinion that alone was worth the price... :):thumbup: ..
    P/S The tire does Not have to be removed to install it...

    test.........Ive been trying to post on the Its a Motorcycle thread....
    And when i hit submit i get a error notice that my session is over, and i have to log on again, and then when i do log on successfully, And resubmit i get the error notice again and again ....this has happened a few times on other threads .....Any one know what the problem could be??

    Nobody has mentioned how Harley Research and Development Department was turned over to the owners of Harleys... After 4 new Harleys over the years, My last one was a new 2017 M8 Tri-Glide And by last i mean i will never have a Harley in my garage .... :cursing:

    I have GEICO For my house two cars and bikes.....But for some reason they won't insure Slingshots in Jersey....So before i could take it off the dealers lot i had to get Progressive insurance just for the SS...Full coverage 550 $....

    Ride command screen Froze up again.......Pulled the radio fuse again ....And all back to normal ....
    But once is a fluke ....Twice might be a sign something else is going on and pulling the fuse might not work the next time......

    Ok folks here is how I fixed the sound. One bucket of water with dish soap a brush and scrub away at the drive belt. Screeching is GONE and belt is nice and clean. Woooooo hooooooo. Anyone wants the recipe let me know muahahaha. Happy Rider here.

    Your Welcome........ :thumbsup:

    Like i said before i cleaned the drive belt and it stoped the squeal/whistle .....Once when it started again right after a heavy rain, I Purposely steered into a puddle to get the belt wet then the noise stopped , I only have 26 hundred miles on the S/S and i'm thinking that as the belt sets in a little residue/power coming off the belt is causing the noise...
    And yes it would do it only under a load ;IE On and off the accelerator..