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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EJ sorry for the late response, havnt been too active here lately as life has been really busy over here. Hope you and the granddaughter had a great day. Hioe to be able to ride with you this coming year. All the best Gooseman

    AH!! Another duck hunter!! I knew I liked you for some reason😂. My buddies stayed after me “Oh man - ya gotta get a Benelli”. I finally broke down and got one😩 It now sits in my closet gathering dust. I will always stand by guys that hunted a lot or guided will always say a Wingmaster was the best bird shotgun ever made. Course opinions are like as.... - you know:00008172:

    my old 870 has been used as a paddle as a walking stick and as a decoy retriever. Its been under water and stuck in the silt marshes of Lake St.clair and has never miss fired. She is old and beat but has stood the test of time for damn near 40 yrs.

    SlingLow man that is awesome except most Americans I have met are great people! I consider most as true friends and would share a good drink and dinner with anyone of them

    I have killed so many geese in my guiding days that they shook when they seen my truck drive by the fields. My choice of guns is a trusty 870 that i bought when i was a teenager and my SP10 that will knock a goose down from the sky when others would only watch from that distance lol the good old days

    All of the people that I have had the pleasure of meeting from all over the USA. I have run into very few ass holes. Most times you will know it within 5 minutes after meeting them.

    i guess that answers the question of where the assholes are from :00008356:us poor Canadians we always get picked on. Wont be making it again this year due to the borders closed still

    99% of the “syrup” is high fructose corn other words it’s artificial....I've been paying the price for real Maple syrup for many years.....All you need to do is read the ingredients made me sick to know I was being fooled for many years.....fancy names for fake syrup...they label it syrup....not maple syrup....

    Only a fool would buy syrup. The stuff i get comes from a tree. Tree pee is the only way to go. And yes it comes from my neighbor so I know exactly where it comes from

    Coming from someone who has photos that are sideways! The whole country is like that:saint::00008356:

    yes the country is sideways. Thats from the turbo boost going by :00008172:How are ya Shatneyman miss ya brother. Hope all is well with you in these different times. Stay safe brother thinking of you especially during what is happening in the world

    Summit Racing has all of the hood pins that you may like. The round button pins IMHO only last around 5,000 miles before the clip in the button is worn out or the ball at the end of the bolt/pin is worn out. This is even with the proper adjustment with (NO FREE PLAY) to get the most miles out of them. Since the install on Sling I many miles ago I have changed at least 6 sets (or 12 pins and buttons). I think I still have 2 new sets left. This last time the button itself came apart. So now I am just going to use the buttons with no pins just to cover the holes. It is not worth the trouble and I do not advise the install of these on anyone's Slingshot. If you want to do something like this I would advise you to us the type that rabtech and a few others have been installing on their Sling's.

    Agree 100%