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    M4 x 30 flat head capscrews stainless is what I used. I like your idea of putting the latch bolt in and then marking the latch hole. Looks like you have a good plan and a grasp on what's involved.

    Not to hijack :00008356:but since everyone is talking speakers, i have a dumb question. With the SSV fiberglass pods, do you put fiber batten in the space for fill or just leave it hollow and install the speakers?

    SoCal you won't regret it. I honestly wish I never put the small push pins on. They did the job but were always a pain in the ass. Seemed to re latch sometimes when you were trying to open the hood and sometimes would unlatch for no reason and the ball would wear if you drove on un even roads all the time from the bumps and vibration. These are easy to open and easy to see what's going on zero guess if they are locked or open and when latched absolutely no movement. And they blend in good. But I didn't come up with these it was our boss man rabtech that first took the knife to his hood in experiment I am just a follower of others :thumbsup:

    Slingshot R Auto in Canada

    Based on the Polaris website I am disappointed to see that the Slingshot R in Canada has lower horse power, 178 vs the 203 in the US. Also it does not have the gap fillers below the head lights and the seats are the same as in the SL. Basically it is the US version SL version with different paint and forged vs cast aluminum wheels. Not a lot of other differences. We also can't buy anything below the SL, i.e. no S model like in the US. I hope once production ramps up in the US that the 2021 model R will be the same as in the US. Till then I am sticking with my 2017 SL.

    The Canadian models do not have the same lights as the US models hence the Canadian version aftermarket light option that gets sold and installed by many in the US. And for the S model it does not come with the ride command so no back up camera which is mandatory for all automobiles sold in Canada. Not sure how the sling got trapped in the definition but it dis when it comes to reverse camera

    Andrew Andrijko hello from the Sarnia area. I have had my sling since 2016 and have had no issues with insurance or licensing it. I must be out of the lingo loop cause I have no idea what you mean by TWV and WHV. Yes you only need a G licence and yes they are on a 10 yr project but I cant see them not allowing them to continue as there has been no issues that I am aware of and if the government did do something they would have to grandfather the ones already on the road. Welcome to the group

    I wondered if I was the only one that walked away from my Sling and left the key in the ignition. I've never done that with any other car I've ever owned, but with the Slingshot, I do it a lot. Maybe I should go keyless, too... lol

    i have done it a few times as i leave the key in it at home and at work. I took the wife for supper one time and we were walking back to the sling after a few hrs and i am reaching in my pocket for the keys and i cant find them then panic set in, did i loose them? Nope still in the ignition. I am bad for that but luckily no one has driven away yet

    SoCal hey have I told you to F off yet today:00008356: i hate you I hate you I hate you

    8o just kidding I am jealous of you for the temps and pictures you post. Our two days of summer will be here soon and so will the humidity to go with it and then the snow will be back to slap us. Oh well I honestly wouldnt trade it

    Drove the sling in this morning. What a beautiful morning with the sun rise and the frost on the fields. Turned the heat up and covered my ears and listened to the tunes. -2*c or 28*f but suppose to be clear and a high of 15*c or 59*f for the ride home.

    Hopefully this link works. I enjoy this guys rants and usually they are just hilarious but this one is nothing but truth and i imagine its both sides of the border