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    Downtown Doylestown is a nice place! Hope mytoy has the opportunity to show. mytoy , New Hope, river road, highway 29, great place to show. Bill, I was stationed at England AFB Louisiana in the early 80's. Haven't eaten a mudbug (crawdad) since then!

    Weather looks great for the Slingshots in the Poconos. Daytime highs from the mid 70's-low 80's. Lows from the mid to upper 50's. No rain Thursday through Sunday. I'll be arriving a day into the event, Friday morning, sometime around 9 a.m. Hope to see some of you there. Not sure what to expect as its a first for me. If its not just about riding but seeing some local attractions. I am semi familiar with the area and know of some worthwhile things to see. Jim Thorpe for a steam train ride. Yuengling factory tour. Eckley Miners Village. Pioneer Coal Mine Tour. Or just roll with tour. Sounds like fun!

    I saw footage of the Dayton Ohio shooting. Kudos to our officers in blue. While everyone else was running away they ran towards. Bravery, courage & protection. The best, simply the best!

    Thank you!

    Don't forget you can claim your dogs as dependents if they qualify as a watch dog (any dog will do). I know someone who did this. Truth is we have a very sick system.

    My granddaughter came home very late last weekend from a sleepover at a friends house she decided to abort. We all slept through it including our watchdog Baily! He seems to only work on daytime hours. Hah! 8|

    Let's not forget the welfare for the wealthy programs going on.

    Wealthy parents giving up custody of kids for financial aid, report says |

    Yep, here is my story. My stepdaughter lives with us. Great kid, very smart. Her dad came here from a U.S. territory (which I like but to be fairly told). Never paid federal taxes (corporate taxes are not the same). Had 15 kids. I do not have any kids but I paid federal taxes for about 40 years. He never payed federal taxes and cost the system multi millions.

    We were better and raised her as she was dropped of at our door. We do not know where her parents are. Although we saved the federal government tens of thousands a year (for 11 years) raising her we could not claim her as a dependent to save some money on ridiculous taxes.

    Why? Because if we did we would not get support from the government in a situation we were not prepared for. If we would claim her as a dependent to justly save some money we payed into the system we would have been penalized to pay for the education and would have had to refinance our house to pay for her schooling. Never being able to retire! Is this the price for doing the right thing!

    So... its free for those that don't put into the system but penalized for those that pay into the system?

    Initially NJ classified as a motorcycle but since have changed to autocycle. As with wokkas' statement, interpretation of the laws seems to depend on the officer. I ride with a helmet and seatbelt but I have a friend in Jersey that does not and has never been cited. Across the border in PA there is no helmet law for motorcycles.

    Not sure but I believe the advantage of the terminology as an autocycle is that no motorcycle license is required? I have a motorcycle license so I never looked into it.


    Thank you sharing your experience and for the information. My sincere best wishes to you and your wife getting your lives back to the maximum potential. Stay strong!

    Frankie 55

    This is disgusting - the amount of restraint these police officers show is bordering on amazing while making an arrest in NYC. The abuse that LEO is subjected is nothing short of a travesty. Imma say a prayer for the LEO’s I know tonite as everyone else should say a little prayer for rest also. I still respect officers even if I think they are wrong. They are doing a tough job for little pay that I would not even consider doing. Been my experience if you give them respect they will give you double the respect back. REAPECT OUR BOYS IN BLUE !!!

    How can anyone look at this and not feel disgusted! I have no words. I took my parents out to dinner last week. My Mom is 81, she said that along the years everyone says that the next/current generation is ruining the country but this time it's real. What can I say, Mom is right.

    America needs to look at this. Tough job is understated! How can these officers get up tomorrow and face this? Thank you officers!

    Two bolt mod.... have always wondered what the rattle was when going over bumpy roads in the front end- now I think I know. When taking off the front end spoiler to install missing bolts today I noticed the lower plastic scoop for the radiator “rattle” when hitting it. It’s not small. This thing makes some noise. I drilled two 5/16” holes and installed one bolt on each side with a fender washer and aircraft nut. Problem solved! If this was the rattling I was hearing it is gone now. I will follow up later with an update when back on the road.

    Thanks for the tip. Mine had a sound like a bird chirp when hitting any bump. I put a thin layer of heavy duty grease on the 4 rubber blocks that support the hood and contact the bumper plates. It solved my issue.

    Did anyone else here notice the news this weekend that Bernie Sanders had to cut his staffs hours so that he could pay them $15 an hour?

    What's going to happen to trades with workers currently making $15 -$18 an hour? How will they handle this when minimum wage is set at the same pay?

    My neighbors son has one. He got me interested. Saw one just yesterday going through town (I was in my truck). I see more when I go into tourist towns. Next year I want to grab one of the grand kids and enter into the 4th of July Parade. Just about every time I stop for a gas fill up or a red light with two lanes the car alongside gives a thumbs-up. Get lots of picture takers.

    Anyone remember the cheesy 80's commercial "Hay man is that Freedom Rock"? This rock was painted just after 9/11 along the Pa Turnpike.

    The lower photo was along what is known as Graffiti Highway leading up to the town of Centralia. The town was claimed by a massive underground mine fire in the 80's and was recently featured on the Discovery Channel show Mysteries of the Abandoned and ranked as #1 on the show. The fire is still burning and may burn for another 100 years! I grew up about 5 miles away from Centralia.

    Very well said and true. Thanks for the memories. I remember getting our used school books and making book covers from used paper bags! Remember the 5 cents deposit for bottles! My friends and I would collect bottles and return them to buy a pack of gum! Clarks teaberry and black jack that turned your teeth black were favorites.

    Gotta remember $7 or $8 hr is executive pay in Guatemala & El Salvador. I believe that employers that retain illegals should have to pay a stiff enough fine they don’t believe it is worth the risk. We Americans have nobody to blame but ourselves for excessive drugs coming across the border and a thirst for cheap labor. If there wasn’t a market here it would disincentives and solve all the problems at the border without government intervention (if they won’t feed, clothe, house, and provide healthcare for em) but sadly those things are just another pipe dream.

    A few years back I had brick pavers put in. Three estimates. The last landscaper inquired at the previous estimates. I informed $9 square foot. He looked at me and replied in distraught that he would loose money and couldn't afford the pay his workers at that price. I chose the lower estimate and yes the workers spoke no English. They worked hard and did a great job.

    So... something that is never brought up. The business that attempts to hire workers at a proper wage and pays legally (not under the table). loses his business . The government looses millions of dollars.

    What choice does a business have. Pay under the table at low wages or go out of business?

    What happens to these hard working people in 10 - 20 years when they brake down. Will they say thanks for the time and I'll go back now? Or will they stay here and need assistance?

    My parents need assisted living and they pay 8k a month. They get no government assistance. Its expensive, that's reality.

    I'll bet these millions of people will need help. Expensive help. Nothing against them but it will amount to trillions of dollars to hard working people who most likely have not put into the system and yes, it's not their fault but yes its reality.