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    Before replacing my old angle drive, I never had yo mess with the belt. Now, it seems no matter what I do, the belt keeps drifting to the outside and makes noise. I'm about ready to beg someone in the Houston area who's aligned their belt to come help me as I'm getting beyond frustrated to the point that I'm considering robbing a bank to get a 4-wheel kit. Even more alarming, I'm even thinking about going to a dealer!=O

    One thing I've noticed is that the pivot shaft sometimes wants to turn when I'm trying to torque the pivot shaft nut, an action that can change the belt positioning, so I've learned to either have someone secure the pivot shaft so it can't turn while torquing the pivot shat nut or contort myself so I can place a foot on the socket wrench on the pivot shaft while reaching around/over the tire to torque the pivot shaft nut.

    You're not alone. Yes, you are correct the pivot shaft can turn when placing the final torque on the nut. For me it didn't happen at all times, but at times it did, I used an extension bar to hold while I torque the nut. The final torque on the nut will also change the belt position. This worked for me. I loosened the nut and rotated the rear wheel to see how it tracked and adjusted to position as suggested not touching either flange but slightly favoring inboard. Then I torqued the nut to 195 ft lbs. After torquing the nut, it always changed the belt track, so once I got it in the ballpark, I marked the pivot shaft at the 12 o'clock position with a silver marker and rechecked after torquing the nut. I would recheck after final torque and if necessary, loosen the nut and readjust the pivot shaft 1/4 turn at a time (counterclockwise to move the belt outboard or clockwise the move inboard) Then torque again and recheck and adjust 1/4 turn as necessary till it settled into a true track with the final torque on the nut.

    It's not you it's a narrow range that shifts with torque. One important thing I noticed (it drove me nuts) is that the flanges on the rear sprocket have a chamfered edge and it will appear as though the belt is not riding on the edge when in fact it is. The belt needs to be off the edges so as to expose teeth on both sides. It's a bear!

    Changed the angle drive oil today. 75w250. Have the belt tension set at .75 in. cold, tracking on the sweet spot (centered favoring the inside just a bit). Took a ride today with no radio on. Much, much better. After five years I love my slingshot more today than ever! :00000441:

    A nice thing to have on hand. The doggie training pads in extra-large. The inside is absorbent with an outer plastic. No matter how careful my intent I always seem to miss the mark.

    I wonder if the stress was too much to handle or...…rms-michael-stenger-dies/

    A Senate Rules Committee report cited Sund and Stenger’s inaction in the Capitol violence, finding that Sund never submitted a formal request to Capitol Police for National Guard support ahead of Jan. 6. Instead, Sund had “informal conversations” with Stenger on the possible need for National Guard troops.

    If this doesn't reveal the level of distortion this administration is leading the county into, I don't know what will. This is beyond insane! Yes, I know the Juul ruling was rescinded for what I believe was unfair to single out a single manufacture, but the point is the distorted intent will continue. Zero willingness to secure the boarder for the protection of the US citizens. Fentanyl VS vaping, it's not a hard decision where the priority should be placed.…wing-e-cigarettes-1718323

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken Juul e-cigarettes off the market in the U.S., three years after the company stopped selling its fruity and sweet flavors after being accused of targeting minors.

    The FDA issued the ban on Wednesday, stating, "the company must stop selling and distributing these products. In addition, those currently on the U.S. market must be removed, or risk enforcement action."…s-fentanyl-pills-released

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    "The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office received a court order to release both suspects from custody on their own recognizance," officials said.

    I recall seeing videos of poll watchers (I believe in Philadelphia) being forced to observe behind barriers over 30 feet away. A total waste. No one should put up with that. Unless you're looking for opportunities that can't be proven. Then placing observers at a distance far enough away where nothing can be determined is what you want.

    Unconfirmed, so for what it's worth my sling is out of warrantee. My sling isn't particularly noisy but always striving for better and for under 30 bucks with fresh oil to boot. From another less used forum that isn't quite as good as this one.

    Polaris has changed the Angle drive fluid to 85W-250 for ALL Slingshots. The New part # is 2889023. API GL-5. This was originally for the 20/21 models but no more. It is now for All.

    Question is, where can you get it other than Polaris? :thumbsup:

    Don't know but if higher weight would help with noise and no other issues, why wouldn't polarus recommend it like in the past?

    Certainly, something to think about. I do her many good things including good viscosity at a wide temp range (75W250) and noise reduction in noisy gearboxes from companies like Baker transmissions and other top builders. Hopefully anyone using the heavyweight 75W250 will chime in.

    Sling looks good. Is that the Fallingwater as in the home built by Frank Lloyd Wright? I visited their many years back.