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    What did the closing of the Keystone pipeline which was completely payed for do do?

    Lost jobs, increased the cost of gas, heating fuel, production & manufacturing and all associated. Raised the profit margin for foreign countries making them money. Hurt the middle class.

    What did it not do?

    Didn't decrease the demand. Inflation rising across all spectrum's. Did nothing to help the environment. Didn't help the middle class.

    Oil prices hit three-year high of $80 per barrel (

    I agree that many taking the risk to make the trek to enter America are hard working people. That's only part of the equation. Drugs are pouring across the boarder. Drugs took my brothers life at 51. My friend a block away lost his son to drugs last year. His neighbor 3 doors down lost her daughter a few years back. I see young kids walking around "pinging" all the time. A few weeks back a teenager was walking at 6 a.m. no shoes, one sock on cursing his brains out trying to make a contact. Many more young lives lost. The crime, lost work hours, shattered lives, unproductive dependent people is costing the country trillions in both direct and associated consequences.

    I ask this question to anyone on this forum. Is an open boarder worth it when the proper process can work and save so much?

    President Trump wanted a secure boarder to stop the flow of illegal drugs. They shouted racial overtones. Here is the difference between political parties. The democratic party will never expose this even as damaging as it is. Why? It descent fit the narative, not even close. Does a politician want to fix it or cover it, push a narative and gain votes. What' s it worth? New video below.

    Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave Story, Here’s What Happened Today, Tuesday, Sept 7, 2021. - YouTube

    The district did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the matter, but Rantz said the district refused to explain why BLM and pride flags were allowed, but not pro-police flags.

    The teacher ultimately removed the "Thin Blue Line" flag from her classroom, but detailed in a message to HR that the ordeal "has been the most traumatic and hostile" situation she’s experienced at the school.

    Washington school bans pro-police flag, claims it's 'political,' but permits BLM and LGBT messages | Fox News

    whent into a furniture store up in Washington State about 25 or so years ago - in the back of the store they had a very large section of furniture that was supposed to all have been made by Amish furniture builders - - I can tell you that stuff was built to last very heavy and solid and easy to tell it was all solid hand cut wood

    Actually thought about buying one of the desks, it was great, but the shipping would have cost a small fortune

    In all of the years since that day I have never seen any store selling that kind of furniture again, and I must admit I have still never figured out why a store in Washing State even had Amish built furniture - - - are there actually Amish in WA???

    Just across the street from where I bought the bicycle (above). There was an Amish lumber mill and furniture builder. I'll bet they made great furniture but no way to tell for sure in the market? Perhaps next time I go to that area I'll stop in to check it out.

    Just an FYI

    A Florida man used his phone to livestream the moment he grabbed a brick and ambushed Orlando police early Saturday, the second unprovoked attack on city officers in less than a week, authorities said.

    William D. McClish, 27, was later identified as the man who attacked two officers while they were standing on the corner of Washington and Magnolia just before 1 a.m., Orlando police said.

    Short ride around the back roads of Elma, IA. Amish worship service must have been over. Passed at least a dozen one horse buggies in clumps of two and three. Slowed WAY DOWN to pass. Courtesy. PLUS a spooked horse is worse than a mad bull.

    One of the buggies had three little kids looking out and waving like crazy. I would have stopped and offered a ride or at least a look, but I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad would not have been happy. They have their believes, and every one of then that I have ever been around were good people. They don't preach and I don't push my ways on them. For all I know, they could be right.

    The area I grew up in has a lot of Amish. They are hard working, courteous, always wave and smile, and bake really good stuff! I always show the same and slow way down in known areas and especially when approaching horse drawn buggies or when approaching on bicycles.

    Took a ride back to the area I grew up (central PA) to visit Mom & Dad, 300+ mile trip. Their in assisted living, I did get the opportunity to take Mom in the sling. She loved it & can't stop talking about it! I think she wants one!

    Then to the town I grew up. Kulpmont PA. This is the area just behind my old back yard. The woods go for miles. As a kid we would hike the trails and old mine roads every day. The best fun you could have. I'll bet 100% all those trails and old roads are grown in and unused. Youth today are missing out on so much adventure!

    The folks who coordinated the largest air evacuation in history to fly over 100K Afghans out of Afghanistan can't figure out how to fly 15K Haitians back to Haiti.

    I don't mind the U.S. offering aid to foreign nations. Their has to be a limit and that limit for most countries is long gone. How many years, year after year will the same results happen? At what point will our politicians start to demand progress with aid?

    Yet some POS politicians point the finger at the United States. Enough! We didn't create the situation. Giving aid without requesting milestones be met in order to continue aid is doing one thing. It's driving up our deficient while foreign countries do nothing, why should they we're their solution and they know it. Stop the lies, stop the bull crap! All these politicians that continue to point the finger at the United States are looking to gain a voting block. They don't want it fixed!

    President Trump operated on principles of progress.

    Some new videos of the Jan 6th incident. Some look like a tourist group proceeding without a guide, others many would consider shocking and violent. Some are out of control and inexcusable. I wish they didn't happen but good to show. No lives lost (except to an unexpecting participant).

    Many more lives lost and severe damage/destruction and violence to government/public property during peaceful protests across U.S. cities.

    Dana Loesch? I think so!


    MiM Would love to hear an actual serious input from someone who def voted for Biden (cause of Trump derangement syndrome) on these.

    You fact checked this - right?

    And you do know that Dr. Wolf is a Tea Party politician that tried to unseat Republican Pat Roberts - right?

    just checking - you wouldn't post things you hadn't fact checked - would you?

    Perhaps it's time to look in the same prism thrust upon the conservative's.

    Indications have been posted that the covid virus has been manufactured in a lab in Wuhan. I believe it's pointing in that direction. If not, anyone who can provide any alternate possibility please do so. I'd like to hear it. Go!

    What in Gods name would humanity have for any intentions to even explore the gain of function for something like this? It shouldn't even be brought up as to intentionally released it. If the Chinese didn't intentionally release it and any other possibility can't be given then at best it was a really stupid consequence to something that was handed down from the Chinese. Unless another possibility exists. Please provide? Go!

    Video below. Anything better please provide? Go!

    China is out to win, can't blame them for that. If only the United States played to win. Has anyone heard from the WHO who is responsible. You would think they should have an idea? Someone has an idea? Any ideas? Please inform? Go!

    I have a one piece bullet speed. Very easy to remove and install the canvas. The front slips into a channel on the front bar. the rest is then easy to quickly snug-up with heavy duty interlock Velcro. Another note if looking at the ability to have luggage, note that although both do limit the area for bags the bullet speed does not have a lower support bar and attaches a few inches above the roll hoops. You can see in the second picture. I have the luggage racks from SlingLow which I love. You can see in the lower picture. Not sure if he still sells them. Both tops are very similar and look good. Both have good points. I love the way my top looks but I really like the the open cockpit. A love hate thing! Currently mine is not installed. If you are any where close to south NJ. I would sell for a great price. It looks like a perfect match for you!