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    Anyone see the fox hole the Biden administration has created and jumped into without any thought of what were up against. This hole isn't filled with wind mills and solar panels being guarded by woke "isms", "ists" "phobias" or privileges. It's filled with the power to drive the world economy using cheep, efficient, and powerful energy. China, Russia, Iran and the new world order are going to use it to the full extent! These events are ongoing now.

    I don't know anyone who's against the responsible transition into clean energy. But in a war against the full power of energy and the oil producing countries were going to lose. Iran doesn't even have its hands on a nuclear weapon yet. Wait till they do. This administration is blind as a bat.

    Biden Begins Climate War With Attack On Energy Industry That Will Ignite Inflation

    "President Biden’s administration, in an unprecedented flurry of executive orders, has taken direct aim at fossil fuels, most especially oil and gas. Climate impacts will take precedence over energy use and production, and costs to all energy users will go up, affecting every facet of the US. economy."…r-leaves-russia-rcna76048

    "Yet, as Xi departed he told Putin: Now there are changes that haven’t happened in 100 years. When we are together, we drive these changes.”…n-state-media-2023-03-10/

    DUBAI/RIYADH, March 10 (Reuters) - Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed on Friday to re-establish relations after years of hostility that had threatened stability and security in the Gulf and helped fuel conflicts in the Middle East from Yemen to Syria.

    The deal, brokered by China, was announced after four days of previously undisclosed talks in Beijing between top security officials from the two rival Middle East powers.


    Saudi Arabia is in talks to sell oil to China and be paid in yuan instead of dollars, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

    About 80% of global oil sales are done in dollars, and Saudi Arabia has conducted its deals exclusively in the greenback since 1974. So if a Saudi-yuan deal were to be made, it would bolster China's currency at the expense of the dollar as Beijing looks to challenge US leadership in financial markets."…ing-countries-2022-06-27/

    une 28, 202211:12 AM EDTLast Updated 9 months ago

    Iran applies to join China and Russia in BRICS club

    DUBAI/LONDON, June 28 (Reuters) - Iran, which holds the world's second largest gas reserves, has applied to join the BRICS group of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa that Beijing and Moscow cast as a powerful emerging market alternative to the West.…AJZJ6U3VDXZOIVFNYURCESVI/

    "Two U.S. facilities in eastern Syria were attacked late Friday, a day after an Iranian drone attack killed a US contractor at another facility prompting a counterattack by US fighter jets."

    Trying to decide whether to tackle this or let dealer fix. I'm by no means a mechanic but I have a neighbor who is excellent at all this kind of repair. I do not have a repair manual. Does anyone have a PDF of this or printed/computer info on this repair? Have cleaned belt and checked rear tire lug nuts. Nothing found.


    Frank, I have one of these in USB format although not from this seller. It has proven to be very useful many times over. This seller offers in both USB or CD format. incredible price with only one left. On EBay, well worth it!

    Equal justice my aching ass - these idiots let violent felons out to reoffend and the worst idiot of all in NYC. Please tell me why when Trumps lying lawyer was prosecuted why wasn’t Trump prosecuted also??? It’s all political bullshit !!! Not about justice whatsoever IMO

    I've been trying to figure out Soros for some time now. Leaning towards there isn't much to figure out. Seems he's about power and control. Like watching rats in a maze, controlling and manipulating them for the enjoyment of watching the reaction and/or self-destruction. The feeling of power and control to the point of self destruction seems to give him a personal "high".

    Call it what you want. One of the only countries where the poor suffer from obesity in their air-conditioned homes watching cable tv.

    I just heard on the radio Starbucks now delivers on door dash. Telework, Door Dash, Amazon, E-sports. No need to leave the house! Wait another 10 years to see health care through the roof!

    Then this "icing on the cake"

    Biden Admin Appoints Doctor Who Claims Obesity Is Mostly Genetic To Dietary Guidelines Committee…tee-fatima-cody-stanford/

    Getting really old working in "equity" as an excuse to everything.

    Stanford is one of 20 doctors appointed to the committee, which will examine the relationship between diet and health through a “health equity lens,” factoring in socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity and culture, according to the U.S.

    Two days ago I got a notice from my bank telling me that my debit card was expiring soon and said if there were not any information changes I didnt need to do anything that a new card would simply arrive in the mail. I didnt think much of it at the time but yesterday when I was going through my e-mail I noticed that on the bottom of that e-mail there was a link to the "design studio" I was curious so I clicked on it and it took me to a page where it said I could choose my own design for the new debit card it also said I could use my own photo and that it was all free. I like that so anyway I uploaded this picture and when my new card arrives this will be whats on my new debit card

    I Like it!!

    Very fitting picture to place on a debit card! :)

    Just had a guy move out of one of my apartments who has been growing weed in one of the bedroom.... He went into the hospital for back surgery and his boys (grown & not living there) trashed the place.

    and THAT is exactly why I’m getting out of the landlord business !! After the government issued a moratorium on paying rent during Covid not one payment did I receive. Then had to evict em when they did have to pay - then pay to clean em up. Did the government ever consider the landlords - NOOOO !! Who needs the headache ??

    My dad had some rentals. Sold them years ago. Too many skipped paying rent for a few months, trashed the property then moved out in the middle of the night. Property owner has no rights. The cost of tracking down and prosecuting was too much for the small business owner to make the effort. I can only imagine how much worse it is due to covid regulations!

    Spring has sprung in South Jersey. Sunny low 50's. While not a fan of cold weather as when I was younger one thing holds true. Bringing out the toys at the start of warmer weather brings out a new found appreciation for the joy of the toys. A ride around the area with a stop at the local VFW to pick up two dinners. This week cheese steak hoagies with fries. Nice day! Delicious!

    Image preview

    I'm not a professional at soldering but with those things I can sure act like one. I love em, work great, clean look, inexpensive and save so much time. After using them I purchase a bunch more for on hand use.

    For sure these are good things but instead of using sound judgement and practical purchasing using a balance of fiscal responsibility to the taxpayer. What people don't realize, these practices will/are entered into the code of federal regulations and the federal acquisition regulation. Meaning it will be used across the board for government purchases.

    Regardless of who is in office, be it republican, democrat or independent the guidance is in place and set/will be followed. Thats why things don't change. As a note President Trump did put in a real effort to work fiscal responsibility using flexibility with a emphasis on ESG type purchasing along with responsibility to taxpayers.

    If ESG purchasing increases costs 5% into the proposed 2023 budget of 5.7 trillion it will cost taxpayers 285 billion this year alone. It will then be on going for the future unless removed from regulation.

    I hope whoever gets put in place republican, democrat or independent follows.

    All GOP senators, Manchin challenge Biden's ESG climate investment rule 'politicizing' Americans' 401(k)s…iticizing-americans-401ks

    "The Biden administration is promoting its climate change agenda by putting everyday people’s retirement money at risk," Reyes told Fox News Digital. "Americans are already suffering from the current economic downturn."

    What is ESG?


    1. Environmental

    Environmental factors refer to an organization’s environmental impact(s) and risk management practices. These include direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, management’s stewardship over natural resources, and the firm’s overall resiliency against physical climate risks (like climate change, flooding, and fires).

    2. Social

    The social pillar refers to an organization’s relationships with stakeholders. Examples of factors that a firm may be measured against include Human Capital Management (HCM) metrics (like fair wages and employee engagement) but also an organization’s impact on the communities in which it operates.

    A hallmark of ESG is how social impact expectations have extended outside the walls of the company and to supply chain partners, particularly those in developing economies where environmental and labor standards may be less robust.

    3. Governance

    Corporate governance refers to how an organization is led and managed. ESG analysts will seek to understand better how leadership’s incentives are aligned with stakeholder expectations, how shareholder rights are viewed and honored, and what types of internal controls exist to promote transparency and accountability on the part of leadership.

    Adult crime, adult time and posted public. This is a "real" systemic problem. It's rampant.…ard-get-200k-13-year-olds

    "They showed up three days in a row last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday," Long began. "They broke every window, every overhead door, over 100 windows that were destroyed, ransacked the building. They destroyed a sky track that was in the building. They removed the oil cap, the hydraulic lines, they filled everything full of sand. They destroyed a 15-passenger van that we had there… to move things around and get things done. And completely, you know, put a huge setback on the building and the project to move forward."

    And just like that.......

    However, a recent report from the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) found that fueling costs from mid-priced ICE-powered vehicles are lower than similarly priced electric vehicles. Combustion drivers pay about $11.29 per 100 miles on the road. EV drivers who charge up at home spend about $11.60 per 100 miles. The price difference is more dramatic for those who mainly recharge at stations. Frequent charging station users pay $14.40 per 100 miles.…les-ev-now-000000887.html

    Great stuff, info for choice.

    Many years ago, I had an electric stove. It was hard to control the heating and when electricity went out due to various reasons no cooking could take place. To compound things the very reasons preventing electricity also prevented procurement of alternative purchases of food. Some like electric stoves. Freedom of choice with information is a good thing.…wered-stoves-1a5547b13d37

    What the bills do

    Just to be safe, two new Republican bills in Congress would each prevent any government agency — whether the CPSC or another — from banning gas stoves nationwide.

    The STOVE Act acronym stands for ‘Stop Trying to Obsessively Vilify Energy.’ It was introduced in the House on January 10 as H.R. 263, by Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI4).

    The GAS Act acronym stands for ‘Guard America’s Stoves.’ It was introduced in the House two days later on January 12 as H.R. 337, by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA48).

    Good stuff!…ive-district-8df5bfc2791a

    Byrne grants are the primary source of federal justice funds for local and state jurisdictions. The Prosecutors Need to Prosecute Act would require any city which receives those grants and has a population of 380K+ to produce a public report from the district attorney, revealing 13 separate data points. Those include:

    • The total number of cases referred to the DA’s office
    • The number which were actually prosecuted
    • The number of charged people eligible for bail
    • The number for whom the DA’s office actually requested bail

    The bill lists 10 specific crimes that the public reports must cover, all among the most serious offenses in criminal law including murder, rape, robbery, burglary, and arson. These are not the lower-level crimes for which progressive DA’s generally seek to reduce prosecution.

    The bill was introduced in the House on January 9 as H.R. 27, by Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY11).

    Two mass shootings in California both by older Asian suspects. I know the immediate response is to ban guns but how about investigating the why? Why the sudden rise in Asian on Asian violence in CA?

    Just ask Chucky, He knows before any investigation takes place and he'll be the first to let you know. Happens over and over. No boundaries to subdivision for self service.…try-before-facts-come-out

    FYI, I purchased this manual on EBay. Inexpensive and paid for itself many times over.

    I also purchased the thumb drive version. Great for using on the computer as a back-up to print out damaged hard copy pages and for blown up views of wiring diagrams. Also inexpensive and well wort the money!


    If this helps? When I did mine, I taped the bolt to a socket and extension and had my wife place it close through the rear storage compartment while I guided it through using the shock opening in the rear Pannel.

    As a single person in my opinion, it would be a tough act. A funcycle said, a combination of these fasteners as necessary should be a better route. Hope this helps.