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    All it takes is a single "overboard" person and suddenly the whole work center has to walk on pins & needles. It happened to one of my former work centers. Dragged moral to an all time low on the suck-o-meter for absoulty nothing. It's only going to get worse. Wait and see how all this control is going to backfire! Glad I'm retired.

    Funny how things are the same but different when the shoe is on the other foot. Protests, we'll wait and see? BTY, this facility looks great to me now as it did back in 2019.

    "But Psaki was pressed further, as the facility that has been reopened is the same facility that was used by the Trump administration in the summer of 2019.

    At the time, in an op-ed in the Miami Herald about his Latin America policy published on June 24, 2019, then-candidate Joe Biden said: "Under Trump, there have been horrifying scenes at the border of kids being kept in cages, tear-gassing asylum seekers, ripping children from their mothers’ arms."

    Psaki defends reopening of migrant facility for children under Biden: ‘This is not kids being kept in cages’ | Fox News

    Olney is a section of Philadelphia. I live approximately 15 miles east of Philadelphia. I worked in Philly the last 10 years prior retiring a year ago. I always tried to take the slingshot to work every opportunity I could. My biggest fear was in the morning, I usually got to my workstation before sunrise. Seeing the wackos riding in an open slingshot while at a red light was an experience. I ran more than a few lights to get out of a potential situation.

    This was published 3 hours ago. Interested second paragraph. Another question of reality. Reading the following events within the article how many would a rational person conclude were perpetrated by individuals intending to abide gun control laws? Imagine how many crimes are not reported!

    Police reported no arrests in connection with any of the incidents.

    A false narrative has been established putting the police in danger.

    Suspect in Olney mass shooting remains at large (

    Look for Raytheon (parent company of Pratt & Whitney) and Boeing stocks to fall tomorrow dragging down the stock market especially the S & P and Nasdaq. I wonder if they will blame it on the Biden administration like the blame was placed on President Trump for Corona Virous and the Boeing 737 max dragging down the stock market?

    For the record I don't hold the Biden administration accountable in any way. But that wasn't the case with the democratic party.

    I sure am glad all is well in the US - everybody back to work, kids in school, debt under control, everybody vaccinated so we can

    our politicians are going to end up killing this great nation of ours. Soon President Chi will be able to say WE are a shithole country

    That's just crazy. Why do politicians feel compelled to give away our tax dollars? I'm a little tired of hearing "It's America, it's who we are, it's what we do". That's no excuse or reason to freely dole out dollars paid for by taxpayers without benefit to those taxpayers. It's been proven over and over again. Other countries take our money and thumb their noses in return. How about a measurable action with our money and resources and if none than no more money. Why are taxpayers allowing this?

    United Airlines Flight 328, Denver to Honolulu, was in the news yesterday. Here’s additional footage you may not have seen. Very fortunate no one was hurt or killed...

    Kudos to the amazing professionalism of the flight crew and the control tower. What an amazing display of cool under pressure. They saved many lives!

    Initially I suspected it was fan blade failure because of the forward necel in the mans yard another indicator is the damage forward at about 11:00 position of the fan case, but seeing seeing the video I'm not totally sure? Where you see the flames is aft of the combustion section, the turbine section. If you look it's blown out in a "U" shape. Blown out from inside. The high pressure turbine drives the compressor and spins faster, the low pressure turbine drives the fan and spins slower. It's hard to tell as it gets very grainy but you can see some vertical tear marks on the nacelle. Those tear marks follow the turbine wheel plain of rotation. The question is what failed first and why. A bird strike is possible, fan blade failure is possible as it tore the front necel off and possibly sent debris into the engine shelling it out causing turbine failure. Or did the turbine fail first causing massive vibration and the fan blades came in contact with the inlet case. I think they will figure this one out quickly. You can tell weather the fan section or the turbine can tell failed first by the direction of stress marks on the fan shaft.

    If you are really board and want to know how. Hold a rolled paper towel in your hand placing both hands on each end. First keep your left hand still (locked) and rotate your right hand away from your body. Notice the angle of the stress curves (indicating the front fan section failed first). Now this time hold your right (aft) steady and rotate your left (front) hand away from your body. Notice the angle of the stress curves. Indicating the turbine failed first.

    Could be a few different things but my best guess. Fan blade failure ether by bird strike or material failure. Then debris ingested into the engine causing shelling out of the engine and turbine blowout.


    Not sure where this was clipped from, but other than one reference on Fox yesterday, nothing confirms the story as true.

    The LA Times earlier this week ran a story that 9,000 in ICE custody are infected and that so far nine have died.…etention-center-otay-mesa

    When I joined the military and faced the situation to "Soldier - Up" the TI (Training Instructor) put it in the way it was. You joined the military on your own free will. No one forced you to sign the paper.

    Not sure how the United States is at fault for covid-19 amongst illegal immigrants entering the United States. I am open to interpretations. Perhaps the correct thing to do would be to stand up to other countries and ask the question "When are you going to fix your problems and help yourself" "What are you doing to help your people"? My statement is to this article is "how long do you expect me to forfeit my tax dollars for your problems till you take a stand for yourself? What process do you suggest? Why am I expected to take a back seat? Because I am taking a back seat.

    I am 58, would love to go visit my parents in a assisted living facility (face to face) while I have the short time alloted by human nature but I can't. I'm on the wait list with no indicated date. Should I be upset that people are entering this country and the possibility of them getting the vaccine first is real while my time to see my parents is limited?

    This article contradicts itself.

    From the article:

    Based on data collected from April to August 2020, the coronavirus rate among immigrants in ICE detention centers nationwide is 13 times the rate of the general U.S. population.

    Then it goes on to state:

    All of this underscores a fact that is glaringly obvious: Immigrant detention is inhumane, immoral and wholly unnecessary. It needs to be abolished, and people in civil proceedings — which is the case for virtually all those in ICE detention — should be allowed to go home and await their day in court.

    Just came back from a short trip and found our main water entry connection has a leak. Looks like the PVC just below the main galvanized shut-off valve has a leak. Guess I'll be searching for a plumber.

    Good luck! Use folks up north have been hearing many stories of busted water pipes down south. Hope it's easy on the pocket!