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    Frank have you spent time in the Maggie area on two wheels.

    Always wanted to do the Blue Ridge Parkway on a motorcycle trip. I've been around that area a few times on vacations. Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, TN. Helen NC. Looks like I'll go one wheel better and do a trip on 3 wheels! ^^ Love those mountains!

    In my younger days I worked three jobs. For five years it translated to a 55 to 71 hour work week. I lived below my income and put the money into a retirement account. A few years back I researched locations and zoning regulations for a small business. Researched the preferred franchise. Put together the paperwork. 1.25 million! I did some hard thinking. I worked hard. I saved and I'm OK. That takes some real gonads to risk everything. I backed out.

    My greatest respect to anyone who makes that choice. It's an incredible risk. I could not do it. Sad to think that in todays world taking that great risk is looked upon as if its an insignificant choice with no consequences.

    Those hard choices are what makes America great!

    Agreed & well said! In general people are good & I welcome people in my home but only a fool would leave their front door open for anyone to enter. In fact if I let my front door open and harm would be done to my family I'll bet the first thought would be how could someone be so reckless!

    Nothing to do with racism or being anti immigrant! There is a process. Only being wise.

    Our governor just signed some "equal pay" bill that will apparently allow college athletes to make money and get paid for their images, names or likenesses. Now it seems to me that the only athletes who will benefit from this will be the top athletes at the top schools. No one is going to pay for this junk from a second stringer or a kid at a small local college or junior college

    With this in mind it seems like this bill will only financially help those who need it the least - these top athletes at top schools are most likely already getting full scholarships with free housing and food allowances

    It just seems like another thing fubared by our wonderful California government

    Good point, I think this will eventually hurt smaller schools. Will these paid athletes now be required to repay any money received from scholarships?

    I believe Pennsylvania is considering this also.

    Not Eureka but in the Poconos I led a small group and we found a real nice road that was not winter maintained, it was paved then boom it was a two track trail 8|  Hodge lost his front splitter on the first dip we encountered. We had to get the tools out and remove it before it got damaged too bad. A few mins and we were back on pavement and all good. All riders were glad we made it without any damage besides Hodges ( we were able to straighten it up back at home). It wasn't a planned road but the gps took me that way and like I said no real complaints but I could see some would not be happy. Can't please everyone

    What could be more fun than an unexpected adventure! One thing proved is that the human mind is sometimes, maybe sometimes, never or once in a while more reliable than a GPS. Usually in my case the GPS wins. Most important is that everyone gets back. I didn't help on the way back. But defiantly had a great time. Most important it's noted that someone who steps-up & takes the initiative to lead a ride in unfamiliar territory can't be wrong only appreciated. Glad to hear Hodges sling got straightened up!

    Now we can drink a beer and say remember the time....


    Let me get this straight.

    VP Biden and son travel to Ukraine and a short time later Biden's son gets hired as a board member on an energy company and paid ten's of thousands a month with no experience in the energy field. A former Ukraine prosecutor was investigating that same utility company for corruption. V.P. Biden allegedly threatened to withhold a huge amount of US aid to Ukraine unless said prosecutor was fired and was later fired. The fired prosecutor clamed he was fired under pressure as a result from V.P. Biden.

    ….And President Trumps impeachment proceeding is based upon?

    No worries I'm sure the democrats and media will be pressing V.P. Biden for answers! Lets wait and see!

    Is it possible? Did the democrats realize former VP Biden was losing his chances to win and seized upon the opportunity to throw him under the bus? At the same time distract from USMCA, China Trade Agreement, Economy etc.?