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    think the World Health Org. Isn’t in China’s pocket?

    look which country has been omitted from this chart.....I’m thinking conspiracy....but...

    click on it to see the entire chart and fine print..

    My guess is the blue line for China wouldn’t fit on the page....

    I would think China would fall under Developed Each Asia? Although I believe the World Trade Organization still considers China an underdeveloped nation and gives it a special status?

    What a joke!


    Yep, I got distracted by a pretty girl. Left the cap sitting on the sling as I drove off. Had that funny feeling. Pulled over and checked. Sure enough I drove off without reinstalling the cap. Doubled back and luckily it was in the middle of the highway with no damage!

    Great tip with Amold cap. I'm going to purchase and put In the storage compartment,

    Time will tell and it will be a short time. I think the older generations have been hardened with the ability to focus on a direction to achieve an outcome. In the computer age its different.

    Wow!!! The engineer of this train reminds me of Bigdog

    Engineer convinced hospital ships reason for coming to LA is part of a conspiracy for "Covid 19 takeover" intentionally crashes train

    As BigDog like to say - "Everything is a conspiracy" 8o

    Wow, what if it were loaded with passengers? Did anyone anticipate this erratic behavior? If so why were they afraid to step up and protect? So much lost. The potential for much more lose was there. Tragic.

    Might be a good idea to wear a mask. A word of awareness as I have worn the N95 type mask during processes that last from 8 to as mush as 24 hours cumulative time (grinding and fitting turbine wheels). You will become uncomfortable in longer periods and its natural to adjust for comfort, perspiration, itch, water vapor, etc.

    I think it's the message trying to be conveyed as in the article. At the end it states the possibility of risk increase if the mask is contaminated and touched. An added danger if the mask is worn without a proper seal or a person is constantly adjusting not realizing they are touching the face. It's something the average person may not think about or even a quick natural reaction. Something to think about.

    At this point I haven't heard anyone inform that a ride to the grocery store in a car, slingshot or motorcycle is increasing the chance of transmission through the chosen mode. Although anything is possible no matter what precautions, in theory if you sneeze and someone is following to close behind something could happen. But the far greater danger would be at the grocery store.

    Totally different than a baseball or basketball game which involve close physical contact. To my knowledge a jog or walk within the proper space guideline carries no additional danger. AGAIN WITHIN THE GUIDELINES.

    From my observations the risk is not in the ride itself or the mode of travel but in adding another destination point (which very often a joy ride may result in}. What if I use my truck for transportation to the grocery store and travel with six people in close contact, Would that make for a greater danger than a single person in a slingshot? In other words the danger is the close contact and the risk of others at the destination who have been there without following the guidelines.

    It's not an issue of "blood on your Hands" to go to the grocery store and pick up food for survival. Implying that I should feel guilty for going to the grocery store and having blood on my hands for that is just a bit over the top. Its appears your not applying a distinction between a trip to the grocery store vs. a basketball game or party. I did just see coverage of a large group of people gathering for a birthday for young child. That is a danger.

    And yes if it is deemed unsafe to travel in an open air vehicle I will gladly comply. Haven't seen any indicators or concerns on that issue. In fact a ride in a car or SUV to the grocery store may contain several people with very close contact. Not good! So in some instances using the slingshot would be a better option?

    Again I agree with the majority of your statement but have seen nothing implying the use of a motorcycle, slingshot or other open vehicle increases the danger.

    I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you on this. However if you don't go out and pick up groceries most likely you will get weak and die. So I chose to use the slingshot to go to the grocery store and other places that are necessary.

    For now its within guidelines. If things changes then I'll follow.

    I was not able to copy this link - see this before it is taken down...

    Anyone for "Made in America?"Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 10.40.18 AM.png

    Amazing, but not surprising. This is how other countries compete and undercut America business. You would think originations like the Word Health Organization would monitor and report. I just heard that the U.S. provides twice the funding as the next largest contributor. Anyone noticed how the WHO is dodging any negativity towards China?

    Why are we throwing money away to these corrupt organizations only to be taken advantage of even to the point of those organization working against the U.S.

    America First!


    Same applies here in South Jersey. Nothing wrong with wearing a mask or extra precautions. I my start wearing one in markets or where other people may be present. I'm all for taking extra steps but life goes on and if the experts issue guidelines and they are all followed correctly.

    Keeping in mind this virus is a living thing and situations can and most likely will be fluid. As for me I'll keep informed on local guidelines and follow as instructed. As it stands today it is accepted to travel to work and the market. I have always used the sling for those purposes and I see no reason to change as long as it's within guidelines.

    I think the issue is not with following the local guidelines but with the people who ignore those guidelines i.e. parties, congregations, distance, hand washing/disinfecting, etc. All those simple but effective precautions.

    With this Virus forcing us to stay inside for a couple more two-week bouts, I'm thinking of moving to TEXAS, They're the only place that sells the new Spam Fries (outside of Mexico) and only sold at the HEB stores. They won't send me a case of them and will the slingshot events in Texas being cancelled, I won't be driving out there any time soon to pick some up myself. I might wait until AFTER the elections to see if I move to Texas or if I leave and head to MEXICO

    Wow about some egg & bacon without the spam?