The Slingshot Family Lost A Member... RIP Alex Montoya...

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  • Music City Slingshot Owners lost a member of our slingshot family last night. Alex was riding his slingshot just south of Nashville TN when he veered off the rode and collided with a utility pole being ejected from the slingshot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    WKRN - Police Investigate Deadly Antioch Motorcycle Crash

    WSMV - Police Identify Teen Killed In Motorcycle Crash On Murfreesboro Pike

    NewsChannel5 - AutoCycle Crash Leads To Death Of One

    While I understand the news story states they believe speed was a factor in addition to no seat belt I do not know the circumstances surrounding the accident. I want to state that I've personally rode with this young man since he joined the group. He was a very mature and focused driver and extremely disciplined for his age. He graduated at 16 and after working hard bought his dream vehicle, a slingshot, shortly after. He was a very smart and respectable guy and was a pleasure to know and ride with. He was from Oak Grove KY and had just recently moved here to Nashville. While tomorrow is no guarantee it's just a reminder to cherish today. I cannot imagine the pain and loss his family is going through. We have been in contact with his family and at their request plan to attend the service with as many slingshots as we can assemble. His slingshot was his life and we hope to honor him and his family with all the support we can. As many of you know the "Tron" slingshot here is also the leader of MCSO and they have started a gofundme page to assist with funeral expenses as he left with no life insurance. For those interested I'll post the link.

    GoFundMe - Alex Montoya Funeral Expenses

    Any help we can provide this family is much appreciated. Otherwise, all thoughts and prayers to help them through this troubling time are much needed.

    Remember everybody please, be safe out there. This picture is from Alex's first ride. It was from our Nashville to Memphis trip July '18 via Natchez Trace Pkwy. That's his black slingshot to the left of my white. I can only imagine the rides he'll forever have his slingshot on in the clouds now...

    Until we ride again again Alex, we'll miss you...

  • So sorry to hear of his passing. Our condolences and prayers go out to his family and friends.

    Those who will give up essential liberty to secure a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety

    2016 Slingshot SL Vin# 8855 (born in September 2015) w/ Alpha Stage 2 Turbo @ 7.5psi

  • I just wanted to follow up and thank everybody for the thoughts and prayers sent out to this family. They were heard and passed along. We attended the service and lined up exactly where his mom requested. May have seemed like a simple request but meant the world to her and his younger sisters. Everybody raised enough to fully take care of the service for Alex and then some to cover additional expenses such as headstone etc I do believe. Hopefully due to the slingshot community and his family/friends his parents were able to worry about one less thing during this time. Thanks again to everybody here.

    There are plans in the works with his family at their request to take them on the ride from Nashville to Memphis via Natchez Trace that was Alex's first ride with the group. When this all hopefully works out I'll post back here with some pics of our stops along the way.