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    While I do agree that absolutely nobody knows what is going on with this, and we may not have actual facts for years. It's hard to say who is making the right calls or the wrong calls...

    But I will say if it's causing that much of a headache then may be best to step away for a bit. Skip the social media, leave the news off, avoid this thread. Take a break... unless the dead start rising or there is a proven miracle cure then your not going to miss much. Go take a few days and watch some tiger King and then check back in with the world. It'll still be here... or it won't.

    Hi fellows, we picked up Barbie yesterday afternoon (:thumbsup:^^:thumbup:<3.

    She is in a wheelchair, but with a little assistance she can stand and walk for a bit. She will continue to get OT and PT at home starting today.

    I have now an additional job which i love "caregiver" she did this for me for the past 30 years so it is my turn till she gets better Yeah. I'm happy, happy she is home.

    Awesome news! Glad you guys are headed home as I'm sure you are too. Sounds like she's in good hands.

    Hmmm... well hopefully that gives you less to worry about if the wife hooks up with the new pool boy.

    How are you and the family doing?

    We are good. Thanks for asking. Kids are getting a lil home sick but hoping to have them back after mother's day. Told them to count their blessings and be glad their healthy. They're strong and that we'll be back in the slingshot and getting to normal soon.

    While I'm just a few years out of gen x and don't fit the criteria for this thread I refuse to tag myself as a millennial(still trying to claim to be young even though my body wants to disagree some days) however I will say that I'm thoroughly enjoying these posts. While I may not be able to relate to all I grew up with most and agree. It's been nice to look back as you guys reflect...

    Well... depending on who you ask as far as time frames my two week quarantine was up yesterday per the doctor that gave the positive result. So I'm back here at the doctor's office right now to retest and see if I can get a negative result and officially be on the recovered list so my kids can come back home. We'll see how it goes. Waiting now to get the toilet brush shoved up my nose again...:whistling:

    Well, I agree with the above comment. Other than she's a sister to the family but I get where your going. :thumbsup:

    From somebody that has been following along since before you got the slingshot, met you in Maggie Valley to see how far it had come along, until now all I can say is hang in there. There have been plenty of us, especially myself included, that have had bad mod days. But in the end those days are most definitely outweighed by the good ones. If you can make it through a bagillion little crystals this dinky little dash piece isn't going to keep you down. I know it!

    Well all I can say is I feel fortunate then to have my quickshade in the back and meansling bags in the closet ready to go! I'm sure there will still be a demanding market asking about meansling when things settle down. In the meantime congrats on the job and best wishes to you and the family during the transition. :thumbsup:

    Edward Neal  Neosolidus I'm pretty sure I'm about to derail this thread but oh well...

    Did you both have the pools installed?

    I've actuality done quite a bit of research as far as what I would want. I thought the saltwater was a complicated mess but from what I've gathered it really seems to be the better route. Wife was worried about the chemical cost with chlorine and how harmful it can be. The saltwater when having a new pool put in from the start seems to be a lil more on the front end but less financial in the long run. Plus the benefits of less harsh chemicals. Which I'm sure there's somebody to contradict everything but salt seems to be the way to go for me.

    So far looking at having a fiberglass pool put in if we do decide to do it. I love the look of yours Edward Neal. What we had picked out was very similar with a raised up hot tub and the unique rounded corners. When we were looking for a house the last year a pool was in the search filter. Now granted the one we just bought didn't have a pool, it had everything else and was too good of a deal to pass up. Now I'm just hoping that ours sells for enough that putting a pool in is an option. I think the kids would love it. I usually work 6 days a week sometimes 7, about 12 hours each day. I just wanted something I can come and enjoy doing with the kids for what lil bit I'm awake. Figured sitting poolside and watching them have fun was just that. Wife still thinks I'm nuts but she hasn't said no.

    this is actually just an early bit of a heat wave - normally we would be in the low 90's Starting June we will probably be 100 or more every day and in July and august days over 110 are not uncommon. The record high here in the Summer is 123 - - but thats only been a few times - hitting 120 or so is not uncommon most summers - - Normally I expect us to go up over 100 early June and to stay there virtually every single day until mid to late September.

    But one thing you need to keep in mind is that we dont have much if any humidity - right now its 102, but the humidity is 10% - - so that makes it feel much better - - to me humidity makes all the difference. I am much more comfortable at 102 and 10% than I would be at 80 and 75% - - I hate humidity

    Yeah I'm not real sure what that's like. As you said here in the southeast it starts to get into the eighties you can't breathe. So I hear 102 that seems unbearable but you add our humidity I guess it would be.

    On a side note, that pool looks amazing. I'm really really debating pulling the trigger and putting one in at the new house. I know it seems like everyone I talk to advises against it but I don't often listen to people so there's that.