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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    So on an unrelated question for those that are trying this out (hope to have mine in tonight) on the topic of settings. I was curious to see if it would easily turn off to be able to compare or run without it, obviously that question was answered. Does the eco mode give it more lag per say than what the slingshot has without the controller on? Hopefully that question makes sense. I guess I'm trying to understand if even eco mode has more response than the controller off or if the controller off lies somewhere between eco and city?

    My issue was a self inflicted wound. The problem was that I had taken off my gas pedal plug and left it off for over an hour before I installed the Pedal Cdr. The instructions state and I did not read it: "If you unplug the gas pedal too soon, you will receive a check engine light because the vehicle's computer still has power and has detected a sensor was unplugged". Anyway, I was going to disconnect the battery to see if it would clear the check engine light. Before I did that, I restarted my SS 3 times and on the 3rd try the check engine light went away. In essence, good to go now!!!

    A special thanks to WOKKA for his recommendation. The 3 restarts solved the issue without disconnecting the battery.

    I have a question for those of you who have installed their Pedal Cdr: What setting works best for you since I have not tried it yet? I have seen 2 where one liked the Sport Mode with +1 sensitivity and another with Sport Mode with +3 sensitivity.

    Thanks for the update. I was hoping it was something simple you figured out to maybe help it be avoided by those still having to install. Glad you got it figured out and the light reset nonetheless. The 3 start thing was informative as well. See, everything happens for a reason... I hope.

    Installed the Pedal Commander and all seemed good for a few seconds and when I started to take off, my engine light came on and the pedal cdr quick working. I turned off my SS and reinstalled the Pedal Cdr. It seems to work but cannot get the engine light to go off. Any recommendations without taking it to the dealership? (Maybe disconnecting and reconnecting the battery)

    Were you able to get the light to go off? When you say it quit working were you still able to accelerate or was the slingshot dead until you were able to reinstall it? So far it seems your the only one with a potential issue so you got my attention.

    I got mine yesterday as well. Planning on hooking it up today if the rain moves out.

    I noticed the listing as well that was $25+ and listed as the only one on ebay. Which in their defense I suppose it was the first but yes there are now a few. Unfortunate you bid on the first but I don't blame you, I almost did as well. Maybe you'll get outbid.

    On another note, now that these are obviously on the shelf I plan on keeping an eye out and grabbing any I see as I believe they're like $1.99. If I personally get my hands on any I'll gladly post here for anybody that wants one.

    After looking again, you are right. I was mistaken and thought it came with tape. It does come with velcro which would allow you to take it off and either cover it to keep from getting wet or like E. Neal states to put an extra strip of velcro in a dry place to mount it during rain. GOOD TALK GUYS!!!

    I agree. I like the secondary velcro location for a dry as possible spot incase of a downpour.

    After we get 20 commitments, at some point, Slingmods is going to have to ask as to what year of Slingshot we have. I imagine some are 15-16s and some are 17+.

    I'd have to go back and look in the other thread but I believe they said something along the lines of once they get the 20 they'll send everybody their own promo code individually. I'm assuming to add to your specific year during checkout on their site.

    So Jdymag132 maybe this is something you can answer when you test it out but I'm curious if it puts off any heat. Mainly wondering as in if it does if trying to waterproof it would potentially cause it any problems as well.

    Also, I think the only way to fully "test" it for the forum is to get it wet and see what happens :00007579:

    J/k. But I am seriously curious of what could potentially happen. Does the slingshot just stop accelerating and stay dead in the water until it's unhooked? Does it short out and take off on it's on full throttle? Pending the heat question I also plan to put mine in as dry as possible location as it'll reach and use the bluetooth.

    Soooo... I'm trying to find a reason to talk myself out of this group buy. But on the other side of that thought I have a question for those that may know. I see the two different options are 15-16 and 17+ as are most things for the slingshot. Where does the 16.5 fall into that? I watched the video and obvious difference is older models plug up on the left side of the pedal downward and newer models plug up on the right side upward if I'm not mistaken. I haven't had a chance to see which way mine plugs up yet so figured I'd see here which side of that fence the 16.5 falls on?

    "The Slingshot And Your Road To Recovery"

    The next topic has been chosen, well was actually chosen a couple days ago just haven't been able to get it posted, my apologies. The topic is your slingshot and the road to recovery. This was specifically thought of for those in our slingshot family that may be fighting or have overcome circumstances that may not allow you to be as active on the forum as you once were. We know not everybody can make it across country to get a pic on top of a mountain or cruising along the coast. This competition is for you. Even if you just get out in the garage to take a pic in or next to the slingshot, we just wanna see your smiling face with your sling, let everybody know your still here and doing good.

    This topic is also for those that have had to recover from anything that made you find yourself getting into a slingshot. I know I've talked to a lot that used to ride bikes but for various reasons that now enjoy the slingshot. We're all getting old and falling apart, so let's see some photos of you and your slingshot and what you've overcome to bring us together. Whether it be a knee replacement, diabetes, your battling or beat that nasty cancer, back surgery. Whatever the case may be, let's see the pics from our warriors and survivors that are still pushing through to sling another day!

    Please make sure to add "This is my entry" to your picture, especially if you have multiple posted. Deadline will be October 27th, 2019.

    Rules and guidelines:

    -The photo must be of your own Slingshot (real full-size Slingshots). If the picture submitted is not of your own vehicle, it will not be included in voting. And if need be, the photo will be deleted from the entry thread. It is known that some members may own more than one Slingshot.

    - Use your own picture (not pictures from outside sources).

    - Photo Shopping pictures or extreme editing is not allowed unless specified by the topic chosen.

    - Stay within the competition's parameters (for example, if the rules are "Your Slingshot and Snow," only post a picture that has

    both your Slingshot and snow in it). Photos that do not comply with the topic will not be included in voting.

    - Pictures should show off not only your sling, but also you photography skills. Be creative with your shots.

    - One entry per member. Let us know which your entry is by typing "This is my entry:" above your picture. You can change your entry during the time of the competition but once time runs out you cannot change your entry or submit a photo. Once the

    deadline comes, THERE WILL BE NO MORE EDITING!

    - The contest aims to last for the month, depending on the number of entries (competition will run longer if less entries are submitted, and

    vice versa).

    - After time is up, a new thread will be started for voting. The voting thread may be a "blind" poll, which means the results will be

    revealed after the end of the voting time line or once a member has voted. Forum members will vote on a winner. The member that wins the first competition

    will come up with the theme/topic for the next competition.

    - Once a photo wins a contest that photo will be added to the winners circle then "retired" and can not be used again unless for

    a specific contest.

    - Have fun! Keep your comments constructive.

    • Deadline: October 27th, 2019