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    So the deadline on this one got past me. That's my fault. I was actually posting to bump and remind anybody with a pic to get that last minute entry in but looks like even I was too late. So we'll close this one tomorrow at 6pm and the voting thread will go immediately up. Anybody with an entry to submit you still have 24hrs so let's see who's left. Also, anybody that hasn't labeled their post or pic with "this is my entry" please edit and do so. Especially if you posted multiple pics. Again, sorry everybody, we'll wrap this one up this weekend. Great pics so far!

    "Your Slingshot On A Mountain Top/Lookout Viewpoint"

    The next topic has been locked in and is ready to go. I've seen many pictures like these posted over time here so it doesn't have to be a new picture. As long as it's yours and fits the description it counts! Please make sure to add "This is my entry" to your picture, especially if you have multiple posted. Deadline will be August 18th, 2019.

    Rules and guidelines:

    -The photo must be of your own Slingshot (real full-size Slingshots). If the picture submitted is not of your own vehicle, it will not be included in voting. And if need be, the photo will be deleted from the entry thread. It is known that some members may own more than one Slingshot.

    - Use your own picture (not pictures from outside sources).

    - Photo Shopping pictures or extreme editing is not allowed unless specified by the topic chosen.

    - Stay within the competition's parameters (for example, if the rules are "Your Slingshot and Snow," only post a picture that has

    both your Slingshot and snow in it). Photos that do not comply with the topic will not be included in voting.

    - Pictures should show off not only your sling, but also you photography skills. Be creative with your shots.

    - One entry per member. Let us know which your entry is by typing "This is my entry:" above your picture. You can change your entry during the time of the competition but once time runs out you cannot change your entry or submit a photo. Once the

    deadline comes, THERE WILL BE NO MORE EDITING!

    - The contest aims to last for the month, depending on the number of entries (competition will run longer if less entries are submitted, and

    vice versa).

    - After time is up, a new thread will be started for voting. The voting thread may be a "blind" poll, which means the results will be

    revealed after the end of the voting time line or once a member has voted. Forum members will vote on a winner. The member that wins the first competition

    will come up with the theme/topic for the next competition.

    - Once a photo wins a contest that photo will be added to the winners circle then "retired" and can not be used again unless for

    a specific contest.

    - Have fun! Keep your comments constructive.

    • Deadline: August 18th, 2019

    These are fb groups in Memphis that our group here in Nashville have been with. We've gone down there to meet up with them and they've come up here for a couple of our events. Good group with good people. They should make you feel right at home. Hopefully you get in with them and find your way up here in Nashville in the future.

    Thanks to everybody who submitted an entry. Good luck to all photos in the competition! Anybody that posted multiple pictures without labeling any "this is my entry" just had the first one posted put into voting.

    Voting will be open to all forum members, you DO NOT have to have submitted an entry to vote. There will be 1 vote per member that cannot be changed once submitted. Results will be shown once you have voted or the poll has closed. Voting will end Sunday 6/30/19 at 10:00pm.

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    Just a reminder! Today is the last day with only a few hours left if anybody has a photo they want to submit. Also if you happen to not include "this is my entry" or something similar please edit your post to do so, especially if you have multiple photos. Thanks to those who did, makes it alot easier to get everything over to the voting thread.

    As usual, a ton of great photos already submitted. Going to be another good competition!

    Connect with me Friday morning....I'm sure we'll be able to help with the free tour and maybe even a t-shirt - you can try the host hotel and ask for Iris - I think they only have king sized beds available

    I'll get with you regardless. Looking forward to meeting you. You've already done more than enough but it's greatly appreciated. I'm just glad to have got a room. They said they would contact me and transfer my room if one in the homecoming block opens up. I'm not worried about it though. Unfortunately we can't stay for the entire event and will have to head out earlier in the day Saturday. Taking the kids to monster jam here in nashville Saturday night and got tickets earlier in the year before homecoming was announced. But will be there for as much as we can and wouldn't miss it.

    Ok ok. Now in all seriousness. Really looking forward to the homecoming. Most unfortunately wasn't sure until last week if I'd be able to make it so missed out on reserving the free tour, grabbing a shirt, or getting a discounted hotel.

    So you know what no tour, full price hotel, and I'll be shirtless(j/k. Wouldn't put everybody thru that) but I'm still really looking forward to it. If I happen to get lucky enough to get the VIP tour and contribute to a great charity even better. Excited to pick up where I left off meeting everybody in maggie valley and hopefully putting even more faces to the names. Wouldn't miss the hopefully first of many homecomings! Thanks in advance to SOG for getting this together and all you guys and gals have done putting in the hardwork so we can have a good time!

    On a side note, since I'm kinda on the unofficial free tour wait list. If anybody on social media with their panties in a bunch that registered early want to cancel I will gladly take your free tour and hotel discount! :thumbsup:

    So I'm still catching up on this thread as I don't have social media and have been busy trying to help others get their slingshot ready for homecoming. I haven't been able to vent my frustration like the social media nuts. So here we go.

    My thoughts are this... I shouldn't have to pay for the VIP. If I'm a VIP you should pay me for gracing you with my presence.

    I'm so agitated that I can't drink and shoot my firearm on the premises. While I've never smoked, I wanted to start at homecoming so that's like 3 strikes.

    Food truck?! This is a free event. Why should I pay for food. At absolute minimum this should be fully catered... with open bar(to go with my smoking and firearm of course)

    Homecoming king and queen? I get a participation trophy at everything I do in life. Why should this be different? Trophy should be 3 foot tall minimum. I'll give my address. SOG can cover shipping.

    Raffle? Should be 2020 slingshot to be given away for free that day. Anything else is unacceptable. Taxes to be paid by SOG of course.

    Show and shine? That means I "show" up and somebody will "shine" my slingshot, correct?

    And lastly the hotel discount was ridiculous. It should have been atleast 95% off...

    There... now I feel better. :00000004: