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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I know I am missing something but where is the indignation about Biden admitting he threatened the Ukraine with the same thing Trump is being persecuted for? I saw a film clip where Biden very smugly admitted he threatened to withhold aide if the Ukraine did not fire the head of the investigation into the company that employed Biden's son. I don't feel there is any room for double standards in the House or the Senate. I don't follow any party lines, I vote for the person. I just want to see all this crap get over with and those boozos in DC realize who they are supposed to be working for

    From the bottom of our hearts my wife and I want to thank all of you for your kind words. I shared this thread with her while we sat with our son and she could not believe the response from everyone. Bless you all, you made us feel so loved. I am sorry to share this but we removed our son from life support and he passed shortly afterwards. I am so thankful for this family. Love you all, Randy

    Thank you all so much, can't explain how much your words mean to me and my family. As an update, things are cascading out of control it seems. The Drs are doing their best but it is a very steep, slippery slope right now.

    I am in desperate need of all the prayers I can get for my son. He is in critical care with a failing liver and kidneys that are not working at this time. His brain is swollen and he is bleeding internally. If he makes it through this he has less than a 50% chance of living 3 months. He is not a candidate for a transplant. He is an alcoholic and only 32 years old. I know he did this to himself despite all the begging, pleading and anger I have used to try to get him into treatment but I can't not keep trying anything that may help him. I am praying for a miracle for him and our family. So sorry to be a downer but I will do anything to try and save him. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers. I may be away from here for a bit but I will be back.

    Now another mass shooting in Ohio. At least they won't spend money prosecuting him. He was wearing body armor. I am surprised the shooter was taken alive in El Paso . Figured some armed citizen would have ended it. I am really tired of hearing about these idiots. My friends still question why I carry

    I'm surprised jacking up the hood bumpers in an attempt to eliminate flapping doesn't increase the likelihood of hood latching problems.

    That is why he says he has to slam his hood down hard to get it to latch. I am guessing we will be reading about a hood cracking issue sometime soon.

    Say what? I ripped that tire off after like 600mi due to how loud it was when the tire broke free. I love the sound, however I break the tire free all the time and didn't want the unnecessary attention called to me. The Kenda is silent when it breaks free unless extremely hot.

    Seriously, mine doesn't screech too bad on hard acceleration but I don't do it that often. Oh well, it is what it is and it has been rock solid in the rain for me.

    Installed the Digital Guard Dawg keyless ignition system this morning. And wonder of wonders it worked the first time. I know it is a pretty simple install but for me I am amazed. Usually forget some little thing that makes a big problem. I know, no pictures so it didn't happen but there is nothing to take a picture of other than an on/off switch and I never thought to take pictures while I was doing it, concentrating too hard so I wouldn't screw anything up.8o Even though it didn't happen I still don't need a key to start the SS.