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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I'm removing my LEDs this winter and putting in HIDs. I've had 3 sets of LEDs and hated them all. The upside is they're insanely bright. The downside is they only throw for about 8'-10'. I've adjusted the headlights every way possible and they just do not throw far enough for me. Everything I've ever put 5k HIDs in has been amazing but I wanted to do LEDs since you do not have to hide a ballast somewhere but at this point I personally would rather do some extra wiring to have good light at night when I actually drive at night. But I also think I am one of the only people that feels this way on the LEDs here. So there's that.

    Yup. I am thinking about doing the same. HIDs are definitely better overall vs LEDs inside a projector housing. LEDs are perhaps brighter and last longer but HID light dispersion and overall range outperforms the LEDs.

    Price is always the first ting we look at, but you also have to consider customer service. I have never heard of this DSS, but I know if I buy a part from DDM or ZZP, they are a phone call away if I have questions or need support. Dave has the tech support phone with him constantly, you can call or text him anytime during an install or if you need help with a product. I'm sure ZZP has something similar.

    I have someone offering a superb deal on a stage 2 turbo with full kit. I am very tempted since Hahn guys are 3 hours away from me in Florida and i could have them install for me... 🤫👀

    Thanks for the information. I am definitely doing all the research I can before i pull the trigger. Sounds like after all DSS is not the best company to go with.

    Yea i have no clue who bigdog or what you are talking about “coming in hot”. Obviously there are more and more new members signing up to the forum every month and not everyone has had the “luck” to be here for years and know everything about all these companies. Also, the search function works sometimes but other times it is simply useless. You have been rather hostile towards me since your first reply, perhaps you misinterpreted my post regarding DSS or you are simply on your cycle? Who knows.

    also, they don't just offer a turbo kit. They have other products such as splitters, steering wheel hubs + adapters, lighting etc. There’s a couple of other companies i have discovered that are not even mentioned here in the forums.

    Are you trying to troll us or are you serious? the kit is not advertised as an incomplete kit, last I checked it was sold as stage 1 kit, which means that you have everything you need for it to work safely, instead you get a ticking time bomb.

    If you are not trolling then I suggest to do some research on force induction and what has happened to the owners of that kit, to my knowledge there is not a single happy ending story.

    I’m not trolling anyone buddy. On their Ebay page they explicitly state there is no intercooler included in the kit and no tune included as well. Like I said, anyone buying a Turbo kit ( for any car) should be aware of what is needed and what is not included in whatever kit they are buying. Now i only came onto the slingshot forums about 2 months ago and honestly all i want is to learn about every company out there making products for the sling, whether they are here in the forum as vendors or not.

    I know of 2 engines blown from that kit. I also know of 3 people that traded them in before ever installing them for better kits. The big issue with the kit...No intercooler. That means a lot more engine heat. That means your engine is literally sucking in hot air which is never good. Add to Fuel injectors included...not enough fuel + extremely hot air from the lack of intercooler = boom. Now for the trifecta... no tuning. Letting the factory PCM that is configured for non turbo application...try to adjust for an additional air pressure increase (hot air) and no adjustment for additional fuel (engine starvation) pretty much equates to paying $2k to blow up your engine.

    I'll sum it up like this. Imagine if you get off your couch and decide to go to the middle of Death Valley on the hottest day and decide to run a marathon with out food or water. I don't think you would fair too well. That is what you are asking the engine to do with that kit.

    Well I understand. They also state what they include and what they do not include with the kit on their ebay page and website. One would assume customers would do their homework and add whatever neccesary part + tune to an incomplete kit in order to be safe (which you never are anyway with a turbo setup). Thanks for that information though. I ordered some cheaper parts from them yesterday that i thought were fairly priced to give them a try and really want to see what their customer service is like.