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    3M 1080 Black Carbon Fiber 1ft x 5ft Vinyl Car Wrap With 3M Tool Kit…_r_cp_api_i_1650Db9A51JRX

    after years of experimenting with multiple wraps and brands this is definitely the best one.

    If you cheapen out and buy a cheap wrap you will end up regretting it in the long run as it will not A. Look as good and B. The quality on those cheapies is really bad (won’t last at all). Better to spend more on quality and durability specially if you are planning on wrapping some big pieces on the vehicle.

    I just installed the Demon Speed Street Fighter steering wheel on Sling II. The dealer did not have the old Street Fighter wheel centered either when they did the install. By the way Demon Speed has a good steering wheel puller, not like the one I bought years ago from one of our other vendors that was made from Alum. That one goes in the trash.

    sweet. You got a link to check it out?

    here are the side shots of my 2017 with the slingshade on it. of course these were before the PRP seats.

    to this day, i still think the slingshade is the roof that compliments the slingshot the best in terms of pure looks. It just gives it that TRex look that makes it look so sexy and makes the lines flow. Although i bought mine with the Gullwing top, slingshades would of been my prefered top if it would of came stock.

    Here are a couple side shots of mine. Just so you know, the roof is mounted in the low position. Can be raised 1” higher overall.

    lovely. May I ask what you are lowered on and what size wheels are those?

    Ok so i went for late night drive to get more feel of this thing. All i can say is that it feels like a whole new machine. I took some on some backroad twisties just downshifting and playing with the acceleration and I just remembered why I bought this machine in the first place. Just a big smile. Yea, it’s a keeper.

    Ok guys I installed it and tested it for about 35 mins just driving around. First of all let me start by saying that by default it starts in “city” mode. The moment I was simply backing out of my garage I already FELT the difference in response in CITY mode. I started driving and came to a stop. I turned it off and drove for about 10 blocks to remember what stock was like once again. I switched it to SPORT mode and what a big difference in responsiveness overall? First was responsive but not overwhelmingly so. Punching it at 40 mph is basically instant. I then proceeded to try SPORT + 3 on the dial. A completely different machine. I can say this thing shaves at least 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds in reaction time/acceleration specially in the lower gears. On SPORT+ it feels basically like regular SPORT +3. I did not try SPORT+ with the highest sensitivity setting because already on sport+ by itself its very very responsive. I was turning left on an intersection and i barely touched the pedal and the thing went sideways!😁 Now it truly reminds me kind of the inmediate acceleration in electric cars and go karts. To me this is the way the slingshot should of come from the factory. Letting you have different modes for different types of fun and situations. Overall I give it a 10/10 for fun factor, 9.5/10 for actual functionality and better numbers overall in any scenario specially low gear pulls. I do think this should of been waterproof from the manufacturer. Installation takes 5 minutes max 10 minutes really. I will welcome any questions. Is it worth it ? Hell yes. People pay a lot of money for things like short shifters that can be argued do nothing for performance (and its true) or even headers that are proven to add a mere 4-5 HP AT best. To me this is totally worth it and you WILL feel it from the moment you mov ethe sling from the garage.

    fantastic assessment. I’m glad we made the right decision and i think most of us IF not all are really going to enjoy this thing.

    lol i didn’t want to be the one to say it. Thanks 😁

    Because you cannot have the thing on 100% instant response for street driving, it would be too snappy. The settings range from 0% to 100% with most people comfortable in the sport position which is about 80% (my guess).

    I'm sure it works like the pedalmax and amplifies the signal. At idle the signal is zero, zero times anything is zero, so no change regardless of setting.

    If you hold the throttle in position and increase the setting it on the pedalmax it will increase the rpms. I can't speak directly to the pedal commander but I assume it works the same way.

    i think it is probably the same method but with the ability to change maps with buttons instead of an adjustable knob.