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  • And veterans get another 10% off that.


    Only Retired or Disabled Veterans.

    Here in GA our Drivers license states Veteran and has the American Flag on it. You only get a VA ID if you are disabled. HomeDepot will only extend their discount to those with an actual Military ID (Active or Retired) or a VA Card.

    I had the store manager here tell me that they only gave discounts to "Real" Veterans.

    Took a lot of restraint that day.

    Lowes on the other hand honors all veterans (not just retired or disabled) and gives 10% to your family members as well.

    Sorry for the rant, but I despise Home Depot.

  • I found all that out about 6 months ago when I was trying to get an account at Home Depot and Lowes

  • They are currently out of stock on the7000SLX, but https://www.quickjack.com/garage-sale/bl-7000slx.html is a great place to get a deal.

    Free shipping, and at least in TX, they had no sales tax. Their hours are PST, so likely Cali is my guess, anyone else won't have to pay sales tax.

    I bought a refurbed 5000, comes with their warranty, so good enough for me.

  • I have never had any problems with either HD or Lowes in getting a veterans discount. It might help that I'm 100% disabled and carry a lot of ID cards for that disabilities. I do favor Lowes because I worked there at one time and still have stock in Lowes. HD was the first to have veteran parking, Lowes followed later.


  • I have asked Home Depot for the Veterinarian discount many times but only got it once. That's still enough for me to keep trying...

    What irks me the most is that they advertise this discount to the world to entice Veterans to come in a shop there only to later tell them "Oh, only retired or Disabled Veterans please". If they just never gave a discount I would be fine giving them my business, but when you solicit it to the masses with fine print so small that you need a microscope to read it that's just shady as hell.

    Worst part is that I have an HD 5 miles away from me and Lowes is 13 away, yet I will still travel the extra distance to give them my business. Not because of the 10%, but because of their integrity and business practices.

    When all of this came into the light (HD crap) Lowes doubled down and that's when they extended the discount to family members of Veterans. From a business prospective that is genius. Can you only imagine what their sales looked like after they did that?

    Off my soap box...

  • I have asked Home Depot for the Veterinarian discount many times but only got it once. That's still enough for me to keep trying...

    Not to take away from the valid points you make Slopoke but I think you missed my humor. It's interesting how we develop habits. I avoid the Lowes that is less than 4 miles away and drive about 7 to Home Depot because I prefer HD. Opposite of you. My wife does buy me 10% coupons on Ebay that say Lowes on them, but only work at HD. It covers my 8.4% sales tax when I buy local or I can drive another 9 miles to Portland, OR and avoid the sales tax too, which I do on larger purchases. I don't have a problem with Lowes other than I'm not familiar with the store layout and the employees there can't tell you how to find the front door, if you can find an employee, which I usually can't.

    I will say that offering a veteran discount, but not to active military, is complete bullshit! I have all the respect for our disabled and retired veterans. And I have the same level of respect for our active duty military. If you have a problem with our 'war machine', try life without it. It would not be what we are used to today, and it serves an important purpose in this screwed up world!

    Off my soap box too...

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)

  • Like SlingLow , I avoid Lowe’s. HD is only 3 miles away and they do give my the discount. But then, my ID says retired Air Force. When I asked at Lowe’s I was told that they do not offer a military discount. So, I no longer shop there. Simple voting with my pocket book.

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