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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    As BryanL mentioned earlier in this thread, the e-brake lock will fit the stock handle with a minor adjustment. LargeCar uses one and he told me just had to sand a little girth off the bottom of the handle. You'll want to make sure that your knob isn't so slender that the lock can be pulled over it when installed.

    Yup. Just take a little off the corners is all it takes. Just helps keep the honest people honest. The bad guys will get it no matter what you do.


    I'd be happy if in the mix they used real screws, bolts, and nuts and got away from the push pins. Minor stuff like that would go a long way for us more seasoned Slingshot owners. I do like some of the improvements but not enough to pay to trade up. On the torque issue, I see 8500 RPM stated, did they destroke the engine to get the R's but losing some torque?

    I'm used to mine, it fits me, i have the mods i want, most of them anyway, its paid for and in the end will get me the same place the new one would.

    The auto without the torque converter that acts like a manual is just like the VW 's DSG which I have in my Jetta, love it. It has the feel and drivability of a manual without the parasitic loss of power of the TQ. And it is very paddle suitable oriented.

    Just my nickels worth.


    I see some that dont like the idea of a front wheel drive sling. Mine will be not only front wheel drive but diesel as well. Just waiting for the le9 to crap out and the purchase of a jetty donor. Front wheel drive, not crappy angle/belt noise and 50mpg instead of 20mpg are big sellers for me. A plus is I can mod the jetta diesel a whole lot cheaper that the le9, and I get a paddle shifter to boot. Anybody want a gently used engine trans and final drive?


    Here is the short version. Regardless of what state you live in, it will still be classed as a motorcycle or autocycle depending on the state you live in. It does not matter if you make it a 6 wheeler that does not change anything and you cannot legally be pulled over or cited for it. Licensing (tabs and plate fees) is based off the info in the VIN number and how the original manufacturer registers it. That info cannot be changed at the state level. It can only be changed by the original manufacturer (Polaris) or at the federal level. Your insurance company also goes off the VIN. Now if you wanted to add extra protection for custom parts, that is a different story and then it would increase but what ever you pay for insurance now is what you will still pay.

    Good answer thanks.


    Derailing in progress!

    Lots of pros and cons.

    First the pros, four pages and no bigdog comments, I like the tuck up, and getting rid of the after birth drive polaris stuck us with is a big positive, keeping nanny alive is good, corner weight look good and might get better with some creative shock tuning, two is always better traction for dry and wet conditions, not having to split stuff in the road by third you can just straddle it like in a car, and there are more.

    Cons, wonder how licensing police see it going forward, how about insurance companies, people except three wheelers as motorcycles but what about a four wheel motorcycle, are clubs and traditionally motorcycle events going to closed, and I'm sure there are more.

    Now my opinion, welcome to the Slingshot website and the insanity we call the mod bug. I really like the idea, the looks, the price point. I wish you all the best in this effort. I might come visit but I think I'll leave my Slingshot home, to tempting.


    As the GM of the largest tow company in the nation (at the time) I hired a lot of drivers. I loved it when during the one on one interview the prospective driver would say "I had a hard time finding this place" . Guess what! That is one of the major requirements of the job, finding places. None of them ever got hired, just thanked and sent down the road. It wasn't all bad, I did sign their job search sheet for their unemployment benefits.


    WOW. And I thought me and my family had problems. Seems that UK_Paul has rolled all our ailments up into one body, his. Needless to say but prayers and best wishes are being sent overseas for you and your wife. May God bless you and keep you.

    Your US friend and pray warriors....

    Glenn and Anita

    AKA LargeCar and the Boss Loving Wife

    Several problems with narrow tires. But the main problem is you have no tire to stop with. And secondly these tires are nylon and they are not used to having weight on them at speed. So 1 mile would be sketchy

    Dragsters also have 11000 horsepower and go 330 mph, or three the HP and a little over twice the speed. I see no problems with control or stopping. Now 1100 a corner does raise an eyebrow.


    If you used the ECONO mode in cruise control the only effect I think would be is the throttle plate would move slower causing more loss of speed so cruise control would need to apply more throttle to catch up with speed loss. Then when cruise speed was attained the slow throttle response would cause overspeed. I could see a yoyo effect on the throttle plate thus your speed.


    Been working fine for the last 25k miles. Nice and quite and not a lot of pressure on the bearings. It does tighten some, not much, when it gets hot. Been working with cog belts for a long time and don't remember any manufacturer running them as tight as Polaris says to run them.

    From a online website:

    Belt tension can also be measured, or estimated, by causing the belt to deflect by a given amount (typically 1/64 inch per inch of belt span, or 0.4 mm per 25 mm of belt span) with a specified force. Often referred to as the force-deflection method, the minimum and maximum forces necessary to produce the specified deflection for a given tension are calculated via formulas. Note that this method is best used on belts with longer span lengths.

    belt tension

    In the force-deflection method, a specified force is used to create a given deflection in the belt…toothed-belt-tension/amp/

    I am not by my SS at the moment so I cannot measure the span length but I bet it comes close to a number that is close to where my belt is.


    So how are they going to handle the new non-gender restrooms? Are they going to be stocked with the hygiene products for both ( or all three, four, five....) recognized sexes. If tampons are going to be stocked next to the prophylactics, then where are the jock itch, hemorrhoid cream and midsummer eves products going to be? What about the Viagra, birth control and the morning after pills going to be put. Oh screw it. Oops do I have the necessary product to handle that???


    Regular washing and dry lubing is part of my standard maintenance program. Also note that the belt actually shrinks a bit with heat and the tension changes with the loading of the SS. That is when putting in stuff in the storage compartments, persons in the seat and weight transfer when accelerating. I run mine relatively loose, 1/2 to 3/4 inch movement on bottom when top is tight when loaded.


    Dang it, because SlingLow and BryanL are both getting the PC I guess if I want to keep up I'll need to get one myself. Will wait until I get back home from brothers before I order it because I'm pretty busy at the moment. Guess I better buy some LED lights so I can see better at night now I'll be going faster. Getting older by the minute and eyes are getting worse, especially at night.