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    Drizeh what part of North America are you located in? I ask because maybe your close to one of us that could take a look with you?

    In the meantime Ghost is dead on what you need to check next, loose connections happen and that's what this sounds like to me as well not a frozen starter.

    The starter is actually pretty easy to get out all you need to do is remove the intake manifold and that puppy is right there. If you need to do that route here you go.

    Great install thread Dzemboc77

    Welcome to the boosted world, just remember to hold down that traction control button until it disables both safeguards. The factory MEFI computer pulls a ton of power when it detects the rear tire slipping (which you will do alot of now).

    I set the mod clock to 1.5 months as you are expecting snow thus limiting your time behind the wheel. In 1.5 months you should be at that point where you want to upgrade to a stage 2 kit and maybe a cam or forged motor. The power is awesome for a month or so then the mod bug bites and you want more.

    I have the same setup, but never thought about the grip tape which I will be buying in a couple of hours.

    Thanks for the idea!

    Gotta love a happy ending!

    Just wait until you hit the north GA mountains in the sling. That's when you will really smile.

    Congrats again and can't wait to ride with you guys!

    Sheree202 congrats on finding the new ride!

    I did the same thing with the big red bow when I surprised my wife.

    If you don't get your Bow in time ping me, I still have that massive sucker in one of my closets that you can have. After your hubbys B-day we all need to get together for a ride up in Helen.

    On a side note I know it's short notice, but you should also look into doing Maggie Valley this year. Only 70 miles or so from us and a great way to see most of the people on this forum, and to spend money on mods :-)

    Congrats again and welcome to the fun!

    I was hoping not to purchase this old of a model, but miles are low and it seems well maintained. I see it has saddlebags, but I've heard people complain that they don't work well. What do y'all think would be a good offer?

    14.5k MAX and yes, those bags are known to pop open on the highway.

    Supposedly the newer models have resolved this, but I know 2 people with them that hate them.

    Keep me posted, happy to look at these for you.

    Would you be able to check it out for me? I'm getting desperate...the ones online keep selling. I spoke to a salesman at Indian Motorcycle and he said he's never seen them sell like they have been the past couple of months. Hubby's birthday is in 11 days. =O


    That is where I bought mine. Which one are you looking at? I can meet you there Thur or Fri in the afternoon sometimes.

    They are a very legit place from my dealings, but others have had some bad experiences.

    I'm telling you guys. Warp core!

    Never saw any of the Enterprise's filling up for a recharge including the one William Shatter owned back in the 70's, plus when you need to make that last minute escape/getaway you can always eject the warp core to eliminate the threat.

    Image result for warp core gif

    That slingshot is not worth more than 13k(to me), the wrap is a moot point, probably peeling around corners or will start soon and then will need to be removed, everything else seems stock on that sling.

    Aftermarket parts"upgrades" do not add much value to slingshots, what they do is that they help people choose that upgraded sling vs a stock one.

    100% agree.

    I would offer him 12k and start there as a negotiating spot. If he bites let me know and I will take a look at it for you (If you want) as I am closer than Dave to that location.

    Now, due to the drive distance that will cost you a Chick-Fil-A # 1 Deluxe with a Large unsweetened tea (yea I'm a Yankee transplant).

    Keep us posted.