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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I have a cheaper pair that are very similar to these, but only 3k MHA. The capacitive touch works in the finger, but the finger tips are so large, it can be challenging to only hit one button on my phone or radio at a time.

    Fingers do get slightly warm on high, but on low or medium, i can't really tell. They were only good down to about 40, below that and fingers got pretty cool. With the smaller battery, mine are rated for 2 to 4 hours on high. I was alternating from medium to high to try and save battery.

    The battery fits in a zippered pocket that rests on your wrist / lower forearm, and they have to be unplugged to charge, but can also be removed to save weight.

    I think I paid $46 for mine, the 7k MHA seems like a good deal if they will last as long as stated.

    Most of my rides are longer, like the 7 hour one I just did coming back from Lubbock. Wore the gloves the last 3 hours, but didn't need to turn the power on them tonight.

    Look up the Optima group 25, it is one inch shorter in length than the 34. Especially if you are running the Welter Duals exhaust. I am running the dual post to make it easier to connect other electrical stuff without having to get to the top post terminals. Now this comes with a word for safety. If you are going to run either the 34 or the 25 batteries with the Welter Dual exhaust be sure to pull the battery all the way to the outside cover before tighten the clamp. The exhaust "WILL" melt the bottom of the battery if it is to close to the exhaust pipe. I now run a simple heat shield also.

    Thanks, but no. Going with this one probably : While I have a Welter setup, it's been heavily customized and no longer runs near my battery. Due to the trackhamr mount points, a rear Welter pipe will be in the way and will have to be re-routed.

    Well I picked up my group 26 yesterday but Shawn's truck went down and he spent the day dealing with that. Part of the fitment will be figuring out a strap. I may go with a simple bungee and I may incorporate an actual rigid tie down. If you use a different battery, the bungee might be the easiest to install. Also, you will need to figure out where to mount the J case, and with the current recall, might want to get that done first. If you are planning on using an Optima, we'll need to look at the height clearance since it is taller and I am raising the platform 1/4". If you are using something longer than the 26, let me know since I am going to put a stop on the angle drive end to prevent it moving towards the angle drive and we'll want to make sure the platform length is adequate.

    There is no hitch. That was an optical delusion.

    Thanks, a bungee should do fine. I can adapt things to fit, no worries.

    I'm on that list too. My OEM motorcycle battery died this summer and I've been running the battery from my Sportsman 700 quad. I put that battery back in the Sportsman for hunting season and it's time to get a replacement. I went to my nephew's shop yesterday and we cut a 1/4" aluminum plate to hold a group 26 car battery. I'll get the battery today and we'll finish the fitment and figure out a strap. I plan to make a second one for wokka if he hasn't done something else yet. What say you wokka ?

    Trying out my new hitch.

    SlingLow Just waiting on you boss :) I'm not going with a group 26, but I can adapt anything to fit what I'm going with.

    We can't see the hitch in your pic :)

    The brake pads and master cylinder brace is what we recommend for most people, it is the best bang for the buck with the brakes. The big brake kit is only needed if you want to look cool or if you are doing serious track days, or stops from 160+ mph :evil:

    I recommend Dragon Green for the cool factor :)

    I second SoCal, if you are going shocks, the DDM are the best bang for the buck on 3 ways.

    SZurlo this forum is the worst for trying to not buy mods, you read about how great they are from others talking about them on here and you just want to have as much fun.

    I've had mine about 9 months of riding, 12k miles, way too much money spent, and enjoying every minute of it.

    I'm biased, I love my turbo. Once you drive a turbo, you won't regret it.

    I'd suggest the DDM stage 1, you can adjust the pressure you want by either adjusting the lever on the wastegate or install a boost controller. So, if you want to go mild with 3 or 4psi, it's very possible.

    Since you are planning ahead, just watch for one of their sales next year.

    I'll even come up and help install it.

    Had to go out of town with work, weather is going to be good all week, so took the sling. Nice 6 hour ride yesterday afternoon. Will go home Saturday.

    No scenic driving, unless you like west Texas... flat, dry and pretty boring :)