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  • Hey sir! What day you leaving for Houston?

    I’m going to trailer mine down Wednesday sometime and leave for home Sunday.... travel down there together?

  • Wokka, I need to get better braking on Teresa's Sling. Read your post with the EBC rotors. How did they do? When I add the cost for 3 of them from Amazon it's about like DDM, which I think I like better but I will wait to hear what you have to say. I don't want the big brake kit with wildwood calipers we don't need that. I am looking at Hawk 5.0 pads, and the master cyl brace first. Her rotors are fine. Your thoughts please


  • hey can you send me the source for that recall part , thanks

    • That's what I was asking you for, I don't have a source.

  • Hey, I’m an hour east of Texarkana down 82. If you want to make a trip one day this weekend to check out the pedal commander.

    • Ah, found it, didn't notice it in the other notifications and was looking at email and conversations.

      I've been to and through Magnolia a few times, but sadly, I have other commitments this weekend, will have to see about catching up another time!

  • wokka is dennis from rent 3 wheel got a question for you


  • Do you know of a good place to install the stage one turbo around north fort worth or dallas area?

    • If you want a professional to do it, I'd suggest one of the polaris dealers, I don't know of any independents that work them in our area. You could also ask on the DFW Facebook group.

      I watched Dave do my stage 2 (same install as stage 1), and feel comfortable doing one myself now if you want to do a wrench day and we do it together. We could put a call out on the forums and see if others want to get together and make a party of it.

      i'd say we could do it in my shop, but it's not convenient for everyone to come here (I'm 2.5 hours away), but I'll gladly come to you, especially if we could get others to come help.

    • Polaris shops here are trying to make a killing on the install. They want 1600 to install. I would apprecaiate that alot and 2 and half is not an issue for me or if you want to come to me i wouldnt mind paying you for your time

    • im not sure if me posting for help would get that much attention since im new

    • I say we make a party, figure out a date and put a call out for a wrench day. No payment necessary, you just supply the food and drinks :)

      I've been wanting to do one after watching mine installed, and only had Dave do it because I haven't delved that deeply into the engine on the slingshot. Have you shipped your ECU out for flashing yet? If we time it right, you can get that back the day before we install, so you can test right away, or you can test using my ECU.

    • thats not an issue kegerator and food is not a problem 😁 im going to ship the ecu out tomorrow to bob once i have the tracking number from dave. He said it should ship tomorrow.