Just Installed the Pedal Max.............WOW

  • It is like the Pedal Commander. Many people claim through videos and reviews that it has a big improvement on throttle response.

    For all the "snake oil, prove it" folks, 1) Murder After Midnight isn't selling anything, he is a customer.

    2) it WILL increase acceleration more than just mashing the Pedal.

    I'll explain "2)"as simply as possible.

    ALL fly by wire pedals have a delay, lag...in the beginning of pressing the throttle. Some more than others.

    The Pedalmax and Pedal Commander and the like, simply increase the output signal. So where you had a delay or lag in the beginning, it is now getting a stronger signal from the lightest touch. That increased signal continues through the entire range of the Pedal. With them you can dial it down for fuel efficiency or up to very aggressive, where the lightest touch of the Pedal will be like mashing the gas and it will increase with that higher input through the whole range of the Pedal.

    That said, it should throw you into your seat harder if set aggressively and since it gets a high input quicker, should shave a hair off 0-60, but only a hair.

  • Pedal Commander makes only a claim of increased throttle response. Increased HP, Torque and the like are B.S. if claimed by a manufacturer. Which it sounds like Pedal Max makes those claims.

    I looked into a Pedal Max for my truck, automatic, but fear that though it will eliminate any lag in throttle response it will intensify any increased acceleration jumps/jerks making them more violent. I actually asked Pedal Commander about "intensifying jerky built in throttle jumps" through their message board and their silence is telling "yes it will intensify bad behavior" in an automatic.

    The Sling is manual, so it should only be a plus.

  • you will be getting your wish soon very soon

  • If the idle speed is jacked up over 2000 rpms ...the pedal response will be faster.... duh...

    It tricks the computer into thinking you’re already doing 40 mph when it’s actually still sitting there with your foot on the brake. So when you pop the clutch sure it throws you back in the seat....

    That’s what we used to call a neutral slam down....

    Put the shifter in neutral and floor the gas pedal and then slam the shifter into drive...sounds the same to me.

    So idle max jacks up the idle speed.....

    Higher rpms = jack rabbit starts...it’s magic...

    So now your sling can do 35 mph while it’s idling. No need to give it any gas while cruising around town. Only on the highway.

  • That isn't what it does.

    Say your stock throttle inputs look like...as you press the Pedal.


    If you put the Pedal Max at +1 setting it will look like...


    Set it for +10 (recommended for track only) it looks like...


    It doesn't affect idle at all. It affects throttle input.

    Many Youtubers played with higher settings for the Pedal Commander and found it too aggressive. Touch the Pedal and go through your garage sensitive. Many settle on "City plus 4 or 5" there is "Sport" and "Sport +" each with 20 settings on the Pedal Commander that people tend to avoid for daily driving.

    They definently increase throttle response. Too many 5 star reviews to deny it.

  • I watched that installation video...when he turned the knob the motor reved up to a higher rpm. Turned it down and the rpms went down

    This happened while they were sitting still. That’s an idle control knob.

    Watch it and tell me what you see and hear.

  • If the numbers start at zero with the knob off and they go up as you step on the pedal.....the computer sees it.

    So start with a higher rpm and instead of starting at zero you moved it up to start at a higher number to trick the computer.

    Turning up the rpms tricks the computer into thinking it’s going faster.

  • Lets put our money where our mouth is, 0-60 time IF the pedal max can't improve it then it is no better than pedal to the medal.

    I'd have to disagree in that pedal feel is an individual experience. If something makes/allows a driver to feel the engine is more responsive/powerful, that feeling may or may not be worth the expense to that individual. Others may not feel it's worth the money.

  • Can't argue that. He even says, "I did that with the knob, not my foot". I have been researching the Pedal Commander and assumed it was the same as the Pedal Max or any other throttle response enhancer. I figured since it plugs into the throttle pedal it needed pedal input to do it's thing. Now I wonder if the Pedal Commander does the same thing. No reviews for the Pedal Commander mention idle increase.

    Thanks for posting that video. I am better informed because of it.:thumbsup:

  • Back in the early 60's i won quite a few races at the drag strip even though my opponents had a better ET and top speed.....Did that with petal control ...

    AKA....Reaction time.....

    Some times a Cigar is just a Cigar.......

  • Really suprised at the responses in this thread.

    Watch the video....when they turn the knob the idle increases...the guy even says very clearly....I’m not touching the gas pedal.....

    So now my question for you is....at idle what is the RPMs? Without idle max engaged.

    With the knob set at 30 ....at idle what is the RPMs?

    With it set at 100....at idle what is the RPMs?

  • WOLF is correct, post 21 and 25

    I totally agree his explanation is 100% correct...


    Everyone has been “mind F....Ed”

    Sure it tricked the computer....by increasing the idle speed.....and it tricked everyone into thinking....they have a new slingshot.

    Since there is no actual screw adjustment on our throttle body....we can not just prove this at home.....you can only do it with digital wrench.

    And as the guy said....my video is proof....well it also proved to me that the only trick was performed by increasing the idle speed.

    Unless someone can prove anything else....it should be called Idle Max...an idle adjustment attachment that connects directly to your gas pedal to fool you into thinking you’re performance has been improved.

    In other news ....I have a slightly used bridge for sale...

  • kev can you help vet out the 'Idle' question?

    Does this product raise the RPM's?

    I watched the video back on post#5 and it does seem to make it seem like it does impact RPM's.

    As the Vendor - perhaps you can provide some good data that explain the RPM's.


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  • I understand the idea you are presenting, I have just one question. If you jam the pedal of an unmodified slingshot completely to the floor, is the response a "15"?

    In other words, does the Pedalmax give the Ecotech engine a higher throttle setting, more fuel/air mixture per second through the engine than is possible *without* the Pedalmax?

    The smarter you get, the funnier I am.

  • In other words, does the Pedalmax give the Ecotech engine a higher throttle setting, more fuel/air mixture per second through the engine than is possible *without* the Pedalmax?

    Since the Pedalmax can not change any of the setting in the calibration the Ecotec is running, it can only modify the signal going to the ECM for the pedal position, it can not change the Air/Fuel ratio. The pedalmax does not change the actual throttle blade position, it just requests a larger throttle blade opening quicker, that the ECM sees from the pedal position (gas pedal). That being the case, the air/fuel ratio will be exactly the same at the same loads with or without the pedalmax installed. Static spark timing should also be the same since the calibration has not been changed also at the same loads.

    Some cars we work with do have an ECM that will provide more power depending on how fast the gas pedal is applied. The second generation MINI coopers that we work with will go into an overboost mode and provide more power if the gas pedal is pushed quickly compared to if it is slowly applied. This feature is not part of the MEFI controller calibration found in the Slingshot though.

    Watching this thread over the weekend though, along with all the other threads and people asking what this thing does at the events prompted us to go ahead and order up a Pedalmax. It is supposed to be here in about a week (July 9th). With the software we have here we can see the pedal position and throttle position and see what the settings are doing. We will also open up the unit, see what is inside and any other data we can get to really answer what this thing is doing.

    Hope that helps,