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    Hahah - it's an airsoft mask.

    I have the eyes coming full tint too!

    I will add a 'cloth' to the vent holes, and Im good to go :)

    My 'mask' arrives today......

    It's not mandatory where I live (yet) but is in some countys around me.

    I thought this fit me perfectly...

    ~ Shadrac

    I will be cleaning the belt tonight. I will also look for the grease fitting and then look for a grease gun and grease ;)

    I sure appreciate all the help!
    Sure hope to run in to you guys in the very near future as well!!

    Thank you for the replies!

    The dealer I bought it from is in West Bend, Wi and called Fuel PowerSports.

    I have not had a chance to record any sounds yet, as I am in the middle of residing my house and replacing all doors and windows.

    I am north of Janesville, so Altoona is about 3 hours NE for me, but worth the drive if something is acting up, and my dealer is not catching it.

    I will read up today on cleaning a belt and I will try to describe the sounds a bit better.

    To me - it sounds like suspension. Here is when I hear it the most.

    I am at a stop sign (or not moving)

    I have the SS in gear and as I release the clutch - it sounds like a 'groaning' sound as I engage 1st gear (or reverse)

    I feel nothing wrong, but the sound is eerie and I don't want to harm the vehicle.

    I appreciate the information and responses and I am sorry for the long delay, just a bit busy lately ;)

    ~ Shadrac

    I have this 2017 Sling with 6200 miles on it, and love it.

    I am hearing some weird sounds lately and so I took mine to the dealer.

    I had them keep it for the week and tell me what the sounds were.

    They say that 3 mechanics drove it around and that they think the sounds are coming from a 'floating caliper' in the rear, and that nothing is wrong.

    I was wondering if there were any Sling owners that would have mechanical skills (near me) - as I want others to look at it now.

    I am not mechanically smart, but I know what I hear, and I disagree with the caliper theory.

    I am concerned there is something else happening - and I have full warranty until June of 2021.

    I have read that these things make weird noises - and if it's nothing - I will be fine with that, however I have that funny feeling in my tummy - there is something else going on.

    I am unclear what to do at this time, but I will try to find a way to record these sounds as well.

    Any advice - I am all ears :)

    Thanks in advance,

    ~ Shadrac

    New adjustable windscreen from Twist Dynamics installed today.
    Took it for a ride and what a difference!

    Will wait for sunny days to get better pics but thank you all again!

    I recently had the 1320 Performance V2 Stainless Steel Header and Thermal R&D Ceramic Coated Dual Rear Exit installed and love it. It added some performance and is not overly loud (until you get on it)

    Well worth the money IMO.

    I have installed siding (aluminum, vinyl, cement, wood and steel) for over 17 years professionally.

    You can in fact paint vinyl, however you need an adhesive primer and a high quality acrylic paint.

    Vinyl siding overlaps about 1 1/2 inches and to do a proper job - one would need to remove all the siding, clean it extremely well, paint it and re-install it.

    In my opinion and with the improvements in siding today - you will get a better product by actually residing it.



    Opinions are like assholes - we all have one and they all stink ;)

    I watch sports occasionally but I do agree the money spent is out of control.

    I 100% agree with both points of view and I do we need to be careful when we categorize others.

    Sports is a form of entertainment and I think we need to keep a value and respect that not everyone thinks the same.

    My wife is a HUGE sportsball fan - where I can take it or leave it.

    In my opinion - I do feel that police, ems, firefighters, etc.... should make more money, however it's not just sports that is overpaid.

    Big pharma is a huge deal too - and there are many many more examples.

    In the end - I love these forums and I don't say much.

    I just want us all to keep in mind that there is one thing that we all have in common that brought us here - and don't let mere 'words', that can be easily misconstrued when there is no inflection, get us riled up. Respect and care for one another as we have enough shit in the world bringing us down.

    and - just to be a little silly - I end this rant with this meme.

    Be safe, healthy and keep smiling!

    I ordered mine from TwistDynamics on 4/6/2020 - can't wait to get it installed and test it out.

    The stock windscreen seems to force more wind in my face after installing the canvas roof.

    I really appreciate all the feedback and information.

    I have decided to get one - and I think the 9" or 11" is what I want.


    Happen to have a link for these bulbs?
    I have been reading for awhile on bulbs and seems that the HID's are the choice.

    I have stock lights today - and would love to replace them for a decent cost, w/o too much modding...

    Well it's been awhile since I have been on the forums, and I sure hope everyone is safe and healthy!

    I wanted to share my 1st day in April and the addition to the SS.

    I ordered this from slingmods and BulletSpeed built this in record time, called me to let me know it was on its way.

    As you can see below - the packaging shows they care. Super impressed!

    Thanks to the slingmods instructional video and the craftsmanship of work - it was a super easy install.

    My 18yr old daughter helped hold it in place, while I set a couple screws - and the rest is history!

    Super stoked and love the look!

    Here is to a new summer of cruising (once the world calms down and we can all see each other again!)

    Stay safe, healthy and smiling!

    ~ Shadrac