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  • The Nexen tire Has good dry traction. I have a traffic light getting onto the main highway here at the house that I can pretty much judge the traction of the tires I have run. Of the four different tires I have run the Comp 2 Summer has been the worse. The stock Kenda when hot has been the best with the General AS-03 as number two

  • Neosolidus, do you go to SSITS and if you do, do you drive or trailer the SS? Thanks, Randy(exharleyrider)

    • Not we have been going for years to the rally that happens in the black hills in Deadwood SD(not sling exclusive but hosted by polaris), trying to convince the misses to switch to SSITS.

      jdriver(Dean) and mniron(Phill) as well as xd675x(Scott) do go to SSITS and they are local, as far as I know they all trailer their slings, I am sure they would enjoy adding another to their convoy whether you choose to trailer or ride.

      Piece of advice from someone who spun out doing 45mph on a road(easy riding) after it had rained.... do not trust wet roads doesn't matter what you think or how lucky you have been, the slings are NOT safe on wet surfaces.

  • Neosolidus,
    I have the time sheets for both the autocross and the hillclimb. Everyone is listed by real name, not screen name so I will not be posting. They also don't specify boosted or N/A.

    • Totally understand not posting them plus it seems that they don't have the info I wanted, the main thing I wanted to see was a tally of TC vs SC vs NA and how they did compared to each other.

      Thx though.

  • Good Morning, Great job on the Fender Vents, I will want to do the same and was wondering what tool you use to cut out the plastic ?
    Thanks ,Gus

  • F4 is Polycarbonate and wont break

  • Just checked San Angelo, Texas, listed on the dark side - @slingwing

  • I know It is a long way from you but have you seen the yellow one in Texas for sale? 2016 SL with 2400 miles with a couple of mods. He just took it down to $21,000. I saw it on the other forum a little while ago. I would have to go back and look to be sure, but I think it was @Slingwing