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    I just put Invo tires on my new wheels. Love the 200 UTOG rating as it should give good traction. What I don't love is the fact that my beloved new wheels by Forgestar only came in 19" and Nitto made a 345 for the rear, which fits perfectly. Sadly for me the fronts only came in 8 1/2" width. Along with the aforementioned 345 rear I ordered P235/35 for the front. Holds air fine but doesn't seat against the outside of the rim and I scuffed the lip setting them down to polish before installing on the SS. As you can see in the picture I have about 4/10's of an inch sticking out. $400 worth of tires not protecting the rims. Tomorrow I get the new P245's mounted to remedy my error.

    If anybody needs new tires and has wheels no more than 8" wide these takeoffs are $250 or fair offer. In 250 miles, give or take, they ride and grip beautifully.

    I agree. Didn't realize when I replaced my stock windshield with a +4 one that the original wings wouldn't fit so now I have to spend another $180 to get the clamp on ones. Anybody with a stock windshield, make a fair offer via PM.

    The menu should offer both 'Driver Headset' and 'Driver Device' according to page 119 in my manual. It states you can pair three devices to each bluetooth position so you should be able to pair both headsets plus a phone. (This from the guy who had to get his neighbor to take pics of his wheel/tire combo for the marketplace section.)

    I would like to claim I invented the internet but I just graduated from a flip phone. My neighbors, she is a professional photographer and he is computer whiz, took the pictures and he loaded and showed me how to attach them. I will try to gather them here, but there are good ones on

    This site is by Doug Roberts, the owner of Metricks who did my fender(s) and fin removal. He and Jim are artists and craftsmen. On the site click on Gallery up top and go down to what he has named Sonic for some more pics of my ride. Since buying the base 2015 in November of 2014 I have joined the ranks of modders. I seem to recall that my first mod was like the fifth sale Slingmods made, it was for the bell housing plate. I sold my Alpha CAI and Full Blown exhaust to the late (and great) DocG and got a new not in box Alpha side exit from WraithSS to join to Gen 1 headers. Gen 2 PRP seats, very comfortable but with twice failed lumbar bladders. The Rock, USN, did most of the work for my DDM SC and upgrading the gauges, not to mention the stereo upgrades (amp, speakers, figuring out how to wire my Garmin Zumo 665 with XM into the stock infotainment center). Additional GPS speedo can be seen in one picture between the three gauge pod and the center brace/Zumo mount. Need the GPS one when I switch to the stock wheels with all season tires in winter. I also recently added an F4 + 3 windshield. Sling has three coats of candy apple cobalt blue and four coats of clear. Bought smooth accent stripe about three years ago and had them painted metallic silver while the rest was still the stock titanium color. None of this would have been possible without the help and friendship of the Rock, Jdin, Wraith, LRobbi, Ethermion, DocG (may he rest in peace) and other hooligans of the DMV Wrecking Crew. Other minor add ons include belt guard, nut cover, my amaturely painted calipers, drilled stock rotors, carbon fiber deck humps and nose piece, chrome roll hoops and red carbon fiber dipped valve cover. Wanted to keep the wheel set I have for sale to mount the largest all season tires I could find because the stock 18" rear looks so anemic after taking off the 345, but between the stay at home crap keeping me from my retirement gig of selling Cricket carts and getting a tax bill they have to go.

    Before I put them back on last month I put a coat of Maxcoat Wheelguard wax on them. After a ride I use an Air Force Sidekick blower and they clean right up. When I wash the SS I use a cheapo electric pressure washer but with the wax I have not had to make any extra effort at all, and a hundred yards of my driveway is gravel.

    After reading about the price gouging quotes people were getting I was delighted when I went to the closest dealer in November of 2014, paid $49.95 processing fee plus $425 off list. Valley Cycle in Winchester no longer sells the SS but luckily for me Village Motorsports in Unionville picked them up and besides being closer to home they have treated me extremely well for service when needed.

    I recently bought a red NRG set on Amazon for under $30 that were supposed to fit my 2015. Don't know what they were supposed to really fit but thankfully I got a full refund. Don't ask me how my neck felt for the next two days after trying to install them.

    Bob made me aware of that when I got my first tune from him back around April of 2015 when I had the Alpha CAI and Full Blown exhaust. My question-are there different 'chapters' in the ECM that can be reprogrammed, such as brake bleeding, that don't chance messing up engine parameters? My dealer is well aware of the tune and has been great working with me.

    I am willing to bet the next model will be a 2021. Swore long ago to never say "Mark my words", but I think there is just too much unsold inventory at this time of year. Hedging with "MMW".

    I just experienced having the ESP and ABS warning indicators come on. Drove home about a week ago after latest recall, about 35 miles and parked it in the garage. Mounted the stock wheels with my all season tires Monday night for a planned ride yesterday. Got 1/2 mile from home and noticed the lights on the dash so went home and parked it. Disconnected the ground for about an hour but no change. It is a 2015 base with maybe a mod or two that celebrates its five year anniversary with me next week. Any ideas?

    My service manager at Village Motorsports told me to come by any time and he would plug it in for diagnosis while I wait. Good guy. Any issue doing this with Bobs' tune for DDM SC?