• Color doesn’t have anything to do with even on slow gray. Apparently you don’t drive it anywhere. The wind or 18 wheelers will definitely make a difference if you drive anywhere other than grocery store!!!


    Keep Three Wheels Down

  • Color doesn’t have anything to do with even on slow gray. Apparently you don’t drive it anywhere. The wind or 18 wheelers will definitely make a difference if you drive anywhere other than grocery store!!!


    No flapping at 80-90 mph. Adjust your hood correctly.... no flapping.

  • Bigdog you have two choices here.

    (1) be thankful that you have pulled the lucky long straw and fortunate enough to have a very rare SlingShot with fenders that do not flap with minor adjustment and respect the rest of the SlingShot community.


    (2) believe the rest of the SlingShot community are clueless and do not understand how the hood system works after 4 years.

    Like I said. Your choice. Just wanted to point out what you have turned this conversation into.

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  • Thank You

  • I don’t know why there is such disbelief from everyone that my fenders don’t flap....

    When I bought my SS the service manager told me they had a hard time adjusting my hood.....now the reason it would need all of the adjustment doesn’t make sense for a vehicle with only 720. I don’t know if it as replaced or somehow damaged.

    I do know that I spent many hours on several different occasions trying to get it lined up and closing properly. This included buying factory missing pads, brackets and extended hood hinges. Plus extensive work adjusting the latches to make them work Like it came originally. Polaris changed somethings after 2015. Such as the type of pads and position and elimination of the hood bracket. You can verify this by comparing the parts list between the different years.

    So the question is what years are having the fender flapping issues......I can’t have the only 2015 that still has an SS that came with all the original factory stuff. But I did make sure to return mine to the original 2015 factory equipment.

    The hood/fender bumpers I referred to earlier that are mounted on the frame adjust up to put slight upward pressure on the underside of the fender. That prevents the fender from flapping. I get slight road vibration fender movement from bumps.

    I think the pins everyone is installing might be using the holes for those bumpers...or they are installed very close to that area. If those bumpers are missing (eliminated by the dealer or the factory) that could explain part of the reason why your fenders flap.

    I’m curious to know when everyone talks about flapping, how much up and down movement are you talking about? Over a 1/4”....over a1/2”....over 3/4”. I also want to know if you have the adjustment bumpers mounted on the frame that put the upward pressure on the fenders.

    I still believe that your hood latches can be lowered to make the hood close down tighter. Which either nobody is interested in trying or you don’t think that will fix the problem. There is a reason Polaris made them with up and down adjustment slots.

    When Polaris made the pad and bracket changes....I’m wondering first of all why did they think it was necessary and if by doing so they actually created the fender flapping issue by making those changes.

    Knowing which years the flapping issue started showing up would be helpful. Nobody wants to answer that question. I was luck to find my dealer still had the original factory bracket and pads in stock....that Polaris wanted changed......I bought the last one.....when Polaris told them to replace the pads and bracket they threw the old ones in the garbage.

    While driving yesterday I watched my hood for any bouncing near the windshield and it was solid.....not even a slight movement......that said there are round pads on either side of the SS that the hood rests on near the windshield.....the dealer had cut one of those in half to lower it by around 1/4” maybe slightly more......I have no explanation for that..... but I did end up cutting that much off the other side......I’m not recommending you do that....but did it help eliminate any problem....I don’t know.

    My hood requires pretty stiff downward pressure to close so it catches on all four latches. That tells me my hood might be closing down lower and tighter than yours.

    If I close the hoods on any of my other vehicles gently....they won’t latch....they have to be dropped to latch. Gently they stick up an inch....

  • Try setting your cruise control at 100 mph on a windy day and you will find out just how much they flap

  • [quote='Bigdog','https://slingshotinfo.com/index.php?thread/7754-hood-pins/&postID=277546#post277546']

    Wrench dAy if you have the original factory parts. You can do what’s needed with one wrench.

    I’ll take a video of my non flapping fenders. how do I insert it here without Facebook and iTunes or YouTube?


    Videos aren’t supported by the forum host. You need to upload to another server then link back to it when you post here.

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  • I have been using my same technique for 2.5 years now, drilled small hole at rib and put a zip tie through it and zipped it just enough to make a loop, the I use another tie to go through that and around bottom of bolt for hoop pad, and tighten it up. When I need to open good, I just cut lower zip tie , and use a new one when I’m done. I carry about 25 in my glove box and small set of wire cutters, took complete care of my imaginary fender flapping.👍

    Why buy one when you can have two at twice the price..... :evil: