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    Super ATV has been very good for me looks like they make a good amount of the product they sell

    Side by Side Stuff is a reseller

    Race Drivin I just stumbled across yesterday looking for some more aggressive brake pads

    I have only been looking for Honda Talon accessories - relatively new to the SXS market I think it is the second year

    what made you go with the Honda over the Polaris or Yamaha product?

    Happy birthday buddy. Are you using the same screen name on the broncoG6 forums?

    Yes... It's hard not telling more than what I know. They are a very judgmental group. Have to just add stuff where I can and if someone gets the info than good for them. Otherwise best just to lurk for the most part.

    Sorry for the late reply guys... Very busy with a new Job and all. THANK YOU TO ALL.... Yesterday was a good day. Stayed home like the rest of the country!

    Love this one. It's actually the very reference to why I use "Ruptured Duck". I painted the nose art and about 700 plus rivets to my 1977 CJ-7 rock crawler.

    OK guys,

    I have moved to a new job and will be exploring the UTV - side by side market. I'm looking for just general info so that I better understand what its all about. This is not for my new job directly but more me asking questions to people that I know that can help me direct my focus better and where to look. Hope you guys can help a little. I do come from the off-road side of things but it has been related to Jeeps and honestly have never owned a ATV, or UTV. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    (1) There are so many UTV models available I will focus on the top two. Like automobiles how often does Polaris and Can-Am drastically change models? 4-5 years or shorter?

    (2) How long do people normally own there UTVs? I see financing running the same as cars (36 -72 months). Is it like the Slingshot where you have most that hold on to them 3-5 years then trade in or those that can get a new model every 2 years or so.

    (3) If you have a UTV what is the buzz in the market? Who is doing good and who is not? is it like Ford vs. Chevy kind of thing?

    (5) Just like SlingShots what are the must have first mods?

    (5) Like vendors here who have you done business with and what keeps you going back?

    Thanks guys.... This is NOT RELATED to MeanSling. With my new Job I am being tasked with business case studies for UTVs and the Ford Bronco.

    The truck crested a hill with too much weight on it’s ass..

    Yes, it has to do with the wrong type of receiver hitch and repetitive traveling over a given type of terrain. Similar images can be found of GMC,,'s , Ford's, and Toyotas.

    The Bronco does appear to be a Wrangler fighter. I'm working through a Non-compete so will be stepping aware from Jeep accessories for a short time. Nothing in my NC about Ford Bronco so here I am moving to PA for a new job as Senior Product Designer (non-Jeep). Hope to have the NC removed and back to also doing Jeep products in the near future.

    As for the Gladiator in the picture. 100% need the other half of the story. More going on there than what's being told in my opinion.

    Is Patrick not making any more mats at meansling???

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    It's not that I don't want to, its sourcing the material. My original supplier discontinued the all weather carpet I was using. I have not been able to source a quality replacement.

    There are also changes coming for Tina and I that will dramatically affect MeanSling for 2020. I have taken a new Job that will require complete relocation to Kennett Square PA. This will require MeanSling to reduced production and even put most on hold until everything can be sorted out. MeanSling is a second business for Tina and I and has always been for the fun of doing things for our SlingShot family. I'll start an official thread on our sight and here soon.

    I will have news in the coming days. Many things have been happening in my 9-5 life outside of MeanSling.

    Time is very tight at the moment so there is need to manage what I can and cannot do at this time. We do not want to take orders and bill out for product that I cannot deliver in a timely manner.

    Maybe something a little more north.. wink, wink,...... Then again that might be still south for me in the coming months.... :00000019:

    Market scalability. Large number of competing accessories companies, large number of vehicles sold and sadly the direct from China market have really hit the Jeep aftermarket industry. Margins are lower than in the past as people become less and less concerned about product brands and focus more on price. Engineering and styling is becoming more important than in the past but prices still have to be in line. SlingShot units sold and the lower number of companies trying to eek out a living mean comparable accessories will cost more. For example, this bumper will pay it's tooling cost off in about 6 months. A similar product developed for the SlingShot may never sell enough to ever recover development and tooling. This is why you see very little big innovative products. When you do see them the price will always be higher as it will require fewer units sold to recover development/tooling cost. Sometime that is lost to the consumer when they try to make comparisons.