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    Heated gear should go directly off the battery terminals with their own fusing if smart.

    most people just plug them on the 12v Cig outlet between the seats, they shouldn't but most do.

    Heck i was talking with a gentleman the other day that told me in a very condescending way, "what do you know do you think you know more than polaris? , they designed it and put it there so it is safe to use"

    I just shrugged it off and added that person to the "avoid when on rides" list.

    On the flip side, if I'M borrowing someones ride, and I do something to damage it, I'm going to make it right, no matter what.

    If I can't afford to fix it, I'll claim it on my insurance.

    Also, I've always been of the mindset, you don't loan your wife or bikes out to be rode...

    Heck I don't even let people drive vehicles that I am selling until money exchange hands....

    I think the recall repositioned the 50 amp fuse that was melting the fuse box. So if I was looking at a slingshot and the jcase lookef fine excetera how would I be assured that it wasn't going to melt in the future? I don't want to be argumentative but hopefully you don't have a problem in the future without doing the recall fix.

    What part of "The recall was done" was not clear enough?:00008862:

    Completely stock except for plug & play horn from slingmods. One more thing, I sure would not go by the dealer saying how it looks okay. Of course it looks okay until it starts melting down.

    Hm... My dealer is Scott Riley owner of Sport Rider Inc who many here have met at the events, he is not just a dealer but an avid enthusiast and is the one who works on my slingshot(not his techs which are great btw) but he works on it with me in the shop overseeing what he is doing and I don't need to doubt what I saw with my own eyes.

    Anyways recall was done mainly so polaris stops sending the annoying mail notices.

    okay - a question, when you say nothing added does that mean 100% stock?

    or did they change out light bulbs or audio equipment or anything else that might have had an increased current draw?

    just curious because there are so many things that some of us change that might not be thought of as "adding" things that could easily push a circuit that is right at the limit over the edge

    for example One could argue that having the stock halogens could potentially overload the circuit , heated gear ran from a cigarette lighter, I can say that My sling has upgraded stereo,lights halos etc but everything is run on independent circuits powered by a second fuse box since day one and no signs of deterioration where found when the recall was done.

    Drove the 2020 SL with auto and all I can say is that I have never driven a vehicle with a tranny worse than that, if you gun it like you would getting on a ramp for interstate/passing it will rev all the way to red line and holds the gear way too long which forces you to let go of the gas to force an upshift, maybe this is a quirk that is expected of this system but to me it is a fatal flaw, to me automatic means you floor it and it handles the rest.

    Got my MN sling done today for both the Battery and camera recall, dealer said that it did not show any signs of deterioration, I am based on talking to other people and their results, I convinced that the issue comes up on slings that for some reason have overloaded the stock circuits with improperly installed accessories.

    not only Trump haters but democrats in general, look at whats happening here in MN people are outraged for what happened to that African American man, so what do they do........ they start a riot destroying private property of their neighbors who had nothing to do with the thing they are complaining about.

    Minneapolis MN right now looks like a 3rd world country where you are literally afraid to drive on the streets because you don't know IF you are going to make it through without damages to yourself or your vehicle.

    Just because the battery is a month old doesn't mean anything, also just because the tender show 98% doesn't mean the battery is good, just that it is charged or that you have a wrong or bad tender.

    Get a volt meter and get actual numbers, if possible have someone check the number when you crank it, if it drops below 12 when cranking it then it's likely that you have a bad battery.

    Also does anyone else notice how all the battery problems are always related to yellow tops..... Just saying.

    I use expressvpn when on the road for personal use since it is very simple and fast, so fast that you won't even notice any issues when streaming like some others I have tried that make you buffer all the time when watching HD/4k content.

    Also besides being fast expressvpn don't log any activity so you can have a little bit of peace of mind if you are a security conscious person and might have reservations about them having access to any of your information, they have been vetted by several independent security analyst who have had nothing but praises for them.

    I don't know about other counties or other states, but I never got the impression that around here the "stay at home" order was intended to be taken literally. It always seemed more like a guidance thing that was intended to promote social distancing. I mean all of the grocery stores have been open, all of the home depot and lowes type stores have been open heck, tons of things have been open so how could we be expected to actually stay at home if we were allowed to shop for and work on our little home projects? I did hear of a case where a person was cited for being out in their yard, but that was in an over 55 adult community and it was the community associations rule.

    here in MN the only thing that shut down/closed for business are restaurant,gyms,gov stuff,schools and churches everything else is business as usual or more than usual,local home Depot has had a massive line to get in every single day.

    humidity makes a huge difference - its 105 here right now, but the humidity is only 8% - - - fact is we have been able to use the swamp cooler all day and its 75 inside and not sticky at all, the dew point is all the way down at 32 degrees

    It does, it was just 79 yesterday here in MN but humidity was 87% and the one word to describe it is..... STICKY

    Well, there is always a bright side for every issue, where today we are lucky that it is only 200 miles to get to a dealer. I was just doing some checking and in a couple of years after we return to Montana, it will become 300 miles to the nearest dealer! ;)


    man 200 miles one way is more dedication than I have and I applaud you for it, currently I have 100 miles one way to the dealer i choose to deal with but if an emergency popped up I have a dealer a couple of miles down the road of my house, 200 miles to the closest dealer which could turn out to be not the best dealer is a tough pill to swallow. :00000436:

    I have said this before but his big heart and his willingness to give are some of the things that got him in trouble, being too helpful and too nice that can be detrimental when it comes to running a business.

    I mean no one else does things like free installs for locals on their products, bbq fridays or constantly organize local rides on saturdays, he wasn't just someone trying to make a buck on the slingshot(not that there is anything wrong with that) but instead a true slingshot enthusiast and one could argue that his lack of moderation when it come to the slingshot community and always wanting to do more than he should is what was his downfall.

    I know that many are unhappy about how alpha went out of business and the whole debacle of some people loosing money but to me Henry as a person is on a league of his own, he always put people over profit which is a bad way to run a business but makes for a great person/friend.

    Don't worry so much about the speaker having the "marine certified"

    Okay - its a bit late, but I still think this might be of interest for someone like me who only wants a replacement that will fit in the stock pods and is waterproof - anyway, for those interested here is a link to a plethora of 5.25 inch round marine speakers

    2020's best 5.25 inch marine speakers

    Don't get hung up on the whole "marine" or "waterproof" instead look at the materials that the speakers are made and go from there.

    What you are looking for is non paper cone(most now a days are polypropylene) and a rubber or polypropylene surround and you have a "marine" rated speaker but without the certification.

    I have JL C? on my SSV rear hoop pod and Cerwin Vega on my stock pods, going on 3+ years now, they get power washed and have survived 2 unavoidable rain storms(same for my sony radio and the alpine amp under the driver seat)and I have aimed the water directly at the speakers without an issue and they are not advertised as marine rated nor waterproof.

    Edward Neal Don't get me wrong, I am all in with a company(Google) tracking me to make my life easier while recommending product to buy that I am interested in, I am not ok with a company tracking me solely for their benefit(facebook).

    They don't provide me with anything to off set all the profits that they gain from "me/us" so i choose to avoid them as much as possible, I guess it all comes down to disliking the company parasitic ideology of take take take but never give.

    This is true for any tracking cookie that is on you PC/Mac.. I use the Brave browser and it tells me if and when I am being tracked and allows that not to happen. Almost any time one goes on the internet they are being tracked either by the homepage you use or a site you go to... There is no absolute security.

    Can't compare the two, a cookie track what you do at one given website and it is mostly used to remember website preferences(user name passwood etc) it doesn't track you across websites. Facebook on the other hand creates a unique ID based on several parameters, IP,MAc ID,Browser ID,OS and so on which can track YOU when you visit websites other than facebook as long as these sites have the social media icon(Likes us on facebook) in their site then you are tracked even if you did not use your "facebook" log in in that 3rd party site.

    This level of tracking is what lets facebook serve you with so many "relevant" ads of things you might want to buy.
    Again apples and oranges.

    So you are trying to replace the stock speaker while keeping the stock head unit and not add an amp? so basically just swap the stock speakers and hope it improve the sound.

    While it is true that you can improve the sound a little bit by using aftermarket "simple" speakers like Pioneer G series it won't sound great, the stock head unit has abysmal power which you will realize once you see the stock speakers out of the enclosure.

    I wouldn't worry about the depth and just get an spacer and get a good speaker and call it a day.... at least until you decide to do a full upgrade.