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    Has anyone hooked up the stock backup camera to an aftermarket radio? If so how was it done? TIA

    I reused the stock Backup camera when I switched my head unit to the Sony XAV-200, it has been a while but I don't remember doing anything extraordinary to get it working, pretty standard radio install.

    I have plan to buy one of the stressless recliner. I found that it is interesting to me after reading arcticle about their pros and cons and decided that such chair is a good way to relax after work.

    It all depends on where it's placed at, mine is placed in the workout room which no one really uses.

    If that recliner was placed in the movie room then it would get used .

    Actually, I accidentally left my gremlin bell on the Harley I traded in. That was obviously a serious mistake ;) Called the dealer and they are going to set it aside for me. Then again, maybe I need a new gremlin bell. The one from the Harley is probably full :)

    You definitely don't want to bring your Harley gremlins to the SS.

    I have no personal experience with anything like this, but having said that I wouldnt put any stereo component under the seat that was not fully waterproof

    my all my alpine amps are there and have survived several rainstorms and all my washes, they are not waterproof, heck they are not even water resistant.....

    Same for my Sony head unit.

    IMHO stupid people do stupid things regardless of what anyone says or shows them, for example it doesn't matter how many commercials I see of people jumping in front of a bus, I am not going to go out and try it....the same logic would apply to other people with common sense and sensational ads like the slingshot.

    Your comment is as antiquated and erroneous as the one that video games are to blame for mass shootings if you want to blame anything blame our society current mentality that "everyone is a winner" which doesn't prepare people for real life and the many failures that they will encounter which then make them snap.

    I appreciate your feedback. There are people that are just hard to deal with, and there are those that may just be having a bad day but are normally good people. I am hoping it is just the ladder, but I am going prepared for the worse just in case I am wrong. I sincerely hope this is a good dealer. This shop is only 15 minutes from my home, and it is a BIG shop. The next closest is over two hours away.

    I have one of the largest dealer in the state 2 miles from my house yet I drive 120 miles to sport rider, that "big" dealer has the mentality that they are doing you a favor by working on your machines rather than it being a service that you are paying for.

    The "big" dealer won't even set appointments, all they ever say is "yeah bring it and leave it here and we will get to it eventually".... then your sling sits outside rain/shine for several days, all of my toys are kept in a temperature controlled garage so the idea of leaving them out in the sun/rain for several days is an absolute no no in my book.

    Back on topic, the brake light issue has been around for over 2 years and the Service Bulletin has been for at least a year so any dealer that at this point in time doesn't know how to immediately solve it and gives the "have to contact polaris" is either severely lacking on knowledge or is up to no good, either way I would run.

    Thank you Orangeman. After talking to my local Polaris dealership, they told me that the brake issue was not a recall, but a "Service Advisory" like you quoted. Their reply included a statement that they were going to contact Polaris to see what they can do to help. I have a service appointment this Saturday to get my hood closing issue straightened out. (the hood is VERY hard to open and close fully. No broken cables, just adjustments needed) I will be bringing a copy of the service advisory you posted, just in case it is needed to repair the brake sensor under the 'good will' parts and labor coverage.

    Hm..... I would get a different dealer, it sounds like your dealer hasn't deal with many slingshot or they are trying to get you to pay for it.

    My dealer (Sport Rider) all he ask is the you give him a heads-up to make sure he has switches in stock then you stop by and 1 hour later you are out the door and all you owe is a hand shake, none of that we have to contact Polaris crap.

    I've had several GM vehicles with aluminum wheels. Many of those were daily drivers, so 10 plus years old. The rims could be cleaned and sealed, but they would start leaking months later. Then they got cleaned and filled with Nitrogen. No issues with leaks after that. I know of at least 4 cars I had that were that way, and all were fine after switching over to Nitrogen. Wasn't expensive, and fixed the issue. IMHO, not snake oil in some cases.....

    To add to this, anyone who lives in places with sub zero temps can confirm that Nitrogen filled tires do not loose air pressure during winter.

    For example my vehicles tires normally make through a full MN winter without needing to be topped off unless I play chicken with pot holes(hint, the car always loose in that game), tires filled with normal air loose about 10# or more when temperatures drop from the normal above zero(10-32F) to below zero in january vs nitrogen tires that will likely drop no more than 2psi and only when shit really hits the fan (-20F or below) which means no stupid TPMS light annoying you.

    Some of you can call it snake oil all you want but those of us in sub zero temp can easily confirm that it is not.

    I don't want to say that Polaris is wrong but that 0.4 " deflection makes no sense unless they are taking it hot.

    Even the 0.63" that the original manual had was too tight and made belts make too much noise and is likely what caused many bearings failure, I run mine at 0.8/0.9" (cold) and to this day no issues with noises other than the crappy angle drive itself.

    No single aftermarket parts/accessory supplier is bigger than have to wait to get parts from them. No dealer stocks every color slingshot or parts for slingshots....

    That’s one of the reasons warranty work takes so long. They have to wait for Polaris to deliver them.

    Maybe talking to the different suppliers to see if the item is on stock or needs to be ordered before ordering would help.

    So even you can make sense once in a while.

    Welcome to the madness Dpanetta as other have mentioned if could be one of two things have someone stand behind and apply the brakes if they come on/off normally then it's the pressure switches which is a free repair on Polaris, some shady dealers try to charge you for the bleed but that should also be included for free.

    Feel free to drive the slingshot since brake capacity is not diminished.

    I'm not a supercharged expert but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express before. MOST of the boosted tunes do run a bit rich (if you have a wideband O2 sensor and gauge, you can see the actual numbers.). It's always better to have it a bit rich for safety reasons than an equal amount lean and cause issues. The exhaust popping sounds are something common with these systems as well. As Mitch suggested, checking for an exhaust leak is wise, but even a properly installed and sealed system can and will have some popping sounds under the right conditions. It may not be what you wanted to hear, but there are several of us that have the same or similar issues with no other causes to blame it on.

    I'm sure Mr. Dave will chime in when he can with his thoughts

    It seems that tuning(NA,TC,SC) is what introduces popping, one of my slings was stock for close to 3 years and never popped but every since I tuned in early summer it pops often .

    Now with the tune this machine feels like it belongs in the Wild West , have to be mindful if i drive by "certain areas" so I don't trigger a shootout war. :00008172:

    No, I wasn't here, just read about it. I also read that when you need support, it can be hard to get hold of them at times, and then others very responsive. I know they are not active here or TDS, are they on facebook?

    For such a small market as Slingshots are, I would be active at least somewhere in the community.

    Lets just say after witnessing that group buy, they could offer a 50% discount and i would pass, I don't like to "spit in the air because it always lands back on you" but I wouldn't buy from Hahn after that group buy and how they handled it and they have the balls to "clean the thread" to prevent new customers from being discouraged from an "isolated" incident that happened under the "old management(Hahn himself)".

    To me a person's worth is only as high as his ability to keep his word, as I said before mistakes happen and every vendor will have issues here and there but running away, ducking calls, ignoring request for updates and not owning up to one's mistake are the wrong way to run a business, instead being open about their mistake and keeping their customers informed specially when you just collected close to 50k on a group buy is a bare minimum.

    As they say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    I know quite a few on here have the Hahn setup, I'd talk to them before going that way, if it were me. Seems a lot of them have minor issues.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

    Were you here or did you hear about their last group buy fiasco?

    Or the fact that they deleted the threads with all the negative feedback, so new members wouldn't know, sometimes cheaper is not always better but I have heard they are really good when dealing in person since they can't hide behind a screen .

    They offer quality product but it has always been the case that getting them to deliver on any reasonable amount of time is near impossible.

    That has been their track record in the past, haven't dealt with them since the fiasco so don't know what they are like these days.

    DDM and ZZP have never let anyone down and are always a phone,text or pm away.

    also, they don't just offer a turbo kit. They have other products such as splitters, steering wheel hubs + adapters, lighting etc. There’s a couple of other companies i have discovered that are not even mentioned here in the forums.

    Saying that it doesn't include XYZ is different from saying it is an incomplete kit that will kill your engine if used as sold, it is common sense that when you buy something and it doesn't say in BOLD big letters that you have to buy other things to make it work, then it should safely work with just the contents of the kit sold.

    Their hub adapters are cheap chinese versions that rust and break, their steering wheel adapter fade right away and have no strength (bend easily) which is a safety hazard, plenty of pictures were posted on TDS so unless they deleted the threads(they do that) it should be just a search away.

    All these issues have been discussed ad nauseam 3+ years ago yet you are coming in hot and arguing without doing your due diligence and trying to make it seem like we are bulling them for no reason.

    To me it sounds that you have a dog on this fight or have no idea what you are talking about and unfortunately you are not as amusing as bigdog so this is my last reply.

    Good luck with your purchases from DSS.