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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I think eco mode is a marketing angle to make it seem like it has more functions than it really does. Want to sell more? Put 'eco' or 'green; in your description. I have no interest whatsoever in this function and mine will never see it. I mean who buys something to go faster then expect it to save fuel? I recently posted this on the other thread:

    And as far as using eco mode on cruise control on the freeway, I don't see how it would improve fuel economy. As it is only a throttle controller that speeds up, or slows down throttle response, and not a mapping device, it seems to me that the only potential benefit to fuel economy would be to slow down acceleration. Once at a specific speed, so much energy (horsepower) is required to move the machine a specific distance. Throttle control is no longer part of the equation at that point. My guess is that once you get up to speed and hold it constant, the Pedal Commander would have no effect whether it's on or off.

    The same people who's first question when they see a sports car is "What the MPG on it"

    Let me be clear because I was clear not enough before, I bought some items from SSO and within a few months of use they failed and SSO weaseled out of warranting them.

    They claimed that because the company was sold, they couldn't honor the warranty which I would have been ok with that statement had they renamed the company or in any shape or form made an announcement saying hey guys the company was sold so anyone who bought anything from us before the new parent company is shit out of luck but they way they did it was pretty sly as in they wanted all the benefits of the established brand but none of the liability......screw that.

    What really rub me the wrong way is the product that I needed warranty on was 2 80mm halo's which probably cost them 10 bucks IF that, so they choose to potentially loose a customer over a latte's worth...

    SSO burned me twice with misleading website, once was with halos that didn't include wiring or any harnesses yet they advertised them as a complete package with many misleading picture of the product with all harnesses and all items needed for the install, the thread is likely to still be archived here unless it was deleted because I sure as hell called out Jimmy on it back then.

    I gave them another chance in late 2017(?) when I bought a set of red hoses that were on sale discounted during their Christmas 25 day sale but little did I know that the brand new Hoses I bought WOULD LEAK and also be discolored, when I called they said that those sale items might be customer returns as well as display items and such and that is why they were heavily discounted, however none of that was stated on the sale page,when a company sells a discounted product unless it is clearly stated in the description I expect the item to be brand new sealed and in FULL working condition, if it is anything
    but new it needs to be CLEARLY stated.

    Again all companies will have problems but SSO will do their best to bend you over and fuck you so they can deny liability unless you are a "whale" with notoriety when said problem occur, or maybe they don't like me , all I know is that while I had issues with other vendor here(sending the wrong item or missing parts etc) I have zero complaints about the customer service and the way they handle issues once informed but SSO they never seem to get it right with me and many others so I vote with my wallet and will not buy from them regardless of the discount they offer.

    I think not having the throttle pressed would be a given - if not then the signal being sent would suddenly change and this could cause issues.

    foot off the gas and the signal always starts at zero

    the reason I mentioned it is because there was talk in this thread about changing settings on the fly to adjust for traffic and what not.

    PC clearly state not to do this yet pedalmax says it can be done, I am just trying to prevent you guys from doing something that is already causing problems for others(changing settings while driving).

    Here is one of the video that shows one of the vehicles having what could have been a catastrophic failure(no joke) they claim to have had the PC for about a year no issues.

    PS. Pedal Commander official youtube channel posted a video not long ago saying not to use the device when the vehicle is in use(around 2 minute mark).

    For those of you who purchased this beware that there are a few people(on youtube) allegedly having issues with their throttle position controller after changing modes on the fly(while driving) and getting CEL.

    One person even had some weird issue which caused a system wide electronic malfunction while driving and almost caused a "crash".

    None of them are slingshot but the technology is the same for everyone so I would limit my changes to only when the vehicle is parked.

    While we very much appreciate the compliment, we are actually a relatively small company. There is only one real monopoly in this industry and it certainly isn't us (although we continually strive to be better competition year in and year out). We are simply trying to do our best to bring a hands-on experience to the slingshot community across the country while simultaneously trying to satisfy the needs of our online clientele. We love and appreciate every single person within this outstanding community and will continue to do our best to bring you the most enjoyable, hassle-free experience that we can offer. We may falter occasionally, as all companies/people do from time to time, and we sincerely apologize greatly for that and take ownership for those mistakes. What we stand behind is our promise to help rectify those mistakes and to work with our customers to facilitate quick, efficient solutions that allow customers to leave with an overall positive feeling with regards to their experience. And if you ever walk away feeling differently, we implore you to call in or email us so that we can work with you to change that notion. Our customers and this community are our top priority, always.

    Joe R.

    Its not what you say but what you do when shit hits the fan that matters.

    Last time I saw a suggested price for the new eHD was $30k and at that price they are not going to move when you can go and get a ZERO SR-f that has way more range and cost 10k less or more.

    Also zero has been in the market for a while and those who own them say they are virtually bullet proof.

    Just curious - how often do you think a coilover like the JRI should need rebuilding?

    I have the GT's and I suspect it should be a very long time

    when you see a seal leaking, easily "bottoming out",not rebounding or all the above.

    As the old saying goes if it isn't broke don't fix it.

    As others know I am not a fan of these devices since for the slingshot they don't produce any quantifiable results(butt Dyno doesn't count).

    However slingmods is offering a money-back guarantee which is not something the other guys were willing to publicly commit here in the forums during that other thread.

    So if anyone is interested in the product slingmods is the way to go and if doesn't satisfy you then simply return it for a full refund no questions asked.

    I wish this group buy would have happened 2 months ago, I would have bought it if nothing else just to do a few timed pulls but as of yesterday my slingshot went into winter storage since we are expecting snow this upcoming weekend.

    I like driving mine but I’m not I a hurry to see that milestone. That means you’re getting closer to wearing it out...

    The higher the mileage the less it’s worth...

    why buy a rapidly depreciating toy if you are going to worry about what it will cost after using it.......

    This is not a Bugatti, the only thing you will get out of it is the use you give it, the ROI on a slingshot is 0.5 at best so why worry about it.

    I started this because in looking today I could not find a thread for this. I am changing all of the fluids today on Sling II except for the anti freeze. Brake fluid dot 4 ----- Angle drive Royal Purple 75w - 140 ----- Transmission Royal Purple 75w - 90 ----- Engine Oil Mobil 1 5w- 30

    Is this your first time putting RP on the tranny or have you been running it for a while without adverse effects?

    Reason I ask is because in the last "oil" thread the general consensus seemed to be that the aisin tranny needed either the Polaris oil or the ac Delco because all other oils mentioned(RP being one of them) didn't meet the requirements for the synchro in the tranny or something like that.

    I would like to use the RP or amsoil as they are easy to get but I followed the thread advise but if you have been using it for many miles without negative effects then that would somewhat disprove all the naysayers.