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    truer words have never been said, actions should be judged in a vacuum based on the era/time they were committed on.

    BTW I am not defending Bill Cosby but talking in general, I am tired of people tearing down statues or portraits because someone did 1 thing bad(by today's standard) 100 years ago and we seem to forget the 100 things they did right.

    Problem is that there is no true Marine Grade Double Din regardless of brand. Yes, there are Marine Grade Single Din, and Marine Grade "Gauge" style, but no true Marine Grade Double Din.

    Closest is the Sony XAV-AX#### series. While there are Youtube videos showing it being "rained" on and surviving, Sony specifically excludes water damage in their warranty. Even the head units for the Harley's are not waterproof.

    Closest I've seen to a "double din size front plate" is the Rockford Fosgate PMX-8. But it's not exact and requires an adapter plate to make it "look like" a double din.

    I have had the sony XAV-100 for about 4 years now, it has survived several rainstorms, the occasional pressure wash spray and the heat of no top direct sunlight.

    While there are definitely things I don't like about it, I have to admit that it has survived for way longer than I expected and can't help it but say that the damn thing is pretty much a tank.

    oh and I don't have a fancy enclosure like mytoy or any of the others, even though I did buy one with a lid I never got around to install it and its still sitting in the garage 4 years later in the same box as the red radiator hose kit that I never installed either lol.

    if you want answers from them it might help if you tag them slingmods SlingMods Brandon SlingMods_Josh !

    Now to play devil's advocate, companies have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of active orders at any given time, which makes preemptively communicating with everyone not possible, however my experience has always been that they get back to me within 72 BUSINESS hours when I contact them.

    Of course I wish it was like in the old days where when you had an issue you could call someone and get an answer right there and then but we all have to accept reality that communication has changed from instant to several days later.

    I have a PS5 that I mailed to Sony for warranty replacement and after 3 months of waiting what they told me last week is that they have no parts and don't know when they will get them, IF a company as big as Sony is having issues of this magnitude just imagine what a little company like slingmods might be experiencing.

    This is a trick which has been used by Harley riders in Kali -- mostly for "loud pipe" infractions (and this is often with stock pipes on older bikes)... You get the bill for the ticket in the mail. Take the amount owed and transpose 2 digits and overpay by at least $20. The county sends you a refund check. Shred it. Since the "transaction" is incomplete -- the funds and infraction get put on hold. The counties are greedy, they want the money. So, after a few years this "refund check" times out and they are able to take that refund money and put it into their general fund. The transaction will never be completed and the infraction never appears on your record.

    I have to admit that this trick works even in MN, not that I admit to using it....... purely theoretical...yep for sure! lol 8o

    Like a couple of cups of coffee in the morning and was wondering if anyone else uses an "Aero Press"? I normally don't use it unless I make myself a single cup in the afternoon. Sure does make a great cup of coffee.

    I use it when on the road, gave up expecting hotels to have decent coffee regardless of how many stars they have in their name.

    The coffee of choice is Jamaican blue mountain coffee unless is on backorder if so then Mr Peet's Italian roast will do since I can get it at the local byerlys

    Not trying to derail the thread, but since you mentioned it, I still have stock tires and in my novice opinion, I think the tread pattern on the Kenda is ideal for channeling water out from under the Sling. So, what am I missing? Why does everyone feel the need to replace them with something else? Asking for a friend... lol

    In my never humble opinion the problem of the kenda tires is not the thread pattern but the compound used for them, I still have my stock front tires on one sling and aftermarket on the other and while for my limited use they are both "fine", I can clearly tell the difference between them, the aftermarket tires make me feel less butterflies in my stomach while taking an aggressive corner.

    The kendas are absolute garbage once the temperature drops below 60F while my hankooks still operate somewhat consistent.

    I purchased the extended warranty for my 2018 SL back in October and have never received anything from Polaris.

    When I research it online with Polaris it shows the warranty exists and its’ dates.

    Did anyone who purchased the warranty ever get anything from Polaris showing that they have the warranty?

    all you need is the purchase agreement "receipt" that you got from your dealer at purchase time.

    I don't know how polaris does it since I didn't buy their extended warranty but when I have made the MISTAKE of buying extended warranties from other companies before I never received anything in the mail stating you have coverage, normally you get a booklet stating coverage and proof of purchase receipt from your dealer and that is all she wrote.

    I don't know.... you either have a bad one or a good one, no one has done more burnouts than rabtech and unless I am mistaken he only had 1 failure if that.

    If burnout/donuts killed a good angle drive there would be a catastrophic amount of failures, although here in the forums we have heard of "a lot" in reality the amount is quite small vs the number of slings out there.

    Thanks, but as you are aware, there are many factors that change your rate, namely zip code and how many claims that a company has had in an area.

    I used to be on State Farm about 3 or 4 years ago, a friend of mine is an agent, but she can't touch the prices that Safeco is offering.

    I don't know your agent and I can only speak from what has happened to other people here locally but a lot of agents set the policy wrong when it comes to the slingshot, one local guy that was with state farm was paying twice what I was paying and I showed him my policy and he couldn't believe it...his Sister in law is his agent, he asked me if it was ok for her to pull my policy and look at it so I went to her office with him and she figured out what she was doing different and he ended up saving 200 and change, the policy went from $6XX to $385.

    Again I am just talking about what I have seen that when it comes to insurance click/check the wrong thing and you end up paying out the ass without even knowing and unless the agent is familiar with the product he or she might not realize that there is something wrong.

    wokka might be time to give your local statefarm a call, state farm is one of those that normally independent agents(like Dan) can't get.

    Here is my policy, I have home/auto discounts as well as clean driving record and high credit score, 38 years old and "single" are the things that keep my policy high yet still cheaper than other locals with other companies.
    This is for a year of coverage.

    Lets get Bill Martin to organize it!

    poor Bill Martin .... just because he couldn't close the deal on QUICKJACK doesn't mean that we got to make fun of him for the rest of his life............... :00008172:

    I use that story as an ice breaker at cars n coffee and everyone is always dumbfounded as to why quickjack would pass up on an easy 50-60k sale like that, especially when they offer a similar or better deal directly from costco.

    I have setup my email to automatically tag as spam and delete anything that comes from an address not in my white list(address book).

    The same for my phone, if you are not in my phonelist your call gets ignored.

    PS. Personal phone and email that is.

    I just wish people understood that there is a difference between "overpriced" and "out of budget", just because "we" can't afford something doesn't automatically give "us" the right to say that it's overpriced.

    I am yet to see a truly overpriced slingshot aftermarket part compared to standard practices from other toys I own, I have seen stores/vendors that charge more than others but that is just a matter of personal preference and doing your due diligence before you buy.

    I always thought the slingshot was pricey to mod until I started looking at other small production run vehicles. I considered doing a Lotus Evora...and brakes were over $6K... Clutch is over $8k... Exhaust over $4k. Ultimately with small volume vehicles the price will never be Honda Civic pricing...but all in all Slingshot isn't all that bad all things considered..

    But some of those stickers and LEDs are painfully expensive.

    I have said this before, the slingshot mods are cheap in comparison....... I wonder if any of the people complaining about mod price have ever owned and modded anything other than the slingshot?(honda civics and the like don't counts lol)

    How about a bike that cost 7.5k OTD brand spanking new and a whole exhaust system for it cost $4000..... 1 mod is over 50% of the bike price, the most expensive generic exhaust for the sling is $2499.

    To the OP, anyways if modding a slingshot is not within your bugget then don't but complaining that it is overpriced and expensive is inaccurate and shows your lack of knowledge about the mod market.