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  • No apologies needed at all. You were 100% good. Just wanted to point out to Deter that I had know other way to take the CAPs. He could have contacted me directly. I hope I made that clear in my response. He came into another vendors section, offered his part or co-develop and also pointed out his patent pending. You guys did nothing wrong. All is good

  • Apologize Patrick for any trouble my visor suggestion caused, was not my intention. Just looking at making a great top even greater. When Brent and I first discussed it back in June, didn't know anything like it existed. I don't pay no mind to other tops, didn't know My Toy had developed one for another style top. Brent and I will most likely just make our own, think we pretty much have it figured out. Again apologize.

  • Got our top yesterday, thanks for the fast shipping! All good, just have to let top warm up a bit and get 'er stretched. Can't wait to try it out! We'll be sure to stop by your booth, cya in Maggie.

    • Great... Let me know if you need any help. I'll be glad to help stretch the top again in Maggie. It takes about a week for the fabric to really get into position.

    • Good... feel much better! I fought that for a couple hours, still not where it needs to be. I'll let 'er sit overnight, pull it out in sun and work on it again tomorrow. Screw not tightening up like it should on rear crossover bar on driver side, I'm sure it's something I did.

    • The rear hoop bolt?.. this is possible. I have had a very few Acorn nuts not fully threaded to allow full tightening. A standard 5/16 open ended nut can be used until Maggie. I can fix it there or send you new hardware before then if that is what you would like to do. Just PM your address.

    • No... I apologize, did a poor job explaining. It's the little screw that holds the rear bow in place in clamp on frame. I may have messed up the threads on the clamp.

    • Got your email and sent a response. Hope it helps

  • Patrick my number is 404-401-0841
    I responded to your question about the meeting time and place.

  • Do you have any pics of the meansling luggage bags you sell. Looking to purchase them maybe

  • Thank you SlingRider.

  • Happy Birthday Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anything from kev Slingshot body kits? Thanks Pat

    • I did get a PM message her on the forum. I sent pics and he also agreed that his standard W/S may have an issue. This was after I explained and sent images showing how the top pivots. He was preparing to get things together for the Slingshot event this weekend. He said he can custom make a windshield but that's the last of the conversation. The more I look into the tall ripper the more I think it would work with little if any adjustments.

  • Just ordered your top. I have a base model 2017 and purchasing a wind screen as well. I m looking at the Polaris Ripper Series Wind Deflector - Tall Clear. Will the top work with it?

    • First .... Thank you and welcome to the forum. To date I haven't had a ripper tall to test. I'll be available to talk through the installation when you get the top. Might need to do a little extra adjusting when you go to install. or call

    • Thanks

    • Went to the dealer today to see if any of their floor models had one installed.... No luck. I'll keep looking into it before you receive it.

    • Well I am not getting the tall Ripper between it being a little shorter than the F4 + 5 and more expensive I am going a different route any suggestions?

    • Spoke with Kevin at Slingshot Body Kits about his Wind Screens. He is going to message you with sizes of his windscreens angles etc. Could you please send him distance from the mounting points on the dash of the top so we can determine best height of Wind Screen I can order? I am sure he will explain it better than I did. Thank you.

  • Patrick putting my top on and I'm touching the windshield at the top corners on both sides, is that we're everybody is trimming that has the f4+3...?

    • Yes,
      Send me a PM if you want some more details. Each set up will be slightly different (amount) but it should only be at the corners. about 2" inbound from each top corner in a smooth radius cut.

  • Thank you sir.!!! Just exited about it and (SHE) is no longer complaining about not having one...! She knows it's orderd and that has helped me tramendously...

  • Patrick will the top that I've ordered still need trimming from your latest adjustments for a f-4+3..... ?

    • Yes... Possible. The new brackets will allow about 5/8" higher setting up front but each Sling has been a little different. You will need to see how much. It could be the same as scootertrash or less.

  • If trimming is required on the F4+3, where does it need trimmed and what if the best way to do this?

    • scootertrash trimmed his at Maggie Valley. Private message me so that we can discuss further. I have to section he trimmed to use as a guide. Every Sling will be different so it's more of a guide than set in stone.

  • I'm interested in your new hoop bags. Where can I see a pic? I cannot access Thanks! Rob F

    • Interesting... Need to check into why you are unable?
      At this time that is how you can order the bags. At this time we are not selling through any retailers.
      What is the issue if I may ask?

    • On Google, nothing about your website comes up. I am in Canada - could there be some sort of international access limitation setting on the website? I have a screenshot I will send in a message.

    • Ok- cannot send pics in the pm. Send me an email address and I can send the screenshot.

    • This time I, using a browser, entered directly - got to it. Not sure though why Google doesn't find it though. All is good now I found it.

    • As I proceed through the order process, it shows shipping cost as "Free" to my Canadian address. While I hope that to be true, I expect it is an error. Is it really free to me in Nova Scotia?

  • Patrick we want one of your tops, we would have bought one at the SSIS, but our luggage issue was the problem, when you you get more made I'm ready when you are.... we have the
    F-4 + 3 wind shield....... I will keep a watch on your site, no hurry butt it's when ever your ready.... we will be......thanks and congrats on your products... you've done really well, we are both exited for you guys.....!!!!!

    • I was able to install Scootertrash's +3 but it did require him to trim off the edges of his windshield. I did have one other that didn't require the trim but did rub as it was tilted.
      I can make a template in the instructions if you think people would be willing. The trim does not affect the looks or function of the taller screen.

  • Ruptured duck I have a question about your area, how is it that your roads are just awesome to ride on.? It is so hard to believe when we come over there, every road is asphalt not tar and gravel, it is such a blast to come to north GA and ride I love it...? Is it the lottery for the funds or am I just livening it the pot hole country of the world..???

    • Larry, really don't have an answer.... We are just blessed. I live just south of the mountains and can be up in the good stuff in about 30-40 minutes. Also close to North Ga wine country!

  • Are you getting my emails sent yesterday and today?

  • Love the support and interest.... I'm trying but as stated in the thread I don't have an availability time line. Really gathering input and interest to take it further. BIG risk on my end.

  • any update on the top availability?

  • I am interested in one of your tops as well, please keep us posted as to when you will be taking orders

  • Hey Buddy - That top is great you need to start a thread dedicated to the top so that all of us who have seen it can start getting you some positive press... Tag me in and I will sand a bunch of praise your way. Had a great time this weekend glad you were able to make it.
    I lost the name of that IPhone mount if you can shoot it to me XXX Photo been searching but no luck

  • You know I'm still holdin out for your top. Are ya getting closer to a release date. Have fun in Blairsville

  • Hi Patrick,

    I have been lurking around and was watching the ride towards the end of July! Ina and I will at least come up to Blairsville for a visit!

    Glad to hear about you new turbo silver SS!

    Not sure we are up for riding with all the hot turbo guys, but will at least come up for a meet a greet and do some riding if we can!

    We are in the middle of a bunch of stuff - building a garage, getting my 70 corvette back on the road, mom- sitting in Athens and a vacation in Destin during July! Whew..... Just too much going on!

    But we will try to. Join up and try to bring some of the other Ellijay an NGA Sling'ers with us!

    See you soon,missed seeing you at SSITS!

  • Sorry we didn't get to hang out more - so many folks to meet and try and ride also. It was a pleasure meeting you and your son. Hope they get your Sling fixed and we can get together again soon!!

    • The same here brother ... we will get together soon

  • Hey Bro - me and my bride are stayin at Jonathon Creek Inn in a room with 2 queen beds. If you wanna come in a day or two early you can bunk with us. Hell - we are only gonna sleep in there - too much fun going on everywhere else.

  • Where did you get the yellow headlights?

    • I made the mounting brackets for 3.5" LED round lights. Took the light covers off (US market) and installed. Wired to the existing fog light system. Installed the correct relay, fuse and added the switch. The lights are from my work (Rugged Ridge). We specialize in accessories for Jeeps so the lights have the Rugged Ridge name laser etched in them. You can find them all over the place. these are just our private label brand. We also sell the amber covers for them.

  • Bill Martin
    At this time I can't give you a date at all. I'm sorry very sorry to disappoint you. This is why I have not made an official notice or release. Startups are hard and this is a rather tough product for a single person. Also looking for an affordable manufacturing partner.

    • Would you consider making me one like yours to help with your start up costs????

    • Bill, haven't ignored your offer just trying to figure out if it would benefit both of us equally. At this point I have to hand build each component. Very close to having each component finalized and the next step will be to have everything put into CAD. Still very laborious and it would not be a perfect manufactured product. My canvas is being digitized so that has been formalized. Still pending the final sample of it. An opertunity may have just popped up at my work. Looking at possible purchasing a business with US manufacturing capability and could product these product easily. I know you are very interested and as stated I'm without words to express my gratitude. I would rather you buy something that is on the market than risk a friendship due to unfufilled dreams. Just being a realist at this point. Knowing manufacturing I am looking at fall winter at best. I have missed this year's big push and need to focus on realistic dates rather than try to rush just to rush... Mistakes happen that way.

  • Is there any chance you will be able to bring your top to market before summer starts cooking us?? Don't break my heart puleeze!!

  • I might make it up for that ride. Will talk to you in MV. You got at least two sold for sure on my end. Couple more want to see more but I'm sold!!!

    • Good to know... Now I gotta add that stress to the list. Hate letting people

  • Top is going a little slow. On the 3rd frame and fabric. It's getting a little expensive. Got most of the wish list items you noted worked out. Also been trying to streamline the design to be more cost efficient and easier to manufacture. Sourcing of components has been the hard part. Because of my low startup volume I'm gonna have to reduce margins on my end to stay on retail cost target. Hoping to maybe swing into MV on Friday or possible just for Saturday. Official roll out (first look) might end up being the North GA ride.