Just a few words about the upcoming server an software upgrade and migration on Nov 13th 2018

Attention Vendors. Please email robert@rabtech.com any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
  • I just wanted to let everyone know why the upgrade and migration is happening. Basically we have outgrown the largest shared host plan that the host provides. I have just purchased dedicated server hosting and now I can allocate as much space as needed in the future with the new dedicated platform.

    This job is a bit more delicate than just building up an empty forum, Everyone and every post is very important to me. This means I had to have someone that would do the job perfectly. I have contracted with the creator of this forum software to do this migration and upgrade.

    One of the things that has bugged me for a while is the fact that I haven't switched to the new version of this forum. The reason is mainly because the little things (plugins) that have been added to this forum over time were not available for the new version. The new software It is quite a bit different than the older framework so they will be helping me perform this major upgrade once they move the site to the server.

    I will say this now... Some of the "plugins" that you guys might love on this site MAY not be available on the new forum software. But I have checked and most are available. I believe the things you will gain by this upgrade will more than makeup for the loss of any features that may occur.

    I hope everyone understands now what will be taking place and why.


    Remember to mark you calendars ... Nov 13th. 2018 I do not know yet when they will start. If I find that info out I will add it to this post.

  • Bring it on, I love change. Thanks for all the work you do for our Website. I am sure it will move us up some levels.

  • You guys trying to move without telling me?!?!?!?! :00008172::00008356:
    I hate when that happens!!!!

    My Mother came home during college and found out her parents had moved! :S
    When I was voting today, one of the polling officials asked me if I still lived at my listed address. I replied Yes, unless my Wife is moving while I'm voting!

  • Let us know if you need any assistance with hosting fees.

    It all works out in the end. :D

    Thanks for asking though. The hosting does go up but they give you a deal the first year so it shouldn't bite me too hard till then.

    The software for the forum was kinda pricey because I had to buy all the new versions of the plugins that we already have. I was able to buy them slowly as we grew before. But since they are migrating the site with all the plugins they need all of the new versions purchased and ready to install before they could schedule the migration and upgrade.

    The only other thing that cost me the last few days was deciding to let the creators of the forum software do the upgrade and migration for me. I wanted to give it a shot but it just didnt make sense for me to stumble around and then some tiny thing that I am.not familiar with pop up and keep the site from coming back up in a timely fashion.

    I have always been pretty open with things I do to the forum. This way you all know what I am doing from time to time. All in all it wasnt to expensive. I wouldn't want to buy it all again for a while. Between the new forum software, all the new versions of plugins, and the labor to do the work I have probably spent right at $1400.00. The labor was 600.00 of that.

    I love having a place online that is like having a local pub where everyone stops in each day and says hi and shares just a few thoughts. That is why I dont mind spending money on the site. This place makes me happy when im.having a shitty day. And that makes it priceless.

  • We all appreciate the service you provide running this site. I'm also sure we don't mind supporting site operations.
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  • @rabtech Thanks for the heads up and everything you do for the community you have created here. I fully understand the issues with upgrades. PITA but necessary at some point. And this site takes a lot of work. Thank you.

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